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Thursday, October 13, 2011


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A lack of communication can hurt roommate relationships

Digging themselves into a losing hole

Tigers overcome the Jayhawks, three sets to one
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Study criticizes online classes

89 percent of public four-year colleges and 71 percent of forjblakeborough@kansan.com profit colleges offer courses onA 2011 report by the Pew In- line, while 60 percent of private ternet and American Life proj- four-year colleges provide simiect questions the effectiveness lar online offerings. The University created online of classes taught online. Online courses have been summer courses in 2010. One trending across public univer- of the reasons behind this adsities, giving students alterna- dition to traditional on-campus tive opportunities to obtain classes was so any student could college degrees outside of the take classes during the summer traditional setting. The report, without geographical limits. titled The Digital Revolution Sarah Sweenie, a junior from and Higher Education, sur- Overland Park, takes online veyed 2,412 American adults courses out of necessity. Sweenie and 1,055 university presidents took an online physics class about whether college students over the summer through Butprefer online classes. ler County Community College The report stated that despite because the University doesnt growing up in a digital world, offer an online summer course. Young adults are as skeptical It was pretty easy but kind about online learning as are their of pointless because you could older counterparts. Statistics just Google all of the answers, from the 2011 report showed Sweenie said. that 60 percent of the surveys To graduate on time, Sweenie respondents do not think that plans to take several more ona class taught online offers the line classes, but this time, shell same educational value as the do so through the University. same class Next setaught offline. mester I have K r i s t e n id much rather physically to take 21 Efurd, a sophand I be there in the classroom. hours, it will omore from think Abilene, agrees just be easier KriSTen eFUrD with those if one of those A sophomore from Abilene views. classes can Id much be online, r a t h e r Sweenie said. physically Efurd thinks be there in the classroom, online classes are harder beEfurd said. I found it harder cause of the lack of structure. to motivate myself to actually If I were to take one where it do the work since all the had periodic deadlines, I think deadlines were for the end of that would be much better, the semester. Efurd said. According to the 2011 report, 91 percent of two-year colleges, Edited by Jayson Jenks


Jessie blakeborough

rather relate in reality

brittany ClaMpitt
bclampitt@kansan.com They dont post on your wall for your birthday. They dont post their photos from fall break. They dont have their relationship status set. Theyre the people without Facebook. Theres not many of them, but they do exist. On a college campus, not having a Facebook is an anomaly. But for some, the decision to not participate in this social networking site has been well-thought out. Rationales for non-Facebook users may vary, but there seems to be reoccurring themes in their reasoning for not jumping on the Facebook bandwagon. Natalie Pennington, a doctoral student from Springfield, Mo., studying communications, said many people who dont use Facebook avoid the site because they would rather communicate in real life, and they are wary about privacy issues. I think that people have a misconception of privacy online, and I think regardless anytime you use something online youre going to leave a footprint, Pennington said. Brett Bricker, a doctoral student from Wichita also studying communications, has chosen not to use Facebook. His initial impression was that the site was a waste of time, but he also wanted to keep his privacy, especially when it comes to future employers. Im not really too happy with, you know, the prospect of people knowing all the things I do in my personal life, Bricker said. While those who dont participate in Facebook think the sites disadvantages outweigh the advantages, there are still ways Facebook can be used effectively. Pennington said users who phrased it, scrub their profiles, decrease their number of cleaning up histories and erasfriends could benefit from Fa- ing compromising photos. On cebook. Fewer friends means the other hand, it will also be less chance for distraction as easier for others to find those well as a greater chance of social photos if they are not taken support with those friends with down. whom the user is actually close. Pennington said Facebook You can read about a person could do a better job telling online who you havent talked to people about the extent of a in a really users privacy long time, options, but and theyre im not really too happy with, users are uleither go- you know, the prospect of timately reing through people knowing all the things sponsible for something the content of i do in my personal life. youve gone their profiles. through Timeline is BreTT BriCKer and you can perhaps the Doctoral student from Wichita sympathize next step in with them increasing a about it, Pennington said. users controls. Similar to all new media, I just hope everybody would users will have mixed feelings give it a chance, Pennington about the most recent change to said. Facebook: timeline-format profiles. It will become much eas Edited by Jayson Jenks ier for users to, as Pennington


Orientation assistants receive more than a job

dana Meredith
dmeredith@kansan.com Last summer, Eman Siddiqui went through new student orientation. Then she went through it again and again and again, 15 times in all. Siddiqui, a senior from Karachi, Pakistan, worked for the University as an orientation assistant, one of 23 undergraduates helping freshmen, transfer students and their parents transition into life as a Jayhawk. The Office of New Student Orientation (NSO) is looking for orientation assistants for next year. Students from all walks of campus life are encouraged to apply. What we really want is that when somebody comes to orientation, if they look up at the orientation assistants onstage, they are able to identify with somebody in the group, said Chris Stoppel, interim director of New Student Orientation. Its not a position that you have to be the president of your organization to do. You just really have to have a passion for KU. After reviewing applications, the NSO Office invites some applicants back for a group interview, then a speech interview and for those who make it far enough a final interview. Its a process designed to evaluate how applicants interact with one another, how they communicate professionally and who they are as individuals, Stoppel said. Orientation assistants jump in with three weeks of intensive training right after the school year ends. They get a crash course in everything within the University from academic departments to campus organizations to student services. Its a whirlwind of new information. When I was going through training, I learned about so many services that I didnt even know we had, Ramona Yoder, a sophomore from Newton, said. Stoppel said increased awareness about the University is one of the biggest perks of the job. Not only are they relating what they know about KU, but theyre finding out even more what KU can do for them, Stoppel said. After training ends, orientation sessions start. Orientation assistants work 40-hour work-weeks during the summer, guiding students and family members through orientation while preparing folders and other materials for the next session. Its a structured job, but each
Cryptoquips 4 opinion 5 sports 10 sudoku 4

