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| | RESTRICTED AN 01-35ED-1 PILOT'S HANDBOOK of FLIGHT OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS PBM-5 AIRPLANES This publication shall not be carried in aircraft on combat missions or when there is a reasonable chance of its falling into the hands of the enemy. RESTRICTED AN O1-35ED-1 Pilot’s Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions U. S. NAVY MODEL | PBM-5 Airplane This publication shall not be carried in aircraft on combat missions or when there is a reasonable chance of its falling into the hands of the enemy. NOTICE.—This document contains information affecting the national defense of the United States within the meaning of the Espionage * 31 ond 32, as amended, Its transmission or the Act, 50 U.S. revelation of its contents in any manner to on unauthorized person is prohibited by law. 8 June 1944. Revised 10 August 1944. RESTRICTED Published under joint authority of the Commanding General, Army Air Forces, the Chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics, and the Air Council of the United Kingdom THIS PUBLICATION MAY BE USED BY PERSONNEL RENDERING SERVICE TO THE UNITED STATES OR ITS ALLIES Navy Regulations, Article 751%, contains the follow- ing paragraphs relating to the handling of restricted matter: (b) Restricted matter may be disclosed to persons of discretion in the Government service when it appears to'be in the public interest (cl Restricted mwuter may be disclosed, under special circumstances, (0. persons not in the Gov- ernment service when it appears to be in the public The Bureau of Aeronautics Circular Letter No. 12-43 further states: ‘Therefore, i is requested that all naval activities check their own local regulations and. procedures, to make sure that handbooks, service instructions, and other restricted technical publicationsare cn being made available to, both civilian, personnel who have use for them. _———________- LIST OF REVISED PAGES ISSUED NOTE—A heavy of the revision Title, authorization Addendum I Pages I, IT Paragraph 5 (¢) of Army Regulation 380-5 relative to the handling of restricted printed matter is quoted betow: (d) Dissemination of restricted, matter. formation contained in restricted documents and the eset tharatrstics of resicted yates tay Be given to aiy perion known to be iit the service of the Ennted States ‘ond to persons of wntoubied loyalty amd discretion teho are exoperating fu Government wars, but will not be communicated to the public or to the press except by authorized miliary public eslations Agencies. These instructions permit the issue of restricted pub- ications to civilian contract and other accredited schools engaged in training personnel for Govern- ment work, t0 civilian concerns contracting for over- haul and repair. of aircraft or aircraft accessories, and to similar commercial organizations, The in. ack vertical line to the left of the text on revised pages indicates the extent This line is omitted where more than 50 percent of the page is involved. ADDITIONAL COPIES OF THIS PUBLICATION MAY BE OBTAINED AS FOLLOWS: AAF ACTIVITIES.—Submit requisitions to the Commanding General, Fairfield Air Service Command, Patterson Field, Fairfield, Ohio, Attention: Publications Distribution Branch, in accordance with AAF Regulation No. 5-9. Also, for details of Technical Order distribution, see T. O. No. 00-25-3. NAVY ACTIVITIES.—Submit requests to the Chief, Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Department, Washington, D.C. RESTRICTED