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Free Algebra Word Problems

Free Algebra Word Problems In mathematics, algebra can be considered as a part that specifies the relationship between operation and operands with in the form of expressions. Basically algebra includes the combination of various terms, polynomials and algebraic equations. In mathematics, concept of algebra is popularly used for understanding the number theory, analyzing the problem and in various geometrical tools. It means to say that algebra can be considered as the branch of the pure mathematics. In the simple mean we can say that algebra is used for calculating the unknown value. In the basic algebra of mathematics we include the concept of variables and numbers with the operations. Algebra is a group of mathematical statement that requires performing the calculation to find the unknown value of the given variable.

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Here we are going to discussing about the algebra word problems which is most popularly used for solving the real life problems. Here an algebra word problem refers to describe the mathematical problem in the form of word statement. In the simple mean we say that at the time of solving mathematical word problem we need to analyze what we need to find out. In the mathematical expression we generally deal with the following example: a + 7 = 13, In the above example we need to find out the value of variable a that satisfy the given expression true. In the given expression we can see that we use a mathematical operation plus in the expression. In the same aspect we also use the mathematical operation in the algebra word problem. Example: Ron and Harry have 5 chocolate and 4 candies. Then find out how many of toffees they have? The above word expression is the most basic algebra word problem that can be solve by following steps very easily. <<-- Evaluate the problem first very carefully. <<-- After that analyze the main points that are given in the question. <<-- Labeled the each key variable by some specific variable and remove the unneeded variables.

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<<-- Now perform the writing of word problem in the form of mathematical expression. <<-- After that by using mathematical operation solve the equations. <<-- When we get the value of unknown variable, after that calculate remaining other variable. Now we show you how to follow these steps at the time of solving algebra word problem by the following given example: Example: Suppose there are two friends in the class. First friend has dollar twenty more than his friend. If we take the sum of all their amounts together then there total of their amount is equal to$100. Find the amount both friends have? Solution: Now we follow the above given steps to solve the given algebraic problem: Given that first friend has $ 20 more form first friend then this can be described as second friend has x amount then first friend has x + 20 then we write the equation in mathematical form: Amount of first friend + amount of second friend = total amount, x + 20 + x = 100, Now we solve mathematical expression: 2x + 20 = 100, 2x = 100 20, x = 80 / 2, x = $ 40, Now we can say that second friend has $ 40 then first friend has x + $20 = $ 40 + $ 20 = $ 60.


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