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Lesson Topic: Reading with Fluency and Expression Grade level: 2 Length of lesson: 30 minutes whole group and

a 15 minute center for filming and reflection Curricular Context / Overview:

Stage 1 Desired Results Goals/Content Standard(s): Fluency 4b. Read on-level text orally with accuracy, appropriate rate, and expression on successive readings. Understanding (s)/goals Understand that expression and fluency are important when reading to an audience to gain understanding. Essential Question(s): Does the way a person reads something affect the audience in a different manner? Can it change the meaning? Students will be able to Read fluently with expression.

Students will know What fluent and expressive reading sounds like. How different punctuation effects the way that you read. Stage 2 Assessment Evidence Performance Task(s): (Grasps) Goal:Read fluently with expression Role: Actor/ Director Audience: Youtube viewers/parents Situation: An acting audition wherein students will read their stories to try to get a role on a movie. Students will take turns being the actor who reads and the director who gives constructive feedback on how to read better/follow the punctuation. Product: Youtube video of the audition Standard: Fluency 4b. Read on-level text orally with accuracy, appropriate rate, and expression on successive readings. Stage 3 Learning Plan Learning Activities: Gagne 1. Gain Attention: I will talk in a silly voice in a
complete monotone until the students laugh about it. I will then ask the students why they are laughing?

Other Evidence: As students are working in their pairs and taking turn in each role I will be walking around the room monitoring student progress and behavior. Eventually I will be filming.

2. Establish purpose: They should respond

with how I am talking, maybe say that I sound funny or something. We will then talk about how the way you say things affects the meaning.

3. Stimulate recall of prior learning: Review

what we know about punctuation through our punctuation quick flash card game wherein students show how they should feel with expressions when they see different punctuations.

4. Present content: Discuss how important it is

that you read with meaning. Introduce Youtube acting audition assignment. Model how to play both the role of the actor and the director.

5. Guided learning: Monitor students as they

take turns in their pairs on playing each role.

6. Elicit performance: Film each student for

their Youtube audition reading.

7. Provide feedback: Students will receive

feedback during their practice portion of their reading from their director.

8. Assess performance: I will assess whether

students have better fluency in comparison to their last reading on their blog or running record.

9. Enhance retention: Students will be able to

see themselves reading and will write a reflection/journal on how they felt they did on their audition.

Differentiation Techniques: Students will be reading selections from their personal book boxes to ensure that students are reading at level texts. I will also be assisting students who need extra guidance with the concepts.