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Brief Daily Sadhana of Kurukulle

in the tradition of the great terton h.h. jigdral yeshe dorje dudjom rinpoche (1904-1987)
supreme head of the nyingma sect of tibetan buddhism

1. Refuge and Bodhicitta. (recite three times)

namo rang rik yay shay khan dro mar du drel may par kyap su chi ma tok nyi dzin trul pay lo rang drol chen por sem kyay do In the self-existing awareness as the wisdom dakini, I take refuge beyond coming together and separation. The confused mind of unrealized beings clings to duality. I arouse the awakened mind of natural liberation.

2. Dorje Tsig Dun-pa (seven-line prayer to guru padmasambhava)

hum ur-gyan yul gyi nub chang tsam pe-ma ge-sar dong-po la ya-tsan chog gi ngo-drub nyay pe-ma jung-nay zhay su drag kor du kan-dro mang-po kor kyed kyi jes-su dag drub kyi chin gyi lob chir sheg su sol gu-ru pe-ma sid-dhi hum HUM In the northwest direction of the land of Uddiyana Upon the stem and filaments of a lotus, Is the one who has obtained all the unique and supreme siddhis, The famous one called Padmasambhava. Many dakinis surround him as a retinue. I shall practice sadhana following Thee. I pray Thee come and bestow blessings upon me. GURU PADMA SIDDHI HUM
3. Visualization of Kurukulle, and Mantra Recitation

rang sem ma ch tong pay tsel rik pa hri yik tro du lay rang nyi wang dzay da ki ni mar ser nyi ma char kay dok chu druk lang tso dzay chak nyam pay may chak kyu zhak pa dzin cher mo ut pal rat nay gyen pay nyir gar gyi gyur pak chay

day dr pung long du rl tuk kar nyi teng hri mar tar ngak kyi kor lay bar way o pak may zhing kn kyap par tro ten y ng kn wang d nay tuk sok la tim zi jin kyay day tong gyur may lhen chik kyay rang drl rang wang top par gyur OM KURUKULLE HRI SOHA From the very nature of unfabricated mind and the dynamic energy of its emptiness, Awareness, as the syllable HRI, radiates and reabsorbs light. From HRI, I appear as the magnetizing dakini: Vermilion, the color of the rising sun; Sixteen years of age, youthful and beautiful, with a passionate expression; Holding a lotus hook and a lasso; Naked and adorned with utpala flowers and jewels; Dancing on a lotus and sun, and Manifest within a vast mass of light, the bliss of meditative heat. At the heart center, above a sun disc, a red HRI, Encircled by the mantra, blazes with light That radiates forth pervading all countless realms. It magnetizes all matter, animate and inanimate, And dissolves back into the heart life force syllable, engendering splendor and blessings. Changeless bliss-emptiness is coemergent. The mastery of natural liberation is attained.


Thus recite the mantra 1,080 times, settled in the expanse of primordial purity. Not wavering from awareness, with indwelling confidence in the view; Poised in the fundamental nature free of transition and change; When stability in natural liberation, without conceptual grasping, is attained, Mastery over all the phenomena of existence and peace is gained. Samaya!

4. Dispelling the Extreme Views of Permanence and Nihilism

ho rik pa rang shar tsen may lha nyi may lo day chen por dal lar yang zung juk gyu may tsel n ch yay shay rl par shar om ah hung Self-arising awareness, the deity of characteristics, Pervades great nonduality beyond the conceptual mind. Once again, indivisible unity, illusory dynamic energy, Arises as the wisdom display of the universe and its beings. OM AH HUNG
5. Dedication and Verse of Auspiciousness

ho d sum sak pay gay tsok kn mik may ta dral long du ngo kam sum kor way sem chen kn dak nyam chen por sang gyay shok tsa sum khan dr jin lap tu dak chak drup chok kor chay kyi gal kyen kn zhi sam dn drup dro kam dong truk tra shi shok

All virtues accumulated in the three times, Without conceptuality, I dedicate in the expanse that is free of limits. May all sentient beings in the three realms of cyclic existence Awaken as buddhas in great equal purity. By the power of the blessings of the three roots and the dakinis, For myself and the retinue of excellent practitioners, Pacify all unfavorable circumstances and fulfill our wishes. May there be the auspiciousness of stirring the depths of sentient beings. With flowers falling from the sky, everything is imbued with happiness and excellence.
colophon The unrepentant thief disguised as Tenpa, who hides in the desert practicing witchcraft, stole this from his grandfathers treasure chest and sold it in the marketplace for worthless trinkets. Do you think it was a lucky day and hour?

This paper contains sacred images and text. Please treat it with respect. high desert tibetan buddhist activity center san bernardino county, california (626) 623-8055 august 24-25, 2007