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Kevin GALALAE Synopsis of events from June 2009 to November 2011 (19 November 2011) Kevin Galalae, 45-year

old Canadian father of two, attended online programs at Oxford and Leicester universities in 2009. He discovered that British universities cooperate with the secret service since 2007 in a covert program of surveillance and censorship (SAC) sanctioned by CONTEST, The United Kingdom's Strategy for Countering International Terrorism, delegated by the Home Office and involving intelligence agencies from Qatar to Brazil. He discovered also that a continental version of SAC began implementation in 2010 through the Stockholm Programme. He exposed the covert program in January 2010 by publishing The Great Secret: Surveillance and Censorship in Britain and the EU (http://cryptome.org/0003/great-secret.pdf) on uncensored websites after multiple attempts to engage the international media, politicians in Canada and Europe and civil society failed (https://wikispooks.com/w/images/0/06/Covert_Censorship_at_Oxford_and_Leicester_University.pdf ). This led him to suspect that SAC has international approval and that other western nations are complicit in the ongoing effort to undermine human rights and civil liberties under the pretext of countering radicalization. Mr. Galalaes efforts empowered Universities UK to denounce the British governments intrusion on the academic environment and to refuse to further co-operate with the nations intelligence agencies (http://www.universitiesuk.ac.uk/Publications/Documents/FreedomOfSpeechOnCampusRightsAndRespo nsibilitiesInUKuniversities.pdf ). This brought SAC to a halt and made Mr. Galalae the instant enemy of the British security apparatus. Realizing that freedom and democracy are under lethal threat by the very people and institutions who are supposed to safeguard them and that one could not count on either civil society nor the courts or the media to protect our childrens future, Mr. Galalae sued the British government at the European Court of Human Rights on 1 March 2011 (https://wikispooks.com/w/images/1/19/Kevin_Galalae_vs._the_United_Kingdom%2C_European_Court _of_Human_Rights.pdf ). Mr. Galalaes lawsuit against the UK at the European Court of Human Rights was summarily rejected in order to protect the UK and the EU from international embarrassment, prevent opening the floodgates to massive lawsuits and to indictment of high officials and leading politicians for violations of basic rights (http://cryptome.org/0004/turn-tide.pdf ). To ensure that SAC is not reincarnated under a different disguise, that it is not implemented throughout the EU and elsewhere and that its victims are identified and compensated, he began a hunger strike in Strasbourg, France, to compel the Council of Europe to expose and terminate SAC (https://wikispooks.com/w/images/4/4a/Hunger_strike_handout.pdf ). His hunger strike lasted from April 12 to May 12, 2011, time during which he published four articles addressed to Thomas Hammarberg,

