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1. Neurotransmitter which is found in increased quantities In Schizophrenia is: a)Noradrenaline, b) Serotonin, c)Dopamine, d)GABA 2. Lithium is used in the prophylactic treatment of: a) Schizophrenia, b)MDP, c) Acute depression, 3. Therapeutic level of lithium in serum is a) 01 .mg/lit., b) 0.4 mg/UL, c) 1.2 mg/lit d) None 4. Catatonic Schizophrenia is characterised by: a) Echolalia, b) Flight of ideas, c) Mannerism, 5. Treatment of choice of acute depression is: ) , b) MAO inhibitors. c) Lithium, d) None d) Conversion reaction

d) Tricyclic antidepressants

8. All of the following are ego defense mechanism except: a) conversion, b) Projection, d) Repression, d) Transference 7. 8. Female patient with acute restlessness and fear of impending doom, the diagnosis is: a) Schizophrenia, b)Delerium, c) Anxiety neurosis, d)MDP Which of the following does not produce physical withdrawal symptoms: a)Cannabis, b) Alcohol, c)Phenobarb, d) Morphine

9. Patient with altered consciousness, tremors and visual hallucinatins, the probable diagnosis is: a) Delirium tremors, b) Korsaikoffs psychosis, c)MDP, d) Wernicke's encephalopathy 10. Dementia is seen in all except: a) Head injury, b)Alzeimers, c) Schizophrenia, d) Huntington's chorea 11. Differentiation of Hysterical fits from epiliptic fit. a) Occurs in sleep, b) Injuries to person, c) Incontinence, d) Occurs when people are watching. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Delirum and amnestic reaction is seen with: a) Amphetamines, b) Alcohol, c) Opiates, d)Cannabis d) Visual hallucinations

Characteristic clinical manifestation of Schizophrenia is: a) Confusion, b) Anxiety, c) Auditory hallucinations,

All of the following about LSD intoxication are true except: a) Panic, b) Confusion, c) Hyperreflexia, d) Treatment is phenothiazines Percentage of monozygotic twins with Schizophrenia is: a) 0.1%. b)1%, c)10%, d)50% The best account for diagnosis of psychoneurosis is derived from: a) Verbal accounts, b) Visceral reactions. c) Motor behaviour, b) Paranoid delusions, c) To relieve anxiety, d) Reaction to environment c)Passitivity, d) All of the above

17. The features of Schizophrenia are: a) Thought insertion and broadcasting, 18. 19. Imipramine is used for. a) Mania, b) As an antidepresent,

d) None of the above d) All of the above

Feature of general paresis of Insane includes: a) Confabulations, b) Grandiose delusions,

c) Mental deterioration.

20. Talkativeness and flight of ideas are suggestive of: a) Schizophrenia, b) Hysteria. c) Mania. d) Depression 21. Schizophrenia is associated ....... personalities: a)Atheletic, b)Psthesis, c)Asthetic, d)All 22. Prognosis of Schizophrenia is improved by: a) Strong family history, b) Emotional flattening. c) Atypical symptoms, d) All of the above

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23. Which of the following is true of ? a) Treatment of depressions, b) Contraindicated in pregnancy, d) All are true

c) Require more than 80 M volts,

Answer 1

) 2)b 3)c 4)a 5)a 6)c 7)c 8)a 9)a 10)c 11) d 12) b 15) d 16)a 17) d 18) b 19) d 20) c 21) 22) 23) d

1) 14) d

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24. Wernicke's encephalopathy can be prevented by: a) IV saline, b) Large amounts of glucose, c) Thiamine supplement, 25. Lucid interval is seen in: a) Encephalitis, b) Insanity, 26. Delusion is: a) Comprehensible, c) Wemicke's encephalopathy. c)Both, d)None

0) Imipramines

d) Tertiary syphilis

b) Reasonable,

27. Visual hallucinations is seen in: a) Alcoholism, b) Mania, c) Depression,

d) Phobia

28. Bad prognostic indicator in endogenous depression prone for suicide: a) Atom, b)Oldage, c) Spouse dead, d) Hallucinatious 29. Schizophrenia is characterised by: a) Thought withdrawal, b) Primary delusions, 30. 31. 32. 33. Indications of are: a) Endogenous depression, c) Heredirary, c) MDP, d) Manic episodes d) Phobia

b) Acute schizophrenia,

Drug dependence is due 1 a) Development of tolerance, b) Withdrawal symptoms, c) Curiosity about use of drugs, d) Police problem Effects of chronic alcoholism are : a) Confabulation; b) Amnesia, c) Kosarkoffs psychosis, d) Malnutrition, e) All of the above d) Angular

Deficiency of thymine causes : a) Kosarkoff's psychosis, b) Wernecke's encephalopathy, stomatitis

c) Peripheral neuropathy,

34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45.

Withdrawal delirium, hallucinations and amnestic disorder is seen with: a)Cannabis. b) Opiates, c) Alcohol, d) Amphetamines Physical withdrawal symptoms are absent in patients abusing: a) Pethidine, b) Cannabis, c) Opium, d) Haloperidol Estimation of serum levels is essential in treatment with: a) Impiramine, b) Chlorpromazine, c) Lithium, d) Haloperidol Schizophemia is more common in the ........ class. a) Middle, b) Low socio economic, c) Upper, d) Upper middle d) Chlopromazine d) Ambivalence

Nocturnal enuresis is commonly treated with : a) Imipramine, b) Chloridiazepoxide, c) Haloperidol, Which of the following is not classical of schizophrenia: a) Autism, b) Automatism, c) Association defect, Oedepius complex has been described by : a) Plato, b)Socrates, c) Freud, d) Huxley

The following are associated with major life events except: a) Depression, b) Delirium, c) Schizophrenia, d) Mania A reluctant child forced to bring sugar from a shop, spills half of it on the way. This is an example of: a) Hysteria, b) Passive aggression, c) Disobedience, d) Active aggression Behavioral therapy is indicated for: a) Mania, b) Phobia c) Schizophrenia, Carbamazepine is used in : a) Depression, b)MDP, c)Amxiety, d) Obsesive compulsive neurosis d) Mania d) Trichotillomania d) Depression

Impulsive actions include : a)Pyromania. b) Kleptomania.

c) Dypsomania,

46. Catatonia is seen in: a) Schizophrenia, b) Paranoia, 47.

c) Organic brain syndrome,

Persisting disturbing hallucinations are seen in: a) Alcoholic psychosis. b)MDP. c) Schizophrenia,

d) Paranoia


24) 25) b 26) a 27) a 28) a,b 29) a,b, 30) . 31) a.b,c,d 32) e 33) a,b,c 34) 35) b 36) 37) b 38) a 39) b 40) 4 1 ) b , c , d 4 2 ) b 44)b.d 45)a.b,d 46)a 47)a. b.c

43) b

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48. The following symptoms may be seen in opium withdrawal: a) Tremors, b) Lacrimation, c) Constipation d) Dry skin 49. 50. In morphine addiction, withdrawal is done with which drug? a) Clonidine, b) Clonazepam, c) Methadone, d) Chlordiazepoxide Auditory hallucinations not seen in: a) Schizophrenia, b) Mania, c) Hysteria, d) Amphetamine toxicity

51. Sleep depreivation leads to : a) Psychotic behaviour, b) Decreased mental alertness, c) Emotional distrubances, d) Anxiety neurosis 52. Alcoholic blackout is characterised by: a) Malingering, b) Amnesia for events during drinking, c) Event of no significance, d) All of the above 53. Methadone is: a) Useful for long term treatment, b) No addiction liability, c) Better compliance. d) Used in maintenance of treatment 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. Dissociation is present in all except: a) Fugue, b) Delirium, c) Multiple personality, d) Somnambulism Delirium and schizophrenia differ from each other by: a) Change in mood, b) Complete consciousness, c) Tangenital thinking, d) All Anxiety neurosis is manifested by all except: a) Difficulty in breathing, b) Complete consciousness, c) Tangenital thinking, d) All Schizophrenia mostly occurs in : a) Adolescents, b) Children, c) Middle age, d) Old age

