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transgender policy denied

friday, november 20, 2009

City policy addressing discrimination fails to pass commission. LAWRENCE | 6A

Jayhawks beat the Bears


Four players score in double figures in Thursdays game . BASKETBALL | 1B

volume 121 issue 65

Company showcases talent in fall recital

aarchibald@kansan.com The soft, pattering sounds of bare feet and well-worn dance shoes from backstage freeze. The light slowly illuminates the auditorium. Then, as music begins to pour from the speakers, the dancers glide into view. Tonight at 7:30, the University Dance Company will perform the second night of its annual fall concert, featuring the work of worldrenowned guest choreographer Bill Evans. Jerel Hilding, associate professor and chair of the dance department and one of the shows five choreographers, said the choreographers have been able to tie all of the dances together with fantastic elements. This year, Evans, who Hilding said was one of the top tap dancers in the country, visited the University at the beginning of October to choreograph Jukebox, the shows closing number. Hilding said it brought the fantasy of Hollywood to the stage.


A caterpillars guide to the galaxy

jleverett@kansan.com Three monarch caterpillars bred at the University were on board the space shuttle Atlantis as it lifted off from Kennedy Space Center earlier this week. They were the first of their species to voyage into space. Chip Taylor, associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, traveled to Florida to deliver the three caterpillars to NASA and watch the shuttle take off. Taylor is the director of Monarch Watch, a group of students, professors and volunteers dedicated to the study of monarch butterflies. Taylor said the goal of sending the caterpillars into space was to test the effects of zero gravity on their development. He said he wanted to test if caterpillars were still capable o f developing normally and emerging as butterflies, even in a low-gravity environment. The opportunity to involve elementary schools across the country with the project, he said, was too good to pass up. Taylor sent a request to schools to purchase caterpillars to observe along with the caterpillars in space. He said he expected only twenty schools to be interested in the program, but when he sent the request, he received 870 responses. Jackie Getz, a volunteer for Monarch Watch, said she was impressed with the number of schools who showed interest in participating in the program. They had such an overwhelming response that they came up with plan B They would let everybody do the parallel experiment. In eight days, Monarch Watch volunteers packed caterpillar kits and shipped them overnight to 425 of the 870 elementary schools that responded. Taylor and his volunteers devoted the last two weeks to packing and delivering caterpillars. He called it a monumental effort. He said the spectacle of the lift-off took his mind off caterpillars for the first time in weeks. You think of this, and the power that goes into this, and, I tell you, I wasnt thinking about those caterpillars, he said. I was thinking about that crew. Sam Pippert, Baldwin City junior, said he took care of the Monarch Watchs stock of butterflies and packed caterpillars into plastic cups with the pale green artificial diet Taylor had developed. He said he couldnt predict how the caterpillars would react to life in zero-gravity. T h e y werent even sure they made it through the launch, he said. Its all cutting edge. Mon arch Watch worked on the project in conjunction with BioServe, a research center based in Boulder, Colo. The shuttle docked with the International Space Station on Wednesday. follow Justin leverett at twitter.com/ schmendric.
Edited by Jonathan Hermes

apollo butterfly

SEE dance ON PAgE 3A

WHo: Department of dance WHat: University Dance Company fall concert WHen: Friday, Nov. 20, at 7:30 p.m. WHere: Lied Center tIcKet cost: $15 public, $10 students and seniors. Call the Lied Center at 785864-2787 for additional ticket information.

Illustrations by Caitlin Workman/KANSAN

Universitys alcohol task force receives new statistics

AlcoholEdu survey confirms problems in drinking habits
jrangel@kansan.com The Universitys alcohol task force received its first glimpse Thursday of the freshman survey results collected by the AlcoholEdu survey earlier this fall. The University had a higher percentage of respondents than the national average who binge drink and drink problematically, called double binge drinking. It also had a higher percentage of respondents who drink in bars, restaurants, fraternity and sorority houses and a lower percentage of respondents who abstain from drinking. The University mandated the survey and alcohol education course to all incoming curbing binge drinking. students under the age of 22 startThere is a silent majority of ing in August. students out there that are indeed No other data was available at going to be supportive of the moves the meeting. that this task force makes on poliBrandon Busteed, CEO of cies and enforcement, Busteed Outside the Classroom, Inc., said. Unfortunately, youre going which produces to hear about the AlcoholEdu, handful of students The University had presented the who are unhappy a percentage of Universitys data with those policies students who binge to the members more than those who of the task force at are supportive of it. drink and drink their meeting and But I want to give problematically that also showed them you some comfort was higher than the a chart outlining that this is a very real national average. the effectiveness trend out there. of programs at Busteed said that other schools that while he couldnt aim to reduce binge drinking. recommend specific policy Busteed said there should be a implementations for the University, focus not on treating individual he presented a chart showing the cases, but rather on treating a cost versus the effectiveness of community. He said that in a sur- campus initiatives nationally. He vey of 25 college campuses there was a lot of student support to


alcoHoledu Ku surVey statIstIcs

The University mandated for this semester that all incoming students take an online alcohol course, including an anonymous survey component. Brandon Busteed, CEO of Outside The Classroom, released some statistics to the Universitys Alcohol Task Force Thursday. The Percentage of respondents who:

said they have done binge drinking

5 drinks for men, 4 for women in a two-hour period KU respondents

said they abstain from drinking alcohol


National average


KU respondents


National average

said they have done problematic drinking

10 drinks for men, 8 for women in a two-hour period

said they have drunk in a fraternity or sorority house

KU respondents

KU respondents


National average


National average

said they have drunk at a bar or restaurant

KU respondents

said it was oK to drink on a school night

KU respondents


SEE survey ON PAgE 3A

National average



National average

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A federal judges ruling faulted the Army Corps of Engineers for negligence. NATIONAL | 2A

ruling will help Katrina victims


Mostly sunny

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Mostly cloudy Few showers




Throw out an alarming alarm clock. If the ring is loud and strident, youre waking up to instant stress. You shouldnt be bullied out of bed, just reminded that its time to start your day.
Sharon Gold

friday, november 20, 2009


Animal Legal Defense Presents: From Investigation to Prosecution will begin at 12:30 p.m. in 107 Green Hall. Tea Time will begin at 3 p.m. in the lobby in the Kansas Union. World at KU will begin at 4 p.m. in the ballroom in the Kansas Union. The KU School of Music Student Recital Series will begin at 7:30 p.m. in Swarthout Recital Hall in Murphy Hall. The Glass Menagerie will begin at 7:30 p.m. in CraftonPreyer Theatre in Murphy Hall.


One-third of the U.S. population makes New Years resolutions to begin stress management programs.
Prudential Healthcare Survey

Want to know what people are talking about? Heres a list of the five most e-mailed stories from Kansan.com: 1. Investigation not a surprise to many Jayhawks 2. Sesame Street celebrates 40 years 3. Championship, recruits link Kansas to Memphis 4. Athletes graduation rate at 63 percent 5. Wheeler: Kansas player statistics overlooked

1. Soccer game causes diplomatic problems


Yesterdays story English Alternative Theater to stage final performance misidentified Benjamin Smith. He is a graduate student from Rose Hill.

CAIRO Egypt on Thursday recalled its ambassador to Algeria for consultations as part of a growing diplomatic row caused by a bitter soccer rivalry between the two Arab nations that has sparked violence among fans. Egyptian fans were attacked after Algeria won a make-orbreak World Cup qualifying game Wednesday in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, and offices of Egyptian companies in Algeria were ransacked after a matchup in Cairo over the weekend.

day that the nations dealing with Irans nuclear program will develop a package of serious new punitive measures in coming weeks. The European Union said the countries would gather immediately to begin consultations.

4. Two officers wounded after bank robbery, chase


3. Islamic nations mount anti-blasphemy campaign

2. EU countries to make punitive measures for Iran

SEOUL, South Korea President Barack Obama said Thurs-

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GENEVA Four years after cartoons of the prophet Muhammad set off violent protests across the Muslim world, Islamic nations are mounting a campaign for an international treaty to protect religious symbols and beliefs from mockery. Documents obtained by The Associated Press show that Algeria and Pakistan have taken the lead in lobbying to eventually bring the proposal to a vote in the U.N. General Assembly.

WESTMINSTER, Colo. A suspect is dead and two police officers are wounded after a bank robbery and chase in suburban Denver. The chase began after officers tried to pull over a man and woman suspected of robbing a bank. The suspects allegedly fired at police, who were able to halt them after spinning out their car about 1.5 miles away.

Lykken said police got a report about 2 a.m. Thursday that a pickup hit a light pole and pulled into a nearby parking lot. The driver faces charges that include drunken driving and assault against an officer.

About 1 p.m. Tuesday near Sixth Street and Wakarusa Drive, a University student reported a burglary and the theft of four bottles of prescription medications at a loss of $83. About 2 p.m. Tuesday near Eighth and Maine streets, a University student reported an aggravated burglary and the theft of a set of keys at a loss of $10. Shortly after midnight Wednesday at Oliver Hall, someone reported criminal damage to a ceiling tile at a loss of $50. About 5 p.m. Wednesday, a University student reported an identity theft and the theft of $4,970. About 3 a.m. Thursday near 14th and Ohio streets, a University student reported a case of battery.

6. Jury convicts man of shooting police officer

5. Man runs over light pole, punches police officer

FARGO, N.D. Fargo police said a man ran over a light pole and punched a police officer in the mouth when the officer tried to arrest him. Police Sgt. Mark

PHILADELPHIA A Philadelphia jury has convicted a confessed cop killer of first-degree murder for fatally shooting a police officer on Halloween 2007. Twenty-three-year-old John Lewis was found guilty of murder in the shooting death of Officer Chuck Cassidy. Lewis shot Cassidy in the head when the officer walked in on a robbery at a North Philadelphia doughnut shop.
Associated Press

Ruling vindicates victims

associated Press
NEW ORLEANS A landmark court ruling blaming the Army Corps of Engineers monumental negligence for some of the worst flooding from Hurricane Katrina could lead to a new deluge: billions of dollars in legal action from thousands of storm victims. The federal judges harshly worded decision also served as vindication for residents of St. Bernard Parish and the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans who have long argued that Katrina was largely a manmade disaster, caused by the federal governments failure to maintain the levees protecting the city. Finally, somebody has said the truth, said Catherine Serpas, 67, whose family runs a bicycle and lawnmower store in Chalmette, La. She said the Army Corps work on a 76-mile channel called the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet destroyed the family life we knew. St. Bernard will never be what it used to be. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin told CNN the ruling would open the floodgates for people in the Lower 9th Ward to seek proper compensation. If this is allowed to stand, I think you will see a multitude of lawsuits, the City of New Orleans included, Nagin said.


Students party and potty in lake in pregame ritual

COLUMBUS, Ohio Intrepid Ohio State University researchers have learned students dont just party in a campus lake during rituals before the annual Michigan game. They also potty there. Thousands of students jumped into Ohio States Mirror Lake Thursday night, ahead of Saturdays football game between the Buckeyes and Wolverines. Before, during and after last years big swim, the College of Earth Sciences monitored the water quality. Postdoctoral research associate Steve Goldsmith said the ammonia level surged. He said that likely means one thing: urine.

odd news


Forty-two years ago today, the University unveiled its preliminary plans for the construction of Wescoe Hall. It was to be a 25-story skyscraper complete with a parking garage. It would have been the tallest building in Kansas and the third-tallest education building in the country.

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Residents wait on a rooftop to be rescued from the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans on Sept 1., 2005. The federal government could be vulnerable to billions of dollars in claims after a judge ruled that the Army Corps of Engineers failure to properly maintain a navigation channel led to massive flooding in Hurricane Katrina. A Corps of Engineers spokesman said the agency and the Justice Department were reviewing the ruling and would not comment because issues in the case were still subject to litigation. On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval ruled that the corps shoddy oversight of the channel southeast of New Orleans caused much of the flooding of St. Bernard Parish and the Lower 9th Ward, two of the hardest-hit areas after Katrina. The decision opens the door to billions of dollars in other claims by more than 100,000 individuals, businesses and even government entities that have pending damage claims against the corps. Duval awarded $720,000 in property damages to four individuals and one business. Storm victims said they were eager for the government to pay up.

