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Apreciado/a lector/a Queremos, despues de extenderle nuestro saludo, presentarle la Membresia Numeraria de nuestro proyecto, que en la actualidad esta

cumpliendo 28 anos. El Centro Cultural de Intercambio Audio Visual, Inc (CCIAV) es una entidad privada, no lucrativa, que se dedica al estudio de los modos de promover y detectar el talento infantil y juvenil, como parte de las estrategias de promo cion de la cultura de paz y diversidad cultural, en un mundo globalizado. Nuestra entidad, que fue financiada por nuestro padre, Dr. Dimas de Jesus Santos , ha venido evolucionando a lo largo de casi 3 decadas para convertirse en un referente mundial en la materia, quedando bajo nuestra responsabilidad familiar , el mantenimiento y expansion de su mensaje de promocion del : -aprendizaje colaborativo, - la formacion de ciudadania y el trabajo de la -alfabetizacion audio-visual, en paises del Caribe, Africa, America Latina e Iberoamerica, a lo largo de todos estos anos, luego de la muerte de mi padre, en marzo, 2007. Desafortunadamente para mi -y es aqui donde inicia nuestra solicitud- luego de sufrir mi madre un derrame cerebral, hace 53 semanas, nos hemos visto forzados a crear un capitulo de apoyo financiero y tecnologico a nuestras actividades, pues con mis ingresos como creativo, consultor, educador, animador socio-cultural e investigador, ya no nos son suficientes. EL CAPITULO DE APOYO TECNOLOGICO Y FINANCIERO SE DENOMINA: Membresia Numeraria, para CCIAV, CC4AVE, cuyos detalles se explican a continuacion, tanto para individuos, como para organizaciones o empresas, que esten interesadas o

trabajando en los temas de las ciencias de la informacion, la documentacion, areas de artes y espectaculos, como educacion, dentro y fuera del ciberespacio. Nos gustaria, conociendo su sensibilidad, nos tendiera usted su mano solidaria, adquiriendo una de las Membresias Numerarias y asi apoyarnos, para seguir dando pasos en la promocion de la cultura, el ocio instruccional o eduta inment y la audio-visualidad, en el mundo,como parte de las propuestas de valor, en torno a la cultura de paz . Agradecidos por su tiempo, Yoe F. Santos Co-fundador & Director Ejecutivo Fundacion & Red de Alfabetizacion Audio Visual e Inclusion Socio Cultural Global Centro Cultural de Intercambio Audio-Visual, Inc (CCIAV) Republica Dominicana Persona Humana Talentos, Criticidad, Amistad! Salut, Polis et Ecumene! 28 Aniversario 1984-2012 Anexos: Detalles sobre la Membresia Numeraria y su Impacto socio-cultural y educacional, desde las sinergias, aprendizajes colaborativos y las fertilizaciones cruzadas ____ 1. Helllo you are always welcome... "Un gobernante democrtico debe tener odos abiertos para or la verdad, ojos activos para ver lo mal antes de que se realice, mente vigilante para que nada ponga en peligro la libertad

de cada ciudadano y un corazn libre de odios, dedicado da y noche, slo al servicio del Pueblo." Juan Bosch Gavino _______ "La musica es simbolo de libertad/no la encierres en tu frontera no la cubras con tu bandera" by Solo musica andina _____ "TODAS las banderas caben/ en mi canto , mas mi canto / no cabe en una sola bandera" Manuel del Cabral "bordar en una alfombra /todas las fronteras" Pedro Mir Valentin Dear Follower -and Potential Numeracy Memberon our digitalized or e-contents on Cyberspace, the facebook channel is full since 2011, this 28th anniversary we want extended you an urgent invitation for our next step, as foundation and global network.. the Numeracy Membership, launched on May, 1, 2012 ______ This is all information you asked me on, for start to help us in this complicated situation. This is our page: CCIAV Audio Visual Global Net & Foundation https://www.facebook.com/CCIAVAudioVisual.G.Net.Foundation Best wishes, That is a copy of the ordinary, invitation for Potential Numeracy Yearly Membership as Donor. You can re send it to other persons or organizations IF you