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights (http://www.scribd.com/doc/64401066/HungerStrike-Week-One-Dear-Mr-Hammarberg) (http://www.scribd.com/doc/64401413/HUNGER-STRIKEWEEK-TWO-Letter-From-the-Man-Outside ) (http://www.scribd.com/doc/64401671/Hunger-StrikeWeek-Three-Educating-the-Educated ) (http://www.scribd.com/doc/64401799/HUNGER-STRIKEWEEK-FOUR-Is-Commissioner-Hammarberg-Protecting-the-Emir-of-Qatar-Is-the-Council-of-EuropeSubservient-to-British-Interests ). Frustrated with the inaction of the Council of Europe, Mr. Galalae appealed also to the heads of state of close allies with an open letter (https://wikispooks.com/w/images/5/5e/APPEAL_TO_REASON.pdf ). In his appeal he asks President Obama and his counterparts in Germany, France and the UK to terminate the CTC and the CTED, the UN bodies tasked with supervising and delegating the counter-radicalization policy since they enable programs like SAC and undermine legitimate political dissent across the globe. Within two days of his return to Canada, Mr. Galalae was arrested and charged under the criminal code with crimes he did not commit. Unable to challenge his human rights activism or his research or to sue Mr. Galalae for libel for revealing names of spies, the complicity of high officials and the corruption of the political and legal systems, the authorities in Kingston were centrally delegated to coordinate their attack on Mr. Galalae by using the criminal law, his wifes mental illness and the love of his children. (https://wikispooks.com/w/images/3/34/THE_MAN_INSIDE._INCIPIENT_TOTALITARIANISM_IN_ THE_WESTERN_WORLD.pdf ). The Kingston Police were tasked with falsely arresting and charging Mr. Galalae with crimes he did not commit on the pretence that he poses a threat to his wife and children due to his delusions and bizarre ideologies. Select psychiatrists at the local hospital were coerced to hold Mr. Galalae against his will and without cause for 72 hours and then issue a false Discharge Summary that diagnoses him as delusional. (https://wikispooks.com/w/images/6/62/Doctors_for_Sale.pdf. The report is a brazen example of psychiatric professionals presenting unorthodox, dissenting opinion and the interpretation by one man of his experiences at the hands of arbitrary secretive and obstructive authorities, as mental illness. The assumption underlying the report conclusion is as clear as it is absurd: anyone who believes that the security services might be taking an interest in his opinions and activities and initiating or coordinating actions to discredit him, must be delusional paranoid and/or otherwise mentally ill. Upon his release on bail, instead of being released on his own recognisance, since he does not have a criminal record, Mr. Galalae was given the most draconian bail conditions. These bail conditions have no justification legal or otherwise, but make perfect sense when viewed in light of being an underhanded way by the Government of Canada to prevent him from engaging in further human rights activism or publishing more articles on state violations of fundamental rights and freedoms. Kingstons judges have treated Mr. Galalae with complete disregard of his constitutional rights (https://wikispooks.com/w/images/c/c8/Canada%27s_Political_Prisoner.pdf ). He was gagged in court, beaten by five police officers in front of the judge and on the judges request for attempting to make a public declaration, denied bail by yet another judge because he might send another love letter to his wife and given false advice by his own lawyer in order to ensure that he is cornered into pleading guilty to crimes he did not commit (https://wikispooks.com/w/images/a/a1/Response_to_David_Sinnett.pdf). That Kingstons legal establishment has a lot to hide is clear from their refusal to issue the court

transcripts Mr. Galalae requested nearly three months ago in order to appeal his conviction (https://wikispooks.com/w/images/a/a5/Letter_to_RCMP.pdf ). The institutions of state are being abused and the laws of the land misused in order to rob Mr. Galalae of his children, property, rights, manuscripts, computers and personal documents, and to cripple him financially and emotionally. Between May 15 and November 15, Mr. Galalae has been arrested and incarcerated three times, for 7, 26 and 6 days respectively. He has regained his freedom every time due to his faithful friends who have made personal sacrifices and caring family members who have lend him their trust and support from across the ocean. Perhaps the clearest evidence of government involvement and interference in Mr. Galalaes case is the response he received from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) for his request for information under the Freedom of Information Act (see https://wikispooks.com/w/images/9/98/CSIS_Response_2011-09-22.pdf ). The CSIS response demonstrates that Canadas spy agency is investigating Mr. Galalae for subversive activities against the state. Canada is misusing state institutions to obstruct Mr. Galalaes human rights activism and to intimidate him from exercising his constitutionally protected rights. Mr. Galalae has appealed to every legal, political and police authority in the country in order to ensure that his rights are respected and that he is reunited with his children and property, both physical and intellectual - all to no avail. Every time Mr. Galalae returns to to Kingston to advance his efforts to be reunited with his children he is promptly arrested. The last arrest, on November 8, occurred at the court house just minutes before the case conference. Desperate to keep Mr. Galalae in prison, the charges against him are growing increasingly onerous. They are designed not to withstand court scrutiny but to exhaust him financially and emotionally in the hope that he will not be able to muster the means to get out of prison. Canada, in other words, is misusing the criminal code and abusing the institutions of state to achieve hidden political objectives.