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They have no wine

(John 2:3) Now, look at this strange situation! It is a wedding feast. The feast is going on. But in the midst, the most important and indispensable item of the marriage feast - the wine is exhausted. Quite obviously, the hosts were rather poor. They didnt have enough money to buy wine in this emergency situation. This comes to the notice of Mother Mary. Immediately she brings this matter to the knowledge of Jesus. Though these words They have no wine seems to be just a statement, it is in reality a prayer and that too a prayer of expectation. Mother Marys intention was not just to pass on this information, but she really looked forward to a miracle. She certainly expected a miracle. But how could she expect a miracle when the Bible says, This beginning of signs Jesus did in of Galilee. (John 2:11) Was this the first miracle Jesus did in His life? No, certainly not. This was the first miracle He did before His disciples during the very beginning of His Ministry. Mother Mary knows who He is! He is the Son of God. And she would have experienced such deficiencies in her life and certainly Jesus would have made good those deficiencies as and when required by His earthly mother. Yes, this is true. Joseph, the head of the family was no more. Jesus had four more brothers as not less than two sisters. All of them were just teenagers when he started His ministry. He was the only bread-winner of His family and that too He had to feed a family of not less than eight. He was a poor carpenter. Yes, remember these words For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ , that though He was rich, yet for the sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might became rich (II Cor. 8:9). He became poor only for our sakes, only to make us rich. He had lived in wants and needs. His earthy family had often been in such situations. His

mother had often approached Him with such requests such as this, Son, we have no wheat, Son, we have no meat and so on and so forth. And the Son of God would certainly have made such situations clear of their deficiencies. And this was one of those situations wherein Mary had to intervene on behalf of that marriage party. Possibly they were her blood-relation. The situation was really critical. Wine was the most essential and inevitable part of the marriage-feast of these of Jews. Had there been a shortage of wine, the family would have lost their face among the invited guests. And they were too poor to make any other emergency alternatives too. Mary expected that as usual Jesus would certainly intervene in this situation and save their faces. Yes, she certainly expected the right thing would happen. Otherwise, she would not have called the servants and instructed them, Whatever He says to you, do it (John2:5) Jesus immediately reacts Fill the water pots with water. A strange reaction indeed. Mother says they have no wine. The Son says, Fill the water pots with water. And a still stranger thing happens. The servants fill all the six water pots of stones with water without questioning Him why and what for? And they did it with their whole heart and soul. They didnt do it either reluctantly or haphazardly. The Bible says they filled up to the BRIM.(edge) Jesus says Draw some out now. Now, as and when they take out some, the miracle happens. It is now the sweetest and the best possible wine. What doses this teach us? Whenever we lack anything, may it be the smallest or the biggest thing let us come to Jesus and tell, Lord I have no ______, ______, _______, just as Mother Mary told Jesus. We have a right to ask in this fashion. Yes, we are His mother as He Himself has said-whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and MOTHER (Matt 12:50). As per His words, we have a right to approach Him just Mother Mary. But there is a condition you have to do the will of God, the Father. Mother Mary instructs the servants wherever he says to you, do it. Do we always follow this instruction? Mostly not. Whenever and whatever pleases us, we try to do as much as it pleases us. That is all and no more than that. And whatever that does not please us, we never care to do. Then can we ever expect a miracle in our life? Can we ever expect our prayers to be heard? But see what the servants did! The Bible says, They filled them up to the BRIM (edge). This is also a strange thing. They never knew or expected that such a miracle would happen to the water. But they obeyed God and obeyed with their full heart and soul. Contrary to the nature of paid servants who do anything just for the sake duty on their part, they did it enthusiastically, truthfully and faithfully. Their act was rewarded abundantly.

Yes, whenever you lack, anything, and whatever you may lack, go to JESUS and pray, Lord, I have no___________ then do whatever He says to you. And do it enthusiastically, truthfully and faithfully. Do it up to the BRIM. Dont do lit less than that. Then your water shall became wine. You will lack nothing in this world. Only go with the PRAYER OF EXPECTATION to Jesus, as Mary did.

By Victor P Lawrence