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It is our desire that you leave this gathering with just a very short list of intentions.

The first intention that would serve you would be, Ive decided Im gonna be in the Vortex, and even though I dont always know what that means or exactly how to get in, Ive got the gist of it, Ive got the gist of it, I know that sometimes I just sorta stumble in. Sometimes I hear a song on the radio that puts me right there. Sometimes I remember making love to someone and it puts me right there. Sometimes I reme mber a beautiful view or something someone once said and it puts me right there. So, sometimes I just find myself in the Vortex and next time that happens, where Im consciously aware that Im having a really delicious moment, Im going to stop and say: What is it about this I like so much? Jerry and Esther have taken to that. Theyll be often in a restaurant or sometimes moving down a highway and they will find themselves feeling so good they will want to exaggerate the aspects of the moment in order to m ilk it just a little longer. Sometimes, someone will offer them a compliment, or a gift, or a letter, and they will talk about it, and talk about it, and talk about it, and talk about it and talk about it. Sometimes they will read your letter ten times bec ause it felt so good the first time why not do it again. In other words, milking milking the moment - milking the moment of being in the Vortex for the singular intention of practicing the In-The-Vortex vibration. So, when you find yourself there, and yo u practice the vibration of it, now you find yourself more hovering, if not near the vibrational doorway of the Vortex. And, as you hang around in this vibration of hope, in this vibration of optimism, in this vibration of positive momentum, what happens i s your Vortex just takes you in again and again and again and gives you evidence of your alignment. Which then you want to talk about and milk further still. If we were standing in your physical shoes and we found ourselves in the midst of negative emotio n wed poke at it momentarily just to see if we could squeak one more little burst of power from it. And then we would say: I am now finished with this negative feeling and finished with this negative conversation and finished with this negative thought. I n other words, we would literally bring ourselves into a position of decisiveness or determination: Im going to be in the Vortex. Im going to be in the Vortex because its who I was born to be. And I put so much there already as a result of the life expe rienced Ive lived that now, my best work, is from inside the Vortex. If we were standing in your physical shoes, interacting with the many people you have moving in and out of your life, we would decide as our friend who is such a powerful teacher said to us we would decide we want to be beneficial uplifters to anyone who crosses our path, especially little ones. And, we would decide since words dont teach and since people are in all kinds of different vibrational proximities to themselves and to us we would decide that were going to express our knowing through the clarity of our vibrational projection. We would say things to ourselves probably isnt necessary to say it out loud o r to too many people who dont understand what it all means anyway but our mantra to our self would be: Im going to radiate my perspective from inside the Vortex. Im going to do

one hundred percent of my calling of people when Im sure Im inside the Vortex. Im going to write one hundred percent of my emails when Im sure Im inside the Vortex. Im going to have one hundred percent of the conversations with the people I love my children, my mate, the people I work with - from inside the Vortex. And, if I am wondering whether or not Im in the Vortex or not, Im going to hold back and remain silent and look for an opportunity to be in . Im going to be the blabber mouth of all blabber mouths from inside the Vortex. And Im going to be very silent when I realize Im not in the Vortex. No more am I going to defend, or justify my experience, or try to prove myself right, or make others understand my position because I now understand the futility of anything Im doing, or saying, or thinking, while outside t he Vortex. I have made a decision right here, right now to the best of my ability, moment after moment, Im going to be in the Vortex. In making that decision, it is our promise to you, that you will find yourself there ten percent more tomorrow than you were today, and the next day ten percent more until a matter of ten days, maybe two weeks at most, you will have moved your position from mostly outside the Vortex to mostly inside the Vortex. And, what that means from a manifestational standpoint is, things that you have been waiting for for a long time are going to begin to show up and show up fast. What it also means is your level of joy is going to begin to soar in unexpected ways. Your ability to think will become clearer and people will be quite a mazed at the clarity of your being. Your physical apparatus will begin to come into alignment. Medicines youve been using will become unnecessary. Conditions of your body that have been unpleasant will begin to fall away. Muscle toning will begin to take place, you will begin to breathe more deeply, the metabolism of your body will come into alignment, every relationship you have will find improvement in it. Your ability to perceive what is going on this planet will be moved to new heights, and your ability to create whatever you are wanting whenever youre wanting will become apparent not only to you, but others who are looking at you. You are the creator of your experience and you now understand the laws of the Universe, the guidance system within you, and the Vortex where all cooperative components are assembled. You are now personally empowered to Be or Do or Have anything that you choose. And it is our desire that you understand that is precisely as you have intended it to be. You have the full resources of All That Is backing you up. There is no holding back on your behalf. Anything you ask for we are all queued up and ready assistance about. But, the work has already been done by you save this last little piece making sure youre in the Vortex. Nothing matters more than the way you feel. So, your new mantra could be: Today, no matter where I am going, no matter what I am doing, it is my dominant intent to look for those things Im wanting to see. For I am one who compliments. I am one who appreciates. I am one who loves. It is my natural heritage. It is who I am. We have enjoyed this interaction more than words can convey. And, we are

appreciating even beyond your ability to even feel fully the power of your probing into the contrast of your environment and the motion forward it has provided for all of us. There is nothing that any of us need to do. But, we all continue to exist because life feels so very, very good. There is great love here for you and as always we rema in in the Vortex. Boca Raton, Fla 03.24.2010