The drug of first choice in weight reduction programmes is: a) Fenfluramine, b) Diethylpropion, c) Amphetamine, d) Phenylehylamine Cortisone and ACTH causes which CNS manifestation ? a) Affective disturbances, b) Delirium. c) Confusion, d) Schizophrenia Psychiatric manifestation is seen in all except: a) Hypothyroidism, b) Hyperthyroidism, c) Acute intermittent porphyria, d) Secondary syphilis Delusions are seen in all except: a) Mania, b) Depression, c) Schizophrenia, d) Anxiety neurosis Suicidal tendency is most common with: a) Mania, b)Depression, c) Obsessive disorder, d) Schizophrenia Agarophobia is: a) Fear of open place, b) Fear of height, c) Fear of closed space, d) Fear of animals

Mandrax is a combination of: a) Hypnotic and analgesic, b) Hypnotic and antihistamine, c) Hypnotic and antipyretic, d) Hypnotic and antiinf luenzal Jhagnan phenomenon occurs in which addiction ? a) Cocaine, b) LSD, c) Alcohol, d) Cannabis Which of the following is associated with bad prognosis a) catatonic schizophrenia. b) hebephrenia c) paranoid d) undiffierentiated All are features of Bleulers emphasis on schizophrenia except a) automatism b) flattenned affect c) Loose associations d) ambivalence.

65. 66. 67.

68. The characteristic feature of alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a) hallucinations b) Delusions c) confusion d) convulsions 69. Causes a) increase tension in retinal detachment b) increase in intra ocular tension tension d) normal tension 70. ll of the following are psychoanalytic psychotherapy except a) insight therapy b) psychoanalysis c) behavioural theraphy.

c) decrease in intra ocular

d) suppcitive therapy

Answer 48) b 5 9 ) d 70) b

49) a,c 50) 6 0 ) d 6 1 ) d

51) b 52) b 53) d 54) b 55)b 56) d 5 7 ) a 5 8 ) b 6 2 ) b 6 3 ) a 6 4 ) b 6 5 ) d 66) b 67) a 68) a 69)

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71. All are true about hyperkinetic child except a) poor impulse control b) increase In the anger outburst attention span.

c) right to left disorientation d) decreased

72. ll are affective disorder except a) depression b) obsessive compulsive neurosis c) reaction formation

d) adjustment reaction

73. All are features of Mania except a) Insomnia b) pressure on speech c)disorientation d)granduer delusion 74. Dopamine hypothesis is postulated In a) anxiety necrosis b) hysteria c) obsession d) schizophrenia 75. is used in a) Schizoprenia b) mania c) Depression d) Obsessive compulsive neurosis 76. The term free association was coined by a ) F ra u d b ) Ad l e r c)Erikson d) Juna 77. Attention deficiency disorder is seen with a) Cocaine b) Low does benzodiazepine c) Amphetamine d) Phenobarbitone 78. Fixation of Hysteria is a) Genital b)Anal c)Oral d) Phallic

79, Claustrophobia means fear of a) Closed spaces b) Open spaces c) Heights d) Lizards 80. Which of the following is a mature defense mechanism a) Projection b) Reaction formation c) Anticipation d) Denial 81. Which is hot a feature of Hyperkinectic chid a)Low lQ b) Low attention span c) Right to left dissociation d) Amphetamine is drug of choice 82. Which is not a feature mania a) Disorientation b) euphoria 83. Lithium is used in 84. 85 86. 87. 88. c) Suicidal tendencies d) Pressure of speech

a) Acute depressior b) Acute mania c) Hyperkinetic child d) All The following are features of Alcohol withdrawal except a) Obsessions b) Delusions c) Hallucination d) drowsiness Commonest Side effect of modified is a) Amnesia b) Bodyache c)Arrythmias d) fracture vertebra Which is most specific of psychosis a) Pressure of speech b) Neologism c) Incoherence d) Preservation Illusion with loss of consciousnes is seen in a) MOP b) Delirium c) Schizophrenia d) Anxiety Neurosis The most common psychiatric disorder is a) Depression b) Dementia c) Schizoprenia d) Paranoia

89. Tactile Hallucination is a feature of addiction with a) Heroin b) Opium c) Alcohol d) Cocaine 90 . Most common psychological disorder associated with myxedema is a) Phobia b) mania c) paranoia d) Depression 91. is absolutely contra indicated in a) very ill patients b) Raised ICT c) Heart disease d) Pregnancy 92. Acute mania is managed by a) ECT b) Lithium c) Amytryptillne d) Dlazepam 93. Thematic perception test is named after a) fraud b)simon paul c)Douglas d)Wechslers 94. Depression can be caused by all except a) Metyrapone b) Methyldopa c) reserpine d) Oral Contraceptives 95. All are features of catatonia except a) Automatic obedience b) Cataplexy c) Catalepsy d) negativism 96. Drug of choice in obsessive compulsive neurosis a) Haloperidol b)Clonazepam c) Carbamazepine d) Clomipramine

Answer: 71)

87) b 95)C

72) b 80) a 88)a 96) d

73)c 81) 89) d

74) d 82) a 90) d

75) 83) b 91) b

76) a 84) d 92) b


78)d 94) a

93) d

85) a 86)

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120) the characteristic difference between antemortem and post mortem clot is a) Texture b) Color c) Adhesion to vessel wall d) None 121) Dribbling of Saliva is characteristic of a) Antemortem Hanging b) Homicidal strangulation c) Post mortem hanging d) Suicidal strangulations 122) Capacity to make will is determined by a) Curren's rule b) Mc Naughten's rule c) Testamentary capacity d) Durhams rule 123) The system of Identification using finger prints is called a) Galtons system b) Thanatology c) Bertillon system d) Anthropology 124) Section 174 of IPC deals with a) Murder b) Inquest c) Enquiry d) Suicide 125) Best Site for demonstrating diatoms in diatom test is a) Lung b) Bone Marrow of Radius c) Bone Marrow of Femur d) Liver 126) Emphysema aquosum is seen with a) Wet drowning b) Dry drowning c) Immersion Syndrome d) Post mortem drowning 127) Post Mortem Staining is not seen in a) Lungs b) Liver c) Lower limbs d) Pressure points 128) Emesis is contra Indicated in poisoning with a) Morphine b) Kerosene c) Digoxin d) Diazepam 129) Paraaminopropiophenone is used in the treatment of poisoning with a) Alcohol b) Barbiturate c) Cyanide d) Morphine 130) Contraction of Actin and myosin in rigor mortis is due to a) Reduced ATP b) Increased lactate c) Raised Acetylcholine d) Protein denaturati 131) Which is a non poisonous snake a)Krait b) Rat Snake c) Sea Snake d) viper 132) Smack is a) LSD b) Coccaine c)Cannabis d) Heroin 133) Formication is seen in a) Alcohol withdrawal b) opium addiction c) Atropine poisoning d) Chronic arsenic poisoning 134) All are grevious injury excepts a) Avulsion of Nail b) Fracture of tooth c) facial burns d) emasculation 135) the minimum age required to give consent for surgery is a) 14 b)18 c)21 d)24 136) Impotence is a) Premature ejaculation b) Inability to fertilize c) Inability to perform the sexual act d) failure of ejaculation 137) In case of an unconscious patient with head injury requiring emergency surgery with no relatives to give consent the doctor should a) Operate with consent of police b) not operate at all c) Operate without consent d) Operate with consent of medical suptd. 138) Most Common Complication of obsessive Compulsive neurosis is a) Mania b) Depression c) Dissociation of Symptoms d) persecutory delusions

139) Symptom of best prognosis in Schizophrenia is a)Anhedonia b) Paucity of thought c) Auditory hallucinations d) Apathy 140) Loss of Insight occurs in a)MDP b) Psychosomatic disorders c) Schizophrenia d) Anxiety neurosis

