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I hope you enjoy these poems. God willing, may they either encourage your faith (should you be a doubting Thomas) or more deeply instill the faith youve already come to know. You may want to use some of them for daily prayer, though they were not originally written as prayers. I enjoy expressing myself through poetry because of how much you can say in just a few sentences. To me, poetry is to the ear what a photograph is to the eye both can tell a great deal with just a glimpse. By God have I written these poems, and I hope that in some way they brighten your day. God Bless Victor Frank

Poems By: Victor Frank Copyright 2007 www.ttogan.com


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Thank You for looking out for me, In every move that I make. Thank You for helping to light my way, So good comes from each action I take. I pray Youll always be near to me, And pray Your signs will I see. To help me improve both others and me, And doing Your will before thee. Your love and Your grace are all I need, And Ive learned the importance of love. Thank You for helping me grow indeed, To do better to serve You above.

I often may not say it, But I want You to sure know, That glad I am for all Youve done, And all that You bestow. From best of friends to family, To work thats sure to please, To help from people I dont know, And forgiveness on my knees. The more I see the more I know, That faith in You returns, The wish of pleasant prayers Ive said, By goodness done in turn. So this thanks thats heartfelt said, And my great appreciation, Is written here for all to see, To God, my inspiration.

Awesome is He undecidedly so, To show me he cares by the love He bestows. For I was down not entirely out, With the little faith left He took away doubt. If you seek you will find fortunately true, For lost would I be if not devoted to You. Now important in life not material things, Nor my selfish wants that I thought were my needs. Rather love and peace my understanding is, For God by example showed me how to share His.

For a believer you be, Or a believer youre not. Let us finally examine, What its really all about. A Good example came, A Good example went. To follow this example, Is your life well spent. Just as an idol, a father, We want to emulate; Should be His Divine Greatness, For whom we all will wait. For Hes our ultimate father, And whats even more, Is the Book that was written, For us to explore. If your will, your spirit, To be like your father. Then think about it A believer you are!

The catholic faith, bend for times, Or stand-fast shall it may? A contest of popularity, its not, Why change from day-to-day? A force to exist, we must have, One that doesnt bend. Something to show all who live, Christian ways best to tend. Of what counter-force do I speak One of power and of greed. One where they do whatever they want, Even immorality. From Las Vegas, politics, and hedonism trips, And rampant drugs to include. Hollywood movie stars on TV, Undressed to practically nude. Its easy, sure, to do what you want, With nobody to account to. Let me tell you this, its not what you think, For later answer you do.

We too must do as told, Like in children we expect. Then we ought to follow God, To ensure we show respect. Why would we be different, Why exempt be us. Why His word Hes given, Would we ignore and not trust? As we instill in them, When children we are blessed. Then accept discipline from God, To be sure to pass the test. Rules we make for kids, Like the Ten Commandments. To follow for our good, And for people betterment. So in God believe or not, Really doesnt matter. But up to us it is, To bear and set example.

Imagine the faith that some have, When not needed by bad circumstance. Imagine their faith when so strong, Without heartache within them by chance.


Fate there is and fate there isnt, For were in control. But destiny there is and be, If far from path you go. Choices must we have to be, Different than computer. By these choices He can see, Our faith in Him and future. But try as may and try as might, Your ship may not come in. Especially one of greedy wants, Of selfishness and sin. So think a while and think a lot, About a better trail. Then follow it with all your heart, And pray to God not fail. Easy see it if you try, That friction be created. If going down a selfish road, Not lending hand to neighbor. So choose you can another path, And make life harder still. But when youve had enough of that, Set goal on path of Will.


Heres my story believe or not, But if you do than you have got, More open mind than me. I once knew not the love of God, Whatever did was what I want, Until was found by He. Only believed on the surface, And never sure of His purpose. Until I needed Him. And there was God to help me up, As if offered to drink His cup, Then drank and drank I did. Now words of His I understand, And realize that now I can, Obey commands like new. Especially with signs Ive seen, Grows ever more the strength in me, To follow his words true. Like said before a narrow mind, Cannot believe til changed in time, My thoughts of old through God Devine.


Wonderful, is our God He breaks us, he saves us, both for our own good. Breaks us, to remedy and change our faulty ways, Or to build character, by enduring many a hard day. Or breaks us, to live a life thats rough, To build joy and Hope, for an eternal one to come. Saves us, as a way to show his Love and care, Or as an example, of how to help others while were here. Or saves us yet, to better build our Faith and encourage us to know, These words written: Faith, Hope, and Love, ought always to be sown.


Apparently what others see, In Bible and religion. Are acts by men and people then, That make a bad condition. Blame them now you cannot do, In their action that they make. To stay away or change their way, When outcast for religions sake. Now this is what I have to say, Regarding what Ive seen. Where one members told goodbye, Cause divorced then had to leave. Ill speak to you what I thinks true, Regarding ways of men. Where in another case I heard, A poor farmer not let in. I surely cannot try to know, Why others do whats done. And furthermore dont claim to know, All mystries of Gods Son. But this I think and now Ill tell, That noone be let go. For what Ive read is that its said, The well dont doctor go.