week brings new experiences and new people 700 to 800 of them. Its the same routine, but there are always different things coming at you, Yoder said. Different questions, different people, different moods. Orientation assistants end up becoming a tight-knit group, Yoder said, hanging out together on the weekends after spending most of the week together. Last summer, the orientation assistants went to a Royals game, the Country Club Plaza and the pool and held a lot of birthday parties. Siddiqui said getting to know the other orientation assistants was one of her favorite parts of the job. Before, my social circle was just limited to other architecture students, she said. Now, I know people from all years, all majors. The orientation assistant position doesnt end when the summers over. Theres a transfer student session every January before the semester starts, and the NSO Office is finding ways to keep orientation assistants busy throughout the school year. Were able to hire such a talented group of students that it seems like we should be using them more, Stoppel said. Rock Chalk Chow Downs

are dinners held in August and September that give first-year students a chance to catch up with their orientation assistants. Orientation assistants also help lead discussion groups for PRE 101, the orientation seminar class. They also run a blog for first-time KU students, where they discuss school and transitioning. Stoppel said many students like the position so much they reapply for a second or third year. But they dont automatically get to return, he said, because the NSO Office wants the students to make sure another option such as an internship or studying abroad wouldnt be more beneficial. Yoder said that she still hasnt decided about returning for another year, but was 80/20 80 percent chance Ill come back, 20 percent chance I wont. Siddiqui will be returning next year for a fifth year of school, but plans on spending her summer in an architecture-related internship. But she encouraged interested students to apply for the position. If I had more time, I would do it again, she said. If youre looking to get involved on campus, this just opens up so many doors for you. Edited by Stefanie Penn

Orientation assistant ernest Shepard helps a parent during orientation. new Student Orientation hopes to hire students who are passionate about the University.

Contributed by david f. MCkinney/ku university relations


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Go see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides from 8 to 10 p.m. in Woodruff Auditorium in the Kansas Union. Tickets are $2 for students.

Todays weather

Forecasts done by University students. For a more detailed forecast, see page 2A.

HI: 72 LO: 45
Fall? Whats fall?

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thURSDaY, octobeR 13, 2011


Nathan Wendt and Tyler Wieland, Atmospheric science students

HI: 71 LO: 46

Beautiful fall weather, mostly sunny with Northwest winds.

HI: 74 LO: 56

Sunny skies.

HI: 74 LO: 52
Still keep those shades handy.

Partly cloudy.


HI: 70 LO: 50

Slight chance of showers and thunderstorms, otherwise partly cloudy.

Perfect weather to walk to Late Night.

Win or lose, its a lovely day to tailgate.

Wear some color. Beat the gray.

People with O- blood types are universal donors but can only receive O- blood. People with AB+ blood types are universal recipients but can only donate to those with AB+ blood types. The KU Blood Drive is going on all next week in the KS Union ballroom and other campus locations.


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The number of Central American migrants crossing Mexico to reach the United States has dropped almost 70 percent over the last five years, the Mexican government said Tuesday. Immigration Commissioner Salvador Beltran del Rio said the estimate is based on the decline in the number of Central Americans detained for being in Mexico without proper documents. He said there were 433,000 such detentions in 2005 and 140,000 last year. The downward trend has continued in the first eight months of 2011, added Beltran, who initially revealed the numbers during a Monday conference on migrant issues. Mexicos government released his comments Tuesday. Beltran said Central Americans crossing Mexico are facing increased risks of extortion, kidnapping and violence because organized crime has moved into migrant trafficking. In one of the worst attacks, 72 migrants were slaughtered in the northern border state of Tamaulipas by a cell of the Zetas drug cartel in August 2010. Most were Central Americans. The kidnapping of Central American migrants has been reported for years by migrant rights activists in Mexico.

MeXIco cItY

A South African mountain bikers collision with an antelope became an Internet sensation with uncommon speed and international reach, YouTube said Wednesday. Evan van der Spuy, 16, was competing in a weekend race in a wildlife park when a leaping hartebeest, an antelope that can weigh up to 350 pounds (more than 200 kilograms), crashed into him, race organizer Max Cluer said in an interview Wednesday. Cluer says van der Spuy was not badly hurt and the hartebeest returned to his herd to graze. Johannesburgs Beeld newspaper quoted van der Spuy as saying he was briefly knocked unconscious and spent a night in the hospital. He said he remembers little, but has the broken helmet to prove the wild encounter happened. Video by a fellow rider punctuated by an offcamera exclamation of holy cow! was posted on YouTube on Monday and had been viewed more than 5 million times by Wednesday, when it was the most shared and most viewed video in both South Africa and the United States. YouTube Trends Manager Kevin Allocca told The Associated Press the video started gaining views on Monday morning and by the end of the day had been viewed 1.8 million times.


Children composed poems of joy, flight attendants and bank clerks practiced celebratory dances and the airwaves were flooded with wedding fever as the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan prepared for the marriage of its beloved fifth Dragon King. The ceremony Thursday, while far less star-studded than the years other royal wedding of William and Kate will be no less elaborate in its uniquely Bhutanese way. Its the biggest occasion Ill ever see in my life, said Tshewang Rinzin, 27, a loan officer. The couple will be married by Bhutans top Buddhist cleric at the countrys most sacred monastery fortress in the old capital of Punakha at an auspicious time determined by astrologers. During the hours of ceremonies, the 31-year-old king, Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck, will be adorned with royal scarves. His bride, 21-year-old Jetsun Pema, will present him a chalice filled with the ambrosia of eternal life that he will drink, and he will place a crown upon the new queens head. Its a very emotional experience, a spiritual experience as well, Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley told The Associated Press. Yet there will be no foreign princes, no visiting heads of state and no global celebrities.

thIMphU, bhUtaN

Animal rights activists urged Russias president Wednesday to reject a plan by Moscow authorities to send 26,000 stray dogs to a facility outside the city that critics say will be cramped, spread disease and mean certain death for many of the canines. About 50 activists lined up outside the presidential administration building to submit signed petitions to President Dmitry Medvedev denouncing the move. Weve come here today to ask him to protect Moscows dogs, said Yelena Nadyozhkina, an activist with Russian group Save the Animals. Though City Hall has shelved the plan for now, the activists want assurances that it will be abandoned once and for all. Moscows plan would have rounded up strays and sent them to a camp in the Yaroslavl region, about 250 kilometers (150 miles) northeast of the city. Its critics say the move would be deadly for the animals and create an atmosphere for the misappropriation of city funds. Its far enough from Moscow that we wont be able to go there, observe them or control how the animals are fed and taken care of, said Lyudmila Fokina, a volunteer at one of Moscows animal shelters. The animals will just die there. We wont know about it, and the money will continue to finance the facility.