141) Characteristic feature of psychosis is a) Mood disturbance b) Suicidal tendency c) Autistic tendency d) Accecptance of other persons delusion
Answer 120)c 121)a 122)c 123)a 128) b 129)c 130) a 136) 137)c 138) b 124) b 132) d 140)c 125)c 133)c 141) d 126) a 134) a I27)d 135) b

131) b 139)c

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142) Which of the following is a dissociative phenomenon a) Fugue b) Amnesia c) Deafness 143) Which organ is not affected in Lithium toxicity a) Brain b) Liver c) Heart 144) In which type of Schizoprenia is grimacing a feature of a) Juvenile b) hebephrenic c) paranoid 145) Lithium is mostly used in the prophylaxis of a) Unipolar MDP b) Bipolar MOP c) anxiety disorders 146) Busirpone is an a) antl anxiolytic b) anti hypertensive c) anti psychotic 147) Alcohol withdrawal is characterised by a) Phobia b) Delusion c)Husion d)Lack of Insight

d) Kidney d) Catatonic
d) mania d) anti depressant d) Hallucinations

148) Obsessive Compulsive neurosis is b) Repeated hand washing characterised by all except; a) elaborate checking c) Sexul thoughts d) Excessive Slowness 149) Alcohol Hallucinations occur within a) 24 hrs b)36hrs 150) Delusions are seen in all except a) Psychosis b) Delirium c) 72 hrs c) Dementia d) 96 hrs d) Schizophrenia d) Ruphenazine

151) Drug of therapeutic benefit in Schizophrenia is a) Lithium b) Imipramine c) Doxepin 152) is not Indicated in the treatment of a) Endogenous depression c) Acute Schizoprenia b)Acute psychosis d) Chronic Schizophrenia

153) Visual hallucinations without auditory hallucinations is seen in a) Organic brain damage b) Obsessive Compulsive neurosis c) Agarophobia d) Schizoprenia 154) Schizophrenia like picture is a side effect of a)Fortwin b) Amphetamine c) Phenobarbitone 155) Absolute contra Indication to is a) Convulsions b) pregnancy c) ICSOL d) Morphine d) Bleeding diathesis

156. First rank symptoms help in the diagnosis of: a) Dementia b) Schizophrenia c) Schizophreniform d) Depression 157. The concept that overprotective, intrusive and dominant mother and overcompliant, submisive father leading to schizophrenic, son is known as: a) Breeder hypothecs b) Drift hypothesis c) Skew d) Schism 158. Least potent drug is: a) Chlorpromazine b) Trifluoperazine c) Trifluoperidol d) Penfturidol 159. All are features of Type A behaviour, proposed by Friedman and Rosenman except: a) Time urgency and impatience b) Hard driving career orientation c) Ambitiousness d) Poor job involvement 160. Common cause of mood congruent delusions is: a) Schizophrenia b) Paraphrenia c) Paranoia d) Depression 161. 'Folie a deux' (Shared paranoid disorder) was first described by: a) Pierre Janet b) Asher c) Lasegue and Falret d) Jules Cotard
Answer 142) a 151) d 160) d 143) b 152) d 161) 144) d 153) a 145) b 154) b 146) 155) 147) d 156) b 148) c 157) c 149) a 158) a 150)

159) d

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747 162. Nausea is troublesome in the treatment with newer antidepressant: a) Trazodone b) Mianserin c) Fluoxetine d) Doxepin 163. Drug most useful in treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder is: a) Amoxapine b) Fluxetine c) Doxepin d) Dothiepin 164. The treatment of choice of lithium induced tremors is: a) Diazepam b) Benzhexol c) Amantadine d) Propranolol 165. The first of benzodiazepines, synthesized was: a) Diazepam b) Chlordiazepoxide c) Chloral hydrate d) Lorazepam 166. Which of the following is a good prognostic indicator of sequelae of head injury: a) Retrograde amnesia b) Antegrade amnesia c) Psychogenic amnesia d) Amnesia for remote events 167. 'Flash-back' phenomenon is seen with the use of: a) Cannabis b) Psilocybin c) LSD d) All of the above 168. In phobic neurosis, main ego defence used by the patient is: a) Repression b) Avoidance c) Undoing d) Reaction formation 169. Which of following is not a Schneider's first rank symptom: a) Passivity phenomenon b) Auditory hallucinations c) Delusion of selfreference d) Delusional perception 170. The treatment of akathasia includes: a) Amantadine b) Benzhexol c) Propranolol d) All of the above 171. Pseudodementia is commonly seen in: a) Depression b) Hysteria c) Mania d) Anxiety neurosis 172. The congenital abnormality which may be seen foetus if benzodiazepine is given to a pregnant lady in first trimester is: a) Cleft lip b) Atrial septal defect c) Pulmonary stenosis d) Respiratory distress syndrome 173. The withdrawal from all of the following may produce suicidal tendencies except: a) Cocaine b) Amphetamine c) Alcohol d) Cannabis 174. In psychoanalytic terms, obsessive compulsive disorder is fixed at: a) Oedipal stage b) Genital stage c) Oral stage d) Anal stage 175. Psychological autopsy is useful in studying the causation of: a) Schizophrenia b) Personality disorders c) Drug dependence d) Suicide 176. The most common form of dissociation hysteria is: a) Fugue b) Amnesia c) Multiple personality d) Somnambulism 177. MAO inhibitors induced hypertensive crisis is reversed with: a) Chlorpromazine b) Reserpine c) Phentolamine d) Propranolol 178. Delusion of infidelity on part of the sexual partner is known as: a) De Clerambault's syndrome b) Couvade syndrome c) Othello syndrome d) Ekbim's syndrome 179. All are subtests of a verbal wechsler scale except: a) Picture Arrangement b) Vocabulary c) Digit span d) Arithmetic 180. The lower age limit of the patient for using Rorschach test is: a) 2 years b) 3 years c) 4 years d) 16 years 181. Morbid jealousy is most often seen in patients taking: a) Alcohol b) Amphetamine c) LSD d) Cannabis 182. The term "Arnbivalence" was coined by: a) Hippocrates b) Eugen Bleuler c) Kraeplin d) Sigmund Freud

