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UFO encounter 1/ Observance of craft creating Time-/dimensional Gate! 18th December 1992, time 2345, weather clear,crisp.cold.

I was driving at that period a Pizza-delivery van, making my last delivery for the night. Vicinity a large populated housing-est, kings lynn norfolk england. I was driving down a winding road into the estate, when I noticed some quarter-a-mile away, some 2mls up in the sky a Largesilver-star! Far too-large to be Celestial. I slowed the van down to a stop, and whilst again resuming observation of this silver-object was amased to see it Extinguish, completely vanish! (like someone turning a light-bulb off in the middle of the sky) I sat for a few seconds and then wound down my driver-side window to see any "further" phenomenan associated with this occurence. I was quickly "rewarded", about eighty-ft above me moving LESS than 5mph I observed the following VERY clearly! / A Craft some forty ft in length and around ten-ft from the dome-shaped aperture at top to the base. The colour a " rusty-red, not unlike metals just been removed from a furnace/forge and cooling down." (important!) I watched for at least five-minutes this starcraft which not only "stopped-time" around me but gave reference that its "occupants" were WELL AWARE of my prescence and observation. In fact I was expecting to be "beamed-aboard!". Suddenly a row of about ten-to-twelve orange-ports were turned on. From the underside looking upward I observed the direction as clockwise. Immediately "these-ports" had been activated a "change" in the "space" in-front of this craft was highely noticeable. I was "mesmerised", space itself in accordance perhaps with the craftsdimensions, began to "shake", to give the impression of a forming of a mirrored-flux, a sand-shifting type mirage. I can only assume that the ports had released an Unknown-energy which "transformed" the Magneticpolarisation and gravitational-fields, pertaining in front of this craft/To allow a "molecular-shift" of Time and its equivalent parrallel-fields/. I watched then as this noiseless-craft entered into this created portal and then vanished. I have Experienced/encountered MANY Paranormal/supernatural events, ,many UFO connected phenomena and therefore "I was NOT frightened by this encounter, more inquisitive! I was running my own-UFO Group at that period and had talked on a number of radio-shows, appearing briefly in a UFO-Debate in 1994 on "the time and the place" presenter john-stapleton, ITV. television. So slowing the van to a stop and switching off the engine was a Natural thing to do for a Ufologist. After completing my delivery of a pizza and returning home I concluded/percieved that: the Silver-star first observed was indeed a observation of A Portal-timegate, which had earlier been opened by this very same craft! In other words this craft was using

"some-sort" of cross-dimensional corridoors to travel space and its timevariables. Let me say as I have always maintained, I have ALWAYS been available for ANY tests including drugs, be they truth-drug/liedetector/whatever to prove the VALIDITY of what I have seen/encountered throughout my life so far! TRThompson

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