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Pos 1001 Current events 4/04/12 Tyler Sukop 1.

) Pressures are building on Iran from all angles, to deter their nuclear program from going onto a tangent of weaponazation. Both Obama and Israel are turning up the heat on their military pressures, Israel becoming increasingly explicit in saying they may launch a preventative attack on Iran, and Obama and republicans refusing to accept any negotiated outcomes. 2.) Iran has been proven three times over, by both the American intelligence community and Londons international institute for strategic studies, to not have nuclear weapons. Obama and other prominent American political figures believe whole heartedly that Irans having of nuclear weapons would spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, and spark massive wars and unrest between middle easterners. Even though these speculations have been proven through principle by nations such as Israel in the Middle East, having such a robust nuclear arsenal, with no threat by others to begin a cold war style arms race. 3.) Obama states his concerns that if Iran develops a nuclear defense program these nuclear weapons of mass destruction could potentially fall into the hands of terrorists. Fareed zakaria presents the argument in this article a nation such as Iran, described as a rational actor by general martin dempsy, would be concerned with their own safety, and being that their nuclear weapons have already brought military supervision upon them from the US other nations, the Iranian government would be wise to promote their own immediate and future survival, to keep such technologies under lock and key. 4.) As said by General Dempsy a rational actor is not one who acts rationally and reasonably , or someone who uses the same goals or values that you or I do, but instead, a rational actor Is someone who is concerned with his survival. Dempsy compares the last three decades of Iranian behavior, rooted in rationale and calculations, to advance their regime and their nation, with the short empire of Mao Zedong, based in the willingness to sacrifice half of the Chinese population in a violent effort to promote global communism. I agree with this view, as I think it is obvious that iran is in no position to take of the entire middle east in a military action, nor are they interested in causing a severe population detriment to spread their government throughout the continent. All they want is a deterrent to other nations from attacking them, in the heavy middle eastern turmoil. 5.) The premise of the current strategy against Iran is based on the notion that Iran is calculating the cost of these pressures and will change its policies in response. the question right now is not weather Iran can be rational but instead weather the US and Israel can carefully evaluate the consequences of a preventative war. What I believe is that the US shold remove themselves completely from conflict in the middle east. There has been conflict there for thousands of years, and there will continue to be conflict regardless of our presence. As far as regulating who can and cannot have nuclear weapons in the world, last I checked the united states was not the UN, the entire reason the UN exists is to handle things like this, and I dont see what place we have to police those that are already policed by the UN. Unless this war is still motivated by oil

and scare tactics, I personally think we should get out of dodge, and stop giving the other nations of the world reason to dislike us.