Man accused of beating man with squeegee

CONWAY, Ark. A man is accused of using a squeegee to hit another man during a fight over who was first in line at a gas pump. Hector Chavez, 21, was to be arraigned Friday on a second-degree battery charge.
Associated Press

Red Lyon Tavern

944 Mass.832-8228

Friday, November 20, 2009

DANCe (continued from 1A)
Hilding, now in his 20th year with the dance company, said Jukebox was a humorous poke at music and dance forms of the 1940s. It includes dances such as the jitterbug and songs originally recorded by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra. He has a really good way of making it so that every dancer can grasp the movements, said Kendra Brown, Belleville senior and UDC president. This is the second time Evans has been a guest choreographer for the University. The first was Spring 2008 when he choreographed a modern dance piece called Celebrations for Elizabeth, which was dedicated to the 100th birthday of his late friend and founder of the University Dance Department, Elizabeth Sherbon. Hilding said that in Jukebox, Evans gave each dancer a 1940s personality, such as Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers. Bill has a wonderful background in all forms of dance, Hilding said. Hes like a walking history book in a way. Its wonderful thing for students to have. Students in UDC agree his background has helped them develop their dance skills. For him to have all these experiences and have been so many places and then to come to a place like KU is a really great opportunity for us, said Stephanie Taylor, Lenexa senior and marketing director for UDC. Theyre normally pretty hard on us at rehearsal, I mean its a tough industry but he really encouraged us to do well and push forward. In addition to having Evans as a guest this semester, the show is the dance departments first company concert after its split from the music department. I think everyone is really excited about this. Its our first performance as our own department, Brown said. The community and students have been really supportive of the changes this year. This year, Hilding said there were more dancers than usual, with 30 student dancers and five


Authorities charge man with vehicular homicide


Douglas County authorities charged 21-year-old Joel Cedric Hernandez Thursday in connection to an Oct. 16 hit-and-run accident, according to booking records with the Douglas County Sheriffs office. Hernandez, who police identified as a possible suspect on Oct. 23 in the accident that struck 21-year-old Rachel Leek, was charged with vehicular homicide, failure to report an accident and leaving the scene of an injury accident. Leek died as a result of her injuries. Police arrested Hernandez Thursday morning at the Douglas County jail. His bail was set at $5,000.
Jesse Rangel

Check out video and photos of the University Dance Companys dress rehearsal Wednesday.

Theatre popcorn has high fat levels Poor economy leads

educAtion AssociAted Press
ALBANY, N.Y. Forget the apocalyptic earthquakes and alien abductions on the screen, the real movie horror is the fat-saturated popcorn sold by some theater chains, a nutrition advocacy group claims. Just one popcorn-and-soda combo can match the calorieand-saturated-fat count of three McDonalds Quarter Pounders and 12 pats of butter, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interests review of popcorn sold at three national movie chains. A lot of people think theyre better off at the popcorn counter than at the candy counter, when in fact youre not in good shape if you go to either, said Jayne Hurley, nutritionist for the Washingtonbased group. The popcorn has staggering amounts of saturated fats. Hurley blamed the high saturated fat count on the coconut oil used to pop the corn at theaters run by Regal Entertainment Group and AMC Entertainment Inc., which have a combined 852 theaters. Regal and AMC both said they tested healthier alternatives after a similar 1994 analysis by CSPI, but they were unpopular with customers. Both chains said they offer a range of food options, some healthier than others.


choreographers. Its bittersweet, Brown said. The ability to perform and share your feelings, emotions and passion with the audience is awesome, but all the pieces weve put sweat and hours of work into are almost over. The show features numerous genres of dance, including bolero, hip-hop, rhumba, flamenco, ballet, modern, jazz and tap. I think it will be a really accessible show, Hilding said. Students and people of all ages will find something entertaining in it. Follow Anna Archibald at twitter.com/archmonarch. Edited by Lauren Cunningham

Andrew Hoxey/KANsAN

Tim Flattery, Onaga senior, and Jen silvey, Overland Park freshman, perform a ballroom dance as part of the University Dance Companys fall concert. The concert features Jukebox by guest choreographer Bill Evans.

survey (continued from 1A)

said programs like Safe Ride and bringing anti-alcohol speakers to campus have not been found to reduce high-risk drinking. Now if you are bringing campus speakers for entertainment, fine by me, Busteed said. But if youre bringing campus speakers with the idea thats a plan to reduce high-risk drinking on campus, there currently is nothing to support that. Emily Williams, Overland Park graduate student and member of the alcohol task force, said she thought it was good that an organization looked at the data of the effectiveness of programs. When it comes to working with students, its kind of a fluid environment, Williams said. Its a trial and error process. Marlesa Roney, vice provost for student success and chairwoman of the alcohol task force, said she wanted to get the data to the community to show that more underage students are drinking at bars than at other places. That might help begin to talk more and more about what can we do to reduce the lack of carding, Roney said. If we could begin cracking down on that, that could really help us out. On Wednesday nights no vote in the alcohol subcommittee of the student rights standing committee in Student Senate on a policy that would allow senior staff members in Student Housing easier access to rooms if they suspected alcohol policy violations, Roney said students on both sides of the issue did a good job in laying out their arguments and responding to questions. The professionalism and the thorough way the issues were handled continues to speak very well on all of our students in the process, Roney said. I dont think its the end of the conversation, because its a very important conversation. Follow Jesse Rangel at twitter.com/igglephile. Edited by Samantha Foster

to less study abroad

AssociAted Press

immersed for months in a new culture and often return fluent PROVIDENCE, R.I. in a second language and with Economic reality and money an appreciation of life outside problems may be cooling the the United States. But the economic decline enthusiasm of U.S. college students to study abroad, just two is causing many students to years after students interest in rethink their plans. Liz Weaver, 23, a law stuforeign study was at an all-time dent at the University of Texas high. Four times as many students at Austin, is trying to decide went abroad in the 2007-2008 whether to enroll in a London program next fall academic year You have to wonder, for more than as 20 years $21,000 for one ago, according is it really worth it? semester, includto a survey of ing tuition, room 985 schools LIz WEAvER and board, comreleased this Law student pared with about University of Texas week by the $18,000 for similar Institute of expenses at Texas International for one semesEducation, ter. Then theres a nonprofit airfare and the advocacy higher-interest-rate loans shed group. But nearly 60 percent of the have to rely on to pay for the schools and study-abroad groups program, which would saddle surveyed in early September her with even more debt. You have to wonder, is it by The Forum on Education Abroad report decreased enroll- really worth it? she asked. At many schools, students ment from a year ago, since the on abroad programs pay their global economic crisis. For generations of travel- usual college tuition and are hungry college students, the responsible for additional semester abroad has become a costs, such as airfare and living defining part of undergradu- expenses. ate life, in which students live

The Universitys AlcoholEDU survey this fall also included a section where students could select alcohol-free activities they would be interested in learning more about. The top 10 responses for the Universitys survey were: 1.Movie nights 2.Live music 3.Intramural sports tournaments 4.Fitness classes 5.Nothing specificjust a place to hang out 6.Bowling 7.Outdoor adventures 8.Trips to local sporting events 9.Dance classes 10.Community service




ENGLISH ALTERNATIVE THEATRE _____________________________

7 PM 5 PM 3 PM

RM 202

RM 100

atlaRy KU stud Wh y b
a new p

y eHBenjamin S eall nt

d eneth app mi





RM 100



7:30 PM November 21 2:30 PM November 22 Lawrence Arts Center

Directed by Jeremy Riggs Scenic and Lighting Design by Phillip Schroeder Costumes by Elle Patton
940 New Hampshire

$6 General Admission



Featuring Lizzie Hartman, Margaret Kramar, Christina Schafer Martin, Byron Myrick, Samantha Raines, Phillip Schroeder
Participating Entry in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival



10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging.

friday, november 20, 2009

Aries (March 21-April 19) Today is a 6 Passions take you in many directions. Getting together with your partner involves focus and the creative use of every moment. TAurus (April 20-May 20) Today is a 7 Use emotional energy to break records. You have the strength. Now find balance. GeMini (May 21-June 21) Today is a 6 Close your mouth and open your heart. The resulting change in your attitude will astonish you. CAnCer (June 22-July 22) Today is a 7 No subtle adjustment will accomplish your goal. Up front and obvious works much better. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Today is a 6 Smile like you mean it. Clean like theres no tomorrow. Rest knowing your work is done. VirGo (Aug. 23-sept. 22) Today is a 6 You benefit from activities that take place behind closed doors. Theres less embarrassment that way, and more gets done. LibrA (sept. 23-oct. 22) Today is a 7 Some adjustment is necessary today regarding your partner or associate. Choose your words with success in mind. sCorpio (oct. 23--nov. 21) Today is a 6 Other people supply plenty of ideas. Do you have time for all of that in one day? If not, theres always tomorrow. sAGiTTArius (nov. 22-Dec. 21) Today is a 6 You probably wish you were somewhere far away on vacation. If you cant be there, plan a trip for sometime soon. CApriCorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Today is a 7 Social activities fill your thoughts. Get work done early so you have more time to dress for an evening out. AquArius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Today is a 6 Your partner requires attention. In fact, you have to adapt to his or her needs if you want the day to end well. pisCes (Feb. 19-March 20) Today is a 6 Creative play could result in the adaptation of an idea. Balance gamesmanship with thoughtful note-taking.

THe nexT pAneL

Nicholas Sambaluk


Drew Stearns

FisH bowL

Joe Ratterman

CHiCken sTrip

Charlie Hoogner

TheHampshire St Lawrence Ks Bottleneck 737 New

Saturday, Nov 21


The Johnstones

Tuesday, Nov 24


Cap Gun Coup

Friday, Nov 27


Kate Beaver

Tyler Gregory & the Blue Shuffle

Thursday, Dec 3
Catlin Crosby / Crosby Loggins

Friday, Dec 4







LIBERTY HALL 644 Mass. 749-1912

accessibility info (785) 749-1972


Panda Resistance

Saturday, Dec 5
Kansas City Bear Fighters


FRI : ( 4:30) 7:00 9:30 SAT: (2:00) (4:30) 7:00 9:30 SUN : (2:00) (4:30) 7:00 9:30 FRI : ( 4:40) 7:10 9:40 SAT: 9:15 ONLY SUN : (2:10) (4:40) 7:10 9:40


Monday, Dec 7


See theW orld / Building Rome



ADULTS $8.00- (MATINEE) /SR. $6.00 www.libertyhall.net


Thursday, Dec 10


ThereforeTomorrow /The Dangerous Summer /City Lights


644 Mass. 749-1912


accessibility info (785) 749-1972


AN EDUCATION (PG13) 2:00 4:30 7:00

the granada





644 Mass. 749-1912


Yo La Tengo Galactic
Friday February 19
w/ Karl Densons Tiny Universe www.pipelineproductions.com

Tuesday January 26

accessibility info (785) 749-1972

1340 OHIO - 843-9273


AN EDUCATION (PG13) 2:00 4:30 7:00 9:30 A SERIOUS MAN (R) 2:10 4:40 7:10 9:40


To contribute to Free for All, visit Kansan.com or call (785) 864-0500.
n n n Nick, you lost your iPhone. I found it. Do you want it back? n n n

United States First Amendment Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Editorial: Proposed ban is too strict on panhandling

