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Requesting the Allplan Student license

To request the Allplan Student license You have already installed the program with a student trial license. 1 Start NemSLock License Manager by clicking Start - (All) Programs Nemetschek - Nemetschek SoftLock 2006 License Manager. 2 Click Allplan 2012 Seat 90 Student with the right mouse button and select Request registered license on the shortcut menu. You can also select the Allplan 2012 Seat 90 Student check box and then click License request.

3 The Request License wizard starts. Click Next >. 4 Check the data in the Customer details dialog box and correct it, if necessary. Enter the license codes you received by email for the Client ID and CD Key (you can also find these codes in your profile at www.allplan-campus.com). Overwrite any existing entries such as FFFFFFFF, 00000000 or STI-11-DE-XXXX with the license codes. Watch out for uppercase and lowercase letters! The CD Key usually consists of the numbers 0 to 9 and the capital letters A to F. Click Next >. Important: Editing the Client ID and CD Key requires administrator privileges. Otherwise, the Client ID and CD Key boxes are grayed out and unavailable and the Change Client ID and CD Key button is displayed in the dialog box. Click the Change Client ID and CD Key button and confirm the message by clicking Yes.



Note: Make sure that you enter your email address correctly as the registered license file is sent to the address you specify here. 5 Check the Program, Version and Seat and click Next >.

6 Select Save the registration file ... and click Next >. The register.txt file is created and saved.



7 Windows Explorer starts and the folder with the registration file is open.

8 Start the email program, attach the register.txt file to an email and send it to register@nemetschek.de. 9 Click Finish to close the Request License wizard. You will receive an email with the registered license file and information on how to install the license within a few minutes. If you still have not received anything after approximately one hour, please check whether the email is in the spam folder. Questions? If you are not sure how to install and request the license, please go to www.allplan-campus.com and use the forum to clarify all questions before you send and email to info@allplan-campus.com. This saves you and us considerable time and effort.
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