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"LEARN is the only thing the mind never tires ... and neither do you regret ...

" Leonardo Da Vinci The future was YESTERDAY: When the martyrs of Chicago, during the nineteenth cen tury the boy and girl, human, NO ANIMAL OR PROPERTY .... by Yoe F. Graciano Santos on Monday, August 6, 2012 at 6:11 pm A key tool for the job and real-time networking ... Advanced World Clock by School of Journalism Raped at 13 years old, Kayla Harrison, now is Olympic champion, gold medal, 78 kgs: Judo ... Via: Pedophilia is a crime against humanity ... Yoe F. Santos / cciav _____ "8 hours working, 8 hours for sleep, 8 hours FOR THE REST ..." Central slogan of the Martyrs of Chicago, in the nineteenth century, which gav e rise to the regulation of working hours, BUT ALSO release SPACE / TEMPORARY ...which, s ince the first industrial revolution, Manchester, 1850 facilitated the development o f so-called MASS CULTURE AND MASS SOCIETY, entertainment industry, exploration on the LEISURE, AND ITS IMPACT ON THE HEALTH AND MENTAL-HEALTH THEREFORE alienated as DESALIENATED LEISURE at the same time, LET THE OPPORTUNITY IN DEMOCRACY FOR that more and more people, POPULAR SECTORS within pop culture-generates the opp ortunity to develop critical thought, by themselves via: entertainment, hobbies, creative and innovative hobbies,in parallel with the dev elopment of domestic tourism accelerate as massive experience on international dimension after invention of jets on early 60s, last XX century- to make a substantial differenc e between free LIFE, but FREE, 24 hours a day ... to the compared with the conditions of existence of the servitude AND SLAVERY, for the poorest and, AN OPEN DOOR PRIOR TO UNKNOWN upward social mobility, BASED ON TALENT ... as a tool to escape poverty ... Merton is at the beginning where you get this information: How many ways are available for a poor citizen, move out of poverty? -The religious life, -Commerce, -Politics, -Sports, -The arts, -The invention, -Innovation, sciences, for example ... But while trade and politics, they needed MONEY LAUNDERING ... IN THE ARTS, SPOR TS at contrary, each individual, EVERY PERSON HAS ONLY Investment, public investm ent on EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY,IN A LONG TRAINING TO DEVELOP by himself or herself -SKILLS -ability -EXPERIENCE

-expertise -VISIONS ... -Original proposals, unique, unrepeatable ... (Obviously, Robert Merton explained other -non legal ways -for move out poverty , as criminal gangs and criminal networks, but THOSE WAYS are partially the roots of violence on the streets, current days) Other authors, as Jerzy Grotowski (1976) ATTRIBUTED on his notion of theatre performed for poor peoples, just too tools: body and voiceBut bodies, are the to ols for sexual workers, too all those processes are connected with foucaultian v ision of biopower The song says it all: "I want to know, love,/ ALL was not wrecked ... " (Silvio Rodriguez) Precisely those 8 hours, DEDICATED TO THE REST ARE THE ROOT OF ALL Material progress, scientific, technological, INNOVATION AND WEALTH IN MODERN or contemporary LIFE,from electricity to the first Fort t as car if you think in Nikola Tesla and his 4 dollars and a poetry book, when he emigrated from Europe to USA (Spain Television Network, 2012) ... and to the reduction of working day for th e poor -different than others called by Vilfredo Pareto, selected classes and later By Doumazedier "leisure class" Some persons permanently has opinions against LEISURE, but not against all leis ure time, just the leisure time IF THE USERS are poor peoples, since ancient Egypt to Engl and and USA on XIX century, awoke-the objection on moral grounds-privileged people , they are the same with problem on current days on equal rights, human rights or individual freedom, on each society, individuals whom never had suffer privation of FREEDOM OR LEISURE TIME, by themselves, they had no, none of these problems, individuals wh om dont care IF THE OTHER IS SUFFERING ( STARVING OR DYING)OPERATING AND DESTRUCTION OF HEALTH of millions of people, women and children, FOR LACK OF QUALITY OF LIFE, as Adam Smith, anchored in the previous paradigm, in which: the lives of humans, were only an input, "something" was consumed, like a candle , entering the production process and,as since the days of slavery, that some "we re born" TO NOT EDUCATED, BUT WORK, Like beasts of burden, FROM HAND work, existing since ancient worldview, until that point in life of human family and planetary civili zation: detail that recall to me the Aristotelian vision - "What is a slave? A MACHINE WITH HANDS"- said Aristotle - "Born" Non Personae: designed listen for obey, WITHOUT THINKING, just not person automat were WORKING WITH AND WITHOUT HANDS literacy, but died before 50 years of age -Due to the intensiveness of the work- THOSE LIVES -And those deaths, invisible to biased for Mr. SmithTO Mr. Smith was no problem ... Therefore, the economist, of his time, or did not have to suffer the rigors of c hildren and youth work, or the problems of women within productive apparatus, during the first industrial revolution, ALL OF THEM white, free on legal status