DA to review domestic abuse cases individually

aSSocIateD pReSS
TOPEKA A district attorney in Kansas said Wednesday that his office will review all misdemeanor domestic violence cases forwarded to him by the Topeka police and determine on a case-by-case basis which ones merit pressing charges. Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor, who had announced last month that he would no longer pursue such cases, said in a statement Wednesday that he now has sole authority over them after the city of Topeka voted to repeal a local domestic violence ordinance. We will do so with less staff, less resources, and severe constraints on our ability to effectively seek justice, Taylor said. But we will do so willingly to preserve the public safety of all the citizens of Shawnee County. That comes a day after the mayor and council of Kansas capital city repealed Topekas ordinance against domestic violence, a dramatic turn in their attempt to force the county to back away from its earlier decision. Advocates for victims of domestic violence had decried those moves as ones that would hurt public safety and put people who were already scared at greater risk. Taylor said in September that his decision to stop prosecuting misdemeanors committed inside Topeka was because of budget cuts. He contends that the county commission forced his hand by reducing the budget by 10 percent for 2012, when his office is swamped by felony cases. City leaders argue that Topeka cant afford to replicate county services for domestic abuse victims or rent jail space from the county for suspects. The city already handles misdemeanor cases of simple assault and battery, and incidents of assault or battery against its police officers. Domestic assault or battery involves a person in the same household, and victims often need additional services or shelter. Since early September, Topeka has had at least 35 reported incidents of domestic battery or assault, and those cases are not being pursued. As of Friday, 21 people jailed have been released without facing charges, according to Topeka police. Prosecutors and police have refused to discuss details of the cases out of concern for victims privacy, making it difficult to assess in what situations suspects arent being prosecuted. A Topeka police spokeswoman said officers had continued to investigate cases of domestic violence and prepare reports that were being forwarded for prosecution, even after Taylors announcement last month. City spokesman Dave Bevens said that interim City Manager Dan Stanley sent Taylor a note Wednesday regarding the cases in hopes of continuing discussions to find a solution.

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From left, Claudine Dombrowski, an advocate, greets Amber Versola, a lobbyist for Kansas NOW (National Organization for Women) on Tuesday at a rally in Topeka.

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Where Halloween Comes to Shop


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thURSDAY, octobeR 13, 2011

PAGe 3 campus


Pay raises for faculty and staff in 2012

professional staff. The actual percentage increase in pay will depend upon an individuals perforUniversity faculty and staff mance in multi-year evaluations, members can expect a pleasant but typically ranges between zero surprise in their paychecks next and five percent. Student tuition January that is, if their boss and fees will fund the faculty and thinks they deserve it. staff raises. Last summer, the Kansas University support staff, which Board of Regents approved a includes employees in facilities $4.6 million pool from which and operations, will receive a $500 University departments can across-the-board raise in salary, allocate wage increases to eligible in addition to a 0.5 percent merit faculty and staff pool. Young based on merit, It has been three years said that the said Gavin Young, University is now, and there have been University provost still arrangcommunications no changes in salary for ing how the anyone. so this is a step coordinator. money will The key to the toward some recognition. be divided proposal to the amongst Regents was for DOuGlas HOusTOn schools and the University to associate dean of the departments, be able to reward school of Business but plans on excellence in finalizing the teaching, research amounts in and leadership, Young said. the upcoming weeks. As opposed to an across-theThe merit pool, which will board raise for University faculty come into effect after the New and staff, the merit pool will al- Year, has pleased some University low deans and supervisors to re- deans who will be responsible for ward those who have consistently allocating the new funds. Dougworked well in their department. las Houston, associate dean of Diane Duffy, vice president of academic affairs for the School finance and administration for of Business, said the availability the Kansas Board of Regents, said of funds to increase faculty and in an email that the pay raises at- staff wages will help acknowledge tempt to maintain quality instruc- exceptional employees at the Unition at the University. versity. Targeted salary increases are It helps people to know that based upon merit and retaining good performance is well-regardexcellence among the highly pro- ed, Houston said. It has been ductive faculty and staff, Duffy three years now, and there have wrote. been no changes in salary for anyThe wage increases, which are one. So this is a step toward some the Universitys first since the recognition. summer of 2008, will average about two percent for faculty and Edited by Jennifer DiDonato

bobbY bURch


AShLeIGh Lee/KANSAN sidrah sheikh, a senior from chicago, talks to molly Karleskint, a junior from Fort scott, on stauffer-Flint lawn Wednesday afternoon for Islam awareness Week.

ShAKeSPeARe wIth A twISt

chRIS bRoNSoN/KANSAN The powerful fairy Oberon, portrayed by Taylor Geiman, finds himself in a rather odd forest during the Ku Theatre's production of the comedy shakespeare in Hollywood. The play will be performed Oct. 13 through Oct. 15 at 7:30 p.m. and on Oct. 16 at 2:30 p.m. at crafton-preyer Theatre in murphy Hall.


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thursday, OctOber 13, 2011 Crossword CrypToquip Television

