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Energy production from sewage waste using solar biogas digester with reverse absorber heater: If you are interested in doing some mechanical engineering project on renewable energy sources then this can be an ideal project for you. In this project, you c an decompose biomass by an aerobic digestion which results in formation of bioga s, a methane rich gas. Though this project has been done a several times but new thing in this project is use of sewage sludge (toilet waste) for production of biogas and use of solar energy for heating that slurry instead of providing heat from some external source, as biogas production rate depends on temperatures. Use solar energy as heat source and then design, manufacture and test biogas dig ester. If you want to do more work on it, then you can also design a complete sy stem for production of electric power from produced biogas. 2. Modeling and experimental flow analysis of airfoil: This mechanical project idea involves formation of relationship between aerodyna mic parameters with angle of attack of airfoil using Computational fluid dynamic s techniques. You can evaluate numerical solution for airfoils NACA-0012 and NAC A-4412 using CFX(Ansys). Use wind tunnels in your university to verify accuracy of your model. 3. Develop automatic gear shifting mechanism for bicycles: In this project, you can develop a mechanism for automatically shifting the gear s of a bicycle according to the force applied onto the paddles by the cyclist. 4. Geometric modeling and simulation of parallel plate heat exchangers: There are many types of plate heat exchanges. Some are round plate heat exchange rs and some are rectangular plate heat exchangers. Then it can be a counter flow or cross flow heat exchanger. These heat exchangers also differ based on the co nfiguration of the plates. Some of these heat exchangers have flat plates while others have corrugated plates. You can design any type of these parallel plate h eat exchangers. What you need to do is that you will design the plates and assem ble them in Pro Engineer or any other software of your choice. Then you will imp ort this heat exchanger in CFX (Ansys) where you will run real time simulations on this heat exchanger. Take any two similar or different fluids to flow inside the plates and take readings of temperature and pressure etc. Change different f low parameters and check the change in your results. You can compare different t ype of flows and plate configurations in order to check that which of type of pl ates gives more accurate results and higher efficiency. In order to verify the r esults of this mechanical engineering project, you can always compare your data with experimental readings which can be found in many research papers of heat ex changes. 5. Design a tennis ball thrower mechanism and manufacture it: This mechanical project idea is related to design and manufacturing. You will ne ed to design and fabricate tennis ball thrower which can throw ball to a distanc e as far as it can. The design requirements for the tennis ball thrower are: The tennis ball thrower must be 3 feet in height and must have the capability to au tomatically load the next ball for throwing. The ball thrower must be manually o perated. Such that no need to install motors etc. First a complete analysis and simulation of the design is required on Pro Engineer and ANSYS for functioning a nd stresses calculations involved. The design of the ball thrower must be the on e that it can throw the ball as far as it can. Main tasks are to design of model ball thrower on Pro Engineer. Analysis of the critical component of the ball thrower on ANSYS. Fabrication of ball thrower on

the basis of model designed. The maximum power required to load the ball thrower for throwing the ball. Material selection with their justification of chosen ma terial. Justification of the design and material selected to be cost effective. 1. An Automated Umbrella: Design an automated umbrella with sunlight sensors such that the umbrella opens automatically in sun light and closes in the evening. These type of automatic um brellas are used in mosques, parks, beaches and open air cafeterias etc. Main ob jectives of your project will include: Sketch out of conceptual design. Designing and assembling of every part in Pro-Engineer. Analyze the model for motor/hydraulic system requirements. Structural, thermal and drag force analyses of umbrella Structural Analysis in Pro Mechanica for design robustness. Manufacturing of a prototype for illustration. 2. Power production from waste air of exhaust fans at Textile Mill Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Modular Type Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAW T) for a Textile Unit. Installation and Testing of the VAWT will be accomplished to generate power from waste air emitting from exhaust fans located in the Powe r House of the Textile Unit. The waste air recovered will be utilized as a sourc e to drive the wind turbine blades. As such the power generated must be sufficie nt enough to meet the internal lighting requirements of the mill. Main objective s of this final year mechanical engineering project will include: Install a wind turbine in front of exhaust fans. Entirely new concept of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. The Objectives include design, Analysis (on ANSYS), Manufacturing, Testing and I nstallation at the Textile Mill. Perform Static and Dynamic Analysis on ANSYS. 3. Power Production from Biogas using Sewage Wastes by Solar Energy Main objectives of this mechanical engineering project will include: Design and Fabrication of Biogas Digester. Design and Fabrication of Solar Reflector. Checking composition of Biogas collected through Gas Analyzer. Design and Fabrication of Up gradation Apparatus for Biogas. Power Generation from purified Biogas 4. Thermo-Hydraulic Design of Evaporator for Low Temperature Organic Rankine Cycle The aim of the project is to develop software for Thermo-Hydraulic Design of Eva porator of Organic Rankine Cycle which utilizes the low grade waste heat availab le in process industries and renewable energy resources. Organic Rankine Cycle i s a cycle that generates electricity from low temperature waste heat. Evaporator is a heat exchanger, essential to any power plant. Development of a computer pr ogram to carry out thermal and hydraulic design of the evaporator. 5. Design Standardization and Fabrication of Micro-Hydro Cross Flow Turbine This final year mechanical engineering project will include: Vital link in the chain of solutions to deal with the problem of providing elect ricity to off-grid locations in rural areas and ensure off-shelf availability of CFT. Model and Design Cross flow turbine on PRO/E and performed CFX analysis. Engineering drawings and Designing of Shaft, Bearing and belt Selection