162) c 163) b 164)d 165) b 171) a 172) a 173) d 174) d 180) b 181) a 182) b

166) b 175) d

167)d 176) b

168) b 169) c 170) d 177) c 178) c 179) a

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183. A disorder with severe mental abnormality obesity, hypogenitalism, polydactyly and retinitis pigmentosa is known as: a) Apert's syndrome b) Klein Levine syndrome c) Laurence Moon Biedle syndrome d) Prader-Willi syndrome 184. The commonest form of pica is: a) Lithophagia b) Trichophagia c) Pagophagia d) Geophagia 185. Cannabis has been used for the following medicinal purposes except: a) Epilepsy b) Glaucoma c) Nausea d) TICS 186. For severe intractabale obsessional neurosis the psychosurgery of choice is: a) Bifrontal tractotomy b) Cingulotomy c) Amygdalotomy d) Temporal lobe lesion 187. Copralalia is seen in: a) Delirium b) Alcoholic intoxication c) Mania d) Tourette's syndrome 188. Cognitive Therapy is used for: a) Mania b) Paranoia c) Schizophrenia d) Depression 189. Personality deterioration is seen in: a) Schizophrenia b) Paranoid state c) M.D.P d) None 190. The rabit syndrome (consisting of fine, rapid movements of the lips that mimic chewing movements of a rabbit) is effectively treated by: a) Trihexyphenidyl b) Lorazepam c) Lithium d) Levodopa 191. All are the side effects of Disulfiram except: a) Breath odour, metallic taste b) Increase in libido c) Confusional states d) Hypothyroidism 192. The process by which sexual partners are aroused and gratified by whipping or being whipped is known as: a) Sadism b) Masochism c) Fellatio d) Flagellation 193. Abreaction as a method of treatment is used for: a) Phobia b) Hysteria c) M.D.P d) Psychosis 194. Which of the following is a centre for recent memory: a) Parietal cortex b) Temporal lobe c) Hippocampus d) Thalamus and subthalamus 195. Not a feature of Heroin (Smack) withdrawal: a) Yawning b) Muscle Cramps c) Hypersomnia d) Hypertension 196. Which of the following is an uncommon hysterical symptom: a) Hiccough b) Blindness c) Vomiting d) Palpitation 197. A phobia which develops typically at the age of 8 years is: a) Thanatophobia b) Animal phobia c) Fear of darkness d) Fear of contamination 198. Suggestibility is increased following the in take of: a) Barbiturates b) Cannabis c) Alcohol d) All of the above 199. A false belief unexplanied by reality, shared by a number of people is: a) Superstition b) Illusion c) Delusion d) Obsession 200. Detect of conation is typically seen in: a) Simple schizophrenia b) Hebephrenic schizophrenia c) Catatonic schizophrenia d) Paranoid schizophrenia 201. Oedipus complex (given by Sigmund Freud) is seen in: a) Boys of 1-3 years of age b) Girls of 1-3 years of age c) Boys of 3-5 years of age d) Girls of 3-5 years of age 202. Which of the following drugs is used to bring back a large number of memories for events just before a traumatic event (e.g. head in jury): a) Ketamine b) Thiopentone c) Piracetam d) Vitamin B,
1 8 3 )c 1 84 ) d 18 5 ) d 18 6 ) b 18 7 ) d 1 8 8 ) d 1 89 ) a 1 9 0 ) a 1 9 1 ) b 1 9 2 ) d 1 9 3 ) b 1 9 4 ) 1 9 5 ) 1 9 6 ) d 1 9 7 ) a 1 9 8 ) d 1 9 9 ) a 2 0 0 ) 201) c 202) b

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Pseudocyesis is a form of: a) Hypochondriasis b) Malingering c) Conversion hysteria d) Anxiety state 204. Concept of super ego was given by: a) Eric Fromm b) Sigmund Freud c) Eric Erikson d) Carl Jung 205. Which of the following hallucination is pathognomonic of schizophrenia: a) Auditory hallucinations commanding the patient b) Auditory hallucinations giving running commentry c) Auditory hallucinations criticizing the patient d) Auditory hallucinations talking to patient 206. Drug of choice in Obsessive compulsive Neurosis is: a) Clomipramine b) Haloperidol c) Clonazepam d) Carbamazepine 207. The commonest mental illnesses in children are; a) Mental retardation b) Infantile autism c) Enuresis d) Neuroses 208. Moral treatment of mentally ill patients was first stressed by: a) Pinel b) Morel c) Kraeplin d) Sigmund Freud 209. Cicadian rhythm is controlled by: a) Raphe nuclei b) Suprachiasmatic nuclei . c) Thalamus .d) Red nucleus 210. Amphetamine psychosis is characterized by all of the following except: a) Clear sensorium b) Loosening of associations and paranoia c) Mania d) Tactile hallucinations 211. Blood levels of neuroleptics are useful to check: a) Resistance b) Toxicity c) Therapeutic levels d) All of the above 212. The treatment of rapid cycling in manic depressive psychosis include aft except: a) Calcium channel blockers b) Carbamazepine c) Lithium d) None of the above 213. Fugue state may be seen in: a) Schizophrenia b) Hysteria c) Epilepsy d) All of the above 214. Ego's defence mechanism "Undoing'' is typically seen in: a) Depression b) Schizophrenia c) Obsessive-compulsive neurosis d) Hysteria 215. Commonest psychiatric illness in India is: a) Schizophrenia b) Endogenous depression c) Neurotic depression d) Anxiety neurosis : 216. Fear is least commonly seen in: a) Anxiety neurosis b) Hypochondriasis c) Paranoid schizophrenia d) Depressive psychosis 217. In catatonic schizophrenia, all are except: a) Mannerism b) Negativism c) Echolalia d) Flight of ideas 218. Epileptic fit and hysterical fit can be certainly differentiated by: a) Duration of fit b) Frothing from mouth c) Incontinence of urine d) Injury during fit 219. Drug of choice in intractable hiccoughs is: a) Metocloplamide b) Haloperidol c) Thioridazine d) Chlorpromazine 220. Tricyclics adversely interact with: a) Tranycypromine . b) Propranolol c) Furosemide d) Digoxin 221. Neurotic depression may be characterized by ll except a) Ravenous appetite b) Hypersomnia c) increased libido d) Weight gain Pigmentary retinopathy is a side effect of: a) Chlorpromazine b) Thioridazine c) Trifluoperazine d) Fluphenazine
203) 204) b 205) a 206) a 207) d 212) d 213) d 214) c 215) c 221) 222) b 208) a 216) d 209) b 210) c 211) b 217) d 218) 219) d



220) a

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225. 226.

227. 228.

229. 230. 231. 232.




236. 237.

238. 239. 240. 241.

Pinel is famous for: a) Psychoanalysis b) Moral treatment of patients c) Group psychotherapy d) Cognitive therapy Life span of Sigmund Freud was: a) 1856-39, and he passed most of his life in Austria b) 1859-36, and he passed most of his life in Austria c) 1859-36, and he passed most of his life in Germany d) 1859-39, and he passed most of his life in France Enuresis occurs in which phase of sleep: a) 1 of sleep b) II of sleep c) 1 or Ill of sleep d) IV of sleep Positive symptoms of schizophrenia include all the following except: a) Auditory and visual hallucinations b) Delusions of persecution c) Affective flattening d) Increased psychomotor activity Treatment of choice of Myoctonic jerks and a tyoucak absence seizure is a) Carbamazepine b) Phenytoin c) Valproate d) Ethosuximide Commonest side effect of neuroteptic drugs is: a) Extrapyramidal side effects b) Postural hypotension c) Sedation d) Constipation Less memory disturbance is seen with: a) Bilateral b) Unilateral ) DIRECT d) Modified In Enuresis, drug useful is: a) Chlopromazine b) Haloperidol c) Diazepam d) Trimipramine In sleep regulation, which amine is given most consideration: ) 5- b) Dopamine c) Norepinephrine d) GABA True about Unipolar major depression: a) More common in females b) Males are always predominant c) Lithium is not effective d) None of the above All of the following neurotransmitters are suspected of being involved in the pathphysiology of schizophrenia except: a) Prostaglandis E1 b) Norepinephrine c) Ascorbic acid d) 5-HT "pseudocommunity'' is seen in: a) Dementia b) Drug dependence c) Schizotypal personality disorder d) Paranoid states In a case of primary enuresis without obvious psychiatric or physical symptoms the following investigations should be carried out: a) Urine examination b) Intravenous pyelogram c) Computerized tomographic scan of both kidneys d) Electroencephalogram (EEG) e) Intellectual assessment The mechanism of action of depends on: a) Convulsions b) Current c) Unconsciousness d) Not known Memory disturbance of recovers in: a) Few days to few weeks b) Few weeks to few months c) Few months to few years d) Permanent The concept, of "Dhat syndrome - a culture found neurosis in India" was described by: a) J.S.Neki b) N.N.Wig c) Venkoba Rao d) Gurmeet Singh Indian Lunacy Act was passed in: a) 1857 b) 12 c) 32 d) 47 Delusions in dear consciousness are seen in: a) Dementia b) Delirium c) Schizophrenia d) Neurosis An antidepressant found to be associated wich tardive dyskinesia and neuroteptic malignant syndrome is: a) Fluoxetine b) Amineptin c) Amoxapine d) Trazodone

Answer: 223) b 224) a 225) d 226) c 227) c 228) c 229) b 230) d 231) a 232) a 233) c 234) d 235) a,e 236) d 237) a 238) b 239) b 240) c 241) c