PaGe 5a

friday, november 20, 2009


Handicapped spots should be Get busy on health care priority for parking department T

ediTOriAL BOArd

COnTriBuTed COLuMn

Its 1:20 in the morning and I cant stop playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I have class at 8. n n n FFA, Ive called you nearly every day. Do you recognize my voice yet? n n n I saw a squirrel running with a paper in its mouth today. I guess they love FFA, too. n n n KU needs to fire Mark Mangino right now. n n n To the guy with that sweet North Face bike with the disk brakes: You should move it, or I am going to steal it because it has been there for two days. n n n I just saw a skunk run across Wescoe Beach! Whats next? n n n Thank you Michigan State for sucking ass and making me miss the beginning of the KU game. You suck. n n n Yeah, I heard you guys talking about anal sex outside my window last night. n n n To the girl whose boob fell out at the bar when Memphis missed the three-pointer: Thank you. n n n Im a really hot guy with a kick-ass house with lots of seating and smoking accommodations, but not a single party just really boring sex. n n n

arking on campus is never easy to come by, but for COnCerned ABOuT students and faculty who are HAndiCAPPed physically disabled, it can be even ACCessiBLe tougher. The Parking Department should supply more accessible PArKinG? parking close to classrooms for those who need it, while keeping Call the Parking Department the prices equal to other student at 785-864-7275. permits. At a Nov. 11 parking and transit public hearing, members of the easier access to students education Universitys parking commission should not have to be a problem. and about 20 members of the The University should be a safe public discussed a multitude and welcoming space for all of issues, and one large topic people. of discussion was handicapAbleHawks and accessible parking. Allies released a Tiffany Huggard-Lee, statement on Nov. 18 vice-president of n n n summarizing its views AbleHawks and Allies, expressed during the spoke up during the hearing. proceedings. We wanted to have a concise We would like to see a better distribution of accessible spaces on statement to boil down everything in the hearing into something campus, Huggard-Lee said. a little more comprehensible, Handicapped parking should Huggard-Lee said. Were hoping never be an issue for students, to make progress, but progress and if better parking accessibility on these types of things is usually is needed, it should be provided. slow. Finding parking space that allows

KAnsAns OPiniOn

Huggard-Lee also noted she was under the impression that if closer accessible parking was to be provided in the future, it may cost more money. However, no concrete plans were brought up or discussed at the hearing. The University has approximately 14,698 total parking spaces, with approximately 390 of them being accessible for physically disabled students and faculty members. Even if this number does not increase, parking spots closer to buildings should be provided. Individuals in need of better accessible parking deserve the correct accommodations needed to enhance their experience at the University. Parking and transit should listen to the needs of the student body, and ask for recommendations from AbleHawks and Allies. The University promotes diversity, and should stand behind this.

Brett Salsbury for The Kansan Editorial Board


he current commentary on the news consists of attempts to discern how best to hold back the rising health care costs. Despite the many intellectuals, the position maintained by the public that of a strong government health insurance plan like single-payer, Medicare for all, or a robust public option paying Medicare rates is always notably absent. For evidence that a strong public option is all that is needed to reduce costs, one need only to read the letter to the Senate by the presidents of Americas Health Insurance Plans and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, which stated that a government plan would have built-in advantages that would allow it to take over the health insurance market because of its inherent efficiencies. In light of Americas existing democracy where its no secret that a special interest group can kill even moderate health care reform despite, and with no regard to, the preferences of the American public its no surprise that authentic health care reform is not being proposed. The reason is quite obvious: It doesnt reflect the interests of the Washingtons real constituents. The cost inefficiencies are no accident. Negotiations behind closed doors despite campaign promises between the Obama administration and industry representatives, through the Senate Finance Committee, reflect the relations of power. The pharmaceutical and hospital industries made deals with the administration to limit their cost reductions to $80 and $155 billion, respectively, during the next 10 years. In addition, details of the PhRMA deal have been leaked. The contents of the leak outline the dictations of the

pharmaceutical industry. The White House would oppose any legislative effort to repeal a generous rebate awarded during a Republican Congress, oppose importation of cheaper drugs, oppose repeal of the law disallowing negotiated drug prices, oppose moving infusion drugs to Medicare D where they would get paid less and impose the above mentioned cost reduction limit. Then the reform would be suitable, nay, even beneficial. Change that we can believe in is possible. A good solution sits idly in a room filled with grandiose debate. But it doesnt seem as if the proper way forward can be paved without the resolution of our current democratic crisis, where the affairs of the country ought to be directed to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority, as James Madison once said. Until we can improve upon our state of democracy, politics will stay, in the words of John Dewey, the shadow cast on society by big business. Its also worth keeping in mind that real change is not granted from above, but rather comes from organized popular pressure, much of which has been student-led in recent decades. To take one recent example, the United Students Against Sweatshops recently forced apparel company Russel to rehire Honduras workers who had been fired for organizing into a union. This, however, did not happen overnight; rather, it resulted from 10 years of building a movement. As Bill Moyers would say, dont just get mad. Get busy. John Kenny is a 2009 graduate from Leavenworth. He was a columnist during the spring semester for The University Daily Kansan.

LeTTer TO THe ediTOr

Pro-choice protection
Recently adopted by the House of Representatives, the Stupak-Pitts Amendment makes it virtually impossible for private insurance companies that would participate in the new health care system to offer abortion coverage to women, even though more than 85 percent of private insurance plans cover abortion services. The Stupak-Pitts Amendment forbids any plan offering abortion coverage in the new system from accepting even one subsidized customer. Because more than 80 percent of the participants in the exchange will be subsidized, it seems certain all health plans will seek and accept these individuals. In other words, the StupakPitts Amendment forces plans in the exchange to make a difficult choice: either offer their product to 80 percent of consumers in the marketplace or offer abortion services in their benefits package, according to a press release from NARAL Pro-Choice America. It seems clear which choice they will make. Stupak supporters claim women who require subsidies to help pay for their insurance plan will have abortion access through the option of purchasing a rider, a false promise. In the five states that require a separate rider for abortion coverage, there is no evidence plans offer these riders, according to the National Womens Law Center. Nothing in this amendment would ensure rider policies are available or affordable to the more than 80 percent of individuals who will receive federal subsidies in order to help purchase coverage in the new exchange. But its not too late. Something can be done to stop this amendment from becoming a part of health care reform. Join the Commission on the Status of Women at the University in calling Rep. Dennis Moore (D-Kan.) at 202-225-2865 or the Capital Switchboard at 888-423-5983 (tell them what state youre from) and demand that our government protects our reproductive rights. Jessica Harman is a sophomore from Topeka.


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Facts speak for themselves


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I wish I was associated with the football team so I could hide behind the Orange Bowl win whenever I did something bad. n n n

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n a column last week (Republicans gain momentum with recent wins), Chet Compton hailed the recent election of Republican governors in New Jersey and Virginia as a prelude to a sweeping victory for his party in next years midterm elections. He would like to believe that the young, well-spoken presidents victory was a fluke, an aberration, the result of misplaced hope that is quickly fading. The story he tells is a familiar one. If only it were 1993. While reading Comptons column, I was reminded of something Sen. Pat Moynihan (D-New York) once said: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. In this case, the facts dont seem to support the proposition that Republican gubernatorial victories signal any substantial shift in the voters view of the Obama administration. Nor do they represent any kind of dramatic realignment like we saw in 1994. The results do tell us a lot about the issues voters care about in Virginia and New Jersey: the economy and taxes. Using off-year elections to make this kind of prediction is much like auguring the future fortunes of the polity by studying the flight of birds. (The Romans actually did this, and elections could be rendered invalid by inaugural error.) It may mean a lot for the birds, but not much for 2010. For those of you who havent kept up on recent political

dan thompson
hostilities, Ill reprise the latest election results. In Virginias gubernatorial election, Republican Bob McDonald defeated Democrat Cree Deeds, and in New Jersey, incumbent governor Jon Corzine, a Democrat, was unseated by Republican Chris Christie. When voters in Virginia and New Jersey were asked if they were voting to express their opinion about President Barack Obama, clear majorities in both states said it was not part of the decision, according to exit polls reported by ABC. Among those who did say that was an important factor, the majority claimed that they supported the president. These races were decided upon local issues, and in both cases, the Republicans had the better candidate and ran the better campaign. In Virginia, Cree Deeds bid for the governorship seemed to solely consist of attacking Republican Bob McDonald as a right-wing ideologue based upon a thesis he wrote two decades ago in graduate school. Contrary to Deeds negative, one-dimensional campaign, McDonald emphasized

a positive message based upon improving infrastructure and the economy. Meanwhile, in New Jersey, Governor Corzine, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, was extraordinarily unpopular going into the race. The only way he stood any chance at all of re-election was by running an especially negative campaign, which, among other things, featured an ad hinting that his overweight opponent threw his weight around to get special favors. Christie, a former federal prosecutor, ran an effective campaign highlighting the states property tax rate the highest in the nation and its poor economy. In the last five gubernatorial elections, New Jersey and Virginia have always voted for the same party, and always for the party that is not in control of the White House. In 1997, the last time Republicans won the governorships in those two states, the Democrats picked up five House of Representative seats the following year. Many conservative pundits, including Compton, have divined a connection between these races and an impending realignment in national politics, but I think the facts speak for themselves. This election was anything but extraordinary. Thompson is a Topeka senior in economics.

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Former Chancellor robert hemenway has a permanent home at the University of Kansas Medical Center. The Life sciences innovation Center will now be known as the robert e. hemenway Life sciences hemenway innovation Center after a unanimous vote by the Kansas Board of regents yesterday morning. arna hemenway, son of the former chancellor, said his parents were excited and grateful when he spoke with them Thursday morning. They are really, really excited, hemenway said. My dad always has been very committed to KU Med and its research. hes very humble, but i can tell he is very happy. The Life sciences innovation Center is a three-year-old, $57.2 million research facility

friday, november 20, 2009

City votes against addition to policy

Protection for gender indentity and expression will not be added to Lawrence legislation
After more than a half hour of discussion, the commission voted no three to six. Thursdays decision came at the Rita Hester was murdered stabbed repeatedly in her home. end of nine months of forums and She was a transgender woman from meetings. Transgender issues Allston, Mass., a were raised last Nov. I think that even suburb of Boston. when Queers & Allies The Boston transthe fact that we are and the Lesbian Gay gender commuentertaining this Bisexual Transgender nity held a candlecoversation speaks Resource Center light vigil and prostarted an annual cession through to how progressive transgender panel Allston in her Lawrence is. called Tranny Talk. memory. The panels, last years A year after Jay Pryor the 1998 murTranny Talk panelist and this years, were scheduled to coinder, the first cide with the Day of Transgender Day Rememberance. The time between of Remembrance was observed near the anniversary of her death to the panels has been quite active. Jay Pryor, a member of KEC and raise awareness of violence against one of the Tranny Talk paneltransgender people. Today is the tenth year of the ists, said he was encouraged by observance. After 10 years, trans- Lawrences openness. I think that even the fact that gender people are still fighting for we are entertaining this converequal rights. Last February, the Kansas sation speaks to how progressive Equality Coalition (KEC) started Lawrence is, Pryor said. This is an effort to have the Lawrence Kansas. On campus, Student Senate city commission change the citys changed its discrimination policy to policy to include protection from discrimination based on gender include gender identity last spring. identity and expression. The group This change applied to students, but had succeeded more than a decade not faculty or staff. Last month, the policy change before by having sexual orientation added to the discrimination policy. passed by Student Senate was Thursday, the Lawrence Human brought before the University Relations Commission decided not Senate Executive Committee. It was to recommend a change in city dis- passed unanimously, extending discrimination policy to protect gen- crimination protection to the staff and faculty. der identity. zwhite@kansan.com


