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one from signs apoptozy is shift fosfatidylserinu on outer stranuplazmaticke

membrane ? YES
2. at inner signal course apoptozy exerts aktivacetzv. death receptors ? NO
3. Nádorově transformed cell have zvysenousyntezu product BCL- 2 ? YES
4. Most considerable organism - evolutionary biology is sheep?
5. Plasmatic membranaprokaryotickych sentinel node does not contain sterols?
6. Kinesin moves from - ends +end? YES
7. Switch seed is totalled mikrotubuly.Their movement interlocks kinesin. Mikrotubuly
are connected associated index proteins. no
8. Partitions wild type chromosomes for syntezutRNA are saved in acini. no
9. Human genome includes about 12%genes encoding proteins. NO 1,5
10. Imunofluorescence belongs to among - method electron microscopy. NO
11. Sample DNA for detection mutacilze take away from erythrocytes peripheral blood.
12. Continuity albumins is able to be roadsing on evolutional differences organisms.
13. Primates have more parunukleotidu DNA than man in consequence bigger of the
number of wild type chromosomes. NO
14. Presently employs - genic therapy in vitro. ? YES
15. Bioinformatika serves only kukladani biological data. NO
16. K collation continuity DNA employs computer database MEDLINE. YES
17. Turneruv complex is zpusobenchromosomovou mutation, entry karyotype: 47, XYY
NE ( 45 X0 ) , 47 XXY jeKlineferteruv complex and XYY superman
18. Depurinace cytosine is source genic mutation. NO -cytosine is pyrimidinova baze -
deaminaci zmutuje
19. Indirect mutagene is yperite.YES methyl DNA
20. Among products tumour- supresorovych genupatri knacker protein.
21. At method iced coffe etching employs - special knife. YES
22. For study inner structures cell employs method iced coffe quarrying. ?
23. K detection horned pancytopenia it is possible use - autoradiography.
24. After cytokinesi gets on mitosis. NO
25. During mitosis proceeds replication DNA. NO
26. MPF is inactive during inter - phase, His - activity increases along mitosis. YES
27. Preimplantacni period mouse embryos includes - suit from semination after
gastrulaci??? ?
28. Proteins are important for syntezunukleovych acids, because offer their building
components? YES
29. Genome is set allelomorphs organism? NO
30. Complete dominace: child heterozygote Aa be out of character no homozygous
parent (AA, aa)? NO
31. Semiautonomni organic analysis are - mitochondriea chloroplast? YES
32. Beta talasemie occur in horskychoblastech? NO
33. Instances on fenylketonurii if will offer near descendant in 25%?
34. Two browness have one's blue - eyed ajestli is probability for second descendant
25%? YES
35. Shall we some autosomalne recessive - illness. It is possible find out, whether is ill
(2. variant healthy) man heterozygote - for this illness question, if are his little ones
healthy or ill? YES
36. Fluxion cytoplasm makes we awns II? yes
37. Product differentiation are effecteds characteristics - membrane, are effecteds so
organic analysis?
38. Thickness membrane is 5nm? 7,5 nm, 5 jenejakej bilayer
39. Interfazove chromosomes are dekondezovanya have form loops about latitude
40. Most considerable creature evolutionary biology mouse?
41. Most considerable creature evolutionary biology rabbit?
42. Fluorochrom after irradiation emits visible - light? yes
43. Plasmid R includes fastness on antibiotics? sausage meat yes
44. Retrovir includes some „ dog" P? YES -signal to wrapping
45. For study cellulate ultra - textures employs method freeze- fracturing? yes
46. For study cellulate ultra - textures employs contrast marked by anti - matters?
haven't seen
47. 3 questions from bio-information science, something about - storage information,
48. Depurinace belongs to among punctual mutation -delece? yes
49. Among indirect mutagenous factors belongs to-alkylating surfactant? YES
50. Among chemical mutagenes belongs to thiazenovabarviva? YES
51. If turns at development ovocyte hladinaMPF? YES
52. Activity p53 is influenced surface ATP?
53. At display lameness employs - micrograph in c- metaphase? yes
54. Chromosomova map sets rozlozenichromosomu in grain? no
55. Peroxisomy contain catalase producing - superoxide hydrogen? no, the him from my
point of view rather nobody's
56. Eukaryotic receptors partake on prenosumaterialu over eukaryotic membrane? NO
57. Way diaphragmal albumins faces presGolgiho apparatus? YES
58. Study sequential affinity bilkovinumoznuje judge evolutional distance? YES
59. Mesenchyme rises from prime ectoderm? NO
60. Inner cellos paste rises I don't know whereof? it is part of embryos - blastocysty
giving rise germ
61. Function ribozomu is ___synthesis albumins
62. Centrifugacia on co sluzi ___oddeleniorganel asunder
63. Electrophoresis on co sluzi ___ rozfeleniproteinu asunder
64. Bielkovina mikrotubulov is ___ alpha betatubulin
65. Co is cytokinese ___ dividing nuclei
66. Mitochondria has velkost ako E- coli?
67. Co is that a idiogram? - and) number idiots na100 000 individuals in population:) b)
is that a pretty farded karyotype, to in him you - chromosomes recognized also Ido. b is
68. Co is genome set of all genes
69. Receptors kinase
70. Gameta has 1n (ano/nie) yes
71. Rozdiely in prokaryotickej and eukaryotickejbunke hurdle
72. Retroviry - ass
73. Fluorescing microscopy patri to the-luminous microscopy? YES
74. Barr body is___ near women, condensed - chromatin wild type chromosomes X, pac
cannot fakcit both, both go only at development, when, is that a hay
75. Human protein p34 (Hela cell) is subject to-dependencies on cellulate cycle changes
in phosphorylation and in usporadani? yes
76. Seed man has 1n? YES
77. Among basic organisms evolutionary biology-belongs to diversion derrick - any
zebricka - bo any such dinky ass that's, it sames nematode worm and drosophilou.
78. Thickness ultra - thin cut 40 - 50nm. YES
79. Thickness membrane 7,5mikrometru - bacha has - be nm.
80. Thalasemie minor - question hetorozygota ajeho disabled puppy fat, likewise with
fenylketonurii and hazard 2/3 for descendant
if middle filamenta belongs to among stresovavlakna.