PaGe 4

episode to air on Co-ed Butcher

MccLatchy tribune sudoku
SANTA CRUZ, Calif. A new television documentary will air Friday about a man convicted of killing eight women, including his mother, grandmother and a pair of University of California Santa Cruz students in a murder spree that ended in 1973. The slayings committed by Edmund Emil Kemper III who is 6 feet 9 inches tall and dubbed Big Ed or The Co-Ed Killer were part of a grim series of mass murder investigations in the county in the 1970s. The Co-Ed Butcher is an episode of the weekly series Twisted that will air at 10 p.m. EDT Friday on the channel Investigation Discovery. The episode was shot by a British crew that visited Santa Cruz County in May and interviewed investigators, defense attorneys and others who tracked Kemper. It aired in Great Britain and was later adapted for American TV, said Charlotte Bigford, a publicist for Investigation Discovery. Even if I were a local watching it again and again, it lives up to the name it is a twisted thing to watch, Bigford said. Kemper, now 62, was convicted of killing eight women from 1964 to 1973. He was born in Burbank and killed his grandmother at age 15 after an argument. He told authorities he wanted to see how it would feel to kill her. After a series of psychological tests, authorities released Kemper at age 21. He followed his mother to UCSC, where she worked. Kemper got a job with the state highway department and befriended police while he resumed his killings. He picked up two UCSC students who needed a ride and killed them cutting their bodies into pieces and burying body parts in the backyard of his apartment, authorities said. Former Watsonville police chief Terry Medina, who was a detective with the Sheriff s Office in 1972, investigated the murders and was interviewed for the documentary. Medina said it triggered some lurid memories from that era but that happens often, he said. You cant drive around too much without passing something or seeing something that reminds you of some homicide or another from those days, Medina said. Former UCSC police chief Micky Aluffi, another investigator, also was interviewed for the program. In part because Kemper was friendly with law enforcement, the murders were not pinned on him until he called Santa Cruz authorities from a Colorado pay phone to confess in 1973. Later that year, Kemper led authorities to a head buried at his home, body parts off Summit Road in the Santa Cruz Mountains and other locations. He said the filmmakers worked hard to talk to talk to people involved in Kempers case from state psychologists to a former Santa Cruz Sentinel reporter who covered the body discoveries and the trial.

Because the stars know things we dont.

aries (March 21-april 19) today is a 7 schedule your agreements, especially where finances are concerned. Charm customers with extra value, and reap long-term rewards. Be patient, and keep up momentum. taurus (april 20-May 20) today is a 9 Give in to full self-expression; you've got the confidence and power. what will you create? who will you be? you've got a blank canvas. let your passions hold the brush. Gemini (May 21-June 21) today is an 8 There's a tendency to overthink everything now. don't get stuck in your head. Get into a conversation with someone who can see beyond your view. cancer (June 22-July 22) today is a 9 your charm is magnetic, and others gravitate to your orbit. opportunities for romance abound and could even be overwhelming. express your feelings. art helps. Leo (July 23-aug. 22) today is an 8 your skills are garnering attention, both in your career and relationships. it's easier to have intimate conversations. Get a sexy new outfit, and show off your moves. Virgo (aug. 23-sept. 22) today is an 8 even if you don't hear about it, your ideas are gaining recognition. you're not in it for the glory, though. experiment with new concepts for inner satisfaction. Libra (sept. 23-Oct. 22) today is a 9 discuss shared finances during the next few days. review your money plan and goals. you're worth more than you thought. increase your income by playing your cards wisely. scorpio (Oct. 23-nov. 21) today is an 8 now it's easier to make personal decisions that were difficult before. words come easily when it comes to love, even in the face of obstacles. share your heart. sagittarius (nov. 22-dec. 21) today is a 9 The quickening pace leaves no time to waste. Concentrate on working to generate results. use your personal magnetism to gain an advantage. you have plenty today. capricorn (dec. 22-Jan. 19) today is a 7 romance sparks for the next two days. add fuel to the fire with a little mystery. you don't need to reveal everything at once. separation can make the heart grow fonder. aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) today is an 8 home improvement satisfies. you're very persuasive now and know just what to say to an influential female. respectfully advance your career. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) today is an 8 you've got the memory and concentration for some serious study. Choose a topic that you feel strongly about, and accept rigorous coaching. Toss the ball to a teammate.

check the answers at



The nexT panel Television

Nick Sambaluk

cbs mocks MtV show after idea to buy it

Nick Sambaluk

TV dancer takes role in new Footloose film

MccLatchy tribune
SEATTLE You may know Julianne Hough from Dancing with the Stars, but now shes dancing with the kids from Bomont High. Hough wasnt yet born when the original 1984 Footloose arrived on the screen, starring Kevin Bacon as a dancing teen rebel and Lori Singer as a ministers daughter. But shes been a fan of the movie for a long time. I grew up in Utah, where it was filmed, she said in a telephone interview. That was one of Hough my favorite movies growing up. Ive seen it a gazillion times. In the new Footloose, Hough (pronounced Huff ) takes over Singers role of Ariel a role that was a long time coming. A champion ballroom dancer since her early teens, Hough had to adjust her style for Brewer and choreographer Jamal Sims. They didnt want it to look like a music video, she said, or too perfect or pristine; they wanted it to be very real. Craig would tell me to tone it down a bit, so I didnt look so much like I knew what I was doing.


los anGeles it doesnt matter how many body shots and tanning sessions you offer her CBs entertainment honcho wants no part of Jersey shore. at a Tv executives panel in Beverly hills Tuesday, moderator Jeff probst of survivor fame asked his boss, CBs entertainment president nina Tassler, if she would buy Jersey shore mTvs smash reality soap about hard-partying, hardly-if-ever introspective young people if she had the chance. Tassler laughed and remarked that her husband is from new Jersey, so shes familiar with that whole world. you would have made 12 cents on that show! kevin reilly, Tasslers counterpart at Fox and a fellow panelist, said. exactly, Tassler agreed. its not delivering the kind of numbers we need to have a hit Tv show on CBs. McClatchy Tribune


thursdAy, octobEr 13, 2011


text in free for alls

it might have to be called Not Opposite Day because you cant say its opposite day on opposite day. As Albert Einstein once said, Opposite day is confusing. This is a standard werewolf movie, but with the roles reversed. Instead of a human being bitten by a werewolf, a wolf is bitten by a werehuman. Every full moon, the wolf transforms into a fully grown adult human wearing a T-shirt and jeans and instead of killing people like a werewolf, they buy groceries and do their taxes. As a bonus, if it gets made within the next couple of weeks, it can be out in time for Halloween! The film Real Steel was

