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Outline: Goal 1: Establish MedLib Goal 2: CHED Accreditation Goal 3: Develop/Enhance Collection Goal 4: Marketing and Promotion

Frederick Taylor (1919) among the various methods and strategies, there is always one which is quicker and better than any of the rest

The Japanese word kaizen

stresses the importance of efforts to improve constantly

ASMPH Library Experience No grand plans Step-by-step process

Goal 1: Establish the Library

Borrowed books from Rizal, accepted donations from APS baby Got budget, started acquiring own books

Essential/core collection = recommendation from the faculty, research on current trends A lot of consultation / Benchmarking

A lot of consultation
CDP; Circulation policy
2 week v. 1 week higher fine Strategies to keep the book circulating

Other services
printing cost, scanning, etc.

Library hours Equipment

barcode reader, security gate, furniture, library system

Goal 2: CHED accreditation

get minimum requirements recommendations from faculty
Journal titles Book titles

Goal 3: Develop/Enhance Collection

Review collection and policies Add titles Subscription to online resources Look at statistics

External Drivers
Technology, progress in medicine

Internal Drivers
Structure serves function

Structure serves function

Form follows function -Louis Sullivan, 1896 The principle is that the shape of a building or object should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose.

Structure serves function

ASMPH Library is shaped based on its intended function or purpose

Vital Curriculum Support Service

Initially driven by space and program Now more inclined to acquire electronic resources for mobility and portability Expanded collection: MD-MBA-PH Curriculum roll out:
subject-based vs. integrated modular system

Create an enabling environment for students to search for more

Goal 4: Marketing and Promotion

Improve collection Library award Social media Wallpaper/ads in bulletin board Library orientation Network and collaboration

Past and Present Photos










User Satisfaction Survey

Partial results Collection/Services Reserve Books Circulation Books EBSCO Fulltext MDConsult Dynamed Satisfaction Satisfied Satisfied Satisfied Satisfied Very Satisfied

Partial results Collection/Services Satisfaction Library Hours Dissatisfied Cleanliness Very Satisfied Furniture Satisfied Security Very Satisfied Lighting Very Satisfied Temperature/Air Very Satisfied Discussion Rooms Dissatisfied

Partial results Collection/Services Satisfaction DDS Unaware ILL Unaware OPAC Satisfied Printing/Scanning Satisfied Internet & Wifi Satisfied Computer Satisfied Terminals

Partial Traits Approachable Courteous Friendly/pleasant

Accurate in answering ?s
Willing to leave desk to help

results Perception Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree

Always available

Goal 1: Establish MedLib Goal 2: CHED Accreditation Goal 3: Develop/Enhance Collection Goal 4: Marketing and Promotion Uniqueness = flexibility to adapt

ASMPH Experience
Lux in Domino: Light in the Lord. The Ateneo aims to lead its students to see God in all things and to use their talents for the greater glory of God and the greater service of humanity. Magis: ever striving for the more. The Ateneo seeks to instill in its students a passion for disciplined Excellence and a constant desire to be better, to do better.

ASMPH Experience
Cura personalis: care and concern for the whole person. The Ateneo sees its students in their totality and nurtures each one holistically. Men and women for others. The Ateneo strives to imbue its students with love for and service to others.

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