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Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order.

Thank you for your patience. You are now chatting with 'Najee' Najee: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order today? You: Hello there I was in process of trying to change plans and pulling up cover age maps I am finding some issues Najee: As a sale consultant, I am not able to help you with your plan change. Fo rtunately, we have a great customer care team that can assist you with any quest ions regarding your switch! Would you like to be transferred over to our custome r care team? Rodney Barnes: yes please Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited Verizon Wireless online agent. Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless. My name is Natisha, how may I assist you? Natisha: We are having a good day at Verizon Wireless. I hope you are too! My na me is Natisha, how can I assist you today? Natisha: How can I assist you today? Rodney Barnes: I have been in the process of switching plans and I having major issues with what the coverage maps are saying and what has been happening Natisha: Hi! May I ask are you not experiencing good service? Natisha: I just wanted to check in to make sure everything is going okay. I'm st ill here to assist if you like. Rodney Barnes: One member of this plan lives at the address that I changed the b illing address to and according the coverage map there should be plenty of Cell and 3G4G coverge.. i am lucky to get calls in or out and NO data at all making t ablet useles unless intown and I am very frustrated Natisha: I'm very sorry for the service you are receiving. I'm sorry you receive d that kind of service, I am glad you got me. I am going to own this issue until it is resolved. I will be happy to check on the coverage for you and get you ov er to Technical support to see if they can trouble shoot this issue for us. I kn ow this can be frustrating. Can I please have your mobile number Rodney? Rodney Barnes: 2 # 615-498-1871 (cell and text) 615-707-0515 (data tablet0 Natisha: Thank you! ' Natisha: For security purpose. may I have you verify the billing system password on the account? It can consist of up to five characters. Rodney Barnes: KIRBY Natisha: Awesome! Thank you for verifying the correct information. May I ask can you make calls in the area?

Rodney Barnes: ify... no calls inside in or outbound.. have to go outside and up hill to talk Natisha: Okay, checking the map for you now. While your waiting other than this situation how has your day been so far Rodney? Natisha: I do see with the coverage map you are in a great area for service. Wha t you will have to do is contact our Technical Support team at 1800-922-0204 so they can trouble shoot this issue for us. I will stay with you. Natisha: How is everything going? Rodney Barnes: I am ok with doing that but please understand I have been paying $40.00/mo on a tablet that I have not been able to use unless I am way in town.. i will call them to work on fixing.. Maybe looking at a HUM Natisha: Okay, if they can fix the services will you use the Tablet? Rodney Barnes: Hub to boost cell service.. but they way I look at it I have wast ed 200 over the past 4 months and it would only cost 300 to get out of contract Natisha: Okay, I do apologize for the amount that you have wasted with the servi ces. I wish you would have contacted us a little earlier so we could fix this is sue for you. Rodney Barnes: All depends on what can be done im due for an upgrade on cell and will a smartphone if dara gets to working Natisha: Okay, Rodney let's contact Technical Support to see what can be done co ncerning this issue. I will stay with you. Rodney Barnes: To be honest im the son and those are my dads devices and I didnt realize it was that bad.. it was ok when only paying for cell but data for tabl et is expensive.. Natisha: I can most certainly understand your concern about the service. Rodney Barnes: I am ok with that.. I will go out there in the next couple of day s do that for him.. but to be honest if something id not done im most likely goi ng to pay of that contract and go with local broadband Natisha: Okay, may I ask are you going to contact Technical Support today? Rodney Barnes: Been a loyal customer for a very long time and do feel a lil chea ted and over chargedd Rodney Barnes: I am on my way to work I will make sure it gets done tomorrow Natisha: And we do value you as a Customer and I'm trying my best to help you an d resolved this issue with getting you over to a specialist and they for the ser vice we can see if we can issue you a credit for half of the amount. To see if y ou can get the credit what you will have to do is contact Customer Care at 1800922-0204 after you have contacted Technical Support and what I will do is remark your account to let the agent know you will be calling in okay. Rodney Barnes: But how I am feeling I may not be to willing to jump through all the hoops that goes with that. I have been down that road with ATT and Sprint an d 3 months later was still working on it.. Work with me and ill mske sure you ge t the time you need to fix it right

Natisha: May I ask now that we have covered that you need to contact a specialis t to fix this issue if their anything else I can assist you with? Rodney Barnes: Ill give it a shot.. Just make sure to note the account Natisha: I have remarked your account. Is their anything else I can assist you w ith? And I do apologize for the service.