Regents vote to name center for Hemenway



Fresh off the University vote, and a full room at the second Tranny Talk, hopes were high for yesterdays Human Relations Commission meeting. Check out video of a When the change was proposed transgender panel last February, the city commission discussion at Kansan.com. voted to have the issue sent to the Human Relations Commission. The commission, which meets quarterly, was to consider the rami- discussed their concerns over the fications of changing the policy and change before letting people in report back to the city commission attendance voice their thoughts. with a recommendation. The comThe crowd raised several conmissions next meeting was in May. cerns. Several people said they Mike Amyx, Lawrence city com- feared for their daughters safety, missioner, said he should transgender didnt really see It makes more sense women be allowed in the relevance of womens bathrooms. the change. to make policy exChilds rebutted that These sorts of pecting compliance. there have never been issues are more any reported cases of state issues, JosePh Jarvis transgender people Amyx said earLenexa law student attacking anyone in lier this week, bathrooms, while but well wait there are several cases and see what the of transgender people Human Relations being attacked. Commission recommends. Joseph Jarvis, Lenexa law stuWhen the Human Relations dent, recited a statistic offered earCommission met in May, they lier in the hearing, that the city decided that they needed more had not received one complaint of information to make a decision, sexual orientation discrimination and set up some public forums on in the past two years. Jarvis said he the issue. thought the last policy According to change was positive Maggie Childs, Its a blow to the and this one would be chairwoman of too. transgender comthe Lawrence It makes more muntiy. I think it chapter of KEC, sense to make policy represents fear and one of the meetexpecting compliings was set up to ignorance more than ance, Jarvis said. discuss the legal Many speakers said anything. ramifications of that the cost of enforcthe policy change. ing this policy would MaGGie ChiLDs But the meeting Chairwoman of Kansas not be worth it, thinkwas advertised equality Coalition ing that there would as discussing the be a large number of issue in general, complaints coming in which led to a lot of comments if the policy was changed. not focused on the legal matter at Its a blow to the transgender hand. community, Childs said, I think it The commission made a similar represents fear and ignorance more decision at its meeting in August, than anything. deferring a decision until the Nov. 19 meeting. Edited by Megan Morriss At the meeting, commissioners

that houses 300 people and 129 research projects. The centers work focuses on liver disease, reproductive sciences, neurology, proteomics and diabetes research. according to a press release, the centers projects are worth more than $109 million in total funding. vanessa Lamoreaux, associate director of communications for the Kansas Board of regents, said the building would be a monument for the former chancellors contributions to academics and research. During his 14 years of service, his leadership positioned KU as a national academic and research leader among public higher education institutions, Lamoreaux said. although he said his father was too humble to throw a big celebration, arna hemenway planned to commemorate the achievement with his mom and brothers. Were definitely celebrating, hemenway said. it feels very nice as his family to see an appreciation for how much hes done echoed in the University.
Daniel Johnson

Customs finds bongs disguised as ornaments


Los aNGeLes Customs officials say they got a surprise when they found 316,000 glass bongs disguised as Christmas ornaments at the Los angeles harbor. U.s. Customs and Border Protection said Thursday that agents found the highly decorated drug pipes in 860 boxes shipped from China. The cargo, estimated to be worth more than $2.6 million, had been described as glass figures and Christmas ornaments. The bongs were seized Tuesday at the Los angeles/Long Beach port complex. Customs spokeswoman Cristina Gamez said the importer remained under investigation and there have been no arrests. she says it is illegal to import or export drug paraphernalia.

NeW yorK a federal jury has ruled that New york City police didnt use excessive force when they arrested a professional clown who left a suspicious device that turned out to be a balloon inflator inside a coffee shop. alexander alhovsky sued following his 2006 arrest, which stemmed from an investigation of a report of a suspicious package with tubes and wiring at a Manhattan starbucks. alhovsky went to the starbucks the next day and was arrested after officers saw he had a similar device. The arrest was voided when a police search of alhovskys home found nothing suspicious, but he claimed that he suffered physical and mental injuries.
Associated Press

Excessive force not used in clown arrest at shop


You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit www.fda.gov/medwatch, or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

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bad news bears
Friday, November 20, 2009

Teams's record misleads

Kansas will face a revitalized Michigan. WOMEN'S BASKETBALL | 3B

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Taylor does not live up to hype of preseason

mrothman@kansan.com here, oh, where has my No. 10 been? In a year where No. 1 Kansas still seems too good to be true (although tempered a tad by Memphis), the recalcitrant playmaker with NBA potential has been, well, a dud. This year sophomore guard Tyshawn Taylor swapped his jersey number from 15 to 10. Ever since that change, the once sparkling jewel has withered and decayed. In the season opener, a 101-65 slaughtering of Hofstra, Taylor had a quietly productive night, leading the team with six assists and tagging on eight points. However the feisty guards definitive number three option label in last years offense had never been so glaringly slung into the past as it was that night. As Taylor did his part with 24 minutes of play, freshman guard Xavier Henry hoarded a gleaming national spotlight, scoring 27 points off of endless threepointers and thunderous slams. It was a booming proclamation that we might not see Taylor reach the hype that once followed him in high school. Preceding his days in Lawrence, Taylor was the hero at St. Anthony High School in Jersey City, N.J. He had all the credentials you could name. Awards? Hudson County 2008 Player of the Year and USA Todays fictitious national championship. Legendary coach? Had that too. Bobby Hurley Sr. Dream-like last hurrah? Yes, even that too. In his senior year, Taylor led his school to a 32-0 record and claimed the 2008 Tournament of Champions. After proving to be one of the most dynamic freshman in the nation and earning Freshman All-America Third Team honors, it seemed as if Taylor would only shine even brighter in his sophomore campaign and function as the eventual successor to Collins. His inconsistent yet still highly promising year seemed to be nothing but the next chapter in the life of a future NBA stud. Oh, how things can change. When spelling a cramp-ridden Collins against Memphis, Taylor looked like a cat near water. He never found anything close to a comfort zone in the Scottrade Center, finishing 0-4 from the field with seven turnovers and only two free throws to show. While Taylor would like to put up 30 points on any given night, that is simply not what is best for this talent heavy team. He is clearly struggling with this humbling realization as he clunks shot after shot. And the rapid development of freshman guard Elijah Johnson, who ironically snagged Taylors former No. 15, the consistency of junior guard Tyrel Reed and the return of injury free freshman guard C.J. Henry can do nothing but decrease Taylors minutes on


By MAx rOthMAN

Weston White/KANSAN

Senior guard Sherron Collins pops the ball out of a Central Arkansas guard's possession Thursday night at Allen Fieldhouse. Collins had three steals in Kansas' 94-44 victory.

Jayhawks send Bears packing

Collins, Henry, Morris, Reed come out on top in points
cthibodeaux@kansan.com C.J. Henry hasnt played a real game of competitive basketball in four years. It was hard to tell Thursday night. Coming in with just over two minutes to go in the first half, Henry scored eight points in his first action as a Jayhawk in a 94-44 victory against Central Arkansas. His last action in competitive basketball before Thursday came in 2005 when his high school basketball team lost in the playoffs. I told coach I wanted to try my knee out tonight because it felt pretty good leading up to the game, Henry said. And when he told me he wanted me to come in, I was excited. Henry said his knee was at 80 percent before the game and that it felt pretty good after the game. Kansas coach Bill Self said Henrys movement looked good and enjoyed seeing him on the court. It was good to see him get a couple down, Self said. Hes a good shooter. His teammates were happy to finally see him in action as well. I was very happy that he got out there, junior guard Tyrel Reed said. Hes been battling some injuries and all that good stuff but I know hes capable. nights like this but, Reed said, itll Henry said he thinks he can be Collins and Cole Aldrich doing be part of the rotation later in the the heavy lifting most night. year but he needs to get minutes Weve got a lot of guys that in with the first are capable of scorteam. ing, Reed said, but "It was good to see Ive got to get I think weve got Cole him get a couple used to playing and Sherron that are with everybody, going to be up there down." he said. Thats scoring most of the Bill self the main thing points a lot of the Kansas coach time, Xavier as well. this team needschemistry. Right from the But everybody get-go, Kansas perwas in on the action. Four players formed stifling defense and moved scored in double figures- Sher- the ball. After the Bears scored the ron Collins, Xavier Henry, Mar- first field goal of the game, the Jaycus Morris and Tyrel Reed all led hawks went on a 31-3 run, includin scoring with 12 points. Three ing 23 straight at one point. other players scored eight points CARK was held to an appalling each. 19.2 percent shooting in the first Kansas looks very balanced on half while trailing 37-15.

men's rewInd
for full coverage, check out the men's basketball rewind on page 4B.

The Jayhawks went up big but let Bears almost double their halftime score in the second half alone. Its easy to let up on games like this when you get up early and let other teams come back, freshman forward Thomas Robinson said. The home crowd got a scare early in the second half, reminiscent of Tuesday night against

SEE basketball ON PAgE 5B

Players focus on Texas despite media attention

Jayhawks prepare for game during coach's internal investigation


Kansas vs. texas

Kansas meetings with the media have generated an unusually large number of participants this week. There have been more cameras, strategy or their performance. We want to focus on football more recorders and simply more and not on other things, senior outside interest. Yet hardly any of the questions safety Darrell Stuckey said. I feel have revolved around Kansas like everything about this season game at No.3 Texas tomorrow has been focusing on other things besides football. Im here to play night. football, not talk Inste a d, the Jayhawks "We want to focus on about other things. Thats not what spent this week football and not on happened this week. responding other things," After athletics to reports, director Lew Perkins allegations and Darrell stucKey released a statement an internal senior safety confirming that he investigation met with players on coach Mark and after former Mangino. players have come For the forward with stories second time this season the first occurred after about their time with Mangino incidents between the football the media attention has been and basketball teams surfaced turned up this week. Senior quarterback Todd Kansas players were grilled about something other than plays, Reesing addressed the situation,

wHen: saturday, nov. 21 wHere: austin, texas tv: abC, 7 p.m. radIo: 1320 am


Coach Mark Magino says he wants to focus on Saturday's game against Texas instead of questions about the internal investigation. Former and current players came forward this week with stories about encounters with Mangino. emphasizing the need to remain focused on the tough task of playing against Texas. I told them this was going to be something that was hard to handle, Reesing said. As you can tell Ive been standing here for five minutes, and Ive answered zero questions about the game against Texas this Saturday. Its going to be something were going to have to deal with. The Jayhawks spent the week saying all the right things. They talked about honing in on the Longhorns. They preached that the surrounding situation wont affect members inside the team. And theyve talked about still attempting to earn a spot in a bowl game. To tell you the truth, as soon as we step on the field its like nothing has happened, senior wide receiver Kerry Meier said. I think thats the right way we need to approach it. Still, the timing really couldnt be much worse for a Kansas team that has dropped five consecutive

SEE football ON PAgE 3B

SEE column ON PAgE 5B



Friday, November 20, 2009


Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.
Mike Singletary

Manginos reputation is damaged

elcome aboard the RMS Titanic! No, Im not talking about the one that sank on April 15, 1912. Im talking about the one thats currently sinking under Captain Mark Mangino. The once seemingly unsinkable Kansas football team was cruising along for several weeks. A mere 34 days after the Jayhawks were ranked 15th in the USA Today poll, they lost to the Nebraska Cornhuskers and most likely their chance to go to a bowl game. After the Nebraska game, I was not ready to suggest firing Mangino, but I was close. Considering what he had done for this program, I was willing to give him at least another year to prove he could turn this team around. However, after Lew Perkins announced that there would be an internal review of the football program this week, it is now fair to question Manginos job security. There are current and former players coming forward and making accusations against the head coach. Perkins was left with little choice and had to look into it. The big thing here is that Perkins could have kept this investigation quiet, but he didnt. He

MOrning brEw


The womens basketball team has opened with a road victory for four straight seasons.
Source: Kansas Athletics


By Max VosBurgh


Q: What was Kansas road

record last season?

A: 5-12.