In my humble opinion, Let me say the rest. Of whats written on this paper, To get it off my chest Hearing but not heeding, Advice from Bible read. Is likely worse than not reading, To know whats written said. For excuse of knowledge lacking, (Though fault to not it seek.) May be better than excuses where, Ignored and turned your cheek. Thats why to me important, As the Christian that I are. To do what Bibles written of, Than heeding not by far.


Nature has provided it, Can you even believe. That wonderful this fruit we have, And other food we need. I think its not coincidence, For no other being has. The choice of food from which to feast, Like meat and that from land. Some food that is medicinal, And some that just tastes great. Other food for nourishment, And some for long hard days. It is a plan of grand design, Surely Im convinced. For whats the chance if not Devine, Food more than to subsist.


As a kite, controlled by a string, Or less clear, like the tide rising. As a dog, obedient to his master, Ought to be us, to avoid disaster. So imagine, if you can create, That someone, from scratch you did make. Like a son or like a daughter, You will care for and look after. Would you like them, would you want, Your creation to live safe and sound? Sure you would, your desire done, If rules they have, for good of everyone. Like a son, one who listens well, Would you be proud, to others tell. Like a daughter, doing good deeds, Happy makes you, when this you see. Like someone, when going gets tough, Who perseveres with strength, however rough. For your discipline, by rules instilled, Allowed them to stand fast, to be firm. And disease free, healthy forever, Would be your desire, a way to look after. So sexual immorality must abstain, Because for their good, for generations gain. Of course from them, others will come, And want them treated well, like the first one. So rules to love neighbors, obvious are, And guidelines for parents, made by Creator. Arent we smarter, in more control, Than a dog on a leash, or kite being flown? Then just as a dog, like mans best friend, We must follow the Word, and obedience tend.


A foothold for the devil, Never should you give. So do your best you should, To not be negative. If glass has any water, Be glad to drink it in. Not to focus on, The need for more within. And if times seem tough sometimes, Be glad tough times you have. For no times would you enjoy, If here not by Gods own plan.


I wonder now, I wonder then, Are my actions right. Which way, is the way, To walk a path thats straight? . . . Whats right for me, whats right for God, Which way do I choose? Or do I, follow the leader, Knowing that well lose? This you know, this I know, Sometimes clear its not, Then in this case, I must choose, The ways put forth by God. For this I know, and you must know, That righteous paths be chosen, For what man, can go wrong, By following whats written?


Always act as if, God is in your pocket; Then your actions be thought through, Because you know He will watch it. Not to impart a heavy, Burden onto You; But good judgment angel, To see and watch you through. And not to lug around, The weight of excess guilt; But to assist you with the evil, That you may be filled. This good and great force, That is always in your pocket; Will surely protect you from, Others who forgot it. Though it may seem, That less fun you will be having; Know that even fun can have, If character not lacking. So carry Him with You, Like a sentimental locket; In Your heart, on your sleeve, And even in your pocket.


Preach to the choir, but why? Preach to those blinded, to find, So those who do not know, will so. For in words to open ears, of closed, Then whats written will be heard, to grow, So the faith of faithful not, be known. Go forth and talk with them, and then, Talk of Jesus in Jesus name, again, So both those who dont and do, know Him.


From grapefruit, cantaloupe, and watermelon too, To peaches, pineapple, grapes, and honeydew. The fruits were all given as nourishment to feed, Shows the awesome power of Gods fruitful seed. From broccoli, asparagus, and cauliflower grown, To celery, spinach, peas, and yellow corn. The vegetables provided for health to all eat, Shows the love of our God whose care cant be beat. From tulips, daphodills, carnations, and red roses, To daisies, lilies, violets, and quad clovers. The beauty of flowers adorning our views, Shows the beauty of love that God always renews.


Where am I, Oh God please tell, Oh where am I to be. Is it here or other place, That You should want for me. For this I ask, of You my God, So road I choose to drive. Is the road You want for me, So Your wills that I strive. I think sometimes, You know I do, That where I am be must. But times when the goings hard, Myself and road distrust. So God a sign, please show a sign, On this or any road. So know I am doing Your will, So doubt does not unfold.


Dear Lord, I know Im rough around the edges, And coarse I may be too. But I pray to You that I can be, Part of solution not problem for You.


Thank You
Thank You God for everything, For all for me You do. For helping me through the hard times, And giving me good too. Thank You God for my great friends, And my great family. For helping them and being helped, When needing help indeed. Your love shines through in all You do, Though bad times have I had. For great appreciation now, If not had times of bad. Thank You once again my God, Can never say enough. But try I will to show You still, How much in You I trust.


Thanks Again
Thank You Lord for all Youve done, For being there with me. Thank You Lord especially, For helping me to see. Now I know that ways of old, No longer pleasing still. So thanks again for helping me, To better live Your will.