know THEY ARE previously, engaged with those subjects, issues and values, as YOU and me, ONLY... _______ Appreciated Potential New Numeracy Member: We have a contribution for solidarity category for access our Numeracy Membership coming from non industrialized communities, Caribbean, Africa, Latin American, Asia and East Europe and their citizens, over 14 years old-99 YEARS old. ALL membership are coming from pre-paid, donation our foundation and network CCIAV, CC4AVE, currently celebrating our 28th anniversary. 1. Individual : Numeracy Membership US $ 100.oo yearly, yearly, or equivalent in EUROS -LESS than 4 dollars, monthlyLESS than 15 cents of dollar / hour across the experience, and fresh information flows, original information, for decision makers or stakeholders.

2. Non Profit Sectors: Schools, Think Thanks, Universities, NON profit or communitarian organizations, networks or foundations, civic journals, ICT communitarian telecenters, municipal or government specialized agencies or offices, associated with audio-visual promotion, education, childhood, social and cultural policies, women, girls, human development, research and development, minorities, exportation, management and promotion of tourism, arts,

agriculture and similar. US $600.oo, yearly pre-paid. All those contribution for Numeracy Membership, NOT INCLUDE, -because they are on exoneration statusour Honorary Members and their respective Memberships, for all their life, we honored their talents, intelligence and ethical vocational and creative election, in this way, the only one, We have as, a little organization and global network, trying inspire other children and young guys and girls, for innovative and creative fields. IF IS A SO LITTLE organization or so poor person, we can accept, volunteering job, as donation of tweets for the same value, across the year, and or:-local stories, legends, pictures, videos, about his or her community as enough merits on glocalize, for exchange within this membership. -Promoting and B2B connecting with CCIAV, CC4AVE, its specific goals, on cyberspace, in your own country, language (s), culture (s), sub-cultures, micro-cultures, in your: school college library municipal sphere city or region The other way is promoting our services on the markets, for self-sponsorized and self management the evolution of our messages, goals and encouraging process for disperse and emergent talents, livingon non industrialized

nations or as or within migratory status to industrialized and post-industrial societies, coming from Third and fourth Worlds. Best wishes, and you are always welcome,, Yoe F. Santos, CEO Cultural Center 4 Audio Visual Exchange, Non Profit. Foundation & Global Network Interview, appointments, phones, direct switch: 809 508 2036 809 467 0363 Feeback: cciav.hq@gmail.com ____ Physical address, Office Ave. Tiradentes, No. 14.Edif Alfonsos Comercial, Suite, 401 Ensanche Naco,(Frente a Frente, Super Mercado Nacional) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, West Indies II. Benefits relative our Numeracy Membership. 1. In our internal flows of information for managers and stakeholders, specializ ed mailing-list about innovations, methods, discoveries, worldwide. 2. Participate in join and help promote your local e-contents, landscapes, stori es, pictures, problems, 3. The right for make questions and be answer, by personal operator, with highes t technical level and contextual reference, in your specific matters or topics, monthly...helping quality in your decision process, on the ground and specific c ultural, educational, communitarian reality. 4. Priority in invitations, for our personal attend to events,workshop, seminars and similar in your own town, region or country.

5. USE your own cases, problems, and consults, as part our knowledge base, proce ss for e-learning collaborative process

III. Other additional services and benefits:

1. FAQ.What kind of benefits suppose for you,your community and your organizatio n, -Within solidarity fields, HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, diversity and innovative ICTs- civic journalism and stories of living humans, on Earth Planet, WITHIN ORDINARY PEOPLE, THE 99% population on the planet, for o pportunity for learn, practice, internalize and inspire others citizens on solidarity with other vulnerable citizens, coming or living in everywhere? HOW we contribute to local and global value chain for stakeholders or decision making? How we as team are helping on EXISTENCE AND SHARING PROCESS 24/7, sharing with us in this B2B, Channel, organized around information for DISSEMINATE: - BEST PRACTICES, -benchmarking news OR ORIGINAL, REFLECTIONS -ABOUT EMERGENT TRENDS AND PARADIGMS, quality worldwide standards on decision making and production of news knowledge -ON EDUCATIONAL, MANAGEMENT AND CREATIVE- FIELDS? My opinion is I have NOT opinion () EDUCATIONAL investments reports permanently, the best results Benjamin Franklin

