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Date: 17-07-12 Subject: SST (Unit 1-3)

Name: Roll No.:

Class: Five

Total Marks: 100 Time: 2 hour


Q. No. 1: Multiple Choice Questions


1. The war of Independence was fought in: (a) 1856 (b) 1857 (c) 1859 (d) 1860 2. A modern seaport that is constructed in Baluchistan with the help of China is: (a) Karachi Port (b) Qasim Port (c) Pasni Port (d) Gawadar Port 3. The season in which the leaves of trees fall and the hot season come to an end is: (a) Rainy season (b) Spring season (c) Autumn season (d) winter season 4. Due to monsoon winds which areas receive the largest amount of rainfall? (a) Sialkot (b) Murree (c) Coastal Areas (d) Swat 5. The area between two mountain ranges is called: (a) Peak (b) Pass (c) Lake (d) Valley 6. Which mountain range lies in the north of Pothwar Plateau? (a) Himalaya Range (b) Karakorum Range (c) Hindukush Range (d) Kirthar Range 7. In Pakistan, there are weathers: (a) Two (b) Three (c) Four (d) Five 8. The Arians came Sub-Continent from: (a) Central Asia (b) South Asia (c) Middle East (d) Europe 9. Arians believed in cast and creed system. Later on this system developed into: (a) Islam (b) Christianity (c) Hindu Religion (d) Buddhism 10. Who rejected the One Nation Theory? (a) Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan (b) Quaid-e-Azam (c) Allama Iqbal (d) Chaudhry Rehmat Ali 11. In 1930, Allama Iqbal delivered a speech in: (a) Lahore (b) Alahabad (c) Karachi (d) Dhaka 12. An average condition of weather at a place for a long period of time is called: (a) Seasons (b) Climate (c) Weather (d) Atmosphere 13. In Pakistan the summer rainfall is only due to: (a) Arabian Sea (b) Heat (c) Monsoon winds (d) Humidity 14. In his address Allama Iqbal pointed out that the Muslims and the Hindus were two different nations because of their different: (a) Religions (b) Styles of living (c) Thoughts (d) Religions, Styles of living, Thoughts

15. Weather keeps on changing on: (a) Daily Basis (b) Weekly Basis 16. October and November are the months of: (a) Spring (b) Autumn 17. The climate of coastal areas remains: (a) Cool (b) Hot

(c) Monthly Basis (c) Much heat (c) Moderate

(d) Yearly Basis (d) Rain (d) Dry

18. The division of earth on the basis of physical features of its surface is called:

(a) Location

(b) Zone

(c) Physical Division

(d) Climate

19. Most of the area of Baluchistan is: (a) Plain (b) Alluvial Plains (c) Plateau type (d) Mountainous 20. Pakistan was divided into two parts Pakistan and Bangladesh in: (a) 1969 (b) 1970 (c) 1971 (d) 1972 21. In 1965 the Prime Minister of India was: (a) Nehru (b) Gaandhi (c) Indra Gaandhi (d) Lal Bahadar Sashtri 22. The largest river of Pakistan is: (a) Indus River (b) River Ravi (c) River Jhelum (d) River Chenab 23. In the west of Baluchistan which Plateau lies: (a) Kharan Desert (b) Thal Desert (c) Ther Desert (d) Cholistan Desert 24. Karakorum and Himalayas mountain ranges are located in the: (a) East of Pakistan (b) West of Pakistan (c) North of Pakistan (d) South of Pakistan 25. The daily average conditions of temperature, rain fall and air pressure is called:

(a) Seasons

(b) Climate

(c) Weather

(d) Atmosphere

26. In Baluchistan the hottest area is: (a) Quetta (b) Ziarat (c) Sibi (d) Bunno 27. The area which is lower than the mountains and higher than the plains and have eroded surface is called: (a) Plateau (b) Coastal Areas (c) Mountains Areas (d) Pothwar 28. On 23rd March 1940, it was decided that Muslims should get an independent state on the basis of: (a) One nation theory (b) Two nation theory (c) Islam (d) Nationalism 29. In 1965 the President of Pakistan was: (a) Zulifqar Ali Bhutto (b) Ayoub Khan (c) Zia-Ul-Haq (d) Yahya Khan 30. To the southeast of Lower Indus plain lies the desert: (a) Thar (b) Tharparker (c) Cholistan (d) Thal 31. The River Indus starts to make delta near: (a) Sukkhar (b) Karachi (c) Hyderabad (d) Thatta 32. The water of melted ice falls into the Arabian Sea. This can be utilized by constructing on the rivers: (a) Barrages (b) Head works (c) Dams (d) Bridges 33. The occupation of the people in the dry areas of Sulaiman and Kirthar mountains is: (a) Mining (b) Agriculture (c) Trade (d) Rearing of goats and sheep

34. Cholistan and Thal desert are located in the Province: (a) Sindh (b) Baluchistan (c) Punjab (d) Khyber Pakhtunkhan 35. To know about the weather conditions what is sent into the space: (a) Rocket (b) Aero plane (c) Helicopter (d) Satellites 36. The most beautiful season is: (a) Summer Season (b) Winter Season (c) Autumn Season (d) Spring Season 37. K-2 is the: (a) Highest peak of the world (b) Second highest peak of the world (c) Third highest peak of the world 38. Cyclone comes due to the: (a) Low air pressure (c) No air pressure 39. In Pakistan Summer season remains: (a) From July to December (c) From April to September 40. Indus plain is divided into parts: (a) Upper Indus Plain (c) Middle Indus Plain (d) Fourth highest peak of the world

(b) High air pressure (d) Low air pressure or High air pressure

(b) From June to October (d) From May to November

(b) Lower Indus Plain (d) Upper Indus Plain & Lower Indus plain

41. Which two civilizations in India were at their climax at the arrival of Arians? (a) Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa (b) Texla and Harappa (c) Sindh and Harappa (d) Texla and Indus

42. In 1192 he defeated very strong ruler of India, Prithvi Raj and established Muslim Government. (a) Muhammad Bin Tughliq (b) Alla-ud-Din Khilji (c) Shahb-ud-Din Ghouri (d) Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi

43. Who was declared responsible for the war of Independence? (a) Only the Hindus (b) Only the Muslims (c) Both the Muslims and the Hindus (d) All the nations of India

44. Who suggested the name of the state for the Muslims as Pakistan? (a) Maulama Shoukat Ali (b) Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar (c) Chaudhry Rehmat Ali (d) Quaid-e-Azam

Q. No. 2: Write short answer of the following questions.

(i) Ans: What is meant by weather?


(ii) Ans:

What is Two Nation Theory?

(iii) Ans:

What are cyclones?

(iv) Ans:

Where is the K-2 located?

(v) Ans:

Which mountain ranges are located in the north of Pakistan

(vi) Ans:

What are the seasons of Pakistan?

(vii) Ans:

What is meant by Alluvial Plains?

(viii) Ans:

What is desert and also write name of some deserts located in Punjab?

(ix) Ans:

How is man polluting his environment?

(x) Ans:

Difference between climate and weather?

Q. No. 3: How does the climate affect the human health?


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Q. No. 4: Which are the main physical features of Pakistan?


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