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Science 8 Expectations

Ms. Begley

It never gets easier. You just get better. Class Website

http://lessonsinscience.weebly.com/ Here you will find daily activities, assignment submission forms (online), and question submission forms. You can also visit harmony online or our in class student zone for day-to-day activities.

Required Materials
You will be expected to bring the following items to class everyday: Interactive Science textbook Folder/binder for Science ONLY Pencil or pen Calculator
**If you are unable to obtain any of these items please see Ms. Begley by the end of the first week of school.

Class Expectations
There are two overarching expectations in my classroom: 1. WORK HARD Participate: Ask questions, raise your hand to speak, and have fun! Do Your Best: Come to class prepared and ready to work hard. 2. BE NICE Golden Rule: Treat others as youd like to be treated. Respect: respect your fellow students, instructor, and materials.

**Students are expected to follow all school rules which can be found in your student handbook.

Absences/Make-up work
If you are absent you are responsible for obtaining missed work from the student zone. Anything not turned in on a day you are absent is due the day you return, including tests and quizzes. **Consult your student handbook for additional policies and procedures.

Science 8 Expectations | 1

Do Now Activities (DNA)

After the bell rings you are expected to be working on the Do Now Activity. You will record any responses to the Do Now Activity in your text book.

Science Notebook (SN)

It is important that you obtain a folder or binder to keep any handouts, handwritten notes, and laboratory experiments in. This notebook will keep you organized AND aid you during quizzes.

Homework (HW)
Homework will be given to help you practice the concepts we learn in the classroom. You are expected to complete all homework on time- typically this will either be reading a passage from your text book or completing lab work.

Laboratory Experiments (L)

Working in the lab is probably the most fun aspect of studying science. Labs will be performed individually or in small groups. Before the first lab, students must sign the Laboratory Safety Contract and return it to Ms. Begley. Students are expected to abide by all the rules in the Safety Contract. Neglecting to comply with the Safety Contract will result in a failure for the lab portion of this class.

Quizzes (Q)
Quizzes will be given regularly to assess your understanding of the material. You will be able to use your science notebook on some quizzes, so its important that you keep it organized. Also, some quizzes will contain questions from previous chapters. Science is interconnected- lets keep it fresh!

Chapter/Unit Tests (UT)

After each unit there will be a unit test. These tests will be progressively cumulative. That is to say, each test will contain a few questions concerning what weve learned in previous units, just like our quizzes.

********************sign, detach, return to Ms. Begley************************************* I have read and understand the expectations of this class as stated above. Student Gaurdian Signature Signature Science 8 Expectations | 2