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Eclipses are known to bring dramatic and often unexpected events, and after having come through two

eclipses last month, on June 1 and June 15, it would be easy to assume that a quiet phase would follow in July. That's not what is going to happen - another, more powerful one will now arrive on July 1 - and it's likely to be noticed by all signs, not just yours, dear Capricorn. This new eclipse will fall in the sign opposite yours on the horoscope wheel, in Cancer, at 9 degrees. It will put a big spotlight on your relationship with someone close whom you are committed to in a serious way, in love or business, and it may also highlight the state of your health. You have seen eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn since July 2009, and more eclipses in this series kept coming by every six months ever since. Not all eclipses bring the same intensity or strength, nor is it common to feel all of the ones in a series. Each eclipse varies in mathematical degree, so every Capricorn would see some sort of change over the length of time that the series was appearing - in this case, two years - but each Capricorn would not feel things in the same way and not in the same time. The eclipses that highlighted your sign included ones that occurred July 7, July 21, and December 30, 2009; January 15 and June 26, 2010; and this year, on January 4, 2011. Now we have one more on July 1, and it will be the last in the series - there are no more for seven years. Looking at this list, perhaps one or two dates will stand out for you as important. This July 1 solar eclipse will set up tensions everywhere, in many lives (not just Capricorn), even on the world stage. I suspect there will be a lot of news in the media. This is a new moon, so the solutions will take time to work out. Full moon eclipses deliver their news quickly, but then demand a quick resolve, but new moons are different in that respect - they set up a much slower timeline. This eclipse falls in Cancer at 9 degrees, so those Capricorn who were born on December 30 plus or minus five days will feel it. If you were not born on or near that date, you might still feel its affects if you have a natal planet at 9 degrees in a cardinal sign - Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn - or have a cardinal rising sign at close to that degree. If you aren't sure, and don't know your natal chart, don't worry. Just open the window and let in whatever wants to fly in. After you have the news, if any arrives, you will have time to sort things out - it never pays to rush at eclipse time. Eclipses expose truths, often in surprising, even shocking ways, but once you have the information, you can take appropriate steps to protect yourself. Although I can see influences in your chart, keep in mind that nothing in astrology is predestined. I will never know what you will choose to do about what happens - that will always be up to you. In that respect, life is a very creative experience. We always think we know what we would do under hypothetical circumstances, but in truth, we don't. We keep learning about ourselves, and often we are surprised at the depth of strength we find inside. The reason I feel this July 1 eclipse may bring challenges is that we will have four planets in cardinal signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra, each in very tight mathematical

tolerance from each other in a square (or "cardinal cross") pattern, forming two oppositions and six squares, which is remarkable in its own right. Anything that is no longer of value or outworn will suddenly vanish or require an action, a decision, or resolution. There will be no turning away from any problem that arises now. Cardinal planets will not abide lots of talk - they demand action. Because this is a solar eclipse denoting male energy, a key man in your life may disappear from your life now or next month (watch August 16-17 particularly.) With Pluto opposed to the Sun, someone may be very forceful and difficult toward you now, and it looks like you will want to push back, very hard - perhaps too hard. There is no need to hit a gnat with a hammer, but you may become so incensed by what occurs, that you might want to respond very strongly and perhaps a bit out of proportion to what is being said or done. See how you feel and try to keep cool. I am not sure if the close person who may upset you is your live-in sweetheart, a spouse, business partner, agent, manager, or other person who collaborates with you. It may be that this person may be none of those individuals, but instead be an aggressive competitor who displays ruthless tactics to take away a large part of your market share or tries to damage your reputation. Be on the outlook so that you can prepare for this possibility. There is an alternative way this could play out. It is possible that instead of any of the situations I just outlined (with partner or competitor) that you may suddenly see a health concern come up. This will occasionally happen when we have an eclipse in the sign opposite, as you will have now, but again, it would center on those Capricorn birthdays that I listed above. Nevertheless, if you should see anything about your body that seems not to be functioning correctly, seek medical help. Don't delay - you can nip things in the bud if you act quickly. The job of an eclipse is to get you to pay attention, so once you do, you will be half way to feeling better. I will give you an example of what I mean. At the start of last month, I noticed my mother was sleeping much more than usual, almost all day, every day. She's of advanced age, so at first none of us became alarmed. However, her birthday falls on June 15, the date of the eclipse last month. She had no fever, and no signs other than fatigue and sleepiness. I know an eclipse can bring on a health problem, so even though I had no reason to worry, on June 8 I asked her doctor to stop by to see her, and he did. I also asked that he run some routine blood tests. By the time her doctor came, it was June 15. The next day Little Mom's doctor called me with great urgency in his voice - her white cells were ten times normal, up to 38,000. He told me to get her to the ER immediately, because she had a very serious infection and needed to be hospitalized and given antibiotics intravenously. Because I knew astrology, I was able to help my mother - her doctor told me her severe infection never reached her bloodstream because I caught things just in time. I may have saved her life. Never be upset that a health matter could come up. If you are eagle eyed, you can help yourself or another person near you. Going back to my discussion of this July 1 eclipse, the fact that your ruler, Saturn, will be in hard angle to your Sun as well is another indication that life may feel strenuous for you