81. Something with bio-information science - already I don't know what.
82. p53 - if inhibits apoptozu. NO
83. BCL 2 and bax - and their exercise at product differentiation and apoptoze. BCL - 2
her minds inhibits, bax fuels the. yep
84. Question on tribal cell and their hnizdaniche - and if there are some special cell near
that or so something? something there
85. Exercise MPF and his influence over mitosis. primitoze is increased MPF - complex
ciclically- CDK which take control of entrance to the M phase
86. Genic equipment ova/seed 1n
87. Genomika___ _ hot elaborative of science-sphere, whose endeavour is determine
entire prime - structure (sequence bass) DNA under investigation kind and extract from
those knowledge maximum biologically - relevant information, especially identify
individual genes and determine - their functional relationship (so - called functional
88. Myosin II - number below - periods (2 unexpectedly without a warning)
89. Idiogram ___pretty farded karyotype -bold chromosomes atotok
90. Molar motors - dynein.__ _ goes from + to-
91. Mikrotubuly___ from tubulinu alpha beta, is jich13, thickness perhaps 25 nm
92. DNA viruses ___ adenovirus - breathing intestinal,urinary, eye infection
papilomaviry - wart, divide by. uvula further necopylomaviry or thereabouts
93. Q striped in what phase cycle does? metsfaze??? ?
94. Endosomy ___ pouchs rising endocytosouANO
95. Allelomorphs terms - recesivita - kodominance
96. 3 instances on Downuv complex - what is probability occurrence near puppy fat en
famille, where's mother healthy and father has vybavu45XY t21/21 - is 50%?
97. Instance on occurrence fenylketonurie vpopulaci - is 0,02?
98. Development seed
99. Tribal cell - clutches niche.
100. Progenitorni cell

101. Mutagenous factors - azo - dye

102. BLINKER ___ antecedent čehosi
103. PCR
104. Iced coffe quarrying - what employs. velektronovy microscopy
105. Connection amino - acids in albumins
106. Centrosom like nukleacni centre. yep
107. MPF WTF??? ?
108. Human genome - from colic albumins. 1,5procent genes codes proteins
109. p53 - whether is able to at inactivation cause - breaks
110. Cykliny in myocardium.
111. Transportní gadgetry - ionic channels.
112. G protein
113. Cellulate cycle
114. Reversing transkriptazy
115. Caenorhabditiselegans has constant number physical sentinel node, exactly 959?
no, 1090, myslim130 them will become extinct at development
116. Beta talasemie is extensive largely vpolarnich regions? NO
117. Bioinformatika employs largely weboveprohlizece? haven't seen kua
118. Bioinformatika employs randomly generation - data? dpc
119. Translation near prokaryot also eukaryot probihav cytoplasm? yes
120. On entrepreneur prokaryot bounds SSBprotein?
121. Progenitory have largely ability - differentiate to the jakehokoli cellulate type? NO
122. UV radiation causes largely zlomychromosomu? NO - causes spojenithyminu,
which them to shit, pac it then stupidly fact
123. Disorder in cellulate cycle can be zpusobenaspatnou function pRb? YES, minds,
zepRb him along with p53 slows
124. p53 is enabled fall cATP? (or ATPuz I don't know, what there was) mindsthat the
125. Cover peroxisomu is totalled 1 membrane? YES
126. Deaminaci cytosine will get to confusion bazi? YES
127. Activation germinal genomu proceeds after - period transcriptional repression in
unicellular germ? YES but neck at it will you do not give it to them
128. Monoalelni expression occur uPGC(primordiality germinal sentinel node)? no
129. Preimplantacni development presents development odmoruly after stage early
blastocysty? NO(from - zygote to the blastocysty )
130. Principle continuity of the human genomu espressivo distinguish from principle
continuity of others organizmu? NO
131. Protozoan Giardia it is one o'clock from nejjednodussicheukaryotickych sentinel
node - hasn't mitochondrie, chloroplast nor kernel. NO minds
132. Eukaryontni cell is mostly bigger nezprokaryontni? YES
133. Genome man is greater than genome - leaven? YES
134. Consequence thyminovych dimers are disturbances replication and rise mutation?
YES - go incurred UV radiation
135. Processes product differentiation, dediferenciace atransdiferenciace proceed
massively in every adult organism? NO
136. Dediferenciace cannot proceed in dospelemorganismu because of protective
mechanisms? NON when something will bitch up, so it composedly will slip and that is