Kansas Athletics

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks reported on Nov. 18 that at Clinton Lake: TrOUT are good at 0.5 pounds. Anglers are having success using little cleos, castmasters, roostertails, power bait and minnows under bobber. CrAPPiE are slow at 0.5-1.5 pounds. Crappie are being caught over brushpiles on minnows or jigs in about 15-20 feet below the surface and off deepwater rocky areas.
Stephen Montemayor

FiSHing rEPOrT

chose to come out and announce it publicly. Hes sending a message. Mangino hinted at that message during his press conference Tuesday when he said that hes lost the support of some people around here. Subsequently, things have begun to unravel around Mangino. His reputation has been so badly damaged by this debacle that recruiting may take a hit. An article by ESPNs Joe Schad reported that as many as five former players are beginning to speak out against Manginos verbal abuse. Former Kansas wide receiver Raymond Brown came forward. Brown, whose brother was shot in the arm while in St. Louis, told Schad, I dropped a pass and [Mangino] was mad. And I said, Yes, sir. Yes, sir. The yelling didnt bother me. But then he said, Shut up! He said, If you dont shut up, Im going to send you back to St.

Louis so you can get shot with your homies. Brown also told Schad that another player had let it be known that he had dreams of becoming a lawyer and that his father was an alcoholic. One day, [Mangino] said in front of the entire team, Are you going to be a lawyer or do you want to become an alcoholic like your Dad? Brown revealed to Schad. F o r m e r Kansas wide receiver Marcus Herford told Schad, Hed say things like, Ill Mangino send you back to the street corner where you came from. ESPN also reported that some players were threatening to transfer because they felt they had been spoken to in a disrespectful manner. What high school player is sitting at home right now thinking that they want to come to Kansas and play for someone like that? Now that Mangino is beginning to garner the reputation that he disrespects his players, it becomes


Swimming Houston Invitational, all day


problematic. Dont get me wrong. Mangino has done a lot for this school. He has taken Kansas football and turned it into a respectable program around the country. While I am thankful for that, I do not believe he is the coach that will take this program from where weve been the last couple years to the next level. Even after resurrecting the Kansas football program and being named coach of the year in 2007, no big time program came in to try and steal him away. This appears to be the end of the line for Mark Mangino at Kansas. Follow Max Vosburgh at twitter.com/MVsports. Edited by Jonathan Hermes

Volleyball vs. Nebraska 6:30 p.m. Football at Texas, 7 p.m.

Swimming Houston Invitational, all day


womens basketball vs. Michigan, 2 p.m. Swimming Houston Invitational, all Day

big 12 FOOTbAll

Osborne impressed with Snyders return

Big 12 footBall

LINCOLN, Neb. Tom Osborne says he admires the job coach Bill Snyder has done in his return to Kansas State. Snyder never beat Osbornes Nebraska teams in nine meetings, but he did build K-State into a Big 12 power in the 1990s.
Associated Press

Nebraskas Lee regains swagger after benching

associated Press
LINCOLN, Neb. When Nebraskas Zac Lee was benched for a game and the first quarter of another, he soothed himself by remembering the words of an old pro he knows. My dad told me when I first started playing quarterback that youre not a true quarterback until youre run out of at least one place, Lee said. So taking that to heart, and really hearing that for as long as Ive heard that, its just part of the deal. You have to be prepared for it. Lee is the son of Bob Lee, who played for three teams in a 12-year NFL career. The young Lee has rebounded quite nicely since re-establishing his grip on the job after losing it briefly to freshman Cody Green. Offensive coordinator Shawn Watson has put in some new wrinkles to tailor the system to Lees strengths. All signs point to the junior keeping the job the rest of the way. Lee will lead the Huskers (7-3, 4-2 Big 12) on Saturday as they play for the Big 12 North title against Kansas State (6-5, 4-3). Zac had a chance to sit back and evaluate the situation he was in, Watson said. He wanted to play. Given his opportunity, he

Jayhawks agree to play with Walla Walla Sweets


Nebraska quarterback Zac Lee (5) is forced out of bounds by Kansas safety Darrell Stuckey (25) during the first half of the Nov. 14 game in Lawrence. Lee gained 32 yards on the play.

came back and grasped what weve been trying to get him to grasp. Its just managing the game of football. Start there and grow from there. Hes done a nice job the last two games of just managing wins. Watson kept things simple after Lee took over for Green in the second quarter against Oklahoma two weeks ago. Lee essentially handed off the ball to Roy Helu Jr. and mixed in a handful of passes. The defense did the rest in a 10-3 victory. Helu was the focus again in last weeks 31-17 win at Kansas, but Lee ran nine times for 59 yards and passed for 196 yards. Lee brought back memories of the Nebraska offenses of the 1980s and 90s by throwing play-action passes off the triple-option look. Coach Bo Pelini said Lees confidence was shaken in October, with fans and critics calling for Green. The negativity and controversy, that will affect anybody, Pelini said. The coach said he saw Lees swagger return against the Jayhawks. With the tweaked offense, Lee said, his choices are limited in the passing game, and thats a good thing. If his first or second reads are not open, he can take off running.

Three current Jayhawks have agreed to play summer ball in Washington with the Walla Walla Sweets, the team announced Wednesday. The Sweets, an expansion team in the West Coast League, have signed sophomore James Stanfield along with freshmen Jordan Dreiling and Kevin Kuntz for what will be the Sweets inaugural season. That is where we are going to start, I am confident that these three James, Jordan and Kevin will be a good step in that direction, Walla Walla Sweets general manager Zachery Fraser said in a press release. They come highly recommended from a program that has quickly become one of the elite programs in a top conference. Stanfield, an Owasso, Okla., native, played in 23 games as a freshman, turning in a .250 batting average with a double and 13 RBIs. He was primarily used as a utility infielder during the 2009 campaign. Both Kuntz, an infielder from Overland Park, and Dreiling, a Lawrence infielder who was a redshirt last season, will take their first swings at the collegiate level when the Jayhawks open up play this spring.
Ben Ward

Miami defeats Tulane in Charleston Classic opener

college BasketBall

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Mon-Wed 2pm 11am

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CHARLESTON, S.C. Dwayne Collins had 23 points and 14 rebounds as Miami overpowered Tulane 74-54 Thursday in the first round of the Charleston Classic. Collins made all eight of his shots from the field, and eight of his rebounds came on the offensive end. He played like a man today, Miami coach Frank Haith said. It was a really good effort. We shared the ball, had 19 assists, and I thought our defense exerted itself in the second half, and we got on the offensive glass. Collins was miffed that he made only seven of 12 foul shots. I was disappointed I didnt shoot better from the free throw line, the power forward said. Other than that, I guess Ill take it. I thought we played well as a team, especially on defense. The Hurricanes (3-0) broke away early in the second half with a 19-4 run. They advanced to play the Penn State-UNC Wilmington winner. Miami held Tulane to 20 points in the second half, limiting the Green Wave to 30 percent shooting. Kris Richard scored 13 points for Tulane (0-2).
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friday, november 20, 2009

ABC. Going against Texas live on TV, Im pretty sure everyone is going to see that. Its a chance to go out there and showcase how good you are. Mangino said Tuesday that he hadnt lost the support from his team, and he re-emphasized that message Wednesday. It was a point the Jayhawks highlighted this week. Its going in a positive direction, regardless of what negativity is going on in the past with losses, Stuckey said. We still want to go out there and win and play every game. Follow Jayson Jenks at twitter.com/JaysonJenks. Edited by Megan Morriss Coach Mark Mangino responded to allegations on his weekly radio show that he verbally and, in one case, physically abused players. After Athletics Director Lew Perkins released a statement early in the week revealing an internal investigation would take place, former players have come forward with allegations against Mangino. For the third time this week, Mangino addressed the issue. This time, he did so through his weekly radio show, Hawk Talk with Mark Mangino on 610 AM. Weve improved graduation rates for football, Mangino said on the radio show. We have semester records since theyve been keeping them for team


football (continued from 1B)

games. team in the nation, so theres a lot In need of one more victory to of pressure, freshman linebacker become bowl eligible, Kansas faces Huldon Tharp said. But nothing its toughest challenge of the season is going to stop us. in Texas a team competing The game will be played on for a spot in ABC, in prime time, the national in Darrell K Royal"We have to be championship focused as a team and Texas Memorial game. Stadium which holds make sure we keep The Longhorns 100,119 fans. It will everyone focused on easily be the largest have rolled through the crowd to watch this game." season without Kansas play this CHRIS HARRIS too many hiccups. season. Junior cornerback Texas closest At this point, the game of the last stage really doesnt four weeks? A get much bigger. 27-point victory at then-No. 14 We have to be focused as a Oklahoma State. team and make sure we keep Texas is a team Mangino everyone focused on this game, described as having no junior cornerback Chris Harris weaknesses. said. Its exciting, and weve Were going against the No. 3 played back to back weeks on

Mangino addResses situation on Radio

GPA. Were graduating kids. Were putting kids out into the world that are prepared. Mangino has come under fire this week as former players have continued to release stories that allege the coach used less-thanappropriate tactics to get his point across. Thursday evening, though, the coach once again discussed the issue without delving into specifics. He also spoke of Kansas success stories, naming former players such as Brandon McAnderson, Nick Reid and Charles Gordon as examples. I cant do the work of parents and what they should have done before they got to me, Mangino said on his show. Some of those guys are bitter and some thats the problem. I cant do anything about that.

There are some things for 18 years that happened in their lives that I cant change in four years of college. Cant do it. Cant change their behaviors. Cant change their attitudes. In his radio show, Mangino described those reports as embellished, while continuing to stand by his style of coaching. I think there are people embarrassing this program just for their 15 minutes of fame, Mangino said. Associate Athletic Director Jim Marchiony confirmed Thursday night that Mangino will travel and coach the team against Texas tomorrow night. Nothing will be decided until the review is finished, Marchiony said.
Jayson Jenks

woMen's basKetball

michigan may be intense opponent despite low record

mrothman@kansan.com Crash the boards and you just might set off the ticking time bomb that is Kevin Borseth. Borseth, Michigans head coach, struck YouTube gold a few years back at a postgame press conference following a tough loss to rival Wisconsin. The animated skipper hurled his clip board at the podium and proceeded to irately rant about his teams lack of effort on offensive rebounding and unjust foul calls. Borseth could easily find his team in a similar debacle after this Sundays Michigan vs. No. 19 Kansas duel at 2 p.m. in Allen Fieldhouse. The Jayhawks have fiercely dominated the boards, tallying a total of 89 rebounds in their first two games. Sophomore forward Aishah Sutherland, junior center Krysten Boogaard, senior guard Danielle McCray and junior forward Nicollette Smith have served as a premier rebounding collective, helping Kansas rack up secondchance points. Defensively, the dominance in rebounding makes it that much more important for the opposition to sink their first shot. Theyre not going to get another. Senior guard Sade Morris said that solid rebounding and defense can prove to the Big Ten that Kansas is more than just a scoring team. Were the Big 12, Morris said. We can play some defense. Michigan suffered from a 1020 record last year after going a dreadful 3-15 in the Big Ten. They dropped both games to Iowa last year, a team that Kansas has beaten two consecutive years as of last Wednesday. But the revitalized Wolverines (3-0) shouldnt be counted out just yet. The maize and blue tote a leader with game-changing burners in junior guard Veronica Hicks. She can fearlessly drive to the hoop for a runner or juke inside and then step back for a distanced three pointer. Hicks will pose a dynamite matchup to watch as she goes head to head with electrifying freshman guard Angel Goodrich. Michigans freshman guard Dayeesha Hollins has already lived up to the preseason hype, after posting 17 points in a victory last Monday over Marquette and then 18 more in last nights win over Southern Miss. Sophomore forward Carmen Reynolds, who scored 19 in the season opener against Ball State, has provided Borseth with a much needed boost in the paint. Senior center Krista Phillips stands at 6-foot-6 and will be the greatest rebounding threat to Boogaard and Sutherland. Both leagues have size, coach Bonnie Henrickson said when comparing the Big Ten to the Big 12. If history bodes well, Kansas should roll on Sunday as it owns the paint with size and skill. Watch your head, because clipboards could be flying once more. A lot of it is just doing the little things, senior guard Kelly Kohn said. You have to make sure that youre staying in the game for 40 minutes. Follow Max Rothman at www. twitter.com/maxrothman. Edited by Abbey Strusz
Ryan Waggoner/KaNSaN

freshman guard angel Goodrich pulls up for a jump shot during the Jayhawks' game against Oral Roberts Sunday. Kansas, ranked 19th in the country, will face Michigan at 2 p.m. Sunday at Allen Fieldhouse.