) (785 289 1 835


How to catch the Academys eye

attack Of the Werehuman
By Lou Schumaker

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Forget the recession and all of the bailouts, the real jobs killer is pancreatic cancer! Too soon? To the cop that pulled me over, cyclists are not pedestrians, and you made an illegal U-turn so you could pull me over. Remember, you have a badge, not a crown. KU Quidditch won the Midwest Cup! Going to be ranked in the top 10 in the world without coaching from Bill Self. Accomplishment? i think so! Why is it that when people use public restrooms, they remember to bring a knife with them but not to flush the toilet? Sorry dude with the trench coat and tinted glasses, im going to automatically judge you every time i see you. God blessed me extra when i sneezed on the person wearing a Broncos shirt. This is Chiefs country. oSU wont score 70 points against KU in basketball. To the girls who arent model skinny, you are still beautiful. Stop complaining. Go occupy a job or a classroom so you can get on our level and leave us alone. Seriously, why do all of the KU women have super long nasty fingernails? Clip those raptor claws! The only thing worse than hipsters is olD hipsters. Since when is a little morning drizzle reason enough to wear rain boots to campus at noon? i had sex with a Wildcat. This is something i can never tell anyone. The awkward moment when all of the FFAs start with That awkward moment. People who ride bikes with no hands look so awkward that i begin to feel awkward just by looking at them. Guys wearing cutoffs to class, no onES iMPRESSED! Put on a shirt. Just screamed in delight at seeing the unicycle guy, and he heard me. Awkward. i only need two things in life: coffee and men. And alcohol, definitely alcohol. Walk-on tryouts are on my birthday. Come on Bill, give this 5-foot-9 slow white guy a shot! Do frat boys have a dress code every day, or do you just raid each others closets? To the freshman girl who just got rocked by the bus door, thats what you get for trying to sneak on the back. Ten million degrees in mid-october. i guess Al Gore was right. i thought your voice was annoying from across the room, but then you sat behind me. now i want to cut my ears off. To the girl with the amazing ass and tights, you are the reason i walked back to the dorms today. i love watching awkward goodbyes between couples.

The fall movie season is upon us, showering us with films that try to strike that perfect balance between popular and Oscar worthy. Some films look good but lack the pretension to be noticed by the Academy, like The Muppets. Some films look like theyre trying way too hard to win, like Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. Some films look like they could not care less what a bunch of old men at the Academy think, like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. If there are any filmmakers looking to make a splash, I have four sure-fire and, dare I say, brilliant scripts ready for development.

This is a standard action movie until halfway through. Then it goes

OppOsite Day

completely off the wall. As the villain injects a deadly poison into our heros veins, a henchmen busts in and shouts, You fool, its opposite day! That poison you injected just made him invincible! Now indestructible, the hero goes around wailing on bad guys, but because it is still opposite day, his attempts to kill people actually save their lives and his attempts to save people get them killed. Also,

released earlier this month. That film was about robots fighting each other or something. My film Reel Steal, however, is about a group of criminals pulling the largest movie reel heist in history. They can even steal movies about people stealing things for that extra-level meta-theater stuff people love. And because filmmakers love movies about movies, the Oscar is pretty much in the bag with this one. The Final Destination movies follow a pretty basic plot: Someone has a vision of themselves dying in some horrible, convoluted accident but, thanks to their premonition, they are able to save everyone. However, the circle of life must be maintained and death hunts them down one by one. My film would

the final final DestinatiOn

open with the entire Earth being destroyed by an asteroid, only to reveal it is just the dream of a young man. He wakes up and rushes to a NASA observatory to warn them about their approaching doom, giving humanity time to send a rocket to destroy the asteroid. Then death begins hunting down those who were saved, but instead of a small group of attractive young people, its literally everyone on the planet. So thats my pitch. Im not saying those are the four best ideas anyone has ever come up with, but, if you ask me, those are the four best ideas anyone has ever come up with. schumaker is a senior in film and media studies from Overland park

reel steal


Dont hold comment against Williams

Where was Hank Williams Jr. during the opening of Monday Night Football? Well, I certainly know where he wasnt. After opening Monday Night Football with All My Rowdy Friends are Coming Over Tonight for as long as I can remember, Williams was ousted by ESPN and Disney because of comments he made comparing Obama to Hitler on none other than Fox & Friends. Hold it. He didnt compare Obama to anybody. He simply compared the golf pairing of President Obama and House Speaker Rep. John Boehner to another pairing of historically conflicting figures. Those figures just happened to be Adolf Hitler and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He was simply trying to say that you would not see the two golfing together. Dont hold that against Hank, though. Hitler is probably one of about five political names that he knows. Perhaps he should have used the comparison of a dog and a cat eating out of the same bowl. More Fox viewers would have understood it. Now, it is pretty easy to see how such uproar would result from the comparison, especially since the comparison was made on the Fox network. Everyone took their opportunity to jump all over Williams for his ignorance, but can we really blame him? As a country music singer for decades, you can all but guarantee that Hank Williams Jr. has a pretty strong set of traditional values. Why else would an artist name one of his songs If the South Would Have Won? Mentioning everything he would do had the South won the Civil War, Williams says

By Jordan Gormley

John rAoux/AssociAtEd PrEss Hank Williams Jr. performs during the recording of a promo for ESPn's broadcasts of "Monday night Football," in Winter Park, Fla, in July. The country singer and ESPn each took credit for the decision to no longer use his classic intro to "Monday night Football."

Editors note: this editorial cartoon was misprinted in yesterdays Kansan.

hed be running for President and declaring the day Elvis died as a national holiday. As if the abolition of slavery were not enough for me to be satisfied with the North, I now find Ulysses S. Grant to be a hero. Without even knowing it, he kept Hank Williams Jr. from running the country. What a great man. Hank Williams Jr. decided that a retaliation song would suffice in showing America how pissed off he really is. After calling the U.S. the United Socialist States of America, he sings Ill keep my Christian name and yall can keep the change. First of all, I have a hard time believing that somebody singing about horseshoes and whiskey for about half a century can even describe socialism to another person. Secondly, I had no idea that it was Christian to wish that slavery was still around. I cant quite understand why he takes shots at Obama and the U.S. in the new song, though, since it was Disney and ESPN who gave him the boot. It is probably the Presidents fault that Williams got fired, though. Obama probably runs Disney, right? Gormley is a senior in political science and social psychology. follow him on twitter @jjgormley.