You have control over the behavior of all others as it relates to you because you are evoking from everyone where your vibration is about them. So if you train your vibration into the best of them, then they must give it to you. That's what positive expectation is. That what true upliftment is. Getting tuned in to who they really are. And if they're really vibrating at a different place than you are, law of attraction will not bring you to the same place even if you live in the same house. You'll zig and zag. You'll wake up at different times. You'll sort of have different thoughts. You'll go one way, the other will go another way. In other words, no problem at all. The universe only brings you aspects of others that are active within you. So everything you're getting, from everyone that you're getting from, you're getting it as an indication of your vibration. So if someone's rude to you, they're your vibrational indicator. If someone's charming they're your vibrational indicator. You only get back what you are giving out. So it's really worthwhile training yourself into alignment with who you really are. England/Ireland DVD 2008 You can be or do or have anything that you tune yourself to vibrationally. Los Angeles, CA 1/16/10 Do you believe us when we say that everything that has been created is about vibration? We know that's hard to take. We know that you are so good at moving stuff around with your physical being that you think that THAT is accomplish ing. We want to put a new descriptive, or meaning, on the word accomplish. We want to say accomplish means: Let's accomplish vibrational alignment. Let's accomplish vibrational sameness. Let's accomplish the closing of the gap. Let's accomplish basking in the dream of this vision. Let's accomplish feeling good about something already done. Let's accomplish happy anticipation in watching the universe bring things into being. Let's accomplish a releasing of awareness in how long it's taking. Let's make "accomplish" about energy and thought and feeling, and get it out of the realm of activity, action or doing. Accomplish THAT!

~ Abraham-Hicks.com, Mediterranean Cruise, May '08 Abraham: What you're talking about is the layer of resistance you've got going on. And that's why it feels mysterious and big. Are you following us? Guest: Yes. Abraham: Get in the vortex on a really regular basis and it won't feel like such a far reach. It will feel like the next logical step. So did you hear what we said? It was new. We've not said it this clearly before. You feel your way emotionally into the vortex by caring about your mood, by making lists of positive aspects, by being playful rather than crabby or ornery, by looking for reasons to feel good at every oppor tunity until you have trained yourself into a sustainable, good feeling, in the vortex chronic vibration. And all kinds of things that were not visible to you a week ago become visible to you. Ideas, rendezvous, ideas, more rendezvous, ideas, more rendezv ous. People coming to you with ideas, and you can just feel it! And when that momentum begins to happen, you don't feel you need to call Abraham and say, "Is this real? Is this for sure? Should I follow this?" Your attitude is more like, "Get out of my wa y! I don't care what any of you think. I'm going to do this! I'm going to do this! I'm going to do this!" "This is what I am going to do. This is what I was born to do. This is who I was born to be. This is who I am!" is the way you pronounce it to the world. No apologies! "This is who I am. Free. Clear minded. Doing what I want to do with the entire Universe having my back. With the entire Universe at my beck and call. with the entire Universe assisting me around every turn, always! Whatever I need, han ded to me, handed to me, handed to me! Handed to me because I am incapable? NO!!!" Handed to you because you ask and you are not in the way. When you are in the vortex, you know this stuff, you do! You know it. Just tend to your vibrational relationship with the vortex and let Law of Attraction take care of everything else. Dallas 5/8/10

Let us recap here and see how well we have done our work. What is your work? To find the feeling place. We are a broken record here. And how do you go about finding the feeling place? What's the easiest way to do it? By remembering something where you did have that feeling place, or by conjuring an image that evokes it, by thinking and feeling, thinking and feeling,