Consistent offense

Key to the gaMe:

In the No. 19 Kansas Jayhawks game against the Iowa Hawkeyes, the team was plagued with several lengthy scoring droughts, especially in the first half. On two separate occasions the Jayhawks went nearly four minutes of game time without scoring any points. While Kansas used a strong offensive second half to get the victory in Iowa

City, inconsistent scoring like that could allow the Michigan Wolverines to stay in the game. The Jayhawks need to find a way to keep their rhythm going for the whole game and take advantage of the home court the team will have this Sunday.

angel Goodrich

Keep an eye on:

Redshirt freshman guard Angel Goodrich played an

impressive second half against the Hawkeyes last Wednesday. After a disappointing first half where she did not make a shot, Goodrich changed her game up a Goodrich little and started driving the basket. The adjustment

allowed her to sink five baskets on her way to 10 second half points. The ability and willingness to score is an aspect of Goodrichs game that was not present in the Jayhawks two exhibition games, but has presented itself in both regular season games. Goodrich should be able to continue this promising trend against the Wolverines on Sunday.

Dayeesha Hollins

opponent to watch:

Michigan freshman guard Dayeesha Hollins has scored a total of 29 points in Michigans two games against Ball State and Marquette. She is the Wolverines second leading scorer, one point behind sophomore forward Carmen Reynolds. The Jayhawks continued to

struggle at defending talented point guards in their victory against the Hawkeyes. Iowas junior guard Kachine Alexander torched the Jayhawks for 23 points. If the Jayhawks defense does not find a way to clamp down, Hollins could easily have a very productive game.
Andrew Taylor


Dolphins hold off Panthers for victory

Associated Press CHARLOTTE, N.C. Ricky Williams is 32 and far from done. And even without Ronnie Brown, the once written-off Miami Dolphins are back in the playoff picture. Williams rushed for 119 yards and scored three touchdowns, and the Dolphins beat the Carolina Panthers 24-17 on Thursday night for their fourth win in six games. A day after learning Brown is lost for the season, the Dolphins (5-5) continued their surge after an 0-3 start behind Williams. The 2002 NFL rushing champion had a receiving and rushing touchdown in the same game for the first time in his career that includes a couple of lost seasons. Dolphins coach Tony Sparano Coach always talks about finishing, Williams said. Sometimes hinted his team might abandon in this league, in a physical game, the wildcat without Brown, who its difficult to finish. I think in was placed on injured reserve the past weve prided ourselves Wednesday because of a foot injury. And Miami on finishing didnt use the formagames and we Coach always talks tion until the second did a good job about finishing... quarter. It coincided tonight. I think in the past with the Dolphins It was enough first touchdown drive to beat the we've prided ourPanthers (4-6) selves on finishing... Chad Hennes 14-yard touchdown when Jake pass to Williams, D e l h o m m e s RICKy WILLIAMS desperation pass Dolphins running back who wrestled away from linebacker Nail into the end zone Diggs. was knocked Miami took a 14-3 halftime lead down as time expired. DeAngelo Williams rushed for when Williams took the direct 122 yards, but Delhomme had snap at the 1 and got to the end his streak of three games with- zone ahead of speedy linebacker out an interception snapped, then Jon Beason. Our offense really clicked, couldnt lead a late comeback bid. Dolphins left tackle Jake Long said. Ricky ran great. The Panthers got within 17-14 on Steve Smiths leaping 27-yard touchdown catch and DeAngelo Williams 2-point conversion run with 5:18 left. But Ricky Williams bounced to the outside and shook off Sherrod Martin at the Carolina 5 on a 46-yard touchdown run on the ensuing possession. Williams also caught two passes for 19 yards and a touchdown. Chad Henne overcame losing his center and his backup and committed no turnovers. Still, the Dolphins had to hold off the Panthers. After Williams long run, the Panthers kicked a field goal. They then forced a punt, and Delhomme found Gary Barnidge on passes of 29 and 17 yards.


Kansas State wins game against boston University

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico Rodney McGruder scored 20 points and four teammates hit double figures as Kansas State downed Boston University 80-70 Thursday night at the OReilly Auto Parts Puerto Rico Tip-Off. The balanced Wildcats (3-0) got 14 points from Jacob Pullen, 12 from Curtis Kelly, 11 from Jamar Samuels and 10 from

Jordan Henriquez-Roberts. Kansas State led 62-57 with 5:18 to play, then went on an 8-0 run over the next two minutes to nail it down. The Terriers (0-3) were led by the 1-2 punch of Tyler Morris and John Holland. Morris scored 21 and Holland 20. Carlos Strong added 11, and Jake OBrien had 10. The Wildcats will now face Mississippi on Friday, and the Terriers will play Indiana.
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start in g rate starting rate r e


K ansas 94, centr al arK ansas 44

Central Arkansas

26 | 31 57 20 | 35 55

Jayhawk Stat Leaders

Points Rebounds Assists

Jayhawks' victory boasts few turnovers, better offense overall

ataylor@kansan.com For a brief moment in the No. 1 Kansas Jayhawks game against the Central Arkansas Bears it seemed as though a story similar to Kansas game against the Memphis Tigers might unfold before the eyes of the faithful in Allen Fieldhouse. In the Jayhawks 57-55 victory over the Tigers on Tuesday the Jayhawks had an astounding 21 turnovers compared to meager 20 field goals. After a rocky and eerily similar start against Central Arkansas, Kansas turned things around en route to a 94-44 victory. We took better care of the basketball, coach Bill Self said. Thats a positive after pitching it all over the building Tuesday. In the first two minutes of play against the Bears, the Jayhawks had already committed two turnovers, both by junior center Cole Aldrich, and had not even attempted a field goal, much less made one. Then with 18 minutes left in the half sophomore forward Marcus Morris, making his first start of the season, sank a jumper from outside the paint to give Kansas its first points of the game. After that Kansas never looked back. Aldrichs two turnovers served as the Jayhawks only giveaways until Marcus Morris lost the ball with four seconds remaining in the half. That turnover led to a Central Arkansas basket that simply cut what would have been a 24-point halftime lead to a still daunting 22-point lead that the Bears never even came close to recovering from. When the final buzzer sounded, Kansas had only turned the ball over especially evident when comparing a total of seven times. To give that the field goal percentages in Kansas statistic a little perspective, sopho- last two games. more guard Tyshawn Taylor commitIn Tuesdays game against ted seven turnovers by himself in the Memphis, Kansas rattled off only 43 Jayhawks victory over Memphis. shot attempts. Out of those Kansas In conjunction with the rest of made just 20 for a 46.5 field goal perKansas recovery from a shaky offen- centage. In Thursdays game against sive performance Central Arkansas, against Memphis, We took better care however, Kansas shot Taylor did not give the ball 59 times and of the basketball. the ball away once made 33 of those. That That's a positive after gave the team a greatly against Central pitching it all over the improved 55.9 field goal Arkansas. He had no turnpercentage. building Tuesday. overs, so from my When we were turnbill Self standpoint he probaing it over before we Kansas coach bly had a pretty good could get Cole a touch night, Self said. or Markieff (Morris) The lack of turna touch, our offense overs against the Bears also signifi- doesnt run as smoothly, junior cantly aided the Jayhawks in keeping guard Tyrel Reed said. their offense in sync. That fact is On the other side of the ball Kansas


continued to showcase a much stronger defense than they had in their two exhibition games. A huge factor in the continuation of that trend against Central Arkansas revolved around Kansas ability to force turnovers. On Thursday the Bears gave the ball away 18 times, which led to 28 of the Jayhawks 94 points. I knew that they were going to come out even tougher after they struggled against Memphis, Central Arkansas senior guard Mike Pouncy said. I knew that their coach was going to get on them and they were going to pressure us even more. Follow Andrew Taylor at twitter.com/Andrew_Taylor 11. Edited by Samantha Foster

friDAY, November 20, 2009

friDAY, November 20, 2009

K ansas 94, central arK ansas 44

Game to remember
This was Henrys first action in four years since his high school team lost in the semis of the state tournament. He missed his first three-point attempt, a shot he didnt want to take on a play he was called for. in the second half, he made both his three-point attempts and finished with eight points. He looked like he hadnt missed a beat. More importantly, he said his knee feels fine and he will try to earn more minutes in practice.



Stat of the night

Thats the percentage the Central Arkansas bears shot from the field last night. At times it was even worse than that for the bears as they entered half time with a paltry 15 points after earning a 19.2 field goal percentage in the opening half. After Kansas went on a 23-0 run in the first half, the bears never stood a chance as they fell to the Jayhawks 94-44.

Tyrel Reed


Thomas Robinson


Elijah Johnson


Player Markieff Morris Cole Aldrich Xavier Henry Sherron Collins Tyshawn Taylor FG-FGA 4-4 3-7 4-8 4-7 1-6

Rebs 4 5 3 1 1 11 1 2 2 4 0 36

A 1 1 3 3 2 1 0 3 3 2 0 19

Pts 8 7 12 12 4 8 8 12 7 12 4 97

0-0 0-0 2-3 2-4 0-1 0-0 2-3 4-5 1-2 0-1 0-0 11-19

Quote of the night

i was good on nine foot. Seriously. No, im serious. i was really good.
Bill Self on the enjoyment of dunking in his past

Thomas Robinson 2-6 CJ Henry Tyrel Reed elijah Johnson Marcus Morris Chase buford Totals 3-4 4-5 3-4 4-5 1-1 33-58


Prime plays
(score after play) 17:24 in his fourth consecutive home game, Xavier Henrys first shot was a made three. (5-2) 16:35 Sherron Collins made a great move to shake his defender and stepped back for a three. (8-2) 12:24 Xavier Henry missed a difficult layup and Thomas Robinson was there to clean it up, getting half his body above the rim for a two handed dunk. (16-5) 8:50 Tyshawn Taylor alley-oop passed to Markieff Morris. (22-5) 2:28 Marcus Morris put his head down and took his opponents to the hoop for an and-one lay in. (37-9)


Central Arkansas
Player Mitch Rueter FG-FGA 1-7

Rebs 6 5 5 2 4 0 1 2 1 6 3 38

A 0 2 0 2 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 8

Pts 2 4 8 11 5 0 0 0 8 6 0 44

0-3 0-0 0-2 1-4 0-1 0-0 0-0 0-1 0-0 0-0 0-0 1-14

Carols Dos Santos 1-7 Mike Pouncy Jared Rehmel imad Qahwash Robert Crawford Ryan Daniels Dewan Clayborn Chris Henson Tadre Sheppard Chris Williams Totals 3-11 3-12 1-5 0-0 0-0 0-2 3-4 2-5 0-2 14-55

14:15 Markieff Morris took Tyrel Reeds missed three and put it down with twohanded authority. (53-17) 12:27 Somehow, in all the excitement from making a rare basket, the Central Arkansas defense forgot about Sherron Collins. He jogged up the court unguarded and stepped into one of the easiest threes he could take. (58-21) 8:20 Xavier Henry hit a three with a defender right in his grill. (68-28) 5:08 Tyrel Reed hit a contested fade away two point jumper while the shot clock was expiring. (76-32) 2:30 Chase buford threw up a wild arching shot, drawing contact. The ball rolled its way in. (87-39)