then navylizprdel
137. Asymmetrical divide by also neural cell? NO
138. Symmetrical dividing is typical for dospeletkanove and organ KB? NO
139. MPF induces mitosis near vsecheukaryotickych sentinel node? ??????? haven't
seen, it near of all me there shit
140. Mitotic ciclically induces replication DNA? NO
141. Molecules ciclically, CDK and cytokininyindukuji proliferaci? YES
142. On alpha- cinder in amino - acids scales 4uhliky? NO
143. Heterogameticke sex near mammals is female? NO
144. U mitochondrialniho genomu rises mutace10x more often? ????
145. Among function share ceded in reinsurance cytoskeletempatri also fluxion
cytoplasm? ??? YES
146. Sickle cell disease can be detect zDNA insulated from erythrocytes peripheral
blood? NEVIM
147. Tuberculous KB rise always transformation KBve woven, to niz KB appertain to?
148. Ageing ova presents period aggramdizement - volume, when happens to
cumulation mRNA and proteins? YES
149. G stripping is oldest?
150. Genotype it is possible define like set of all-allelomorphs? perhaps yes
151. Component cytoskeletu have ability - polymerize? YES
152. Active transport is pohanenkoncentracnim declivity? NO
153. Small molecules are relaids iontovymikanaly and by the help of mediums? no
154. Part of tyrozinkinaz is also extracellular - domainthat the serves to join ligandu? ??
155. Among DNA viruses belongs to castback - viruses apapilomaviry? NO - castback -
viruses are - vestured RNA viruses with reversing transkriptazou
156. Viruses causes tuberculous transformation sothat the will incorporate to the areas
tumour- supresoroveho gene and causes his overexpresi no
157. Mycosis are indirectly applied - mutagene? haven't seen
158. Burkituv lymph rises zaclenenimprotoonkogenu to the areas imunoglobulinu? YES
159. Transmembranove proteins have hydrofobnicastthat the is zANOrena to the
lipidovedvojvrstvy? YES
160. p53 is protoonkogen? NO
161. Cut is enzyme - catalyzed on ribosome?NEVIM however surely
162. Cytogeneticky was ascertainedthat the chromosom2 arose amalgamation 2
chromosomu anthropoids? perhaps yep in finale
163. K cytogenetic investigation most often-use metaphase chromosomy? YES
164. Hybridization in mendelovske geneticeznamena analysis individuals postneuritic
crossing and her statistical evaluation? YES
165. Break up nuclei in mitosis is caused - phosphorylation laminated plastic? YES
166. Topology chromosomu - interfazoverozlozeni - carry on proteins eukaryotic
matrix? těžko say, in this way mentally
167. Discrepancy between myosin I and II isthat the myozinI is able to antiparallel join
to the muscular grains? NO, myosin 2 is able to join to the grains
168. Among molar motors belongs to myosins,kinesiny, dyneiny? YES
169. Resolution electron mikroskopudosahuje as far as 0,2nm? YES
170. Method freeze- etching derive benefit from zalevanipreparatu to the methacrylate?
NO - it jeu ultra - thin cuts
171. Method freeze- etching derive benefit from specialnihonoze to fractured deep -
frozen preparation? YES
172. Genetic code is tripletovy and prekryvny? no, sausage meat is neprekryvnej
173. Eukaryotic cover is totalled 2 membranes,their continuum is interrupted eukaryotic
pits? YES
174. Eukaryontni genes are compound and obsahujiintrony and exotic? YES
175. Peptidicka structure rises meziaminoskupinou 1. AK and disulfidickym foot bridge
2. AK? NO
176. Functional genomika deal with heterologous - expression? NO ( bring in genes
from by other-organisms )
177. Is infliction of Downovym complex for child,whose father has karyotype
45XY,t21/21 50%? NO
178. Something as to virus or has ,,pol" gene and CDK2, or them to a membrane?
179. Enough head thing about activation embryonalnihogenomu.
180. Or sa BLINKER employs on sighting genomu?
181. Or is repetitivnich continuity in lidskemgenomu more'n 50%? YES ( 53, 8
heterochromatin, 39 unique )
182. Development ovocyte.
183. U mammals is heterogameticke - male,homo - gametic - female. YES
184. Apoptoza is the only way programovanebunecne deaths? NO
185. Plazmidy R carry fastness contrary - antibiotic? is said yes
186. Holandricka heredity. On the contrary Y lameness have - only men so Y- fixed
investment genes inherits only from father on son (holandrickadedicnost).
187. Sigma factor is from lipides? NO, polypeptide, send berserk polymerasu nazpravne
starts genes in DNA
188. Heredity blood groups ABO is in relation dominance? NO kodominance A aB
189. Pronunciation is transcription DNA to the RNA? YES
190. Questions to horned anemia - how displaies? - clustering Hb, or how rises? -
punctual mutation instead Glu- Val
191. Synaptonemalni complex in anaphase - His - using in cytokinesi yes - NO? haven't
seen no
192. Is mitosis dividing nuclei? NO
193. Questions on micro - tubular toxins.
194. Adapted proteins with cytoskeletem.tubulin, actin, we awns + near middle filament
195. It is possiblethat the behind physiological podminekdochazi to fuzi erythrocytes,
desmocytes, method...
196. Are on alpha cinder proteins coupled mode 2NH2 insider , two hydrocarbon
remnants.... .? NO
197. DNA chips if detect express genes? NO
198. Wherewith bigger diferencovANOst cell, by min mutation functions... ? YES
199. Questions from meiozy and mitosis , how much c akolik n has egg in single
phases!!! !
200. If in telophasic are yet dvechromatidy? NO

201. Discrepancy between auxiliary and krotkymchromozomem castback - virus?

202. Bioinformatika
203. If mutagenesis belongs to among funkcnigenomiku? NEVIM surely
204. Where desintegrating proteins? Lysosomy,proteasom???? ??

205. If is in meioze 92 kinetochore? Kinetochora

Section on centromere, to the whose set mikrotubuly divisive spindle during
mitosis or meiozy YES

206. If is some place in England centre - čehosi what already do not remember some
207. Is method ultra - thin cuts method, when - create carbonic layer on preparation?
NO,it does near mrazovyho quarrying, here it gives to the methacrylate
208. Belongs to genomic libraries and jejichscreening among functional genomiku?
209. Human genome is in mitochondriich? NO
210. Is apoptoza characterized zvysenimpermeability mitochodrialni membrane? yes
211. One from signs apoptozy is presunfosfatidylserinu on outside plasmatic
membrane? YES!
212. At inner signal course apoptozy exerts activation so - called death receptors? NO
213. Is fragmin associated index proteinemmikrotubulu? NO
214. Genome eukaryoticke cell is diploid,prokaryoticke haploid? haven't seen yes??
215. Rises neural moulding from notochodu? minds - me
216. Human protein p34 (HeLa cell) podlehazavislosti on cellulate cycle changes in
phosphorylation and in usporadani? minds yes
217. Gametes are haploid? YES
218. Mitochondrie has size like E- coli? natuti yes
219. Is system ciclically- CDK aktivatorembunecneho cycle and his inhibitor? yes
220. Will heighten continuity human DNA price all of a sudden response? NO, just on
the contrary
221. It is possible after due modification bunkypozorovat cytoskelet by the help of
electron and luminous microscopy? YES
222. Are on inner societies membrandrsneho ER ribosomy? YES
223. Finds gene for entrepreneur naprokaryotni DNA before genes for operon?
224. Is drosophila melANOgaster (vinegar fly) frequent object genic researchs? YES
225. Makes kaspaza 3 apoptozu zpusobenouvnejsimi also inner influences?
NEVNITRNIMI only minds
226. Among function realized cytoskeletempatri cytokinese? YES
227. Is thickness ultra - thin cuts 30 - 50 mm? NO
228. Is mitotic crossing- overalls nejvetsimzdrojem for transduction? NEVIM, go code
229. Is change fenotyp at occurrence lethal - allelomorph near big population? NO
230. Occupy eukaryotic pits 20% surface nuclei? YES
231. Is gelatinizing to structure eukaryotic cover - customised molecules waters coupled
mode on polysaccharide strings proteoglykanu?minds no
232. Nádorově transformed cell have - increased synthesis product BCL- 2? YES
233. Advertising is genic mutation. YES
234. First piece of knowledge about chromosomove mapecloveka was gained
amalgamation human and mouse sentinel node? perhaps also yep
235. First piece of knowledge about chromosomal cross band mapecloveka was shaving
horse amalgamation human and mouse sentinel node, when in cell stayed whole -
mouse genome and perhaps two human chromosomy? so it haven't seen
236. Nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegance has stejnegeny for apoptozu humanly?
237. For juxtaposition resemblance continuity - amino - acids in albumins employs
programme PDB (?) ) Viewer? no
238. When the is cell placed in environment - containing glucose, so in her cytoplasm
glucose discovers immediately. When the is vprostredi containing galactosis so in cell
galactosis discovers as far as behind 10 minutes.Diaphragmal protein transporting
galactosis is then inducibilni protein?
