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August 2012 Dear Sisterhood and Womens Group Presidents: I hope you are having a good summer. Perhaps your sisterhood has even already started planning for the upcoming year. If, by any chance, you are no longer sisterhood president, I would appreciate your passing these documents along to your successor after you read them. WRJ Atlantic Districts By-Laws Revision Committee has worked hard to update and improve our district by-laws. The committee has proposed extensive non-substantive changes to the district board to correct grammatical errors, eliminate unnecessary language, conform to the WRJ style sheet, and otherwise make the constitution easier to read. The committee also proposed some substantive changes, including: o updating the sisterhoods included in the Atlantic District o clarifying eligibility for serving on the board o clarifying certain duties of officers o adding technological forms of communication o providing information about the makeup of the Budget Committee and the process for budget approval o providing information about the makeup of the By-Laws and Revisions Committee and the process of approval for the revisions In an effort to preserve our resources, we are electronically sending you this letter, a redlined version of the committees proposals as approved by the board and WRJ, along with the current Atlantic District by-laws. These two versions are also available on the Atlantic District website, www.wrjatlantic.org , under Important Info, so that your board members can easily access them. If you have any questions about accessing these documents on the website, please contact Becky Markowitz by calling 215-262-4494 or sending an e-mail to beckymarkowitz@gmail.com .

If you have any questions about the proposed revisions, please contact me at jlbhome44@aol.com . Your sisterhoods opportunity to participate in this process will be during the WRJ Atlantic District Biennial from October 11-14, 2012, in Pittsburgh, PA. The delegates to the biennial will discuss and vote on all board approved changes to our by-laws. Information about the biennial is on the district website. In addition, you should have already received registration materials for the biennial. If you have not received them, please let Becky know. Her contact information is given above. Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider potential improvements to the Atlantic Districts by-laws. I look forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh. Sincerely,


Joan L. Blum Chair, WRJ Atlantic District By-Laws Revision Committee jlbhome44@aol.com

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