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Biochemical etiology of Alzheimer's disease relates it to: a) Acetylcholine b) GABA c) Serotonin d) Dopamine 243. Clozapine (a newerantipsychotic) is commonly associated with: a) Seizures b) Depression c) Agranulocytosis d) Tardive dyskinesia 244. Characteristic features of acute mania include: a) Retention of insight b) Flight of ideas c) Confabulation d) Distractability e) Family history of depression 245. Reinforcement' is used in: a) Psychoanalysis b) Hypnoanalysic c) Abreaction d) Conditioned learning 246. "Pseudocommunity" is seen in: a) Hysteria b) Schizoid personality c) Paranoid disorders d) Depreciation 247. Prevalence of severely mentally retarded in India per 1000 population: ) 0,01-0,02 6)0.1-0.2 C) 1-2 d) 5-10 248. The commonest cause of mental retardation is: a) Alkaptonuria b) Kluver-Bucy syndrome c) Korsakoffs syndrome d) Birth asphyxia 249. Dementia is produced by deficiency of vitamin: a) A b) D c) Pyridoxine d) Niacin 250. In depression, there is deficiency of: a) 5-HT b) Acetylcholine c) Dopamine d) GABA 251. In terms of etiology, anxiety is usually viewed as repressed or forgotten: a) Anger b) Fear c) Guilt d) Grief 251. Most common cause of mood congruent delusion is: a) Schizophrenia b) Mania c) OCN d) Dementia 253. Mutism is a recognised feature of: a) Alcohol withdrawal b) Conversion hysteria c) Catatonic schizophrenia d) Depression e) Ganser states 254. Drug of choice in an elderly with depression and coronary artery disease is. a) Doxepin b) Dothiepin c) Mianserin d) Amoxapine 255. Depression is an unwanted effect of: a) Cocaine b) Methyl dope c) Nitrazepam d) Contraceptive pill 256. The commonest symptom of lithium Toxicity is: a) Nephrotic syndrome b) Polyurea c) ARF d) Renal calculi 257. Mental ill health is due to: a) Stress and strain b) Social maladjustment c) Marital disharmony d) Anxiety 258. Drug of choice in epilepsy with pregnancy is: a) Phenytoin b) Carbamazepine c) Sodium valproate d) Trimethadione 259. Commonest complication of modified is: a) Fracture spine b) Intracerebral bleeding c) Amnesia d) Generalized bodyaches and myopathy 260. Echolalia is a recognised feature of: a) Catatonic schizophrenia b) Anorexia nervosa c) Alzheimer's disease d) Childhood autism e) Petit mal epilepsy 261. The only definite contraindication to is: a) Brain tumour b) Glaucoma c) Aortic aneurysm d) Myocardial disease 242.



243) 252) b 261)a


b.d.e 245) d

246) 255)



248) d 257) b

249) d 258)

250) a 259)

251) b 260) a,c,

253) b.C.d 254) c

256) b

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262. Patient with altered consciousness, tremors and visual hallucinations, the probable diagnosis is: a) Delirium tremens b) Korsarkoffs psychosis c) MDP d) Wernickes encephalopathy Peptic ulcer is uncommon in: a) Obsessive compulsives b) Schizophrenics c) Depressives d) Alcoholics Use of succinylcholine in : a) Safer than curare b) May cause prolongation of apnoea c) Reduces possibility of fractures d) All are true Treatment of choice of acute depression is: a) ECT b) MAO inhibitors c) Lithium d) Tricycltc antidepressants




266. Insulin shock treatment: )Limited to treatment of schizophrenia b) Contraindicated in cardiovascular pathology c) More than 80 units of insulin generally required for d) Ail are correct 267. Lithium is used in the prophylactic treatment of: a) Schizophrenia b) MDP c) Acute depression d) Conversion reactioon 268. The squeeze technique was devised for the treatment of: a) Frigidity b) Primary impotence c) Secondary impotence d) Premature ejaculation 269. The following symptoms may be seen in opium withdrawal: a) Tremors b) Lacrimation c) Dry nose and mouth d) Constipation 270. Most important cause of neurotic reaction is the excessive use of: a) Projection b) Repression c) Suppression d) Sublimation 271 Essential ingredient of Masters and Johnsons treatment of impotence is: a) Reassurance b) Adequate history taking c) Avoidance of the demand for performance d) Therapeutic alliance The prognosis of schizophrenia is improved by: a) Atypical symptoms b) Emotional flattening b) Strong family history of schizophrenia d) None of the above A patient's death in childhood is responded to by the following except: a) Idealization b) Denial of death c) Mourning d) Unconscious identification Manic depressive psychosis is: a) More common in men b) More common in lower social classes c) Uniformly felt to have no genetic basis d) All of the above e) None of the above Catatonia is seen in: a) Schizophrenia b) Organic c) Paranoia d) Depression Deficiency of thiamine cause; a) Korsarkoff's psychosis b) Wernicke's encephalopathy c) Peripheral neuropathy d) Angular stomatitis Wernicke's encephalopathy can be prevented by: a) IV saline o) Large amounts of glucose c) Thiamine supplement d) Imipramine Systemic disease which is most frequently associated with secondary impotence is; a) Endocrine dysfunction b) Multiple sclerosis c) Syphilis d) Diabetes Cortisone and ACTH causes commonly which CNS manifestation: a) Affective disturbances b) Delirium c) Confusion d) Schizophrenia
262) a 271) 263) b 272) a 264) d 273) 265) d 274) a 266) d 275) a.b 267) b 276) a.b.c 268) d 277) 269) b 278) d 270) b 279)




275. 276.


278. 279.


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280 281. Delirum and amnestic reaction is seen with: a) Amphetamines b) Alcohol c) Opiates

d) Cannabis c) Event of no

Alcoholic black out is characterised by: a) Malingering b) Amenesia for events during drinking significance d) All of the above


Characteristic features of the psychopath include all except: a) Sexual aberrations b) Agressive antiosocial acts c) Average or above average intelligence d) Tendency to commit crimes resulting in long prison terms Patients who suffer from migraine headache: a) Are generally perfectionistic people b) Frequently come from ambitious families c) Generally have a family history of migraine d) All are true Which is associated with narcolepsy: a) Lymphocytosis b) Sexual impotence c) Obesity d) All are true


284. 285.

Bromide intoxication is best treated by: a) BAL b) Caffeine c) Ammonium chloride

d) Chlorpromazine

286. Behavioural therapy is indicated in: a) Phobia b) Obsessive compulsive neurosis c) Mania d) Schizophrenia 287. Nocturnal enuresis is commonly treated with: a) Imipramine b) Chloridiazepoxide c) Haloperidol d) Chlorpromazine 288. Differentiation of Hysterical fits from epileptic fit: a) Occurs in sleep b) injuries to person c) Incontinence are watching Impulsive actions include; a) Pyromania b) Kleptomania c) Dypsomania d) Qccurs when people

289. 290.

d) Trichotillomanja

The best account for diagnosis of psychoneurosis is derived from: a) Verbal accounts b) Visceral reactions c) Motor behaviour d) Reaction to environment The drug of first choice in weight reduction programmes is: a) Fenfluramine b) Diethylpropion c) Amphetamene d) Phenylethylamine Direct evidence of alcohol addiction is: a) Memory disturbance b) Confabulation c) Cirrhosis d) Withdrawal symptoms Feature of general paresis of Insane includes: a) Confabulations b) Grandiose delusions c) Mental deterioriation d) All of the above Deja Vou is seen in a) normal persons b) temporal lobe epilepsy c) psychosis d) all of the above. Fear is due to a) abnormal experiences of childhood b) over conciousness c) excess perception of danger d) all of the above.

291. 292.