239. In albuminous chains amino acids-join through carboxylic insider one’s AK and
phosphate second AK? NO
240. Man labour with gonosomalne dominantnimonemocnenim, his woman is healthy.
Hazard for daughter is 100%? YES
241. Common sign tuberculous and kmenovychbunek is invazibilita and ability live in
fabrics, to the which migrate? YES
242. Tuberculous cell divide by immediately after adhesion knejakemu surface? NO
would river, they yet at all adherovat doesn't need to
243. Products tumour- supresorovych genes are - also signal transductors?
244. By the help of signal transductors together - cell communicate? possibility yes
245. Protoonkogeny code proteins ucastnicise corrections DNA? NO
246. Has TGF beta role in myogenesis? NO perhaps
247. Belongs to Levia reis (zebricka) or so somehow among modelling organisms in
evolutionary biology? yes
248. Is egg 2xvetsi than other on the average round cell? NO
249. On continuity of the human genomu employs - method Southern- blotting and
250. Both parents labour with Thalassemia minor, their - child will disabled with 50%
251. In panmyelosis population vyskytujefenylketonurie 1 on 10000 childbirth,
substitution heterozygote will 2%? NO
252. Auxiliary castback - virus includes gene gag? yes tame dog
253. Archea have one and more cirkularnichchromozomu?
254. Human genome is the only uplnesekvenovanym genome? NO
255. Enzymes Lac alpha, beta further somewhat are - synthesized at high concentration
lactose and starvation wages concentration cAMP? NO, at high cAMP also lactose
256. Two browness married couple have already jednomodrooke child, probabilitythat
the will have second blue - eyed is 25%? YES
257. Function tumour- supresorovych genes is synthesis proapoptotickych proteins?
258. Haploid cell contain but one saduchromozomu? YES
259. Darwinova theory have to do with essence vznikuzivota? NO
260. So - called slow oncovirus neobsahujionkogen???? ??NO
261. Advertising belongs to among shift mutation? YES
262. Product differentiation is incurred rekombinaciDNA? NO
263. To all tribal cells is spolecnavlastnost self- renewal? NO
264. Progenitorove cell are schopneasymetrickeho also symmetrical dividing? ???NO
265. Sickle cell disease is incurred zmenoumembranoveho protein? YES??? ?
266. Sickle cell disease got his name according - horned form leukocytes? NO
267. Chloromycetin makes destruction bunecnesteny? perhaps yes
268. Vakuoly are equivalent lyzosomu? YES
269. Sekvenovani of the human genomu zapricinilonarust prices acquisition one’s
continuity? NO
270. Several questions on fluorescing method.HAY
271. At asexual reproduction vznikajigeneticky different individuals? NO
272. At two dimensional electrophoresis first-divide by molecules according to molar
materiality and then according to pH? YES perhaps
273. At SDS electrophoresis analyzujemenedenaturovane proteins? NO
274. Prouzkovaci techniques chromosomu is better - do in prophage than in metaphase?
275. For inquest topology chromosomu in jadrepouzivame striped techniques? YES???
276. Negenova DNA is able to be instrumental towards analysis DNA(fingerprinting)?
277. Cell is able osmotic respond ikdyz hasn't cellulate side? YES
278. MPC is abbreviation for Myogenesis PromotingFactor? NO
279. Podjednotky tyrosinkinazy?
280. Associate mikrotubuly with dyneinem + movement - from +ends to –konci? YES
281. At proliferaci happens at the same time kdiferenciaci? YES
282. Product differentiation is necessary for spravnefungovani tissues? YES
283. Or su on alpha cinder bielkoviny naviazane2 NH2 insider, 2 hydrocarbon escalate,
2 haven't seen co - beg of sb. for nohow
nevychadzal stvorvazbovy cinder.
284. Or DNA chips detects expression genic? NO
285. Wherewith vyssie differentiate bunker, team menejmutacii posobi, but: questions
on trios riadky, in best two spur, so som sa in nejnevysomarila, but styrikrat nie running
sa me seem head...
286. Kolko n and stamp C has egg vjednotlivych phase? with tim run to the can
287. Or in telophasic su este dve chromatid?
288. Rozdiely honey auxiliary and krotkymchromozomom castback - virus? tame - isn't
capable replication, includes requisite - gene, is competently creatures viral element.