Thank You God for all Youve done, And answering my prayers. The love Youve shown is wonderful, And more than ask I dare. Trust in You is never wrong, By anyone without. The answer to the road to take, Or the path to follow down. For when I knew a better way, Must for me exist. I turned to You to help me to, Light the way in midst. Now again as usual, The faith I have in You. Helped for You to point the way, To show me what to do. Like a strong relationship, The love circle we share. Always makes me want to show, How much for You I care.


When you feel alone and sad, And that nobody cares; Rest assured its my belief, That God is always there.


Expressed through language, sometimes not, The thoughts which come to mind. So with more thoughtful time I shall, Better express these thoughts of mine. They come from God, they always have, But I never knew. So give Him now both thanks and praise, For thoughts I write to you.


If we read the Word for truth, And learn to understand. It cant be bottled up inside, So spread throughout the land.


Your View
Help me do whats in Your view, And not consider mine. Help me do what I can do, To fill Your will this time. For in the past and recently, I do what I want to. So please dear God now guide the way, So I can live for You.


Youve heard the sayings, Some of old while some of new. Words like lending a hand, And leave rest for them to do. Or put another way, That to water can lead a horse. But if horse not thirsty, To drink from it you cannot force. Or this way you can look, That up to station pulled your train. Your passenger was welcomed, But up to them to find their way. What saddens me most, Is when true help not received. Why sabotage their self, Than bring your love inside to feed.


To suggest and advise, is all you can do, To one with some knowledge lacking. If listen not, nor follow advice, Then stop for nothing is happning. We all have our way, and maybe one day, The one to whom you have sold. Will eventully see, that good product be, That in the past that you told. For long time in past, sure was I bad, At listning to those like my mother. But now do I see, that valuble be, Experience gained from one another. Smart you will find, if now you can mind, Advice spoken for you to hear. And not turn blind eye, to all those who try, To open your left and right ear.


When upon your shoulders burdens weigh, And exhaustion nears your legs. When striding uphill day-by-day, And rest your body begs. Remember this though difficult, That when the challenge tall. That perseverance gets repaid, When aiding others call.


Not asking for much, am I, And certainly not demanding. But wanting a change, Ill try, For those with armed forces standing. The requested change put forth, Is for some retailer discounts. In restaurant establishments, And hotels when travling about. Another service I think, Where helpful to get a break. Is airline travel indeed, When quickly needed to take. Certainly, helpful right now, If senior or member of Sams. And if triple A holder, Ten percent is left in your hands. So with all this said, I think, Retailers can cut them a break. And save those who save country, Some money while showing their thanks.


To volunteer and give your time, Is great for you to do. No better way that I can see, To show the care of you. Many people say they would, Like more self to give. Im included in this group, For need a job to live. But for each and every one, That circumstance allows. To freely give to those in need, Your time important now. And for the rest where work is best, Please donate future day. By giving to a charity, Or going out of way.


Love thy neighbor, You should as self, Is utmost importance. Good will toward men, And helping them, Answers your existence.


Sometimes down youve got to stoop, To raise those in the gutter; To talk their language for a while, To be to them a rudder.


Better you can be, stronger you can be, Its easy if you try. Why ground yourself and suppress your talents, When I know you can fly? Something good from within, weve been created to possess, To share with love, unselfishly and with tenderness, Should be its purpose, should be its use Listen again Ill say; To do otherwise and condemn your gifts, you should not do for pay. But if your talents and your gifts earn you money well, Spread it to others, whose gifts as valuable, unluckily dont sell. For were all connected, as one you might say, And this wealth, by happenstance, important today, You would not have, you would not earn, If we did not pay.


Hunger Not
I beg you now, of you I ask, So those in need, beg not their task A plan I have, to use by you, So you can help, provide their food. But first lets see, what it can be, With your support, to fill their need. Peace theyll have, to have a meal, And wonder not, from where to steal. Then full of food, to better live, To wonder what, their life can give. For given be, their basic need, To grow and learn, from your good deed. So heres the plan, you will not fail, For hard its not, the deed entail. So when food left, and youre at bust, Donate a buck, to those you trust.


Hunger Restated
I beg you now, Of you I ask, So those in need are stable. A plan I have, To use by you, To put food on their table. This plan I use, I always will, For I know that it will help. Then food they have, And can begin, To dream about their self. Heres what you do, Before a meal, Be sure to say your grace. Then if any, Food be left, Donate a buck to aid.


Southside churches closing may, For cost is to extreme. But dont let parishioners, Miss words that can redeem. Not an empty hollow poem, Has been written here. But one with solution found, If only you can hear. Other places can be found, To hold a Sunday mass. Other places church not bound, Like gym or school-room class. If not found another place, Close to that of old. Then consolidate by bus, To nearest church to hold. If cannot above be done, Then apparent is to me. Neglect of those parishioners, For mass they cannot see.


Nice you be and nice you must, For what good to spread distrust? Nice is good and nice easy, Just flip the bad for nice to see. Nice not weak nor nice afraid, Rather nice of men are made. Nice listens and nice is there, Like a friend to always hear. Nice better than that not so, Its up to us to spread you know.




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