296. Neurosis is due to a) defective childhood experiences and adjustments b) personality disorder c) drug abuse d) is a psychosis. 297. is used in a) mania b) depression c) schizophrenia d) delirium. Non addicting drug useful for suppressing symptoms of opiold withdrawal is a) clonidine b) cyclazocine c) L-alpha-acetylmethadone(LAAM) d) methadone


e) naltrexope,


Among persons who successfully commit suicide, the two most frequent psychiatric diagnosis are major depression and
283) d 291) b 284) d 292) d 285) 294) d 286) a.b 295) d 287)a 296) a 288) d 297) b

Answer 280)b 281) b 282)d 289)a.b,d 290) a 298) a 299) b

293) d

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a) alcoholism b) borderline personality disorder schizophreniform disorder e) somatization disorder. 300. c) dementia d) schizophrenia or

Which of the following is least likely to cause serious depression as a side effect of long term use? a) alpha-methyldopa b) birth control pills c) lithium carbonate d) propranalol d) reserpine The most effective treatment for premature ejaculation is usually a) benzodiazepine medication b) brief dynamic psychotherapy c) prestige suggestion d) the squeeze technique e) use of a condom. A useful diagnostic procedure for distinguishing between psychogenic and organic impotence is a) 24 hour monitoring of serum gonadotropin levels b) nasopharyngeal EEG recording during sexual stimulation c) monitoring of penile tumescence during sleep d) protective resting e) testosterone challenge testing. Kleptomania is a) delusion b) hallucination Delusion is not seen in a) depression b) anxiety




c) impulse

d) illusion.


c) schizophrenia

d) mania.


Mature defence mechanism is seen in a) altruism b) repression c) regression

d) none.


Most common hallucination in schizophrenia is a) auditory b) visual c) olfactory d) tactile Drug of choice for panic disorders is a) nitrazepam b) imipramine c) diazepam Major pschosis is a) neurosis b) dementia


d) clonidine.


c) reactive depression

d) endogenous depression.

309. 310.

IQ is a) mental age/chronological 100

b) CA/MA * 100 b) mania

c) MA+CA/MA * 100 c) hysteria

d) MA+CA/CA/100.

Best indication for is a) depression with suicidal tendencies

d) schizophrenia.


Psycho analysis was introduced by a) Freud b) Schielder c) Dale & Denicker

d) Eugen Bluer.


Hysteria in an intelligent educated person best responds to a) ECT b) deconditioning c) psychoanalysis d) drug therapy. Safest anti depressant in hypertension is a) imipramine b) MAO inhibitors c) ftuoxetin


d) amitryptylin.


A patient has been seeking repeated admissions in various hospitals with a variety of symptoms. He had undergone appendectomy, chotecystectomy, and two other exploratory laparotomies on previous admissions.The most likely diagnosis is a) conversion reaction b) hypoichondriasis c) Munchausen syndrome d) Gamer's syndrome All of the following are recognised side effects of lithium carbonate therapy except a) hypothyroidism b) leucocytosis c) polyuria d) hypercalcaemia. In schizophrenia, good prognosis is indicated by a) early onset b) preservation of affect c) visual hallucinations Persistent belief in something which is not a fact is a) illusion b) hallucination c) delusion d) delirium.



d) echolalia.



300)c 309)a

301) d 310) a

302) 311) a

303) 312) c

304) b 313)

305)a 314)

306) a 315) d

307) 316) a

308) d 317)

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318. Drug of choice in obsessive compulsive neurosis is a) chlorpromazine b) imipramine c) fluphenazine Reversible cause of dementia a) post encephalitis b) multi infarct d) lithium.


c) hydrocephalus

d) senile dementia.


One of the following is not used as prophylaxis for MDP a) carbamezipine b) sodium valproate c) chlorpromazine Drug of choice for delirium tremens a) diazepam b) chlorpromazine

d) lithium.


c) haloperidol

d) serpin


Difference between neurosis and psychosis is in a) severity b) insight c) clinical features d) duration of onset. The neurotransmitters involved in depression are a) GABA and dopamine b) serotonin and norepinephrine and norepinephrine.


c) dopamine and serotonin



Auditory halucinations, features of affect, delusion of presentation occur in a) depression b) hysteria c) schizophrenia d) anxiety neurosis. Which is in first rank symptom described by Scheidner? a) echolalia b) thought insertion c) autiom d) suicidal tendency.


326. Most common age group for endogenous depression is (a)Children & Yang adults (b)teenagers (c)middle aged 40-60 yrs.

(d)elderly 60Yrs.

327. Withdrawal syndrome with all of following drugs requires symptomatic therapy exept (a)cannabis (b)cocaine (c)LSO (d)alcohol 328. The most common post-partum psychosis is (a) mania (b) depression (c) dementia 329. Phenothiazines are used in treatment of (a) Depression (b)organic brain syndrome (d) schizhophrenia (c)Anxiety neurosis d)AIl

330. The best treatment of obsessive compulsive neurosis is (a) drugs only (b)drugs + Psychotherapy (c) drugs +behaviour therapy (d) behaviour therapy + psychotherapy 331. Phobia is type of (a) Psychosis (b) Neurosis (c) Maria (d) Depression (d) cocaine

332. Best treeiment for phobia is (a) Behavioural therapy


(c) Imipramine

333. Suicidal tendencies are least common wiith (e) alone (b) Depression (c)old age

(d) Married person (d)Alprazolam (d)None

334. Newer nonsedative, non hypnotic anxiolytic is (a)Diazepam (b)Lorazepam (c)Buspirone 335. Dissociation is seen in all except (a)Somnambulism (b) Fugue

(c) Multiple personality

(a) LSD 336. With of the following is not hallucinogenic {c)Mec) Mescaline (d) Amphetamine

(a) LSD (b) cocaine

337. Which is not due to psychological reasons (a) Inability for erection (b)Inbility to take deep breath
318) b 319) a 328)b 329)a 320) b 330)c 321) a 331)b 322) b 332)a

(c)Haloes around light

324) 334)c 325) b

(d) Pah
326)c 336)c 327)c 337)c

323) a


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756 338. All are seen In anxiety except (a) decreased sweating (b) Hyper ventilation (c) cold extramities (d) palpitations (e)pupillary dilatation 339. Anti depressant is (a)Chlorpropamide (b) imipramine (c)benzhexol (d) lithium (e) Haloperidol (d) mania (e)None

340. Early schizophrenia resembles (a) personality deader (b) Anxiety neurosis

(c) hypochondriasis

341. All are seen in organic psychosis except (a)Disorientation in place, time & person (b) clouding of conciousness (c) Hallucination (d) Normal common knowledge (e) Intellectual impairment 342. All are seen in hysterical sornatisation except () sitive physical signs (b) Hemiplegia (c) Blindness (d) fugue (e) Normal intelligence

343. Commonest symptom of hysteria is (a) Motor or sensory phenomena (b) Hypochondriasis (c) Irrelevant taik (d) fugue (e) Insomnia 344. Withdrawal of alcohol from an addict can lead to a) Psychosis b) Violence c) Delirium tremens d) All 345. 'Punch drunk' is associated with . a) Small haemorrhages in the brain due to repeated trauma to the head in boxers b) Severe bout of drinking c) Any of those d) None 346. Commonest psychological feature of AIDS a) Depression b) Mania c). Suicidal Tendency d) None 347. A common psychiatric accompaniment of hypothyrodism is a) Depression b) Mania c) Schizophrenia d) None 348. La belle indifference, which is true? a) Excessive occupation with minor ailments b) Characterized by coprolalia c) Disregard for symptoms despite apparent severity d) None 349. By the term'hypochondriasis'is meant? a) Pathological pre-occupation with thenormality of the physical state & perception of normal bodily phenomina as disease b) A complete disregard for physical ill being c) Complete disregard for the feelings of other people d) None 350. "Smack" is the "common" name for a) Heroin b) Cocaine c) Opium d) None 351. A fundamental technique used in psychoanalysis is: a) Concentration b) Hypnosis c) Empathy d) Free association 352. Anti-depressant causing Tardive dyskinesia Is ) O inhibitors b) Mianserin c) Imipramine d) Amoxapine 353. Electroconvulsive therapy is most commonly used hi a) Dysthymia b) Depression c) Anxiety d) Schizophrenia 354. Systematic desensitisation is an essential mode of treatment for a) Anxiety neurosis b) Hypochandrias neurosis c) Phobic neurosis d) Depression 355. Chronic use of Lithium can result in a) Hepatotoxicity b) Bone marrow depression c) hypothyroidism d) neutropenia 356. Features like increased psychomotor activity rigidity, waxy flexibility at times are seen classically in a) Simple schizophrenia b) Hebephrenic schizophrenia c) Catatonic schizophrenia d) None of the above 357. Irresistable urge to move about and increased motor activity is a) Rabbits syndrome b) Malignant neuroleptic syndrome c) Akathasia d) Tardive dyskinesia
38)a 339)b 340)b 341)d 342)a 343) a 344) 346) a 347) a 348) c 349) a 350) a 351) d 352) d 355) c 356) c 357) c 345) a 346) a 353)b 354) c