associated production alone doesn't speak create element, but - assisting is create tame
289. Question with trankripciouthat the DNA dekodujeRNA and of it vznikaju proteins,
or is that a spolocnym beacon vsetkych buniek? YES
290. Co sa action pri denaturacii bielkovin? it perhaps knows of each of
291. Jednym from najvyznamnejsich internetovychzdrojov biomedicinskych udajov is
WHO Svajciarsko? NO
292. In dosledku sucasneho sekvenovanialudskeho genomu vzrastla prize for one
sekvenacnu response? NO
293. Mikrotubuly sa skladaju from isteho poctuprotofilament. Every filamentum is
dimer from podjednotiek alpha and beta tubulinu?possibility ANO
294. Cytoskeletalne struktury with hrubkou 10 nmsa oznacuju ako intermediary
filamenta? YES
295. Molar motor podielajucim sa nazuzovani cytokinetickeho prstenca is dynein? as
likely as not
296. Colchicine is inhibitor bunecneho cycle,ktory stops cycle already in G1 phase
pretoze depolymerizaciou bunecnejtubulinovej sustavy obmedzuje vnutrobunkovy
transport vituperate - ok? yes
297. Eukaryotic scaffold is creature dvomabielkovinami laminated plastic and and
laminated plastic b? somehow laminated plastic there's
298. Centrosom ako type mikrotubulyorganizujuceho centre is indispensable pre
polymerization mikrotubulov deliacehovretienka? yes
299. Mikrotubuly deliaceho vretienka saorganizuju from kinetochore pripojenej on
centromeru chromozomov? YES
300. Position (rozmiestnenie) organel in bunkenie is throw up, but is function
podmienene? YES

301. Position organel in bunker is urcenarozmiestnenim metabolickych courses? YES

302. Karyotype prokaryotickej aj eukaryotickejbunky tvoria chromosomes with
replikacnymi pociatkami and centromere? NO
303. Karyotype is subor chromozomov somatickejbunky? YES
304. Prokaryontny and eukaryontny genome sa lisianapriklad aj existenciou exonov and
intronov in eukaryotickom genome? YES
305. Robil sa akysi attempt with expresiou genomu(transkripcia and translacia) pricom
sa derive benefit from radioaktivne marked by uracyl. Aksme applied antibiotic
zastavujuce transkripciu, dochadzalo to poklesuintenzity ziarenia. Ak sa handed up
antibiotic against translacii, intenzituradioaktivneho ziarenia it neovpyvnilo. yes
306. Epigeneze reducing DNA sposobuje acylaciahistonov? YES
307. Pojmom heterochromatin sa oznacuju castichromozomov, ktore nie su from
hladiska genovej expresie aktivne? YES
308. Genova expresia pokaryotov and eukaryotovsa contradistinguishs therethat the
transkripcia eukaryotov prebieha in cytoplasm? NO
309. Genova expresia prokaryotov and eukaryotovsa lisi therethat the translacia
prebieha in pithily? NO
310. Genom eukaryotov neobsahujetranspozabilne elements?
311. Priebeh genovej expresie near eukaryotovvyzera nasledovne...
312. Priebeh genovej expresie near prokaryotov...
313. Proteins zabezpecujuce vystrihavanie intronovychsekvencii patrix honey
catalytical proteins? no
314. Genetic code is triple aneprekryvny? perhaps then yes
315. Epigeneze reducing DNA su sposobene jejfosforylaciou? no
316. Kodujuce sekvencie (geny) predstavuju len20 percentile genomu eukaryotickej
bunker? NO
317. Cast nekodujucich sekvncii su regulacneoblasti? YES
318. Jadrove receptors su cytoplazmatickeproteiny, ktore via steroid hormones,
penetruju to the pithily and there posobia akotranskripcne factors? yes
319. Deaminacia cytozinu moze viest ksubstitucnej genovej mutacii? YES
320. Medzi strukturne aberacie chromozomovpatri reciprocal translokacia? yes
321. Turnerov syndrom is 47 (XXY)? NO
322. Cholesterol stabilizes hydrofobneinterakcie honey nepolarnymi escalate MK and
team fluidity membranes znizuje? YES
323. Rough ER secernuje phospholipid aglykoproteiny pre plazmaticku membrane and
ochre that aj hyalomucoids pre ECT,lyzozomy and vacuole?
324. Signalne transductors in membrane susucastou signalnej kaskady, ktora sa
zosilnuje and ktora Vedie until pithily kaktivacii niektorych genov (amplifikacia)? YES
325. Metodou FISH mozeme below mikroskopompriamo viewing aj individual locus
genov? YES
326. Pripajaju sa filopodie and ine podieameboidne sa pohybujucich organizmov to bed
help adheznych plakov? YES
327. K rekombinacii chromozomov pri mitozedochadza pri segregacii chromozomov to
the dcerskych buniek? NO
328. Necessary sucastou regulation kaskadybunecneho cycle near 1 bunkovych
eukaryotov su cykliny, near mnohobunkovych su tocykliny and CDK? ?
329. Vyznamnu exercise in regulacii BC hrajucykliny and CDK? YES
330. MPF ako regulator BC sa nachadza vovsetkych bunker? NO
331. Nieco with rastovymi factor?
332. Characteristic ludskych nadorovychbuniek is ich screen on bed in the pipeline
laminated core? NO
333. Diferenciacia buniek prispieva krozruznovani genetically informacie? NO
334. U rozne differentiate buniek jerozdielna transkripcia, translacia atd, but genom is
that isty? YES
335. Diferenciacia is riadena flix signal bell, nedochadza to ziadnemu zapinaniu and
vypinaniu genov vramci genomu? NO
336. Receptorove kinazy pozostavaju aj zpodjednotiek, ktore smeruju to the Ect and on
ktore sa viazu comminute ligandy? YES
337. Mutaciou protoonkogenov knacker and RAF mozedojst to reducing activities
membrANOvychkinaz and tym to disorder BC. YES -are it tyrozinkinazy, which are
diaphragmal receptors with extracelularnipodjednotkou, intramembranovou below -
period and intracellular biased.
338. Onkogen c- onc, ktory sa nachadza vludskom genome is flood virusovy in- onc,
what sa in priebehu evolucie zaclenil doludskeho genomu? NO I thinkthat the is it on
the contrarythat the along development incorporate to the genome virus
339. p53 ako tumour- supresorovy gene, ktorehomutacia brain viest to hromadeniu
mutation in bunker? YES
340. Pocas apoptozy dochadza to kondenzaciichromatinu? yes
341. Hlavnym modelovym organizmom vyvojovejbiologie is kralik? haven't seen
342. Ultrafialove ziarenie sposobuje breaks - chromatid? promise no
343. Neuralna pipes rise pocasembryonalneho unfold from endoderm? NO
344. Neuralna pipes rise pocasembryonalneho unfold from ectoderm? YES
345. Jednym from hlavnych regulacnych mechanizmovposobiacich pocas
embryogenesis is polarization embryos? YES
346. K activation embryonalneho genomu dochadzana planed zygote, then buzz - bomb
bunecnom point? YES
347. Abbot nieco with aktivaciou genomu apotlacovanim matkinych mechanizmov
genic expresie? HAY
348. Once from two sets of zakladnych vlastnostikmenovych buniek is become synteza
and secretion cytokinov?