, white as other but, poor, confined to the gloom, MOISTURE-AND BETWEEN 12 AND 16 HOURS OF WORK ... in the first SPINNING MILL, at Manchester, 1850 ... WHAT really WORRIED A SMITH, WAS THE REDUCTION LABOR DAY, for low wage workers BECAUSE:"MUCH FREE TIME or leisure, CUSTOMS could erode, THESE PEOPLE BEING- women and children, YFS- moving them to THE VICE AND THE MORAL DEGRADATION " therefore did not deserve, in his opinion and particular criteria, be reduced working hours. Mr. Smith, did not think that if everyone was educated and had LEISURE, probably some of them of many of them at the future, could create, invent, desig n, discover SOMETHING from the leisure time, as expression of human freedom and human oppor tunity for think FREELY, Radically different from laziness, as evidenced IN "THE RIGHT TO THE SLOTH" by LAFARGUE, because of those prejudices and stigmas, elitarian stigmas - we called today fascist worldviewshe never IMAGINE, those ORDINARY AND POOR persons: COULD INVENT- MEDICINES, NEW FORMS OF TRANSPORT OR ENERGYFOR THE WELFARE OF ALL HUMANITY ...

At the same time he was into this struggle industrial production mode was changi ng and challenging the OLD ways for resolve problems, for ourganize the business , the culture and the society, but he was busy, writing and arguing, today we kn ow he never was a child working in a factory, and obviously he was not woman THE URGENCY FOR EXPLAIN OR BE AGAINST release other human being on very vulnerable o lower income or other cultural disadvantage conditions, for citize ns, remember me, a reflection by Consuelo Despradel (2008), during a popular radio show, on Dominican, few years ago: "The day priests be pregnant, all abortions will be legal "(www.Z101.digital, 2 008) Just the notion of equality, dignity and rights, for the human person is what m akes the difference, in the "discovery"-Out of the economy, as we know this "discove ry, in the human sciences, such as efforts Durkheim's founding on the causes of suic idelate nineteenth century, that a boy or a girl, was NOT a pet, but a human perso n, even though the first legislation on the Child and Adolescent matter rest MATCHING -FOR his or her PROTECTION, during classical romanic, Romanesque Law, equate women with mental and weak with the madman, for "her protection" Those first intents, generated on analogy between:THE CHILD AND THE GIRL WITH THE ANIMALS OR POULTRY. Human family needed to wait, had a long road, and into the twentieth century, b efore: fathers, mothers, politicians, legislators, scholars, politicians, teachers, came to agree with institutional statements, coming from science -Not prejudice or speculation involved, of whom benefit even today (XXI century ): Now ways of slavery, exploitation, abuse, child labor ... anywhere in the world ... -