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358. Appropriate treatment of Phobia a) Behavioural therapy b) Psychoanalytic therapy c) Pharmocological therapy d) Patient presents with altered behaviour, delusions & hallucination suggest a) Psychotic disorder b) Confirms schizophrenia c) Korsakoffs psychosis d) Obsessive - compulsive neurosis A 23-year old female patient presents with loss of memory of all modalities but unimpaired consciousness, response to motor stimulant unaltered most probable diagnosis is a) Dissociative disorder b) Conversion disorder ________ c) Korsakoff's psychosis d) Depresseion In a patient presenting with Nihilistic delusions and early morning insommia. most probable diagnosis is a) Major depression b) Schizophrenia c) Dementia d) Obsessive compulsive neurosis Inflicting pain to get rid of a habit is example of a) Positive reinforcement b) Negative reinforcement c) Punishment d) Sadism A patient of mania on lithium treatment complaints of tremors treatment is a) Stop lithium b) Low dose lithium c) Propranolol d) Observation Not a proper match a) Auditory hallucination - Alcoholism b) Thought broadcasting - schizophrenia c) Delusion of infedility - obsessive compulsive neurosis d) Delusion of grandeur - mania One of the following is not a compulsive & habit forming disorder a) Kleptomania b) Pyromania c) Nymphomania d) Pathological gambling




362. 363.




False perception without any external stimulus is a) Hallucination b) Delusion c) Illusion d) Mania 367. Electroconvulsive therapy causes , a) Retrograde amnesia of short duration b) Antegrade amnesia of short duration c) Psychogenic amnesia of short duration d) Psychogenic amnesia of long duration 368. Mode of action of fluoxetine is a) Inhibition of serotonin uptake b) Inhibition of dopamine uptake c) Facilitation of adrenergic impulse d) Facilitation of cholinergic response 369. In Petit Mal epilepsy all findings are seen except a) Transient loss of conciousness b) Non specific ECG pattern c) No tonic-clonic phase d) Ethosuccamide is Drug of choice 370. In Korsakoff psychosis all are seen except a) Loss of remote memory b) Loss of intellectual function but preservation of memory c) Lack of insight unable to understand the disability d) Reversible State 371. Subcortical dementia is seen in all except a) Parkinsonism b) Alzeimers disease c) Wilsons disease d) Huntingtons Chorea 372. In schizophrenia, Good prognostic factor is a) family history b) affective disorder c) Hebephrenic Type d) Gradual onset 373. Mood disorder seen in a) Paranoid State b) Borderline personality State c) Schizoid State d) Hysterieal State 374. Lesion in autistic disorder is in a) corpus collosum b) frontal lobe c) temporal lobe d) cerebellum 375. All drugs are used in Treatment of Mania except a) Haloperidol b) Trinexyphenedyl c) Lithium 376. In Bulemia which is seen a) Parotitis b) Menorrhagia c) Oligomenorrhea
358) a 359) a 360) a 367) b 368) a 369) b 370) a 361)a 371) b 362)c 372)b

d) Carbamazepine d) Caries Teeth

363) c 364) c 365) c 366) a 373)c 374) c 375) b 376) d

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377. False regarding Anorexia Nervosa a) Evident psychosis c) Weight loss

b) Vigor exceeding physical ill being d) Decreased appetite.

378 A person when asked what are the similarity between a chair and a table, he says that both has four chairs- This is a) concrete thinking b) Abstract thinking c) Neologism d) None 379. What is Agarophobia a) fear of heights b) fear of closed spaces 380. is best used in a) depression with suicidal tendencies c) Anxiety neurosis c) fear of open spaces d) fear of dogs

b) obessive compulsive disorder d) Claustrophobia

381. Sleepwalking occur in which stage of sleep a) REM b) NREM stage c) NREM stage 3 or 4 d) Can occur in any stage of NREM steep 382. Treatment of choice for Ballismus a) Chlorimipramine b) Amytryptiline c) Haloperidol d) Busipirone

383. What are the EEG Waves recorded from parieto occiptal region with subject awake & eye closed, a) Alpha waves b) Beta waves c) Delta waves d) Theta waves __ 384. The commonest symptom post operatively seen is a) depression b) Psychosis c) Euphoria d) none of the above

385. Neuropsychatric manifestations is seen with the following anti drug a) cycloserine b) Ethamabutol c) INH d) Rifampicin 386. A 8 year old child after a tonsillectomy sees a bear in her room. She screams in fright A nurse who rushes in switches on the light, finds a rug wrapped on a armchair. She pacificies the child_ What the child experienced was a a) delusion b) illusion c) hallucination d) none of the above. 387. All are seen in Alcohol withdrawal except a) Excessive somnolence b) Epileptic seizures d) Hyperactive state 388. Symptomatic treatment is not required in which addiction a)Cannabis b) Morphine c) Alcohol 389. False perception without internal stimulus isa) Illusion b) Hallucination c) Delerium c) Hallucinations

d) Cocaine d) Delusion.

390. Post traumatic stress disorder is most common after a) Trauma to the head b) major life threatening event d) vascular accidents c) infections. 391. Phobia isa) Psychosis 392. b) fear of animals c) irrational fear of normal instances d) Anxiety. c) Steep Bruxism d) Somnambulism

Pavor nocturnes is a) Sleep terror b) Steep apnea

393. Tricyclic antidepressants are contra indicated in: a) Gastric ulcer b) Angle Closure glaucoma c) Depression d) Anxiety 394. Dementia is seen in all except a) Schizophrenia b) Head injury c) Huntington's chorea d) Frontal lobe tumour 395) Who introduced cocaine in psychiatry a) Freud b) Jung c) Miller d) Stanley 396) La bella indifference is seen in a) Mania b) Depression c) Delirium d) Dissociative disorders 397) Confabulation is typically seen in a) Mania b) Depression c) Alcoholism d) Delirium 398} Kleptomania is a /an a) Impulse b) Compulsion c)0bsession ______ d) None _________________
Answer: 377)d 378) b 379) c 380) a 381) 382) 383) 384) a 385) a 386) b 387) a 388) a 389) b 390) b 391) 392) 393) b 394) 395) a 396) d 397) 398) a

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759 399) Delusion is a disorder of a) Perception b) Intelligence c) Thinking d) Hearing d) Chlorpromazine d) Vascular disease

400) Treatment of choice for rapid cyclers in bipolar illness is a) Lithium b) Carbamazepine c) Sodium valproate 401) Familial fatal insomnia is seen in a) Degenerative disease b) Depression

c) Prion disease

402) Following are predispositions to Alzeimer's disease except a) Down's syndrome b) Head truama c) Smoking d) Low education group 403) An example of a form of thought disorder is a) Obsessive Compulsive Neurosis b) Delusion d) Loosening of association c) Schizophrenia

404) Kleptomania is a) Irresistable impulse to set fire to things b) Irresistable impulse to drink alcohol c) irressistable urge to steal things of little value d) Irresistable urge to have sex 405) Least addictive is a) Alprazotam b) Fluoxetine c) Dihydroxypropoxyphene d) Bupernorphine