thinking and feeling, thinking and feeling. If you a re involved with someone who has found the negative feeling place, and you haven't taken time to find the positive feeling place, what's your best course of action as you interact with them? Make it short, get off as quickly as you can -- and begin pre-paving and focusing upon things to appreciate. In other words, get away and let that negative encounter serve as a catalyst to help you flow your Energy more positively. Let's say that you have been flowing positive Energy and you're feeling quite good about how things are going, and all of a sudden someone in your experience makes you outrageously mad. Then what? Bless that one, because what they are doing is pointing out to you that you've got a vibration in there that you haven't quite resolved. They are sort of reflecting back to you something...They're shining a spotlight on a vibration. Because if you didn't have the vibration, they couldn't be there doing what they are doing, because it is only Law of Allowing. In other words, it's only Law o f Attracting. There is no such thing as law of assertion. So you find yourself not wanting to blame them for the negative emotion that you're feeling but actually praise them and appreciate them for the negative emotion that they have caused you to have -- because they are shining a spotlight on a vibration you don't want. They are shining a spotlight on something that's a little bugaboo that's going to haunt you for the rest of your life unless you transmute the Energy. "Thank you, friend," you will say, " thank you for being so ornery in my life, because you have reminded me clearly of what I do not want." That's a left -handed compliment if we've ever heard one. Let's say that you have been anticipating something that's coming up, and every day you've been thinking about it, and, for the most part when you think about it you feel enthusiastic about it. What's likely to happen as it unfolds? It's going to be a good time, isn't it? Now, let's say you've been thinking about something and sort of dreading it. Yo u don't really want to go. You're going out of obligation or out of a sense of responsibility. What's likely the vortex that you're about to walk into? So the rule of thumb is don't "go to Puerto Rico," right? Unless you are able to bring yourself to a place of feeling good about it, don't take action. So what are we concluding here? Your work is to first find the feeling place -- then take the inspired action. So are we trying to guide you away from action? Not at all. Action is delicious. Act as much as y ou have physical time, energy, and inclination to act -- but always take your point of action from a place of feeling good. The other day Esther found an error that Tracy had made and she went right out and talked to Tracy about it because this error had been made before, and the whole thing blew way out of proportion, and then Esther began to laugh. She said, "Did you see what I did? From a negative feeling place I came right to you." And Tracy said, "Did you see what I did? From a negative feeling place I came right back to you." Abraham-Hicks, St. Petersburg, Florida, March12, 1994. When you're looking for a publisher or when you're looking for an audience, you're not looking for a physical publisher or a physical audience. You're looking for a vibrati onal stance within you that radiates with nonresistance

outward. And Law of Attraction and the Vortex will bring together the cooperative components, and it will unfold before you. You're not looking for a publisher, you're looking for the Vortex. You're not looking for readers of your book, you're looking for the Vortex. You're not looking for more money, you're looking for the Vortex. You're looking for an improved emotion. That's ALL you have control over. Abraham-Hicks 3/27/2010 - Orlando, Florida Once you find more positive aspects of the world that surrounds you, you will begin to find more positive aspects about yourself. And once that happens, finding more positive aspects about your world will be easier still.

Whenever you feel less than goo d, if you will stop and say, "Nothing is more important than that I feel good - I want to find a reason now to feel good", you will find an improved thought, which will lead to another and another. Money and the Law of Attraction page 42

They want ALIGNMENT, which will bring the money. What they want is the alignment. What you want is the alignment. What you want is to be in love. What you want is to take a walk and feel your heart soaring. What you want is to be alive and brilliant and have good t iming. What you want is is to be clever. What you want is to love. What you want is the alignment. ALL the other stuff is irrelevant! And when you go for alignment first, all the other trappings have to fill in around it. It is LAW. Chicago 6/12/10 When you ask for money, that money IS. And when you keep bemoaning the fact that you don't have it in your bank account, you deprive yourself of the vibrational alignment with the money that IS, and don't let it manifest. And it would manifest. It would man ifest FAST if you'd stop doing that thing you're doing that's keeping you from discovering the path to the manifestation of the very thing that you are asking for. That was as clear as we have ever said it. Did you get it? 5/29/10 Stamford, CT Any action that's taken from a place of lack is always counterproductive, and it always leads to more of a feeling of lack. 'Money and the Law of Attraction'

Feeling good Today no matter where I am going, no matter what I am doing, no matter who I am doing it with, it is my dominant intent to look for things that feel good. When I feel good, I am vibrating with my higher power. When I feel good, I am in harmony with that which I consider to be good. When I feel good, I am in the mode of attracting that which will please me once it gets here. And when I feel good - I feel good! Money and the Law of Attraction page 40 So many people are saying, "just give me the money, and give me the guy and I'll be good. I'll just be good with that." And we say, "no, that's not true. Because life's going to keep creating a new version of you and you've always got to be moving in the direction of that new version, you see. " First you gotta know that with everything you are. And then, you'll rendezvous with a guy who knows it with everything that he is. And then the two of you will have a really good time together. And until then, if you hook up with anybody who does not know that, and you will try to maintain a relationship with anybody who does not know that, it wil l be like heel marks on the pavement. Phoenix 4/17/10