349. Darwinova theory sa antennae zvysovaniavariability organizmov? YES
350. Progenitorove bunker su defined akobunky competently data rise hires - best 1
diferencovanemu bunecnemu type? NO
351. Nadory pochadzajuce from kmenovych buniekpochadzaju stipulated from
neuralnych kmenovych buniek? NO
352. Genome niektorych virusov is tvorenyvyhradne RNA? YES
353. Vyznamnymi experimentalnymi organizmamisu fagy, ktore maju svojske
fenotypove characteristics, ako is specifically host,istu form plakov? yes
354. Medzi DNA onkovirusy patrix papova virusya ester no Jake... ? further adenovirus
355. Muz drier fenylketonuriou, his fotrovcisu greet. Greet is aj his zenith and him
rodicia. But near zenith grief zatazovymtestom given dvojnasobny caspotrebny on
odburanie PHE. Is pravdepodobnost, from I'll stalemate chorea noggin l? YES
356. Heterozygote in two sets of beacon creature gametys genotype..? (alike ako vo
vzorovych otazkach)
357. In sucasnosti sa vyuziva in vivo genovaterapia? YES also the in vitro yes
358. Once from prvych illnesses uspesne liecenychgenovou therapy is ADA?
359. Zariadenim on meranie intensity svetlaemitovaneho fluorochromom is nejaky
fluorescence dostickovy haven't seen what? so Asiatic indeed
360. Moze flat sexualny suit nezavisly odreprodukcie? (Ak only condom... =) =) yes
361. PGC (primordial germ cello) sa sucasnemnozia and sucasne vycestuvaju to the
behind - lay gonad? perhaps yep, but těžko say in this way gridiron
362. G1 check uzol tells about vstupebunky to the mitozy? NO
363. Muz drier gonozomalne dominantnouchorobou, zenith is greet. Daughter I'll
chorea with 25% pravdepodobnostou? NO
364. Pri uplnej dominance is heterozygotfenotypovo nieco honey dominantnym and
recesivnym homozygote? NO
365. Homozygote meant, from assessment individual tvoristejne zygote? YES
366. Monoklonalne protilatky brain gain uzpriamo zo seraglio imunizovanych
headland? no
367. Vyuzivaju sa in comparative genomikegenomove libraries and ich prznenie? (grief
there no Jake ceske word, ktoremu somnerozumel) :DDDDD YES
368. Vyuziva sa genic therapy pri liecbeAIDS? YES
369. SDS PAGE elektroforeza binoculars proteinypodla ich affinity to
polyakrylamidovemu gel? somehow thereabouts
370. Elektroforeza in nejakom gel sa today uznepouziva, skull nie is compatible with
ostatnymy methods?
371. Elektroforeza sa pouziva to detekciistiepenia dvojvlaknovej DNA? (but nieco
alike, but inak totalna idiocy). NO
372. Allelomorph A1 and A2 are kodominantni. Krizenim2 heterozygote we can
abstractedly obtain 1 physical appearance? YES
373. Genes for prime continuity proteins forms of the total of the human genomu 7%?
374. Instance bindings genes is haemophilia abarvoslepost? Nevim
375. Oxidizing enzymes to the peroxisomudostavaji on the way secretion tracks?
376. Nejvetsi society for bioinformatikuna world is Japanese society NIG? NO
377. Disorder inherits gonosomalnedominantne. Probability infliction of for daughter is
378. Average mikrotubulu is 10 nm? NO
379. Notation semikonzervativni replication DNApomoci 3H- uracilu......
380. If is mark cellulate biology already - obsolete and employs only from historical
reasons? YES, lae haven't seen
381. Most no genic DNA is saved vmimojaderne DNA? NO
382. Combination AaBb and aabb gives 3 fenotyp? NO 4
383. Man haemophiliac and his womanthat the ma otcehemofilika. Probability, from
their daughter will hemofilicka is 50%? YES
384. Karyotype 46XX t21/21 Downuv complex? NO ( 47 )
385. Mutation gene p53 evokes apoptozu? NO
386. Inversion belongs to among genomic mutation? NO
387. Human genome was created methods???hybridization and PCR? NEvim
388. Among microscopic method belongs to method - shielding metal? YES
389. Genome is set of all allelomorphs organism?NEVIM
390. Tumour suppressor genes and their relation kretinoblastomu? at their mutation it
will disply manifest
391. Mutation some adenosinblablabla ADAvznika cystic fibrosis?
392. G actin is able to attach to –konecmikrofilament? YES
393. Most considerable organism vyvojovebiologie is laboratory rabbit? NO
394. ABO is type linguist heredity? YES
395. Yeast if has bigger karyotype how - man? NO
396. Barr body is X chromozom svlastnostmi heterochromatin? YES
397. Ovocyte is roughly 1000x greater than other - cell ball - shaped form? has perhaps
150 micrometers, no
398. Gram-negative bacteria contain in his - side only one layer phospholipides? are
totalled liposacharidy and are pokrytedalsi membrane. Are rosy positive there maj
peptidoglykan and have - not additional - layer. are modorfialove
399. Cykliny, CDP inhibitors all positively - work cellulate cycle? yes
400. Spektriny and their part in membranovemskeletu? recline and carry on form cell
are near worm blood corpuscles, other bunkymaji similar

401. Allelomorph B near blood system ABO zajistujesyntezu D- galaktosyl-

402. Cytokinesis, ciclically, ciclically- dependentnikinasy are mattersthat the
progressive regulate cellulate cycle? YES
403. Genic equipment ova after meioze II is 1n,2C? 1n, haven't seen what's 2C
404. Method FRET employs for study - dynamic feature mikrotubulu? no
405. Bioinformatika serves to accurate determination-start of and ends gene?
406. Auxiliary castback - virus does not contain continuity R?
407. At apoptoze will heighten permeabilitamitochondrialni membrane?
ANOPERMEABILITA - ability membranes transmit liquid
408. K activation embryonalniho genomu dochazipo meioze II? yes
409. Mutation p53 is essence vznikuretinoblastomu? YES possibility....
410. Among mistakes at correction DNA patriAtaxia- telangiectasia? yes
411. Aberrant canal disorder receptorovych kinase is incurred mutation G- proteins?
412. GFP amalgamation protein employs for znacenimikrotubulu? haven't seen yes
413. Epigeneze changes dejiprostrednictvim phosphorylation histone? is that a possible
414. Frequence fenylketonurie in population je1:10000, is chance that will meet two
heterozygotes 0,0004?