@udK_opinion That point at about 4am when you want to sleep sooo badly, but u know if u do youll just wake up even more tired. @udK_opinion looking like a bum in the morning and in need of some #StraightDanks @udK_opinion When they are over! #allnighter #amirite



Whats the worst part of pulling an all-nighter?

sean powers
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is plagiarism ever excusable for professors or students?

COntACt us

@udK_opinion after years of English teachers harping on us that even the smallest bit of plagiarism (intended or not) is inexcusable? nope. @udK_opinion plagiarism is So DoPE



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PAGE 6 Football

thURSDAY, OctObER 13, 2011


From right, Missouri running back Henry Josey is tackled by Kansas State linebacker arthur brown and defensive back Nigel Malone in the first quarter of last Saturdays game in Manhattan.


Kansas States defensive line motivates team with spirit

MANHATTAN The most significant improvement in the Kansas State defense this season cant be found by scouring the stat sheet. Sure, this years unit ranks 17th in the country and stops opponents on third down nearly 70 percent of the time, but those numbers are merely manifestations of a larger change that has taken place since Bill Snyder came out of retirement for his second tenure as head coach. If you remember two years ago when we first got started, I was really concerned about the spirit of our football team, Snyder said. Last year, I still had some but not as much concern about the spirit of our football team. Defensively, we have begun to express that spirit a little bit more. The result is the first 5-0 start for the No. 17 Wildcats since 2000, and a lot of momentum heading into Saturdays game at Texas Tech. Wide receiver Chris Harper knew the Wildcats had changed from the start of the first padded practice this fall. The offense was a little sluggish, but the defense came out fired up and that carried over to the rest of the team. Some of the best practices since then, Harper said, have been when the defense sets the tone for the rest of the team. Theyve always got some kind of energy, Harper said. As far as bringing the spirit to this team, theyre the catalyst for us. We kind of feed off of them. Center B.J. Finney sees the camaraderie within the defense as a primary reason for the units success on the field. Players hang out together in the locker room. They crank up the energy level with chants before games. All of that inspires the offense to join in the fun. That enjoyment translates directly to the field on Saturdays. Getting a huge stop just lets us know that the defense has our back, Finney said. Now its time to show them that we have theirs. Through five games, Wildcats have allowed only 13 touchdowns. Theyve held opponents to fewer than 300 yards per game and limited them to 24 minutes of possession. Both of those stats are among the best in the nation. Snyder is always a little suspicious of numbers. But the Wildcats forced Missouri into threeand-out on four of 11 possessions last Saturday, the red zone defense has allowed only five touchdowns in five games and Kansas State is stopping opponents from converting on third down at an incredible rate. All of that is enough to please the veteran head coach. Kansas State routinely had some of the best defenses in the country during Snyders first tenure as head coach, and hes the first to point out there is much work to be done if this years unit wants to reach the same lofty level. But he also knows that this team is trying playing clean and we kept that up the entire match. Bechard was coaching the game with a heavy heart. His mother passed away over the weekend and the team attended her wake on Tuesday. Bechard attended her funeral Wednesday morning before traveling to Columbia to be to define itself, and that preaching too much about the past takes some of the focus off the present. Thats why Snyder doesnt spend too much time talking about Kansas States history on defense. After all, many of the players arent old enough to remember those teams. After a while, you get tired of hearing about the way it used to be, Snyder said. You want to hear about how it is right now, so Im a little more focused on that than I am past history. I think its important for them to make their own history. Thats what theyll remember in time. The road does not appear to get much easier for the Jayhawks, who will square off with No. 22 Oklahoma on Saturday night in Norman. However, last year the team got one of their signature wins in the last game of the season against the Sooners, toppling the nationally-ranked squad on their own court. Its really important. None of us saw this coming, Mayfield said. But I feel like every game now from here until the end of the season is going to be a big game. We have to prove ourselves if we want to have any chance of making it to the postseason. Edited by Sarah McCabe


committed nine service errors on the night, including one in the fourth from sophomore middle blocker Caroline Jarmoc, who was serving for the set. Overall, it comes down to a focus issue, said senior outside hitter Allison Mayfield. Youre the only one in control of your serve, and you have the occasional missed serve, but missing nine is too big of a number. We just have to get back to our service. Outside of the error, Jarmoc continued her recent string of impressive outings. She finished with 15 kills and a team-high .323 attack percentage. None of the Jayhawks had a negative attack percentage on the evening, and the Jayhawks actually bested the Tigers in that category, .212 to .191. Its definitely a positive sign, said senior setter Nicole Tate. The hitters did a great job of

but I feel like every game now from here until the end of the season is going to be a big game.
allISoN MayFIeld Senior outside hitter

with the team. You just do an inventory about how that loved one would feel about how you spent that day, Bechard said. My mom was a huge Kansas volleyball fan. If she had her way, she wouldve said I needed to be with my team helping them out.



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thURSDAY, OctObER 13, 2011



epadway@kansan.com twitter.com/UDK_B12Fball The Chicago Bears announced Tuesday that they have signed former Kansas defensive end Jake Laptad to their practice squad. Laptad signed with the Bears as an undrafted free agent and spent the preseason with them. Other Kansas alumni are continuing their NFL careers. Aqib Talib is in his fourth year as a cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has 13 tackles and one interception on the season. His only pick came in the season opener against the Detroit Lions, and he took it to the endzone for a touchdown. Dezmon Briscoe, a wide receiver for the Buccaneers, has appeared in all five games this season, recording eight receptions for 74 yards. His best game came in a week two victory against Minnesota when he caught four passes for 42 yards. Kerry Meier has appeared in four games as a wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons after returning from a knee injury that sidelined him during the 2010 season. Chris Harris, a cornerback, has appeared in five games this season for the Denver Broncos, making eight total tackles. He has received the most playing time on special teams. However, he logged time as cornerback in the Broncos lopsided defeat to the Green Bay Packers. In that game, Harris recorded a season-high four tackles. Darrell Stuckey is second on the San Diego Chargers depth chart at free safety. He has made four tackles this season, appearing mostly in special teams situations.


Jake Laptad


Follow @UDK_Fball and @UDK_B12Fball to see what writers Mike Vernon and Ethan Padway have to say about the season.

