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Genesys SIP Server

Contact Center Software

The Genesys SIP Server provides open, flexible and reliable telephony and agent monitoring functions that integrate the Genesys 7 Suite with any SIP-enabled IP infrastructure.

Highlights > Freedom of choice to select the hardware

infrastructure and contact center applications that meet your business needs today and future-proof your environment for tomorrow

Genesys gives you freedom to select the hardware infrastructure and contact center applications that best meet your business needs today while future proofing your environment. Support of openstandard SIP (RFC 3261) enables telephony applications to interface with each other providing functionality that was previously only available using proprietary infrastructure hardware. Genesys SIP Server allows integration of the Genesys 7 Customer Interaction Suite with any SIP-enabled IP infrastructure or additional SIP applications.

> Integrates with leading SIP-based applications giving you more vendor choices, simplified upgrades and reduced maintenance costs

> Migrate to IP telephony at your own pace

while maintaining your current system functionality; no need to rip and replace

> Supports multiple customer service

communication channels including voice, e-mail, and chat

Why Choose SIP for your Contact Center?

With Genesys SIP Server, you can leverage the worlds leading contact center suite on an open-standards IP infrastructure.The Genesys SIP Server provides agent monitoring and all telephony functions needed in the

> Full utilization of customer care professionals in branch or remote offices

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SIP enables the power of open systems to be brought to the world of telecommunications, particularly in the contact center. Due to the rich multi-media requirements, open systems allow customers to select non-proprietary hardware and software for queuing, routing and applying treatments to interactions. For these reasons, we expect SIP to emerge as the de facto standard for enterprise IP communications.
Art Schoeller

Contact Center Software > Genesys SIP Server

Senior Analyst, Yankee Group

Features Contact Center IP Telephony and Agent Management Off-the-shelf hardware support Supervisor Tools Centralized configuration and management Music and announcements

> Benefits > Complete call handling (call established, on hold, etc), including call routing, queuing, 3rd-party call control and agent state tracking (login/logout, etc) to improve voice interactions management > Minimize capital expenditures by deploying industry standard, off-the-shelf IP endpoints such as a SIP soft phone, SIP hard phone or analog telephone with a VoIP gateway > Monitor agent and customer interactions with silent voice monitoring, whisper coaching and supervisor intrusion to ensure customer service excellence throughout the entire contact center > All system administration functions can be delivered from a single point of control located anywhere on the network. Local switch administration and maintenance at multiple sites is eliminated > Improve customer on-hold experience

contact center including customer segmentation, call queuing, call routing, reporting and call control functions.

Continued operational improvements while adopting IP

Genesys SIP Server and the Genesys 7 Suite, futureproof your contact center environment by allowing applications to be selected independently from the infrastructure.With SIP, interoperability of components is standard; Customers can create an infrastructure environment to best suit their unique business needs. For example, an enterprise can create an application (ie. voice mail or Multi-point Control Unit) for a SIP infrastructure and, regardless of other changes in that infrastructure, the application will still interoperate with other SIP components.

Business Benefits
SIP-based IP Contact Center offers the following benefits to your business:

Reduced total cost of ownership

With open standards, customers benefit because vendors must compete directly on functionality and price delivering a better investment value to you. With a VoIP gateway and SIP phones (soft or hard phones), Genesys SIP Server and Genesys platform, all required telephony functionality is provided to the contact center. Using a SIP soft phone along with an agent desktop, branch office and remote agents can be added to the system at substantially reduced costs.

Develop World-Class Contact Center Operation

The Genesys platform separates applications from the underlying infrastructure. Enterprises are free to choose the best applications available based on business need, not infrastructure.

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Contact Center Software > Genesys SIP Server

Features Cradle-to-grave reporting Video Scalability Reliability

> Benefits > Manage contact center operations effectively by understanding critical operational data and statistics on contact center resources > Provide video support with video on-hold, video parking and push instructional video files for commonly encountered problems or explaination > Customize migration to IP beginning with a few agents with the potential to scale to 30,000 IP agents with the Genesys Customer Interaction Management Platform > Provide uninterrupted service levels with emergency default routing, backup and recovery of established sessions, and hot standby

Realizing the benefits with Genesys Open IP

As part of the Genesys Open IP strategy, Genesys SIP Server provides the enterprise with advanced contact center capabilities on open-standards IP infrastructure. With Open IP, customers are not forced in a single vendor solution or an abrupt infrastructure change to adopt IP. Instead, customers can take a step-by-step approach, continuing to leverage their existing TDM infrastructure, while implementing open-standards based IP components. Since Genesys separates application selection from the underlying infrastructure, customers do not have to stop investing in their contact center applications (e.g. adding new interactions like e-mail or video) or integrate their contact center with the enterprise while migrating to IP.