415. Among basic techniques proteomiky DNA are - Ray? Proteomika is spherethat
the deal with global hodnocenimexprese genic information at the level albumins
(proteomem), as well however zkoumastrukturu and interaction proteins
416. U unicellular eukaryot governs cellulate - cycle only ciclically and near
multicellular ciclically and CDK? NO sausage meat
417. U bacteria cannot put together karyotype? YES
418. Can we recognize, according to puppy fat, if is ill autosomalne recessive illness
heterozygote? picovina would river
419. Partake aktinova filamenta nakontraktilnim zone at dividing animal cell? no
420. Cytokinesis is fission cell? YES
421. Two browness parents have 1. synymodrookeho, is probabilitythat the will have 2.
child blue - eyed 25%? YES
422. In population is 16% recessive homozygote,will in those population substitution
heterozygote 84%? NO
423. Are for transport in cell pouzitelnekinesin and dynein? YES
424. Epigenni change does pomocimethylace? YES
425. Man haemophiliac and healthy woman, whose father - was haemophiliac, is
probabilitythat the will have healthy daughter 3/4? NO
426. Healthy woman with karyotype 46 XX and man skaryotypem 46 XY t21/21,
probability ill child is 100%? YES
427. In human genomu is coded over 60 000genu? NO
428. Something with Leta - molten allelomorphs near yellow mouse...it exactly no
429. If MedLine employs on searching - continuity?
430. They may mitochondrie and chloroplastyreplikovat independently of cellulate
cycle? YES
431. Differ centromery to polos in prophage?NO
432. Meioza near seed proceeds nepřerušovaně? YES
433. U ovocytes meioza interrupts in metaphase? YES
434. Is colchicine protein asociovaný acytoskeletem? YES, he him nobody's
435. They may cell at the same time proliferovat adiferenciovat ? YES
436. For technology ultra - thin cuts employs - potting to the methacrylate? YES
437. For technology ultra - thin cuts employs - special knife on quarrying? YES
438. Human karyotype is displayed in of the number of 46chromosomu? YES
439. In human karyotype is 23 vazebnychskupin and yet another on Y lameness? NO
440. Mother with blood - group A and father with blood - group B might be of only
children with A, B, AB? NO
441. p53 is inhibitor apoptozy? NO
442. MPF piles from ciclically CDK? YES
443. Cykliny with CDK positively work cellulate - cycle? YES
444. MPF pile from ciclically dependentnichkinaz and from ciclically dependentnich
445. Comparative genomika works soligonukleotidovymi chips? NO
446. Fenylketonurie belongs to to punctual mutations? YES
447. Extraceularni matrix near animals includes - collagen, elastin, fibronektin,
448. Eukaryotic laminated plastic forms layer on inner - side eukaryotic cover? YES
449. Karyotype women 46, XX, t21/21 entails, zeje healthy? YES
450. Standard karyotype man is 47,XYY? NO
451. Continuity human DNA did pomocipyrosequencing? YES
452. Significant modelling object vyvojovebiologie is sheep? NO
453. MPF has influence over progression cellulate cycle? YES
454. Cell - wall plants includes wood - pulp aproto isn't homologue to extracellular
matrix near animals? minds do I
455. Morfogeny are steroid hormones,.... ..? NO, are it some proteins, or peptide
456. Fetal and adult tribal cell delisymetricky? NO
457. Progenitorove cell have ability sat balanced? NEVIM it vska surely
458. Tribal cell have ability self- renewala dediferenciace? NO
459. Eukaryotic laminated plastic belongs to to the insider strednichfilament? YES
460. Mikrotubuly 25nm? YES
461. Cytoskelet is cellulate kostricka? YES
462. Mutation in knacker and Raf lead kekancerogenezi? YES are totyrozinkynazy
463. Epigeneze changes - hypometylace xhypermetylace yes, both is bad
464. Mitosis proceeds in M- phase cellulate cycle? YES
465. Mycosis belongs to among direct mutagenous - factors? NO
466. Hydrazine and his derivatives belongs to among primemutagenni factors?
467. p53 is enabled by lack of ATP? YES
468. Caenorhabditis elegance codes genes proapoptozu homologous with genes for
apoptozu near man? NO
469. Peptidova link between amino - acids is totalled connection amidoxime insider first
amino acids with amidoxime group druheaminokyseliny? NO
470. Receptors kinase forms - electrochemical gradient? NO
471. On smooth endoplasmic reticula jsouribosomy? NO
472. Gene therapy derive benefit from ribosomy? (heed:well are RIBOZYMY)
473. Among policy genic therapy nepatririzena suicide sentinel node? NO
474. Gene therapy derive benefit from rekombinantnich antibiotics?YES
475. Among DNA viruses belongs to polyomaviry apapilomaviry? PAP YES, IT
476. Among DNA viruses belongs to castback - viruses, which - implicate inzercni
mutagenesis? NO
477. Protoonkogeny they may flat aktivovanyretroviry and chromosomal cross band
reconstructions? YES
487. Asociovaný protein with MT is colchicine? YES
488. Is physical hybridization method for - make - up chromosomal cross band map?
489. Adenoviry belongs to among RNA viruses? NO
490. Is cytokeratin part of of all strednichfilament? NO
491. Downuv complex is genome mutation? NO
492. Niche is environment tribal sentinel node, where also extracellular matrix? YES
493. Niche is environment tribal sentinel node, where - are also immobilize hormones?
494. Is transfer payments rRNA synthesized RNA polymerase I?
495. Are principles shifts germinal sentinel node-similar like movement adhesive
plaques amoeboid sentinel node ? NO
496. Polysomy sympathetic proteosynthesis? YES
497. Use swallow - ions in genoveterapii?
498. It is one o'clock from possibility genic therapy - interpolation healthy gene without
ablation involved? YES
499. Integriny spajaju intermediarne filamentys extracelularnou matrix? YES
500. Pri production adheznych plakov sa nacytoplazmaticku side plaque napajaju
mikrotubuly? NO, aktinova filamenta

501. Genova therapy sa vyuziva ako podpornaliecba pri onkologickych ochoreniach?

502. Genotype is couples allelomorphs that isteho genuulozenych on homologickych
chromozomoch on rovnakom locus?