http://www.scribd.com/doc/88480771/FAQ-Welcome-CCIAV-CC4AVE-Our-Philosophy-Servi ces-Values-Rules-and-Benefits-for-You-Your-Organization-and-Community

2.Thanks for join our channels,for your RT, mentions, suggestions, proposals, complains andcomments helping us in each case, celebrates this 28th anniversary: making best decisions, creating, making proposals and betting foramplify visibility, understanding, creative, cooperative and collaborative learning and communication process, as tool for empower and educational development on:

Culture of peace, Cultural, Expressive Democratic citizenship, across sociocultural inclusion and human development dimensions, in all age groups, cultures, subcultures, microcultures collecting evidence about anomaly, as an opportunity for

http://www.scribd.com/doc/92381136/Welcome%E2%80%A6-this-is-CCIAV-CC4AVE-Foundat ion-Global-Network-for-Talents-and-Socio-Cultural-Inclusion-on-creativity-innova tion-and-glocalized-e-conten

3. FAQ. HOW keep on touch?Be a part, collaborate or Support CCIAV, CC4AVEas initia

tive, foundation and global network, in my own community or organization: by, volunteering, by technological or financial support, by E-CONTENTS dissemination on cyberspace, for your e-contents and humanistic and democratic values? I. Hello, thank you for your interest in our agendas and sharing process, you are welcome Thank you for choosing our exchanges in the middle of global cyber crowd-informa tional deluge of more than 1.5 million new websites every 24 hours-and the exist ential questions that bring the changes of the century, paradigms and vocational options, child and youth as in the search for recycling capacities or reconditi oning to the new scenarios of humankind,for the different generations coexisting in the Earth and across cyberspace. This is a virtual community space and thoughtful, playful, purpose ful trying to follow the steps, as the lives, celebrating the talents of others in any area , place or time, drawing lessons for survival in stage of uncertainty 1.1. - Managerial Perspective 1.2. Creative perspective: 1.3.-Educational perspective...." Yoe F. Santos/cciav http://www.scribd.com/doc/87570197/HOW-Keep-on-Touch-Be-a-Part-Collaborate-or-Su pport-CCIAV-CC4AVE-as-Network-and-Foundation-if-I-AM-Agree-With-This-Agenda-or-P riorities

4. How to take action...?

http://www.scribd.com/doc/87584475/Why-HOW-take-action-getting-involve-with-ourinitiatives-this-28th-Anniversary-join-as-partner-supporter-donnor-or-volunteerwith-this-network-C 5. Are you since long time ago: concerned about one or many following vocational calls, inclusive, human development , socio-cultural and educational issues, in your own family, community or career?

http://www.scribd.com/doc/86396902/Are-you-long-time-ago-Concerned-about-B2B-ORone-or-many-of-the-following-issues-in-your-own-community-county-city-state-regi on-local-cu 6. Do you really care about Children Rights Convention? http://www.scribd.com/doc/86398636/Do-you-really-care-ABOUT-%E2%80%A6-Children-r ights-Child-Convention-of-Rights-Or-Children-as-Citizens-on-the-Earth-Are-you-pr iorized-some-time-in-your-li join our community, on facebook and add @cciav, on your twitter, for experiment this human and commitement experience on solidarity and learning process, buildi ng cultural and communicational citizenship, worldwide, welcome, Yoe F. Santos/ CEO Cultural Center 4 Audio Visual Exchange, non profit Foundation & Global Network for Solidarity and Socio-Cultural Inclusion. FAQ Welcome CCIAV CC4AVE Our Philosophy Services Values Rules and Benefits for Y ou Your Organization www.scribd.com

