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Praying Through The Book of Acts

Acts 1: Pray for God to bring the right people into the ministry (v.24-26) Acts 2: Pray for the Holy Spirit to come in power (v.2-4) Pray for devoted & joyful fellowship (v.42-47) Acts 3: Pray for signs & wonders that point to Jesus (v. 7-8) Acts 4: Pray for extraordinary boldness (v.8, 29-31) Acts 5: Pray for God to reveal & convict false believers (v.1-11) Pray for favor with influential people (v.33-39) Acts 6: Pray for people to find & thrive in their spiritual gifts (v.1-7) Acts 7: Pray for greater understanding of the Old Testament (v.1-50) Pray for a heavenly focus & vision (v.55-56) Acts 8: Pray for those in spiritual bondage to be saved (v.13) Pray for divine appointments with those prepared for the gospel (v. 31) Acts 9: Pray for the gifted & influential to be radically converted (v.1-18) Pray for the sick & handicapped to be radically healed (v.33-34) Acts 10: Pray for already devoted people to seek us out for truth (v.5) Pray for people to have revelatory visions from Jesus (v.10-16) Pray for outpourings of the Holy Spirit on multiple groups (v.45) Acts 11: Pray for ethnic discrimination to be eradicated in the church (v.18) Acts 12: Pray for believers in persecution (v.5) Acts 13: Pray for missionaries to be sent out to transform nations (v.2-3) Pray for spiritual hunger on the mission field (v.42) Acts 14: Pray for salvations & healings on the mission field (v.1-18) Pray for missionaries to have hopeful perseverance (v.22) Acts 15: Pray for unity in administrative meetings of the church (v.1-22) Acts 16: Pray for market & business people to be saved (v.14) Pray for incredible joy in the midst of difficult circumstances (v.25)

Acts 17: Pray for the intellectual community to be convinced of the gospel (v.11-12) Pray for unreached peoples to be reached (v.30-32) Acts 18: Pray for fear to broken off of missionaries (v.9-10) Acts 19: Pray for every believer to be baptized in the Holy Spirit (v.1-7) Pray for people to denounce worldly media and embrace Christ (v.18-20) Acts 20: Pray for a culture of encouragement (v.1-2) Pray for a church-wide heart of giving (v.35) Acts 21: Pray for unrelenting apostolic passion over church leaders (v.13-14) Acts 22: Pray for opportunities to share testimonies to the lost (v.2-3) Acts 23: Pray for spiritual courage & guidance upon believers (v.11) Acts 24: Pray for whole-hearted obedience that leads to a clear conscience (v.16) Acts 25: Pray for favor with government leaders (v.1-27) Acts 26: Pray for opportunities to share Jesus with government leaders (v. 2) Acts 27: Pray for protection of missionaries (v.42-44) Acts 28: Pray for pioneering missionaries to reach the least-reached (v. 1-10) Pray for people in the church to fulfill their God-given purpose (v.30-31)