2nD hALF

*all games in bold are at home Date Nov. 3 Nov. 10 Nov. 13 Nov. 17 Nov. 19 Nov. 25 Nov. 27 Dec. 2 Dec. 6 Dec. 9 Dec. 12 Dec. 19 Dec. 22 Dec. 29 Jan. 2 Jan. 6 Jan. 10 Jan. 13 Jan. 16 Jan. 20 Jan. 23 Jan. 25 Jan. 30 feb. 3 Feb. 6 feb. 8 Feb. 13 feb. 15 Feb. 20 Feb. 22 feb. 27 Opponent FORT HAys sTATE (Exhibition) PiTTsBuRg sTATE (Exhibition) HOFsTRA Memphis, St. louis, Mo. CENTRAL ARkANsAs OAkLAND TENNEssEE TECH ALCORN sTATE UClA, los Angeles, Calif. RADFORD Result/Time W, 107-68 W, 103-45 W, 101-65 W, 57-55 W, 94-44 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 7 p.m. Senior guard Sherron Collins exchanges words with Central Arkansas guard Dewan Clayborn after popping the ball out of Clayborn's hands. Collins played 25 minutes in Kansas' 94-44 win Thursday night at Allen Fieldhouse. Freshman guard C.J. Henry hits a three during the second half against Central Arkansas. Henry had eight points in his first game as a Jayhawk Thursday night against the Bears. Junior center Cole Aldrich slams a dunk over a Central Arkansas player Thursday night. Kansas moved to 3-0 after the 94-44 victory.
Weston White/KANSAN

Key stats
The Jayhawks went on a 23-0 run in a 12 minute span in the first half. The bears went 0-15 in that time. This was the Jayhawks largest margin of victory (50) since Kansas defeated Dartmouth by 51 Nov. 28, 2008. Marcus Morris completed three three-point plays while making his first start. Thomas Robinson (eight), Marcus Morris (12), Tyrel Reed (12), Markieff Morris (eight) and Chase buford (four) all recorded season high scores Thursday. This was the first time Kansas wore their red jerseys since Dec. 30 2008 vs. Albany.
Corey Thibodeaux


(continued from 1B)

Johnson and Thomas Robinson especially looked more comfortable than they did in St. Louis. We took better care of the basketball, Self said. Thats a positive after pitching it all over the building Tuesday. Follow Corey Thibodeaux at twitter.com/c_thibodeaux. Edited by Megan Morriss

la Salle, Kansas City, Mo. (Sprint Center) 1 p.m. MiCHigAN CALiFORNiA BELMONT Temple, Philadelphia, Pa. CORNELL Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn. Nebraska, lincoln, Neb. TExAs TECH BAyLOR iowa State, Ames, iowa MissOuRi Kansas State, Manhattan Colorado, boulder, Colo. NEBRAskA Texas, Austin, Texas iOWA sTATE Texas A&M, College Station, Texas COLORADO OkLAHOMA Oklahoma State, Stillwater, Okla. 11 a.m. 8 p.m. 8 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 7 p.m. 12:30 p.m. or 3:30 p.m. 8 p.m. 12:45 p.m. 8 p.m. 1 p.m. 8 p.m. 6 p.m. 8 p.m. 5 p.m. 8 p.m. 7 p.m. 8 p.m. 3 p.m. 8 p.m. 3 p.m. 7 p.m. 1 p.m.

Memphis. Sherron Collins went down writhing in pain favoring his left ankle. He limped off the court into the locker room. But just as he did against Memphis, he returned. This time, he only spent a few minutes in the locker room and seemed to have no ill effects afterward. The ball movement was vastly improved and the younger players, Xavier Henry, Elijah

CoLuMN (continued from 1B)

the floor. In last nights game against Central Arkansas, Taylor was anemic. He was the only scoreless starter in the first half as he watched his teammates have a field day in their expected thrashing of the Bears. His jump shots were nothing but a tease as they bobbed and bounced around a rim that had answers for everyone but him. He was even blocked on a drive to the hoop and then abruptly replaced by Johnson. Taylor was visibly infuriated as he took his time to find a seat on the bench. Hes laboring a little bit right now, Kansas coach Bill Self said. He doesnt trust his shot as much. It was a truculent offseason for the diva-like talent, who may be NBA bound after a potentially frustrating regular season with the crimson and blue. Its still way too early to seal anyones fate, but perhaps a busted pinky and an exposed shakable ego was the beginning of the end for the old 15 turned 10. With every roll of the eyes or barely missed jump shot, we are all reminded of Taylors emphatic fall to normalcy. Along with Self and the Jayhawk nation, I pray that Taylor proves me wrong. But until that happens, youll just have to wonder. Maybe that jersey switch wasnt such a good idea after all. Follow Max Rothman at twitter.com/maxrothman. Edited by Lauren Cunningham

March 3 kANsAs sTATE March 6 Missouri, Columbia, Mo.

Weston White/KANSAN

Weston White/KANSAN

Weston White/KANSAN

Freshman guard Xavier Henry hits his first three during Thursday night's game against Central Arkansas in Allen Fieldhouse. Henry shot four for eight from the field and led the Jayhawks with 12 points.



Friday, November 20, 2009

Kansas aims to claim first victory ever against Nebraska



By Zach GetZ

In the 84 times that Kansas has played Nebraska, it has yet to muster a victory. Kansas is now 0-83-1 Up next all-time against Nebraska but will No. 9 Nebraska at Kansas have another shot to defeat the No. When: 3 p.m., Nov. 21 9-ranked Cornhuskers at 3 p.m. Where: Horejsi Family Saturday in Lawrence. Athletics Center Nebraska is consistently talented and in the top 10 every year, and the dominance over Kansas speaks there, Mazour said. They sell out volumes about the type of program in four minutes, and in the whole Nebraska is, coach Ray Bechard state, football and volleyball is said. always a big thing. Weve never lost to a bad Senior setter Katie Martincich Nebraska team, Bechard said. Itd said she felt that Kansas has combe great to break peted well against through at some Weve proven in the Nebraska recently. point. If we keep Weve proven in past couple years that the past couple years working day in we can hang with and day out, and that we can hang with year in and year them, but it would be them... out, itll happen at great to actually pull some point. out a win this time KAtie MArtiNCiCH Senior setter at home, Martincich Volleyball is huge in Nebraska, said. said Paige Mazour, Kansas comes in senior middle with a 15-12 (7-10) blocker and Nebraska native. record while Nebraska has a 20-6 Its a big deal when you go (13-4) record. During the first

Previous match Kansas 20 20 21 Nebraska 25 25 25

match between the teams this season, Kansas played Nebraska close in all three sets, but Nebraska was able to pull away late in each of the sets. Kansas will need a total team effort and everyone will need to have a good game, coach Ray Bechard said. Its going to take a good effort in all phases, Bechard said. They went through a phase earlier in the year where they were still developing, but they play at tremendous tempo and are solid at all phases. The Jayhawks will try to use the urgency of the end of the season and post-season aspirations to fuel team motivation, Martincich said. When we played K-State here and Baylor here, there was definitely that urgency, Martincich said. Everyone on our team felt it, so hopefully we can bring that back and win Saturday against Nebraska. Follow Kansan writer Zach Getz at twitter.com/zgetz.
Mike Gunnoe/KANSAN

Edited by Lauren Cunningham Senior setter Katie Martincich, middle, celebrates with sophomore setter Nicole Tate, left, and senior defensive specialist Melissa Grieb, right, after a comeback against Baylor Saturday. Kansas won the match 3-1.

biG 12 Football

At K-State, Missouri quits bad second-half habits

Associated Press COLUMBIA, Mo. Sean Weatherspoon was fed up with the second-half collapses. Thats why Missouris senior linebacker and captain gathered teammates around at halftime at Kansas State last week and made it clear: It wasnt going to happen again. It didnt Missouri (6-4, 2-4) beat Kansas State to end a streak of four losses in five games. A week earlier, in a stunning home loss to Baylor, the Tigers gave 24 second-half points, part of a trend of bad second halves by the Tigers. We came in the locker room during halftime and he kind of had coach blow the whistle and get everyone quiet, cornerback Kevin Rutland said of Weatherspoon. Then he said, Guys, were not having this again. Were not going to go out at halftime and slow down. Were going to keep going downhill. And guys listened and we did that. The defense kept an opponent out of the end zone for the first time this season and forced three takeaways, the second-most of the season. Meanwhile, the Missouri offense scored 21 points off those turnovers after scoring just 23 points off of 13 turnovers the previous nine games. One play that stood out for the defense was a ball that linebacker Zaviar Gooden forced out of Kansas State receiver Brandon Banks hands at the Missouri 1. The ball took a good Missouri bounce into the end zone for a touchback. From my standpoint if you do that, if you go up and down with all the stuff that happens in a game, geez, theyd have to take me away, its just too much, coach Gary Pinkel said. You create your own luck, I firmly believe that. Missouri hopes to make it two in a row Saturday with the home finale against Iowa State (6-5, 3-4).


Missouri linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, left, tries to stop a Colorado tailback on Oct. 31. Missouri won against Kansas State last weekend to end a streak of four losses in five games.

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Friday, November 20, 2009




Wie withdraws from championship

She was four shots ahead of Jiyai Shin (70) on the leaderboard, RICHMOND, Texas Michelle but the 21-year-old South Korean Wie withdrew from the season- leads Ochoa by eight points in the ending LPGA Tour Championship race to become the tours player of because of a sprained left ankle the year. To earn the honor for the Thursday, a few hours after Lorena fourth straight year, Ochoa must Ochoa shot a 6-under 66 in breezy win this week or finish no worse conditions to take a one-shot lead than third and hope Shin places out of the top 10. over Reilley Rankin. Shin and Ochoa started on the The 20-year-old Wie, fresh off back nine and both were 2 under her first LPGA victory last week at Ochoas tournament in Mexico, after three holes. Shin added birdshot a 72 in the afternoon. She ies Nos. 13 and 15 to move to 4 limped through her round on the under. Both players bogeyed the difgimpy ankle that she sprained durficult 17th, then picked up birdies ing the Solheim Cup in August. I wanted to do everything I early on their second nines. Ochoa could do to fight through the inju- added birdies on Nos. 6, 8 and 9, ry, Wie said in a statement. It capping her round with a 15-foot putt and a modest bothered me last fist pump. week in Mexico, but I wanted to do Tomorrow is a I was able to play everything I could do new start, Ochoa through the pain. I to fight through the said. Im going to realized today that play like Im a few injury. I wouldnt be able shots behind and to continue to play Michelle Wie continue being through it. Professional golfer aggressive and give Wie drew the myself chances to largest galleries at win on Sunday. the Houstonian Ochoa is feeling Golf and Country Club and she was 3 under through more relaxed this week after deal12 holes. Her ankle gave way on the ing with the demands of playing 13th tee, and she stumbled back- the tournament host. Last week was a little bit tough ward, sliced her tee shot into the in many different ways with all the rough and took her first bogey. She bent over in apparent pain things to do and all the pressure, on No. 14 and slipped again hitting she said. Everything is a little bit her tee shot to the par-3 17th. Wie easier, if you compare it to last smacked her right leg and yelled week. Shin bogeyed two of her last an obscenity as the ball sailed right ASSOCIATED PRESS and rolled into the water. She made four holes as the wind strengthened. She is trying to sweep the Michelle Wie reacts after missing a birdie putt during the first round of the LPGA Tour Champia double bogey to slip back to even rookie and player awards. Nancy onship. Wie withdrew from the tournament because of an injury. par. Wie went for treatment after her Lopez is the only player to win both round and withdrew about an hour in the same season, accomplishing the feat in 1978. later. Shin and Ochoa are also in a virI want to make sure that Im being smart with it, Wie said. I tual dead heat for the Vare Trophy, will return home to have it looked given to the player with the seasons at by my doctors and follow their lowest scoring average. I played 2 under, which was not advice for treatment. The first round was suspend- bad in the wind, Shin said. Lorena, ed because of darkness at 5:25 she played really good, a 66. But we p.m., with four groups still on the still have three more rounds. I will just focus on my game and try my course. Ochoa teed off in the morning, best for three more days. before the wind picked up.