Key Functionality
The Genesys SIP Server manages customer interactions across SIP-enabled devices such as VoIP gateways and SIP phones. The Genesys SIP Server provides end-to-end call control for IP calls allowing companies to track and manage interactions with the same level of detail as traditional TDM-based interactions. Genesys Stream Manager is bundled with the Genesys SIP Server to provide an out-ofthe-box IP call treatment platform that includes call queuing, music-on-hold, announcements and DTMF collected digits. The Genesys SIP Server fully leverages the Genesys platform (routing, reporting, configuration environment, e-mail, outbound campaigns, etc) and Genesys Voice Platform IP (self service) to deliver a complete SIP-based IP contact center solution.

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Contact Center Software > Genesys SIP Server

Leveraging Genesys SIP Server in the Contact Center

To realize the full benefits of IP, it is essential to leverage open standards such as SIP.The Genesys SIP Server can be deployed as a stand-alone solution between SIP gateways and endpoints, in conjunction with 3rd-party telephony equipment such as a SIP softswitch or in a mixed TDM/IP environment (where both technologies coexist until full migration is achieved).

Genesys SIP Server Stand Alone Deployment Scenario

1. Customer dials 800 number for customer service, PSTN delivers call to VoIP gateway 2. Genesys SIP Server sends a route request to the Genesys platform 3. Genesys platform determines best IP resource availability based on customer business rules 4. After agent selection, Genesys SIP Server sets up call to IP agent 5.Voice path is established between the VoIP gateway and the IP phone 6. Associated customer data is simultaneously delivered on the agent desktop 7. Agent monitoring and coaching capability allows for customer service improvements

Configuring Genesys SIP Server is quick and easy with the Genesys platform. All switching objects (extensions, routing points, queues) are software defined, along with the entire dialing plan. All major configurations are also managed using Genesys, eliminating the need for synchronization with a 3rd-party PBX. Configuration is performed dynamically using the Genesys Configuration Manager application (shown) or using Genesys Configuration Wizards.

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Contact Center Software > Genesys SIP Server

Genesys SIP Server Used in Conjunction w/ a SIP Softswitch

Genesys SIP Server in a Mixed TDM/IP Environment

1. Customer dials 800 number for customer service, PSTN delivers call to VoIP gateway 2. SIP softswitch asks Genesys SIP Server for a routing instruction 3. Genesys platform determines best resource availability based on customer business rules 4. After agent selection, Genesys SIP Server sets up call to IP agent through the SIP softswitch 5.Voice path is established between the VoIP gateway and the IP phone 6. Associated customer data is simultaneously delivered on the agent desktop

Visual - Audio network between customer and IP Agents in Contact Center over QoS IP Network
Provides video contact center support with video on-hold, video parking and push video files. 1. Customer dials 800 number for customer service, PSTN delivers call with to insurance agencys main contact center line, an IP call is set up between the customer and the Genesys IPCC agent. 2. Genesys IPCC accepts the call and determines the best resource availability based on customer business rules. 3. After agent determination, Genesys IPCC routes IP voice call to agent with associated customer data. 4. Agent determines that customer service levels require additional support beyond their capability, routing call to customers local representative at remote site. 5. Agent identifies local service representative availability and routs customer IP voice call and associated data to the local agent for assistance. 6. The agent may also have directed this customer IP voice call to a local representative that worked at other remote locations such as a pure-IP home site or a traditional PBX site with IP integration.

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Contact Center Software > Genesys SIP Server

Genesys 7 Product Suite

The broadest suite of products-with powerful voice self service, assisted service for every communication channel, flexible integration options and management insight systems-all linked on the most open platform to deliver exceptional contact center and customer service capabilities.

Customer Interaction (Traditional Voice, Voice Over IP, E-mail, Web Chat & Other)

Inbound Voice Outbound Voice

Self Service


Web Chat

Open Media

Customer Interaction Management Platform

Agent Desktop Expert Contact Gplus Adapters SDK Workforce Management Supervisor Desktop Info Mart

Systems Supported

Server OS Support OS Solaris 9 & 10 Microsoft Windows Server: Win2000 & 2003 on 32/64 bit Intel processors Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 IBM AIX 32/64 bit v5.3 Media Gateways

IP Phones Alcatel 8626 (Video Communicator) Cisco IP Phones 7940/7960

Softswitch Alcatel 5020 Broadsoft Siemans HiPath 8000

D-Link phones DPH80S/70S/140S DPH-140S eyebeam Grandstream BudgeTone 101/102 Conferencing Units AudioCodes Polycom RadVision MCU-15 Genesys MCU

AudioCodes Merdiant 2000 Polycom SoundPoint IP500/IP600 Cisco AS5350 Pingtel Instant Xpressa/PX-1 VegaStream Vega 100 Snom 190/320/360 Paraxip SpeedTouch 2020/2030 Network Equipment Technologies Net.com Xten Network X-Pro Zultys SIP2/300/Z2 Pingtel PX-1

Video Solutions Radvision

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