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Introduction to Pro/E

This tutorial will teach you the basic features of Pro/E including how to access part files, manipulate the display, and orient parts. You should complete this tutorial before attempting any other tutorials.

Accessing Part Files and Modifying Display 1. Download this part, which you will use as an example for viewing.

2. Start Pro/E Wildfire. The display should look like Figure 0.1.

[Figure 0.1]

3. Hide the browser by clicking on the arrows at the right of the screen, as shown in the 4. 5. 6.
figure. You should now see the graphics area where parts will be displayed. Select [File] -> [Set Working Directory] from the menu bar, and select the folder in which you downloaded the part. All work you do will be saved to the folder you set as the working directory. Select [File] -> [Open] from the menu bar, and select the part you downloaded. Figure 0.2 shows the main components of the Pro/E window. The part you are currently working on is displayed in the Graphics Area. The top Tool Bar lets you modify the view and perform common actions such as saving and opening files. The right Tool Bar contains the icons which let you create parts and features. The Menu Bar contains many of the same options as the Tool Bars, but in the form of menus rather than icons. When creating a part or feature, you will use the Dashboard to select options. The Model Tree lists all the features comprising the part that is currently displayed.

[Figure 0.2]

7. The icons at the right of the top tool bar allow you to decide what is displayed, as

shown in Figure 0.3. Experiment with some of these icons to see what happens if you turn them off or on.

[Figure 0.3]

Orientation and Viewing 1. To see a particular face of the part, select [View] -> [View Manager] from the menu

2. Select the Orient tab from the View Manager window, as shown in Figure 0.4. 3. Double click the view you would like to see (Top, Right, etc.). Experiment with the
View Manager to familiarize yourself with the different views.

[Figure 0.4]

4. The following commands can be used to manually change the view of the part:


Spin - move cursor while holding the middle mouse button Rotate - move mouse left and right while holding the middle mouse button and CTRL Zoom - use wheel on mouse or move mouse up and down while holding the middle mouse button and CTRL Pan - move mouse while holding the middle mouse button and Shift Key Experiment with these commands to familiarize yourself with the different viewing options.