503. Protonokogen sa brain mutaciou reducing naaktivnu form? YES
504. Protoonkogen coda aj receptoroveproteiny? YES
505. On obnazenie cytoskeletu sa pouzivajudetergenty?
506. Vajicko sa stop 2 shorter in cycles. 1.kratpocas diplotenu first meiotickeho delenia
and sorts shorter pocas metafazy 2.meiotickeho delenia? YES
507. Z primarneho ectoderm rise pocasgastrulacie notochord? NO
508. Z primarneho ectoderm sa vyvijamezoderm? YES
509. Pri posobeni rastovych factor su velmidolezite physics - clings podmienky, honey
inymi aj temperature? YES
510. Balanced sa delia aj bunkygastrointestinalneho tract? NEMYSLIM
511. Pri asexually rozmnozovani dochadza ksplyvaniu gamete? NO
512. Method electron microscopy is method parafinovych resol? NO
513. Archeony includes eukaryoticke ribosome? NO , PROKARYOTICKE
514. Pri genic therapy in vivo sa pouzivajurybozymy? YES
515. Prokaryotickym bunkam error pri mitozefaza vcasnej profazy? IDIOCY NO
516. Muzzle includes in bunkovej stenemikrovlakna, ktore su from chitin? YES
517. Robertsonovska fuzia patrix medzinumericke aberacie chromozomov?
518. Strukturne reducing chromatin ovplyvnuju transkripciupocas aktivacie
embryonalneho genomu? YES
519. Product differentiation meant delenie buniek? NO
520. Pri nadorovej transformation dochadza khypometylacii tumour supresorovych
genic? NO
521. Pri nadorovej transformation dochadza khypermetylacii onkogenov? YES
522. In niche sa nachadzaju imobilizovanehormony? YES
523. Positive regulation cellulate cycle partake ciclically and cdk? YES
524. Fotoreaktivace proceeds near mammals? YES
525. Trofoektoderm rises from primarnihoektodermu?
526. Asymmetrical dividing is typical prohematopoeticke cell? YES
527. Depurinace belongs to among shift mutation? NO
528. Colchicine and his derivation kolcemid belongs to-among inhibitors mikrotubulu?
529. Functional genomika derive benefit from genic probe? YES
530. Sigma factor bounds to the oblastipromotoru? YES - is that a near prokaryot
531. Peptidova structure rises among amidovouskupinou one’s AK and ATP coupled
mode overleaf AK? NO
532. At polarization embryos happens to changes percept cytoskeletu? SI YES
533. Kinesin and dynein interlock movement molecule cytoplasm? YES
534. Allelomorph is definite form sign? YES
535. Transcriptional factors are proteins, which scales on special receptors in
cytoplasmic membrane? YES
536. Toxins mikrotubulu waste jakocytotoxiny but cytostatic agent? YES
537. Main object for evolutionary biologically domestic fowl? NO
538. Rise ADA conditions mutation in CBIHfaktoru?
539. On fluxion cytoplasm partake stahyvlaknitych structures cytoplasmic membrane?
540. Genic equipment ova before proniknutimspermie is 2n 4c? NO
541. Lyonizace is.... .? deaktivace jednohochromosomu X methylationthat the then
behave like heterochromatin and it is said muBarrovo corpuscle
542. Questions on monoalelni expresiautosomalnich genes.
543. Resolution elektronovehomikroskopu notching as far as 2nm? notching as far as
0,2, but this is yet so well
544. On movement grains cytoskeletu podiliaktin and we awns? YES
545. Is part of niche cytoplazmatickamembrana? NEVIM
546. Plazmidy are not in germinal cells? YES
547. Plazmidy belongs to among cytoplazmatickegenofory? YES
548. All sympathogonia derive benefit from MPF kregulaci cellulate cycle?
549. Bioinformatika serves to collation - genomes? YES
550. Ablation cellulate walling vznikaprotoplast, that is of along osmotic active (e.g .
exempt from a system lyze in destilovanevode)? NO
551. On myogenesis partake transcriptional - factor FGF?
552. Product differentiation sentinel node depends on polarizacibunek and their form?
553. Dospela ludska seed ma equip 1n,1C?SI YES, ONLY WOULD ME KUA
554. Zistenie resemblance genomic umoznujefunkcna genomika? YES OR NO
555. In population is 16% Rh-, heterozygotov je84%? NO
556. Fenotypova reducing bunker is assessment zmenousekvencie DNA? YES
557. Autoradiografia vyuziva largely triciovanyuracil? YES SI
558. Polarization is connected with prestavboucytoskeletu? YES
559. Method ultratenkych resol sculptured rust o40/50 nm? YES
560. Method ultratenkych resol vyuzivakontrastovanie metal?YES
561. Eukaryontny chromozom ma 4 funkcnemiesta? NO
562. Mitomycin D prednostne posobi protiproteosynteze? NO effects on syntezuDNA
near bacteria and highers sentinel node
563. Chloromycetin prednostne add salt protiproteosynreze? YES
564. Ludsky chromozom 2 vznikol fuziouchromozomov?
565. Mutacie ovplyvnuju HW rovnovahu? NO
566. Variability ochre ineho zavisi from roznejaktivity DNA polymerazy? MOZNO
567. Prokaryontny ch. ma specifically sekvenciuv areas entrepreneur?
568. Karyotype 45,XY,21/15 is Downov complex? NO
569. Myofibrili su confederate with molekulovymmotorom type tubulinu?
570. Cytoskelet umoznuje movement riasiniek? YES
571. Retrovirovy vector nesie gene env? YES
572. EB virus patrix honey retrovirusy? YES
573. Genova therapy predstavuje hazard hlavnepre germ? NO
574. Sucastou signalnych courses is tumorsupresorovy gene knacker? NO
575. Activation embryonalneho genomu prebiehapocas gastrulacie? NO - to
aktivacidochazi near dvojbunecneho embryos. and gastrula is after as much as morula
or what
576. Biochemickym priznakom apoptozy is vznikapo bodies? YES ( apoptic bodies )
577. Bioinformatika nam umoznuje zistitfunkciu proteinov? YES
578. Fragmentation sa objavuje aj in zivocisnejrisi? YES
579. Sekrecna courses glykoproteinov:ER GA- Lyzozomy? NO
580. Placenta rise from primitive ectoderm?NO
581. Myogeneza cover up fazu somitov?
582. Surface MPF is pocas gametogenezykonstantna? NO
583. Rastove factors su actively pocas aktivacieembryonalneho genomu? YES
584. Depurinacia patrix honey adicie? NO