Darrell Stuckey

Kerry Meier Dezmon Briscoe

chicago bears Jake laptad tampa bay buccaneers Dezmon briscoe aqib talib San Diego chargers Darrell Stuckey Atlanta falcons Kerry Meier

Chris Harris


Aqib Talib

Denver broncos Chris Harris

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PAGE 8 womens basketball

thURSDAY, OctObER 13, 2011


Junior guard strives to be consistent leader

kgier@kansan.com Sophomore guard Keena Mays rolled up a piece of paper and held it out to junior guard Angel Goodrich like a microphone. As Goodrich continued talking with a reporter, Mays nodded and tried to fight off laughter. Goodrich sat, poised and professional, ignoring Mays. Staying focused despite distraction is a specialty for Goodrich, a point guard from Tahlequah, Okla. She has not had an easy career so far at Kansas. She tore her ACL during the second practice of her freshman year, and she did so again the next season. However, when healthy, she is one of the Jayhawks leaders. Angel has always been someone Foundation Comeback Award finalist. Those awards that she won we nominated her and voted for her, Mays said. She is definitely a leader on the team. Goodrich said the awards mean a lot, but she is just as happy to be a leader and an example for the team. I want to be a leader to where we push and we make that bar, she said. I want to be someone they look up to and respect and come talk to for help. Mays said she goes to Goodrich for help and sees her as an example to model her game after. I dont know if she knows it, but I look up to her a lot, Mays said. Even when she doesnt think I am looking, I am looking at her and seeing how I can improve my game. The Jayhawks are predicted to finish seventh in the Big 12 Conference by the coaches. On Oct. 31, Goodrich will get her first chance of the year to lead the Jayhawks to what they hope will be their first trip to the NCAA Tournament since 2000. Edited by Jayson Jenks

even when she doesnt think I am looking, I am looking at her and seeing how I can improve my game.
keena mays sophomore guard

who, behind closed doors or away from everybody, says the right things and leads by example, coach Bonnie Henrickson said. Goodrich started all 27 games she played in last season and led the conference in assists with 6.3 per game. Henrickson said she is never late to practice and is always where she needs to be. I dont think I have ever yelled at Angel. Honestly, I dont think I have, Henrickson said. You talk about the model of consistency from how she practices to how she plays. That is exactly who you want all your kids to be. Last season, Goodrich was named the teams best defender, received the Sheahon Zenger Leadership Award and was a V

Junior guard angel Goodrich is surrounded by reporters during tuesdays media day held at allen Fieldhouse. Goodrich now wears the number 3 jersey, changing from 23 last season.


sophomore guard angel Goodrich goes up for a basket last season against oklahoma. Goodrich is one of the teams leaders.




thURSDAY, octobER 13, 2011


i always think, at the end of day, heck, the other team needs to stop you. Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops on Mondays Big 12 teleconference in regards to running up the score

fAct of thE DAY

Kansas won the first eight matchups with oklahoma from 1903 to 1910. KU Athletics

Q: what is Kansas largest margin of victory against oklahoma? A: 34-0


W. Golf

Metal: a new element of possibility

couple of days ago I watched the Detroit Tigers designated hitter Victor Martinez crush a solo home run to right field in the fourth inning of game three of the ALCS. It was at this moment I started to think about how fun it would be to see major leaguers take swings with a metal bat. I mean, if 16-year-old Bryce Harper could crush one 570 feet, and Mickey Mantle could hit multiple bombs more than 550 feet with a wooden bat, just think about what Albert Pujols or Robinson Cano could do to the ball. Im pretty sure the cover would be torn off. With a busy 162-game season, it would be nearly impossible for Major League Baseball to incorporate anything like this into the schedule, but I think I have a solution. During All-Star weekend, the home run derby is always a fan favorite. Every year, eight of the biggest bats are chosen to participate. The objective is simple: to see how many home runs a player can hit (and how far he can hit them) with 10 outs allowed per round. In the past, wooden bats have always been used in this event, but

By Jonathan Rosa
the MLB could make it exclusive to metal bats. After all, the point is to hit the ball far, have fun and put on a show for fans. By using a metal bat instead of a wooden one, we would see baseballs go distances we never thought possible. This competition would not affect any part of the regular season, thus making it an enjoyable night at the ballpark for both players and fans. Of course, there are some precautions to consider in order to make this a realistic possibility. Fan safety would be the main concern. If a player were to foul off a ball, theres always a chance that a fan

KU Athletics

could be struck by it. This could be dangerous, even potentially fatal, considering how much faster the ball would travel into the stands. However, this setback could be fixed by adding more netting around the infield seats, like in the ballparks in Japan. And, of course, theres always the chance that a teams star player could be injured or alter his swing by using a metal bat, but then again he shouldnt enter the competition if he doesnt want to take that risk. The bottom line is: Weve all seen little league, high school and college athletes play with metal bats, but weve never seen them used at the professional level. If the MLB wants to add an exciting element to an already exhilarating home run derby, using metal bats would certainly do just that. Will this happen? Probably

not. But it doesnt hurt to dream about seeing this happen someday. Im sure Im not the only fan out there who would want to see if a baseball player could send one to the moon, let alone out of the park. Edited by Lindsey Deiter


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wisconsin Adidas invitational 1:30 p.m. Madison, wis.