this month, and that you may be taking on too much. The demands of your career are likely to be quite heavy, so you will have your hands full. There is no harm in seeking help. Actually, I feel asking for help may be the message of this eclipse - never be too proud to speak up. Last month we had two eclipses, one in Gemini on June 1, and one in Sagittarius on June 15. Both caused changes in assignments, in the personnel working around you, and in your workflow. Now with this third eclipse, the strongest of the three, you may feel that life has become a little too much to handle! Take special note of July 6 for possible news of developments in everyday routine at work, or in regard to your health, for extra news of the eclipse of June 1 may be triggered by the position of Mars on that day. Hopefully, the news will be good. Also take note of July 26, the day when Mars will reach the exact degree of the June 15 eclipse, and advance information or discussions that took place then. As if you didn't have enough on your plate, Uranus will be adding pressure at home. Unexpected developments in regard to your property or a family member (most likely a parent) could come up. Before you stand up and shout at your computer, "That's it! I can't take it anymore! I am doomed!" I say, wait! Having many parts of life light up at once like a pinball machine is not that uncommon. Our lives are interrelated dynamically. When one part of life unravels or becomes troublesome, other parts start moving around too, because all the parts are integrated into a whole. You have probably experienced this before, and being a practical soul, you learned things you can use now. As a Capricorn, you are able to keep cool under all circumstances, even difficult ones, which is why you so often rise to leadership positions. If you were NOT born on or near December 30, you would notice the affects of this eclipse only in the mildest sense. As your friend, I still want you to stay alert in case you have planets at 9 degrees of a cardinal sign that may be activated. (That is something I cannot see from where I sit.) We don't need to plan for good news, but we do need to arm ourselves against possible challenge, so that we are not broadsided by events. If nothing happens, that is great! In that case, tweet me on Twitter. I am @Astrologyzone - I will be so happy to hear that! It has been my experience that if you take a job or start a new project or venture on an eclipse, it may not last long. If this concerns you, try not to start any new venture on July 1 (or on any other eclipse dates in the future), not unless you don't mind if your involvement might be short-lived. I recently hired someone who turned out to be an excellent worker on an eclipse. (I didn't want her to start that day, but alas, it was the only day she could begin.) She brought to my attention something in my records that needed to be corrected (something that I was shocked to learn) and she took three months to correct things. She completed the job to perfection, and I loved her work. However, much to my dismay, she promptly reported she was leaving because she was moving across country. Eclipses do "eclipse out" people from our lives either immediately (as you may find in your partner this month) or several months

later. I suggest you re-read the June forecast I wrote for you on Astrology Zone, because I outlined the last two eclipses in detail, and also commented on the new one of July 1. The previous month's forecast is always up, but now we have made it easier for you to find the link. Just scroll down to under the Summary and Dates to Note - you will see it there, before you get to the PS of announcements that I post on the very bottom of your forecast. Now let's go on to the other things happening this month. The full moon - just a regular full moon, not an eclipse - will be in Capricorn, 22 degrees, and allow you to announce your feelings and your needs. While the first part of the month will emphasize your partner and his or her needs, this full moon will give you your turn to speak. By this point in the month, you will feel more in control. If your birthday falls on January 12, plus or minus five days, you will feel and benefit most from this full moon. The month ends with a particularly sweet second new moon, technically a blue moon, coming July 30. This new moon is quite glorious, and it will help to shift the energy to a more optimistic, positive feeling in the air. This new moon will fall in your eighth house of other people's money, and help you make some excellent arrangements. While this new moon won't emphasize your salary, it will help you streamline your financial relationship with banks, credit card companies, and certain providers, like your cell phone company or your Internet provider. It can help you get financial aid from your university or help you get a good deal on a mortgage. If you are starting a new business and need venture capital, this new moon could bring the news you've been waiting to hear. This is new moon stands out because no less than three planets will join in perfect harmony - Pluto, Jupiter, and Mercury - forming a golden triangle in the sky, and remarkably, all three will be in fellow earth signs like yours. You will see that most money matters will go really well for you, especially if you were born at the end of December (within five days of December 28), and if that is you, you are among the group of Capricorns who could use a strong boost of positive cosmic news. Mercury will go retrograde just a few days later, August 2 to 26. Knowing this, as you enter August, I don't want you to make any firm commitments, such as to take a job or accept financial terms of a contract. Study your financial statements, as there could be errors, and look closely at any documents you are asked to sign. Plan to sign in September. Situations involving money from the past - ones that may have not worked out before might click into place now. For example, if you bid on a house but did not win the bid, you may be invited back again - and get the house you want. Or if you interviewed for a job and they chose someone else, you may hear from the same company to interview for another job - one you like even better. You can also work with Mercury retrograde by doing thorough preparation now, and then showing your reports, application, or presentation later, in September. With many people out of reach in August due to the retrograde, it may be quite easy for you to delay things to

September, so breathe easy, dear Capricorn. Romantically, how things go will depend on how your relationship has been proceeding for some time. Eclipses bring hidden feelings out in the open, so you can see the full picture clearly. If your partner truly loves you, you will see that to be true. If your partner has betrayed you, you will know that. If your partner has wronged you, but you still love each other, it will be a great advantage to have Venus moving through your partnership house from July 4 to 28. Venus will soften any problems, should any come up, assuming you are starting with a basically strong relationship. If you are single and not dating anyone special, you are lucky to have Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, in your fifth house of romance. Jupiter is in Taurus, the most wonderful place for Jupiter to be for you to find lasting love. If you hope to have a baby and you are already attached, Jupiter's position is the very best for you too, for you may see that dream come true. Jupiter will remain in your fifth house until June 2012 - a year from now, and this is great, as it's been 12 years since you have had this outstanding cosmic luck. Jupiter and Pluto will be beautifully oriented on July 7, a day that will shine like gold for you when it comes to finding love or hearing good news about a child or pregnancy. Here is your list of special romantic days (assuming you are not attached to someone who brings you heartache as a result of the eclipse July 1): July 4, 5, 9-10, 15, 18, 19, 23-24, 27, 28, and 29. What a month you have, dear Capricorn! I am with you all the way. Please be sure to read the Summary and Dates to Note below, as I want to arm you with as much information as I can. Let's touch base again in August.

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