406) Gancer's syndrome is a) Coprolalia b) In approximate answers c) Past pointing d) Retrograde amnesia 407) Nihilistic ideas are seen in a)Depression b) Obsessive compulsive disorders c) Schizophrenia d)AII 408) Neologisms are characteristics in a) Mania b) Obsessive compulsive disorders c) Schizophrenia d) All 409) Night terrors - treatment of choice a) Clonazepam b) Imipramine c) Mebrobamate d) Lithium 410) Clozapine causes a) Sialorrhyroea b) Hypertension c) Akathesia d) Agranulocytosis

411) Incidence of schizophrenia in India a)1-5per1000 b) 0.15 - 0.5 per 1000 c) 5 - 10 per 1000 d) 10- 15 per 1000 412) Mania is a a) Mood disorder b) Psychological disorders c) Obsessive disorder d) Neurotic disorder 413) Amotivational syndrome is seen in a) Cannabis b) Cocaine c) Amphetamine d) LSD

414) In contrast to most hallucinogens phencyclidine is often associated whh: a) Halucinations b) Anxiety c) Aggression

d) Depersonalisation

415) 22 year old Mahesh had a fight with his neighbour's son. ext day, while going to the bus stop, be felt that 2 uniformed policemen were following him. On reaching home in the evening, he was frightened. He felt mat the neighbours were using radiowaves to control his mind. What is his symptom? a) Passivity b) delusion of persecution )udit hallucination d) Thought insertion 416) Ramesh, 30 yrs says that whenever he goes to me temple, he his to abuse God He feels guilty about this though he cannot control his thoughts. What is he suffering from? a) Obsessive compulsive disorder b) Schizophrenia c)Anxiety d)depresion 417) A 45 year old female met with a road accident After going home from the hospital, she was afraid of getting into a car and had flashbacks of the accident. She is suffering from a) Depression b) Conversion c) Post-traumatic stress disorder d) Hysteria
399)c 408) a 400) b 409) a 401)c 410) a 4O2)c 411) 403) d 412)a 404)c 413) a 405)c 414)d 406) b 415)b 407)c 416)a 417)c

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418) 30 year old man presented with symptoms of palpitations and sweating on meeting seniors and on making public presentations. This made him try to avoid such situations. This diagnosis is possibly a) Panic reaction b) Social phobia c) Avoidance personality d) Adjustment disorder 419) A 68 year old man complaining of hearing voices from the upper floor using abusive language believes that somebody is trying to take away his property. He also does unusual things as wearing his vest over his shirt. He could be suffering from a) Schizophrenia b) Dementia c) Delusion d) Hysteria 420) 22 year old Babu had a fight with his neighbour's son. ext day, while going to the bus stop, he felt that 2 uniformed policemen were following him. On reaching home he was frightened and he felt that the neighbours were using radiowaves to control his mind. What is his symptom a) Delusion of persecution b) Passivity c) Auditory hallucination d) Thought insertion 421) Jet black pigmentation of tongue with tactile and visual hallucination is feature of which poisoning a) Cocaine b) Arsenic c)Cannabis d) Heroin 422) In case of above 60 years of age psychiatric disorder in India is mostly due to a) Depression b) Dementia c) Hysteria d) Schizophrenia 423) 62 year old male who was on antidepressant treatment was brought to the hospital with history of havinig taken overdose. He was complaining of dry mouth, blurring of vision and history of having not: passed urine for 12 hours. The bladder is palpable. The medication could be a) Lithium b) Selengilline c) Amitrytiline - d) Dexamphetamine 424) Most common hallucination in schizophrenia is a) Auditory b) Visual c) Tactile d) one 425) Which does not cause dementia? a)Multiple infarction b) Huntmgton's chorea c) Alzheimer's disease d) Schizophrenia 426) The eight stage classification of human life is proposed by a)Sigmund Freud b) Pavel c)Strauss d)Erikson 427) Abreaction used in treatment of a) Obsessive compulsive disorder d) Schizophrenia

b) Phobia

c) Mania

428) Injection of which is followed by pain a)Succiny1 choline b) eostigmine


d) Morphine

429) Which is associated with flashback phenomenon a)Cannabis b) Cocaine c) Amphetamine 430) Drug of choice m agoraphobia ) C l n z e m b)Lorazepam

d) Heroin

c) Alprazohm


431) Psychosis resulting due to chronic amphetamine intake most commonly a) Delirium 418)b 429)a b)Mania c) Paranoid schizophrenia 423) 424)a d) Dissocitive disorder 425) d 426) d 427) b 428) a

419)c 420) a 421)a 422)b 430)c 431)

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432) A Tibetian living in high altitude is now at sea level. His wife died 2 weeks back. He says he has seen his wife twice during this period and she asked him to join her at heaven. The diagnosis is a) ormal grief reaction b) Brief reactive psychosis c) Bereavement reaction d) Schizophrenia An alcoholic woman was brought to the casualty following a suicide attempt by taking several tablets of diazepam. There is history of previous attempts of suicide by wrist slashing, etc. The type of personality disorder in this woman is a) Histrionic personality b) Dependent personality c) arcissistic personality d) Border line personality A person who is a chronic alcoholic is brought to the casualty. When asked he says that he is drinking because of the quarrels with his wife. The defence mechanism is a) Denial b) Rationalization c) Sublimation d) Projection Kalloo, a 24 year old occasional alcoholic has got a change in his behaviour. He bas become suspicious that people are trying to conspire against him though his father states that there is no reason for his fears. He is getting hallucinations of voices commenting on his actions. What is the most probable diagnosis a) Delerium tremens b) Alcohol induced psychosis c) Schizophrenia d) Delusional disorder Vasanthi 45 years, was brought to casualty with abnormal movements which included persistent deviation of neck to right side one day before she was prescribed Haloperidol 5 mgs three times daily from the psychiatry OPD. She also had an altercation with her husband recently. Which of the following is the most likely cause for her symptoms. a) Acute drug dystonia b) Conversion reaction c) Acute psychosis d) Cerebrovascular accident Grossly disorganised, severe personality deterioration and worst prognosis is seen is: a) Hebephrenic b) Catatonic c) Simple d) Paranoid Waxy flexibility is characteristic of: a) Excitatory catatonia b) Stuporous catatonia c)OCD d)All





437) 438) 439)

With regard to anorexia nervosa the following is true except a) Phobic avoidance of normal weight b) Overperception of body image c) Self induced vomiting d) Menorrhagia e) Excessive exercise Which of the following conditions is characterised by episodes of excessive and uncontrolled eating? a) Anorexia nervosa b) Bulimia nervosa c) Body dysmorphobia d) All of the above e) one of the above One of the following is not a feature of alcogol withdrawal syndrome a) Early morning drinking b) Made phenomenon c) Secretiveness about the amount consumed d) Tremulousness e) Delirium trements In with of the following conditions the only means of sexual excitement are in inanimate objects? a) Exhibitionism e) Masochism b) Fetishism c) Voyeurism d) Sadism





Alexithymia is a) A feeling of intense rapture c) Affective flattening e) inappropriate mood

b) Pathological sadness d) Inability to recognize and describe feelings

- 432) b 433)d 434)b 435) c 436)a 437)a 438)b 439)d 440)b 443)4

441)b 442)b 443)d

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444) 30 year old man has decreased sleep, hypersexuality, sexually promiscuous, had spent a lot of money in last 2 weeks. Diagnosis is: a) Psychosexual development b) Mania c) Schizophrenia d) Hysteria 443) 22 year old young person shows aggressive behaviour for the last 2 weeks, also has auditory hallucination not heard by anybody else & suspicious behaviour. Diagnosis is: a) Schizophrenia b) Depression c) Mania d) Acute psychosis 446) Thai part of mind which is working on reality principle is: a) ID b)Ego c) Super ego d) Ego -ideal

447) One of the important defence mechanisms is: a) Alienation b) Confabulation c) Repression d) Suppression 448) Stockholm syndrome is associated with: a) Twin personality b) Captives d) Schizophrenia c) Paranoia

Answer 444) b

445) d



448) b