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E-mail: lorem.ipsum@somedomain.com Voice / Fax: (999)999-9999 / (111)111-1111 Yeni Pazar Sok. No:1115 90999 Kadky, Istanbul


Accomplished market analyst, skilled at increasing profits and reducing costs through application of analytical and business development skills. Proficient in using technology to enhance data and information management. Committed to implementing customer loyalty actions that drive business operations to success.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE GOODWEATHER.COM CORPORATION - URL: www.somedomain.com, Istanbul, Turkey Weather Channel Portal Manager, 05/01/1998 - present Promoted to position to lead all weather channel activities, including technical and content issues. Train and direct the activities of 12 web development technicians, Provide analysis of visitors and new business ventures, including competitive analysis. Major projects: Developed new marketing strategy that increased visit rate by 80%. Realized alliances with the largest portal of the country. Senior Market Resarch Analyst, 02/02/1995 - 04/20/1998 Conducted in-depth competitive analysis for GoodWeather Products. Prepared market performance reports for fashion channels, including profitability and customer loyalty. Accomplishments: Formulated and wrote GoodWeather Group's strategic plan. Recognized by corporate CFO for converting strategic plan to electronic version using ASP; new format increased access to reports via Intranet. Developed company's first market potential forecasting model for GoodWeather; model is used for new channel developments and strategic planning. SOFTWARE FOR PEOPLE CORPORATION, Istanbul, Turkey Graphic Design Software Product Specialist, 05/01/1992 - 01/31/1995 Developed marketing strategies for graphic design software. Planned and implemented promotional activities to individual and corporate clients. Took the responsibility for managing relations with advertisment and research agencies. Major projects: Developed an overall marketing strategy to mid-scale corporate clients. Increased brand awareness by 56%. EDUCATION & TRAINING MBA, New York University, New York, July 1991 -GPA: 3.7 BS, Boazii University, Computer Engineering, stanbul, June 1989 -GPA: 3.8 Professional Training: Fundamentals, Techniques &Theory of Valuation Analysis; Understanding &Managing Growth Models; Managing Successful Projects, How to Retain Customers. FOREIGN LANGUAGES Fluent in English Basic knowledge of German and French. COMPUTER LITERACY

Operating Systems: Mac OS, OS/2, VAX VMS, UNIX, Windows Family Programming Languages: 80x86 Assembly, Prolog, LISP, BASIC, Asymetrix Toolbook, Pascal, C, C++, Java (including
Servlet API), Delphi, PowerBuilder. Others: Nowell Netware, FrontPage, 3D Studio, Quark Express, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator PERSONAL INFORMATION

Date of birth Military Obligation

: September 1st, 1966 : Completed