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System CoreWare ARM926EJ-S Processor System

The ARM926EJ-S Processor System from LSI Logic is an OS-ready processor system that is available for both RapidChip Platform ASIC and standard-cell ASIC designs. The processor system significantly reduces design time, complexity and risk for customers in the communications, consumer and storage markets. This offering also provides the core IP for designers in markets such as security, medical, consumer electronics, industrial, defense, instrumentation and imaging with the ability to get their products manufactured quickly and at low cost.

Based on popular ARM926EJ-S processor core - GflxR Landing Zone hardmac (200 MHz) - FlexCore (up to 230 MHz) - G12P hardmac (200 MHz) - GflxP hardmac (266 MHz) OS-ready processor subsystem Available on RapidChip platform and standard-cell ASIC technologies Available in Gflx 0.11 micron and G12 0.18 micron technologies Extendable via AHB Expansion busses Expert Field CoreWare Engineer (FCE) design support LynuxWorks - BlueCat 4.1 for ARM BSP - LynuxWorks tools support - www.lynuxworks.com Virtio - VPCS926 Virtual Platform - www.virtio.com

The ARM926EJ-S Processor System consists of high-value proven CoreWare IP functions such as the ARM926EJ-S core, Ethernet controller, vectored interrupt controller, UARTs, GPIOs, IIC, and an external bus interface unit. The processor system provides everything needed to run popular operating systems and is easy to use and extend by customers. The expansion AMBA ports allow customers to easily integrate their own value-added logic or additional cores from LSI Logics extensive CoreWare IP library such as the multi-ported DDR SDRAM memory controller. To significantly reduce software development time, the ARM926EJ-S Processor System leverages the broad availability of standard ARM development tools. Additionally, LynuxWorks Inc. provides BlueCat Linux OS and software driver support for the processor system. Virtio Corp. provides a Virtual Platform for fast full-function software emulation of the processor system that customers can extend to include their logic and develop application software even before silicon availability of their custom SoC. By using System CoreWare solutions like the ARM926 Processor System, customers can reduce both development times and design risks, allowing them to focus development resources on their particular end applications, where they add the most value.
Memory Controller AHB

Instruction AHB ARM926EJ-S Data AHB Bridge Slave Exp. AHB

Figure 1. ARM926EJ-S Processor System

Master Exp. AHB

APB Bridge Vec Int Ctlr


10/100 Ethernet MAC





2x I2C

System CoreWare ARM926EJ-S Processor System

Architecture High performance ARM926EJ-S processor core 32-bit data bus expansion port for additional external AHB master - 133 MHz in Gflx and 100 MHz in G12 Two 32-bit memory controller expansion ports 32-bit AHB Synchronous Segmentation Bridge for external AHB slaves - Same or divided down bus frequency External 32-bit SRAM/Flash/ROM memory controller - Programmable read wait state - Programmable write wait state APB peripheral set including UART, GPIO, Timers, and an I2C controller Vectored Interrupt Controller - Up to 32 interrupt sources - 8 priority levels per interrupt - Read-in register containing ISR vector or index to vector 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet MAC with DMA controller - RMON1757 compliant statistics counters - Broadcast and multicast filtering - Automatic bad packet filtering

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LSI Logics extensive library of CoreWare and System CoreWare IP offers proven, easy to integrate, performance-leading cores and system solutions, including GigaBlaze and HyperPHY high-speed standards-compliant SerDes, ARM and MIPS processors and associated systems, licensable ZSP DSP cores, processor peripherals and AMBA on-chip-bus structures, USB cores, Memory PHYs and Controllers, Ethernet MAC and PHY cores, PCI Express, XGXS, SPI4.2 and other protocol layer IP.
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System CoreWare

ARM926EJ-S Processor System AHB Slave Bus Multi-Core Communication Module UART I2C MII

Customer Value-added Logic

Interrupts Flash

Figure 2. Typical System Application