FAQ. What kind of benefits suppose for you, your community and your organization , -Within solidarity fields, HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, diversity and innovative ICTs- c ivic journalism and stories of l... by YoeFSantos -Talent, Criticism & Friendship!! Salut, Polis et Ecumene Feedback: <a href="http://do.linkedin.com/in/yoefsantos"> <img src="http://www.linkedin.com/img/webpromo/btn_myprofile_160x33.pn g" width="160" height="33" border="0" alt="View our CEOs, Yoe F. Santos's profi le on LinkedIn"> keep on touch, on linkeding and twitter communities </a> @cciav 809 467 0363 Office: 809 508 2036

Cultural Center for Audio Visual Exchange, is a non profit, non religious, non m ilitant, non commercial institution, created on July 8 th, 1984, oriented and sp ecialized in creative, research and collaborative learning processes, as support for human development on non industrialized or Third World Countries and Territ ories, this year we are celebrating our 27 anniversary and our 15 years on Carib bean, Greatest Caribbean, Iberoamerican and Latin America cultural and audio-vis ual surrounds on internet. issues and particularly on cyberspace: - cybercultures and emergent cultural consumption processes impacts, -leading by digital natives, as collective generational: - authorship, -innovators and cultural consumers, as citizens on the Earth, and their impacts on cultural production, distribution or deliver strategies on social marketing, and so on: AUDIENCES AND RECEPTION PROCESS, are our main goals Some Samples about our goals, priorities and local and global, agendas. We provide on demand services, in parallel with communitarian social sharing on networks, ... We DO NOT accept, donors, volunteers or partners, IF THEY ARE NOT agree with our goals, promising global understanding and culture of peace, social inclusion and protection to vulnerable sectors on cultural and social fi elds. Talent, Friendship and Criticism, under worldwide standards, on focus by salut, polis et ecumene, are our conceptual view, for a most better planet for raise the child, young guys, and exciting and productive edutainment... Children as human beings and protagonists on edutainment, creativity, innovation and audio-visual patrimony, as emerging trends - on digital natives- and glocalization http://www.scribd.com/doc/99870537/On-children-as-protagonist-on-digital-beginne r-and-buff-e-contents-on-local-cultures-and-enrichment-cross-cultural-intangible -and-tangible-patri Dialogo No. 1.

Despues de la bienvenida... http://www.scribd.com/doc/101700800/Dialogo-No-1-Despues-de-la-bienvenida-que-de beriamos-tener-claro-1-Para-llevar-la-fiesta-en-paz-es-mejor-comenzar-by-Yoe-F-S antos-Gracian Para llevar la fiesta en paz, es mejor comenzar ... POR UN REFERENTE O PRINCIPIO MAS O MENOS UTIL Y CERCANO... http://www.scribd.com/doc/36536533/Yoe-F-Santos-Marzo-2005-Apropiacion-Popular-B eneficios-Convergencia-Tecnologica-en-Gestion-y-Produccion-Cultural-Confer-en-CI A (Yoe F Santos -Marzo, 2005"Apropiacion Popular & Beneficios NTICs...") Yoe F Santos Marzo 2005 Apropiacion Popular & Beneficios - Scribd es.scribd.com/.../Yoe-F-Santos-Marzo-2005... caribea, 1996-2004 Gerencia de Educacin COOPNAMA, 2003. Yoe F. Santos Deonisa Mdes. Salcedo ... F. Santos & D.M. Salcedo: "Glosario Tcnico Contextualizado". On children as protagonist on digital beginner and buff e-contents ... www.scribd.com Creative Writing Essays 12 Jul 2012 ITS presentation paper, 2003 - userpage.fu-berlin.de Digital storyte lling: https://plus.google.com/106531357364568912958 Yoe F. Santos - A human being, passionate, friendly interested in: doubts, questions, quality processes, ...