SUCH AGAINST THE traditionalists, fundamentalists and culturalist created the pos ition of multilateral agencies ,such as UNESCO in 1970: "A child is not a property but POSSIBILITY OF FREEDOM ...EVERYTHING you give as a society, to ONE CHILD: the child, then will return to society ... " (Unesco Courier, 1970) "Children are our only contact with the future" (Olof Palme) This is why the future, was YESTERDAY ... (Between 1850 and 1990s)NOT MATTER I F you've heard or not ... that's your problem ... but you cannot impose YOUR ignor ance, HATE AND PREJUDICES as truth, worldview all humanity ... Or try to sell those medieval ,old ideas as LIVES organizers or rational or successful patterns for raise a child today first because is illegal, second because is immoral, but non humanBut it is responsible, thinking that you can cover the sun with a finger or the Convention on the Rights of Children and Adolescents (1979) this convention is NOT an ornam ent, this document is NO signed papers without any interest on investments and the practical life of societies, cultures and economies. If we want to prevent hate speech, violence( infanticide, femicide EG)and discr imination, we would do well to return to this background identify:

What went wrong in the process, during the entire twentieth century, as regards the socio-cultural inclusion -The child, the girl, the teen and young- anywher e in the world, where THOSE AND THOSE children, adolescents and youth, are not helping, FRATERN AL and severally, as human beings, from democratic and humanistic values, from thei r individuality,-From their powers, talents and intelligence-SINCE its historicity and irrepetitibility in each case AS CITIZENS ON the EARTH the rest of society: within institutional network, building a world free of violence, HAPPY, CREATIVE, INNOVATIVE, tolerant, diverse, sustainable and fair ...? But certainly, the blame cannot be attributed to children, yesterday today or t omorrow ... BALL, IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FIELD ... fortunately if you really are cre ating a NEW state of the art of social sciences, in Latin America and Caribbean, in N ovember, 2012 in its relations heteroclite, with the rest of the social sciences, on planet e arth ... THESE VARIABLES all contributions on neurosciences, humanities, experiences, benchmarking and know how globally and on glocalizeshould be join the EQUATION, relative on THE SOCIAL INCLUSION and social conflicts preventing tools, for the creation of a culture of peace, empowering a

nd DIVERSE, the equation of human development in: - decisions making processes, -social and cultural policies design and processes of Knowledges construction in everyday life ... EDUCATION in this new context or scenario IS NO OBLIGATION SAMPLE only and Inve stment, as political obligation, not just obligation on political parties, municipalitie s or states and municipalities, the preserve of politicians, politicians and political parti es, trade unions or religions, but the dialogues and relationships, OF ALL PRODUCTS, TRADE, cultural CONSUMPTION AND FEEDBACKS, on symbolic flows SYMBOLIC FLOWS of society, including mass media interaction -with edutainment and leisure products, communicative servicesand its impacts on democratic and humanist values, as complementary socialization agencies on early childhood, with so-called digital natives (Pren sky, 2001, 2012), today ... That's one reason why they have no present or future, for worldviews of Katz ( 2010), or technophobia,or functional illiteracy, OR AUDIOVISUAL ILLITERACY,or resistanc e to change and socio-technical paradigmal OF Adult-centrics-COSMOVISION, currently facing humanity, this is another kindergarten, FOR ALL, not just for early chil dhood FACING THE KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY OR information communication and knowledge society (ICKS), early XXI century and since 1970s (Bell, 1973). The future was yesterday ... Yoe F. Santos / cciav Human Person Talents, Criticism, Friendship! Salut, Polis et Ecumene! 28 Anniversary 1984-2012 "WE could be like bonzo ...I CLAIMING fully my right to participate in the contr adictions of my time, (...)ANY power, knowing a cautious A BIT, and MAXIMUM POSSIBLE OF T ASTE (...) the word is ancient: Solidarity ... " Roland Barthes "The Pleasure of the Text"and "Inaugural Lesson" "" Teach us to love, loving ... EDUCATION, MUST BE A NICE art "" Jose Ingenieros (1906) "(...) The causes of our affairs: the courts of sexual, political, religious, academic orthodoxies(...) Are we probably, the Middle Ages of a future modernit y?. (...) No generation in human history has produced more waste than ours, MATERIAL AND MORAL waste(...) " Octavio Paz (1990) "ALL ENEMIES DOGMAS ARE MAIN ENEMIES OF HUMAN CREATIVITY" Oscar Arias Sanchez (1987)