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Civil Engineering Interview Questions Pattern

Concrete Technology Objective Types: The water cement ratio for achieving maximum strength of concrete ( w/c is inversely proportional to strength increasing the slump decreases the strength The function of water in concrete 1. Chemical reaction 2. Cement paste. Water cement mixing in hoper less mixture machine is better than hoppered mixture machined because: To get proper dilution. The types of slump shapes are: 1. True 2. Shear 3. Collapse Curing is needed for :- to make up water loss & to receive hydration The % of water absorbed by the brick chips: 12% to 14% The % of water absorbed by stone chips : 1% The % of water absorbed by sand: 2.5% Uniform mix is Homogeneous kinds of mix Mixing ratio is mix A )

Project:1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. What is project? The four main factors to start a construction project areThree main points about project delaying factors Project Engineer can avail extra financial benefits from project are The four main weapons of a project Engineer to execute a construction project smoothly and timely are if a doctors commit wrong he kills a person but if an engineer commits wrong he kills a nation because Work program is Management diagram of a project Construction project cannot be run without petty cash because of the following

Concrete Technology:1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Components of Cement are Define CA and FA What is Segregation and Bleeding? Causes of Bleeding and Segregation The minimum slump of Cast in situ pile = Precast Pile = Mass Concrete = Column = Roof Slab = Beam and Grade Beam = Lintel = False slab = The difference between well graded and gap graded aggregate is What is Construction admixture? Mixing of cement, sand and stone chips with oil not give strength why? The relation between cube and cylinder Cubes give maximum strength why? CA and FA are called inner material when used in RCC work because Chemical reaction occurs between cement and water because Why machine mix is better than hand mix Batching plant mixing is better than machine mix Water and cement mixes first due to getting What is Concrete? What is pumpable concrete? What is workability ? What is workable concrete? Methods of Mix design are What is slump and draw the types of slump shapes

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Engineering Materials:1.