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After Effects Knowledge Base

When you work in any After Effects composition you also work in? ! ! A)Layer window! ! B) Footage window! ! C) Effects controls window D) Finder window

Which window allows you to view footage items in their original form before any applied effects? Chose all that apply... ! A) Footage window!! B) Layer window! ! C) Effect controls window D) Finder window

Before you create an After Effects project you should rst A) Plan your project based on the nal output format B) Import all the media you intend to use in the project C) Format your internal hard drive D) Format your external hard drive When creating a project intended for a variety of nal media fomats, you should always create your project with... A) The highest resolution possible B) The lowest resolution possible C) The highest of your chosen eventual output reolution requirements D) The lowest of your chosen eventual resolution requirements. How many different frame rates can an After Effects project contain? ! A) 1! ! C) 99! ! ! ! ! ! B) Unlimited D) 6

By default how many levels of undo will the Edit-Undo command allow? ! A) 1! ! ! C) Unlimited! ! ! ! B) 99 D) 20

What is the maximum possible number of levels of undo the Edit-Undo command will allow? ! A) 1! ! ! C) Unlimited! ! ! ! B) 99 D) 20

When you import a footage item into a project, After Effects will... A) Automatically copy the media into your project B) Automatically move the media into your project C) Automatically make a reference to the media from your project D) Create an ofine version of the media to save disk space If you move or rename a footage item After youve imported it into After Effects... A) After Effects will automatically locate the moved/renamed le B) After Effects will label the media as Ofine with a red yield symbol C) You will have to re-import that footage item D) You will have to start a new project When you import a still image into an After Effects composition, its default duration will be... A) Whatever the default duration of the still image is prior to import B) One frame and you can scale the duration to t your need C) The duration of the compostion into which youre importing the image D) The duration of the layer into which you add the image Which modier key allows you to drag a folder full of still images into a composition as individual images rather than a sequence? ! A) Option! C) Control! ! ! B) Command D) Shift

Before you can begin working with your footage items is any new After Effects project you must rst... ! ! A) Create a new composition! C) Import the footage item! ! ! ! B) Create a new layer D) Create a new track matte

Footage items added to your composition will begin... A) At the rst frame of the composition B) At the rst frame of the project C) At the rst frame of the timeline D) At the playhead position

Which of the following can a composition layer can contain? A) A footage item B) A camera, a light, a solid C) The same layer within itself D) An adjustment layer When you Command click several footage items before you drag them into your composition, in what order will they be added to your composition. ! ! A) Alphabetical ! ! C) In order of le size! ! ! B) Sequential D) In the order in which you clicked them

Light and Camera layers affect ALL other layers ! A) True! ! ! ! B) False

To deselect all layers press the following key/keys... ! A) F1! ! B) F2! ! C) F3! ! D) F4

There are two types of markers in After Effects, Composition time markers and Layer time markers. Explain the following ! ! Composition time markers are... ! ! Layer time markers are...! ! ! A) Numbered! ! A) Numberes!! B) Text B) Text

To add a marker to your After Effects composition which modier key will you use? ! A) Shift! ! D) Command! ! ! ! B) Option ! E) Control ! ! ! C) Function

To snap the playhead to any marker which modier key will you hold while dragging the playhead? ! A) Shift! ! D) Command! ! ! ! B) Option ! E) Control ! ! ! C) Function

To delete a layer time marker which modier key will you use? ! A) Shift! ! D) Command! ! ! ! B) Option ! E) Control ! ! ! C) Function

Adding frame blending to a moving text layer will make the text motion look smoother. ! A) True! ! ! B) False

How many individual keyframes are required in any one value in order for you to be able to animate change in the value. ! A) 1! ! ! ! B) 2! ! ! ! C) 3

When you convert a mask or a shape to a motion path. How long is the default duration of the motion path? ! A) The length of the composition B) The entire duration of the layer C) 2 Seconds D) 10 Seconds When transforming the rotation of an object using the layer properties the objects in a layer will always rotate around and scale from... A) The center of the object B) The center of the layer C) The anchor point of the object D) The anchor point of the layer