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Instructions: Answer all questions. While group discussion is encouraged, this assignment should be done on an individual basis and will be graded accordingly.

MCQ Questions: A. B. A. B. A. B. C. D. A. B. C. D. A. B. C. C. A. B. C. D. 1. Which type of guard provides a permanent barrier between the worker and the machine? Fixed Interlock Adjustable Point 2. A device that uses a light field to detect operator movement is: Pullback device Electromechanical device Photoelectric device Infrared device 3. Which of the following is most constraining to operator movement? Pullback device Electromechanical device Photoelectric device Infrared device 4. Which of the following is the most important factor in deciding the severity of a burn? Age of victim Depth to which the burn penetrates Location of the burn Amount of burnt area 5. Which of the following could lead to a pressure vessel exploding? Excessive pressure Design and/or installation error Poor inspection and maintenance All of the above. 6. What is a pressure relief valve? A. A device to provide emergency venting to keep the pressure of a vessel below a certain level. B. A device attached to high-pressure vessels to measure the vessel relief pressure. C. A device that automatically opens when the temperature of a vessel exceeds the safe limit. D. A device used to inspect the walls of a vessel by detecting variations is the vessel pressure.

7. Which of the following is FALSE? A. Human Error Analysis (HEA) is a postmortem procedure. B. The effective implementation of hazard control measures is an iterative process.
C. Two components in the Systems Theory are machine and environment.

D. 8.

According to the Domino Theory, accidents are caused by preceding factors.

Which of the following action should be taken when a machine is being operated without safeguard? A. Stop the machine immediately B. Report to the management next day C. Exercise caution while the machine is operating D. Discuss at the next safety meeting

9. When should human error analysis be used? A. After-the-facts B. Before hazards cause accidents C. Only as a last resort D. None of the above 10. When developing safety rules and regulations, A. minimise the number of rules to the extent possible B. reduce cost as much as possible C. the more rules, the better the safety policy D. make rules complex enough that the employees will not understand 11. Which of the following hazard is created in a manufacturing environment where robotics are used? A. Robot can develop into a self-learned artificial intelligence that refuses to take input from a human operator. B. Being hit by the robot when entering its operating envelope. C. Being hit by the robot even when you didnt start it. D. A run-away robot. 12. Which of the following is not the guideline sequence suggested by OSHA for lockout procedures. I. Notification of equipment shut down and lock out of equipment. II. Shut down of the required equipment. III. Identification of the related hazards and their control. IV. Isolation of the equipment from the energy source. Sequence A. B. C. D. 13. First I I III Second II III IV I III Third III IV II Fourth IV II I II IV

Regardless of the class of burns in heat hazards, immediate action is required to stop the burning. The flowing actions is true EXCEPT A. Remove any hot metal from the skin B. Examine and identify type of burning C. Use towel to wipe burning area D. Get the heat source away from the skin Which of the following pressure leak test could cause permanent damage to the material of the pressure vessel? Liquid Penetration Test Pressure Proof Test Magnetic Particle Test Radiography Test

14. A. B. C. D.

Essay/Short Answer Questions: 1. a. Mechanical hazards are those associated power-driving machines, whether automated or manually operated. Identify and briefly explain any THREE (3) types of mechanical injury hazards. Any threer of the following is acceptable. (1mark each). Cutting: A cut occurs when a body part comes in contact with a sharp edge. Shearing: Shearing occurs when a body part is cut by scissor mechanism. Crushing: Crushing occurs when a part of the body is caught between two hard or rigid surfaces that progressively move together, thereby crushing anything between them. Bone fracture: Fracture occurs when a part of the body is caught between the dies of the machine used to deform engineering materials. Puncturing: Puncturing occurs when a sharp object penetrates straight into the body and pulls straight out, creating a wound in the shape of the penetrating sharp object. [3 marks]

b. Describe THREE (3) types of point-of-operation guards.

Fixed guards: Fixed guards provide permanent barrier between workers and point of operation Interlocked guards: Interlocked guards shut down the machine when the guard is not securely in place or disengaged. Adjustable guards: Adjustable guards provide adjustable barrier against a variety of different hazards associated with different production operations. [6 marks] c. Suggest a corresponding corrective actions for the following problems: i. Maintenance worker is cleaning a machine that is operating. ii. An operator is observed disabling a guard. i. immediately and lock or tag it out. ii. secure the guard, and take disciplinary action. [2 marks] 2. a. Briefly describe the definition of boiler and pressure vessels [4 marks] Boiler and pressure vessels are defined as closed vessel/container system in which water is heated to form steam, hot air or high temperature water under pressure Stop the operator, Stop machine


Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is one of the methods used to inspect the defects on boiler and pressure vessels. Briefly explain THREE (3) of NDT method. [6 marks] i. Visual Examination Visually check for sign of corrosion, erosion or hydrogen blistering ii. Liquid Penetration Test Use liquid penetrant over an area and let it seep in. When removed, some penetrant remains on the defects area. Magnetic Particle Test Applying fine particle of ferromagnetic material to surface of vessel. Discontinuity can cause disturbance in magnetic field. Radiography Test



Use X-ray negative on a given portion of vessel. Irregularities (holes, voids) or discontinuities appear darker on the X-ray negative v. Ultrasonic Testing Short signal induced into the material. Waves reflected back from discontinuities are detected by transducers


Discuss THREE (3) potential causes of hazards on boiler and pressure vessels and their preventive measure to overcome these hazards. [6 marks] i. Design, construction, and / or installation errors on boiler and pressure vessels. Proper design, testing, construction and installation should be considered ii. Human error and not follow the operating procedures when operate boiler and pressure vessels and insufficient training. Proper training on operating procedures and exposure to the pressure vessels working environment. Mechanical/electrical controllers breakdown or failure of safety devices of boiler and pressure vessels. Frequent and proper inspection or checking on controllers/devices by preventive maintenance. Do a periodic testing to ensure all devices are in good condition.



Lockout / Tag-out systems are one of the methods of machine safeguarding. What is the general principle for both systems? [4 marks] Lockout / Tag-out systems are used to protect against unexpected activation of machine that supposed to be turned off. Both systems using padlock or tag give warning not to use the machine until the lock/tag is removed.