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A very good morning to Miss Ng ,my amazing lecturer and my fellow friend.

Today I m going to present my experience in attending in this course . Graduate Programme in Teaching (PPG) is a programme that give opportunity for teachers to further their studies on degree level.I am one of the lucky person that been choosen to join this course.This course will take four years for eight semesters. When I knew that I was short listed for this course via the internet,I was so happy ,thrilled and excited but also puzzled and full of uncertainty. Joining the PJK course at the age of 44 is going to be quite a challenge for me but I believe it is still not too late for a better change.I m one of the students of PJJ course February intake 2012. Truly ,this is the right path for me to realise my potential and develop my career. This course requires high commitment.As I am already busy with my works and family,I need to focus on another thing.Although at first I was nervous but with the encouragement from my family members,especially my beloved wife,I have decided to grab this opportunity.I have been thinking and have decided this is the only chance for me to improve myself and prove to my children, thus motivating them. I am sure that everyone know that education will cost you a lot.However,thinking that I am searching for knowledge and will be someone who inspires my child,I put aside all the hardship and try to gain knowledge as much as I can. I have gained a lot of knowledge in the teaching of physical education in school.I am very fortunate to have amazing lectures like Dr. Azani and Mr Hamzah.They have taught me to be both mentally and physically strong. It provides more skills to manage your time. Besides teaching I have to attend lectures and do assignments and course work.These have taught me that time management is very important. It helps students to plan their schedule wisely. Now I realize that time management is very important. Besides,I was also been exposed to new approances for teaching.As a teacher,I would like to make my students feel happy with their lesson in school.I

have been teaching how to use more creative techniques to teach PJK and make my students enjoy their lesson. Although I have to sacrified a myriad of things like money ,energy as well as quality time with family and others but I have great encouragement from my family especially my wife.She said that this is the only chance to improve myself and to motivate my children to further their studies.A course that I have joined is very challenging.In spite of this ,I need physical and strong mental endurace. As already known ,this course involves theoricaly and practical. In this course ,I also get to meet many friends who are teachers from different parts of Malaysia.I have known a great basketball coach for the national basketball team from the well-known ,Bukit Jalil Sport School. Furthermore ,this course has changed my point of view.Now my awareness level is higher than before.I find that relationships with students is very important. In a nutshell ,I hope that I will be able endure all the hardship through out this long journey. I wish to fulfill the aspirations of my family to see me as an icon for them.I know success can be attained with active participation and my dream is to see our youth live a healthy life.

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