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Swot Analysis

STRENGTH STRENGTH 1 - Simple, easy to follow story line, which makes creating our production achievable to film and create within our given time period when shooting, which then allowed us to concentrate more on maintaining our blog and making sure it was of a high standard STRENGTH 2 - As our film is simple and requires a basic location and only 2 actors, this means costs will be kept to a minimum making the cost of production to a minimum and not needing a high budget STRENGTH 3 very strong and creative team members within our cast and crew, which makes filming a lot easier and efficient as everyone can communicate well and share ideas to improve our production STRENGTH 4 very reliable cast and crew members, who turned up to film on time and were very professional about filming STRENGTH 5 cast is also made up of a team with very strong acting abilities to ensure our production stands out and is remembered for our casts acting ability throughout the production OPPORTUNITIES OPPORTUNITIES 1 we were available to new equipment and software which we wasnt available to us in the past, which will allow us to make our production to as high standard as possible, for example with the use of the high quality cameras available to us OPPORTUNITIES 2 computers and laptops such as the MacBook Pro and Apple Mac Suites were available to us in class, which include programmes such as Final Cut Pro, enabling not only a quick editing process but a finished production with a high standard of quality due to the editing suites it has been edited on OPPORTUNITES 3 programmes such as photoshop were available to us to create our film posters to a high quality WEAKNESS WEAKNESS 1 Final Cut Pro is a fairly new programme, and our editor has only used it once and may have forgotten how to use it to a high standard which may time consuming in completing our production WEAKNESS 2 all of the equipment we are using for example, the camera equipment is new and therefore, we wont know how to use it straight away as it is a different type of technology we are used to in comparison to AS media, which may also be time consuming when trying to complete our production WEAKNESS 3 our location we are planning to use is on someone elses precipices therefore, we need to be extra careful while filming to not damage anything or we will be liable for it WEAKNESS 4 our location we are using is on someone elses premises again we need to ensure we keep within the time limit of filming within the set time we asked them to film

THREATS THREATS 2 even though our film is short yet simple, filming time may run over scheduled timing and as our location is in someone elses premises we need to ensure we film as quickly as possible however, keeping our filming to a high standard, as if we run over filming time they may not let us continue filming THREATS 3 other members of the class may need to use the equipment the same time as us THREATS 4 we cannot 100% say our actor may turn up on the day to film, therefore we have had to get replacements for our actors just in case of a worse case scenario if our actor cannot turn up for a reasonable excuse THREATS 5 our location has to be safe for our cast and crew to use, therefore health and safety may be an issue, as we have to ensure that health and safety is conducted correctly to ensure neither of our cast or crew is at risk of any danger