AssociAted Press


Carolina Hurricanes Sergei Samsonov (14), from Russia, tries to score as Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Jonas Gustavsson, left, defends during the second period of an NHL hockey game in Raleigh, N.C. Thursday. Hurricanes Tuomo Ruutu (15), from Finland, and Maple Leafs Ian White (7) look on at right.

Hurricanes rally, win in overtime

BY JoedY MccreArY
Associated Press RALEIGH, N.C. Tuomo Ruutu and Jussi Jokinen scored in the shootout and the Carolina Hurricanes rallied from three goals down to beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 6-5 on Thursday night. The latest meeting of the NHLs worst teams had a wild finish. Ian White put the Maple Leafs ahead 5-4 with 29.9 seconds remaining, but Erik Cole tapped in a rebound with 2.9 seconds left to force overtime. After an uneventful overtime, Ruutu and Jokinen beat Jonas Gustavsson with wrist shots and Manny Legace stopped Phil Kessel and Lee Stempniak to preserve his first victory with the Hurricanes. Gustavsson finished with 40 saves and assisted on Alexei Ponikarovskys third-period goal for Toronto, which picked up points for the first time since Nov. 7, having lost four straight in regulation since. When these teams last met two weeks ago, the Hurricanes were in the midst of their club-worsttying 14-game winless streak and lost to the Maple Leafs to claim the indignity of being the worst team in the NHL. Since then, Carolina lost two goalies to injury, including franchise cornerstone Cam Ward, and Legace was brought in to stabilize things for a while. The situation in the standings hasnt improved much for either team: Carolina entered winless in 15 of its last 16 and havent won a game in regulation since Oct. 9. The Maple Leafs came in with a lengthy slump of their own, having won only once since their previous visit to Raleigh. The teams entered with a combined record of 6-23-10, and each had 11 points four behind Anaheim. Early on, anyway, Toronto seemed determined to stop its slide, scoring 61 seconds in the quickest goal Carolina has allowed this season on its second shot of the night, then pushed its lead to 3-0 when Grabovski whipped in a rebound in the final moments of the period.

Gophers win despite missing player

Associated Press MINNEAPOLIS Freshman Rodney Williams had 17 points, six rebounds and four steals in his first career start, helping 24th-ranked Minnesota pull away from Utah Valley in the second half of a 76-51 victory on Thursday. Missing senior leader and top scorer Lawrence Westbrook to a stomach virus, the Gophers (3-0) finished 5 for 19 from 3-point range and were outrebounded 34-29 by a team in its first year as a full-fledged Division I program. Damian Johnson had 15 points, six rebounds, three blocks and two steals, though, to lead another strong defensive effort. Minnesota had 30 points off 26 Utah Valley turnovers, and five Gophers turnovers only gave the Wolverines (1-2) two points. Jordan Swarbick led Utah Valley with 11 points and Tyray Petty had eight points and nine rebounds, giving Minnesota plenty to work on before playing 11th-ranked Butler next week. The Wolverines fell behind 41-26 early in the second half when the Gophers appeared poised to run away with the game. Utah Valley didnt wilt, though, with peppy point guard Eric Dearden rushing to the rim for layups and Petty and Swarbick muscling for position underneath. ASSOCIATED PRESS Al Nolens steal and wraparound Minnesotas Colton Iverson, left, guards against a shot by Utah Valley States Kevin Woods pass to Williams for a fast-break II (5). Minnesota beat Utah Valley despite the absence of senior leading scorer Lawrence dunk over the pursuing defender Westbrook. got the crowd going a little. Five minutes later, Williams was fouled trying use the baseline for a slam and fell hard on his side. He made both free throws, though, and on his next two drives he chose layups instead as the Gophers began to exert themselves. Williams had one more dunk in him at the end of another fastbreak fueled by this active defense coach Tubby Smith pushes his teams to play. That pushed Minnesotas lead to 73-51 with 2 minutes left.


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friday, november 20, 2009

Diving invitational to house impressive competition

the Big 12 Diver of the Week mentioned the format of the award back in October and hasnt tournament as preparation for let up, winning events in the later in the season. The way this is set up will help past two duals. But even shes impressed with the competition us prepare for conference, Proehl said. this weekend. Kansas will comI think this It definitely helps By CHRISTIAN LUCERO weekend will be pete against a large all of us to compete clucero@kansan.com really exciting; its field including Texas our first chance against this caliber of A&M, Louisiana The swimming and diving to compete with State University, competition. program enjoyed an exciting really fantastic University of Nevada, week in Lawrence. After Kansas girls all at once, Las Vegas and Air MEH PrOEHL announced the signing of nine Proehl said. Senior captain Force. The meet highly decorated recruits to the Theres a girl on starts today with the swimming team, the divers will the Houston team finals scheduled for look to carry the excitement to whos a Russian Sunday. Houston for the Cougar Classic Olympian. It definitely helps all of This weekend will help the Fall Invitational. Diving coach us to compete against this caliber girls get the routine down that Eric Elliott said well go through at conference, of competition. he was not only Elliott said he Elliott said. This is a good travel They have a great excited about the also expected two trip and the girls will get a chance meet; he was talkpool here with a meet other divers, Christy to bond, study and just spend a ing about pracCash, Lenexa fresh- lot of time together. that helps us train tice, too. man, and Allison and compete at the This first fall Ho, Topeka senior, to Swimming team same time. invite is our first compete for wins in SigningS dive against a lot Houston. EriC ELLiOTT of really good Swimming coach Clark Christy and Diving coach c o m p e t i t i o n , Allison have a shot Campbell is excited about the Elliott said. The of making the final, nine recruits who signed letters other great part is the diving time: Elliott said. We know Allison can of intent to compete for Kansas they have a great pool here with a be much more consistent and this next year. meet that helps us train and com- will be new for Christy so this will Were extremely pleased. We pete at the same time. got some really good student athbe good for both of them. Senior captain Meg Proehl won Both Proehl and Elliott letes with a lot of potential to

Swimming & Diving

Kansas is in Houston to compete in first full invite of season

the future JayhawkS:

heather Clark (Lawrence) Shelby Cox (Maumelle, Ark.), malia Johnson (Scottsdale, Ariz.), alison moffit (Flower Mound, Texas), kaila Lee (Eugene, Ore.) alison Lusk (Chattanooga, Tenn.) Sara Snow (Springfield, Mo.) morgan Sharp (Houston, Texas) kara Stranski (Portland, Ore.)
Christian Lucero

make a lot of noise, Campbell said. Theres a mixed bag: some will make an immediate impact and others will take a year or two to develop. But within two years, this class will all be movers and shakers in the Big 12 and NCAA. Edited by Jonathan Hermes Senior diver Allison Ho completes a full revolution before entering the water. Ho competed during the dual meet with the University of Nebraska-Omaha.
Adam Buhler/KANSAN

Villanova edges out George Mason by point


SAN JUAN, Puerto rico Freshman isaiah Armwood hit a go-ahead 3-pointer with 17 seconds left, rallying No. 5 Villanova past George Mason 6968 Thursday in the Oreilly Auto Parts Puerto rico Tip-Off. Armwood won it for the Wildcats (3-0) with his only shot of the game. He played just four minutes and came off the bench after Antonio Pena and Taylor King both fouled out. George Mason (2-1) led by 13 points in the first half. The

Patriots never trailed until late in the second half, but didnt get off a shot after Armwoods basket. Scottie reynolds scored 18 points and Corey Fisher had 17 for Villanova. ryan Pearson led the Patriots with 14 points and Cam Long added 13.


LiNCOLN, Neb. Things appear to be on the upswing on the injury front for Nebraska.

Injured Nebraska players expected to play Saturday

Coach Bo Pelini says tightend Mike McNeill and freshman running back rex Burkhead are expected to play on Saturday when the Cornhuskers take on Kansas State in Lincoln. McNeill suffered a hit to the ribs in last weeks game against Kansas. Burkhead has been out since Oct. 13 with a broken foot bone. Pelini said both did well in Thursdays two-hour practice as the Huskers finish preparations for the Wildcats. Kickoff is set for 6:45 p.m. Saturday, with television coverage provided by ESPN.

LSU defeats Middle Tennessee

BATON ROUGE, La. Taylor Turnbow had 17 points and 12 rebounds to lead No. 7 LSU to a 61-40 victory over No. 24 Middle Tennessee on Wednesday night. LaSondra Barrett added 10 points for LSU (2-0). All-American forward Alysha Clark had 16 points and a gamehigh 20 rebounds for Middle Tennessee (1-1). The Blue Raiders beat the Lady Tigers each of the last two seasons, including last years game in which Clark scored 37. However, Middle Tennessees hopes of a third straight win over LSU evaporated quickly. After an early exchange of leads, LSU had its first double-digit lead by the 9:12 mark of the first half on a putback by Turnbow. The sophomore forward finished with career highs in scoring and rebounding. LSU led 35-15 at halftime after Middle Tennessees Jackie Pickel hit a 3-point shot from just across the midcourt line as time expired. It was the Blue Raiders second basket in the final 13:25 of the half. Middle Tennessee got as close as 16 points with 7:10 remaining on a shot by Clark, but the Lady Tigers lead was quickly back up to 20 on a pair of free throws by Turnbow and a jumper by Barrett.

womenS baSketbaLL

Associated Press

Natural Light 30 Packs


LSU forward Taylor Turnbow (35) wrestles the offensive rebound away from Middle Tennessee forward Alysha Clark (22) during the second half of the game Wednesday in Baton Rouge, La. Turnbow had 17-points on the night to lead all scorers and Clark had 16-points to lead her team. LSU won 61-40. The Lady Tigers, who crushed Centenary 92-19 on Sunday in their season opener, held Middle Tennessee to 32.1 percent shooting and its lowest point total since scoring 32 against TennesseeMartin on Jan. 5, 1998. LSU senior guard Allison Hightower was helped to the locker room after leaving the game with 3:02 remaining. Lady Tigers coach Van Chancellor said Hightower, who finished with seven points, suffered from leg cramps but was otherwise OK.

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30 Pack Cans
9th& Iowa

UNC-Wilmington beats Penn State Thursday


CHArLESTON, S.C. Chad Tomko scored 21 points and North Carolina-Wilmington made 10 of 16 3-point shots to knock off Penn State 80-69 on

Thursday. The Seahawks (2-1) held the Nittany Lions to 32.3 percent from the field (21-for-65) in the first round of the Charleston Classic. The Seahawks led 40-31 at halftime after shooting 61.5 percent from the field, including

7-for-11 from 3-point range. Penn State, meanwhile, struggled against the Seahawks defense, shooting 35.5 percent from the field in the first half, including 2-for-10 from 3-point range.
Associated Press


6th& Montery

SAN JUAN, Puerto rico Sophomore guard Paul Williams scored seven of his 13 points in the final minute, including a go-ahead 3-pointer, in No. 18 Daytons 63-59 win over No. 21 Georgia Tech in the opening game of the Oreilly Auto Parts Puerto rico Tip-Off on Thursday. Chris Johnson scored 19 points for Dayton (2-0), going 4 for 8 from behind the 3-point line, and Luke Fabrizius added 12 points. The energetic Flyers came back on Johnsons outside shooting, and Williams, a reserve, sealed the victory with his key 3 and by going 4 for 4 from the free throw line down the stretch. Dayton got 47 points from its backups.
Associated Press

Reserves help Dayton win over Georgia Tech Thursday