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Volume 124 Issue 37


Thursday, October 13, 2011


Junior guard leads team and Big 12

angel Goodrich sets an example in focus and consistency
Page 8

Jayhawks in the pros

fallinG flat, aGain


See where and how theyre playing Page 7

Situation not good for Gill

By Kory Carpenter


ome time between the 35th Oklahoma State point of the first quarter last Saturday and the ninth or tenth We just need to keep improving quote from coach Turner Gill, something became painstakingly clear: Gills clock is ticking. His first season could be written off as the beginning of a major rebuilding job, but you cant forget the embarrassments. Theyre simply too big to hide. A 6-3 loss to an FCS level team. A 59-7 drubbing at the hands of Baylor. Not Oklahoma or Texas, but Baylor. Not to mention the combined 94-14 score against Kansas State and Missouri. Nevertheless, last seasons woes were understandably attributed to a new staff implementing a new system while bringing in their own players. Another year with the staff and continued improvement from young players was supposed to soften the blows in the razor-sharp Big 12 this season. Instead, fans see an offense that went from bad to better-than-average and a defense thats fighting to not go down as the worst of all time. And theres no hyperbole there, folks. But it isnt just the losing. No, its the weekly embarrassments. Short of the galaxies aligning just right, giving up a combined 111 points to Kansas State and Baylor shouldnt be acceptable for any team in the Big 12. Now as year two nears the halfway mark, two schools (Georgia Tech and Oklahoma State) have already set numerous school records on the Kansas defense. Oklahoma State pulled its starting quarterback in the second quarter to get his backup some game time. That rarely happens against the McNeese States of the world, let alone in a Big 12 conference game. Unfortunately for fans, the Big 12 schedule is just picking up. The Big 12 is tough. Real tough, but it cant be an excuse. Turner Gill knew what he was getting into when he signed on at Kansas. Not that he would ever make excuses, either. Hes too much of a class-act for that. But unfortunately being a stand-up guy and a successful football coach dont always go hand in hand. From what I witnessed firsthand last year and have heard this season, players love playing for Gill; they just havent been able to win for him. Barring any monumental upsets, Gill will have six wins or fewer after two years on the job. The one thing working in Gills favor right now is his contract, which doesnt include a buyout. If he was fired, he would receive the remaining salary left on his fiveyear deal. At $2 million per year, he is set to receive $6 million more after this season. Its common knowledge that most college football coaches need at least three seasons to get their affairs in order, and besides that, its highly unlikely KU Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger has the resources to shell out around $10 million to dismiss Gill and his assistants as well as hire a completely new staff. But if enough angry, big-money donors bang on Zengers door and open up their checkbooks and thats a big if things could change quickly. Edited by Jonathan Shorman


the KU defense gets caught off guard during an attack by Missouri during last nights match at the Hearnes Center in Columbia, Mo. Kansas lost three sets to one. it is now 12-6 and 0-5 in the big 12.


MAtt GAllOwAy

mgalloway@kansan.com twitter.com/UDK_vball The volleyball team traveled to Columbia, Mo., yesterday looking for answers after a winless start to Big 12 play. Despite strong individual performances, the team may have left the ShowMe State with more questions than answers. A late surge came up short for the slumping Jayhawks (12-6,

0-5) as they fell to the Tigers (157, 2-4) in four sets, 21-25, 24-26, 25-20, 26-28. Its a pretty significant disappointment, coach Ray Bechard said. We had a sustainable lead in game four, had a lot of great volleyball game in the end, but we couldnt make enough plays to win at the end. Its becoming a bit of a reoccurring theme. After dropping the first two sets, the Jayhawks rallied to win the third in decisive fashion. The

team went on a four point run that was capped off by a set-winning block from junior middle blocker Tayler Tolefree. With their backs against the wall, the Jayhawks jumped out to an 8-2 lead in the fourth set. However, the Tigers would hang around long enough to put together a 9-1 rally to take the lead, 21-20. The Jayhawks were still in a position to win the set twice, serving up 24-23 and 25-24, but the Tigers would dig themselves

out of the holes. The decisive kill from Missouri freshman outside hitter Emily Wilson went wide, but the line judge ruled that a Jayhawk had touched it on the way out. The Tigers would outdig the Jayhawks for the game, 65-55. Bechard said the team has to develop a killer instinct when they serve for the match point. He said that maintaining a consistently aggressive mentality is a challenge.

Its like being at the free thrown line down one with one second left, Bechard said. Its different than it is with 10 minutes left, but you have to go through the same mechanics, same thought process, and you have to get the same result. The Jayhawks got eight aces, including two from three separate players. But the team also

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Weak defense improving in practices

mvernon@kansan.com twitter.com/UDK_Fball The Oklahoma State fans that stayed for the final act of the Jayhawks blowout loss to the Cowboys watched their team get out-scored in the fourth quarter to Kansas. Yes, it was against a mix of first, second and third string defenders that the Kansas offense faced in the fourth quarter, but the 14 points Kansas scored at the end of the game Saturday showed that the offense is resilient. The 28 total points Kansas scored helps put in perspective just how poorly this Kansas defense has been playing. Scoring 28 points against the No. 6 team in the nation, is no small accomplishment. Scoring 28 points wouldve been good enough to win 11 FBS games last week and tie two of them. Instead of being the 12th winning team in college football with 28-points or fewer, the Jayhawks lost by 42. Kansas actually scored one more point than Oklahoma State has allowed on average all season. The biggest margin of victory the Cowboys had before Kansas was a 27-point victory against Louisiana Lafayette. The week before, Kansas scored 34 points against Texas Tech. Those 34 points should have put Kansas on track to win 20 games that week. Of every team that scored more than 34 points and lost in week five of the college football season, Kansas had the largest deficit, falling by 11 points. Following the Oklahoma State game, coach Turner Gill broke down the defensive woes into two simple categories: Our guys did not tackle quite as well, as far as early on, Gill said. And the second thing is the guys were not doing what they were told to do in some cases. Its a combination of a lack of athleticism, play-making and tackling that have led to the teams struggles, Gill said. By admitting that some players are not following their coaches instructions on the field, Gill helps shed some light on the defense, which ranks 34 yards worse than any other FBS team. Sophomore cornerback Tyler Patmon suggested Wednesday that there is only one way to fix the defenses problem: practice. When it comes down to it, its


Sophomore cornerback tyler Patmon pulls an oklahoma State ball carrier to the ground near midfield during the first quarter of Saturday nights game at boone Pickens Stadium. Patmon had four tackles against oSU along with a defensive pass interference while in the end zone during the second quarter. consistency, Patmon said. We have to go hard in practice no matter what. It appears that the Jayhawks got the message. Freshman linebacker Ben Heeney said a few of the players asked their teammates to pick up their performance on the practice field. The past two days, our defensive practices have been 100-fold better than what its been, Heeney said. I just think we look a lot better even from last week to this week. Gill said the team has practiced with more focus and energy the past two days. He said there is urgency with the team in practice, because they know


they have to be on all cylinders against No. 3 Oklahoma this Saturday. If the play in practice has improved, the Jayhawks defensive performance this season has served as a wake up call. Edited by Alexandra Esposito