We find you loving of yourself quite often. And we find you absolutely loveable. And we believe with everything that we are that if it were not for your comparison of yourself to others... Oh Here it is! This is really what is at the heart of all this! So, all of you stand where you do and you launch rockets of different things that you want. And you conclude that others are already living what you want and you're not. And you gather that information by comparing the smiles on their faces and the words that they speak and the things they write in their books and the movies they show you. So you use their success as a club that works against you as you compare them getting what they want and pointing out to you, that in some instances, you're not getting what you want. Guest: That's right! Abraham: And what we want you to understand is that you cannot accurately compare what anyone is getting because you have no way of assessing their points of vibrational relativity. And what they appear to be showing you and what they are actually living are two very different things. Don't you know people that have all the money in the world and are still dissatisfied? Don't you know people that are living in what you think is your dream house who are dissatisfied with it? Don't you find it amazing that people who OUGHT to be happy under the conditions that you think you are reaching for aren't? And doesn't it sort of point out to you that you just can't compare anything anyone else is living with what you are living? Caribbean Cruise 4/8/06 When you are in a bad mood, you could say... I'm in the act of monetary hindrance. I want more money. Law of Attraction has assembled it and all the cooperative components so the path to my abundance has been, not just scoped out, it is already vibrationally in existence, present tense. But I, because I choose to be ornery or angry or depressed, I am choosing monetary hindrance today. Why am I doing that? It's just what I do! Not just me, everyone around me. People I work with do it. I was actually raised in that sort of arena. When things go right, we smile. When things go wrong, we frown. And we just observe, all over the place! So when we observe good feeling things, we feel good, but if we should

observe bad feeling things, we feel bad. So I am a chronic conductor of observational vibration. It means my vibration always matches what I am observing. Oh, I have an even better label. Observational vibrator by default. What does that mean? I pay no attention to what I am observing. I observe what is loudest or in my face. I observe it and I respond to it and then I participate in cellular hindrance or monetary hindrance or relationship hindrance. I'm just a hindering fool! Albuquerque 4/20/10 You want to say, "Reality is OLD NEWS!" Even what's manifested right now, it's old news, it's past tense. The money in my bank account right now is past tense. My physical bodily conditions right now are past tense. They're past tense because there is a vibrational reality that's new and vivid and current, and it's who I really am, and it's based on that, that all of my emotions ARE. Phoenix AZ, 12/5/09

Isn't it wonderful to know that when you look into your bank account and you feel discouraged, that you're not discouraged because you don't have enough money in your bank account, you're feeling discouraged because you're looking at your subject of prosperity in a bogus way, in comparison with what the source within you knows is vibrationally in your bank account. If you could feel that discouragement and understand that it is that focus and subsequent discouragement that is holding you back, and you could reach for the feeling of abundance that the source within you knows, your money situation would turn around in a day. In a DAY. We are not kidding you. In a day, something would reveal itself to you that would change it all. But you have to get in the vortex in order to see it. Phoenix 12/5/09 We're going to do our best to divert your attention from your current reality because we don't think you need reality to change in order to improve your mood. We think you can improve your mood regardless of the current reality. And we are here to tell you that unless you improve your mood regardless of the current reality, the current reality cannot improve. So you might as well just ignore current reality if it is bugging you in some way and just get focused on the vibrational reality that you have carved out of current realtiy on those specific topics. Take your bliss now! Take your satisfaction now. Take your good feeling now. Let your neighbors be the ones to celebrate the manifestation. And what we mean by that is that you can celebrate when your heart shifts, when your joy shifts. And really that should not be hard to understand. Whether it is a material object, or a relationship, a condition, a state of being or a pile of money, or circumstances and events -- every single thing that you want to be different is because you think you will feel better in the difference. And we want to show you how you can feel better BEORE the difference shows up in terms of manifestation. Los Angeles 1/16/10 You can only get negative feedback from people outside the vortex. Why would you care what someone outside of the vortex says to you, when there is a 100% probability of its being negative? Where do we suggest you get your feedback from? SOURCE!!! What do you think Source is saying about that? We really want to jump in here so that you can get it. You care what they think. EEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRK! [like a negative buzzer] It's like asking someone who doesn't have any money to give you a loan. San Diego 1/9/10 Now, here is a good place to start. When you were a little child, did your mother ever say to you, "Sweetheart, there's not going to be enough Energy Flow?" Didn't come up, did it? In other words, you haven't learned negative thoughts relative to Energy Flow. You have learned negative vibrational offerings relative to money. But you have not learned them relative to Energy flow. So what you're wanting to do is take money out of the equation. Because it's in such a lackful place that putting it in the equation just sort of messes everything up. So take money out of the equation and instead, acknowledge that you have access to a bank account of INFINITE ENERGY FLOW. Now this Energy Flow will buy you things money won't. It will buy you wellness. It will buy you exhilaration. It will bring you good

experiences. It will bring you relationships. It will bring you fulfillment. It will bring you money, too. It is a Source through which all things and from which all things come. Pure positive Energy and it streams forth in abundance. And you've got a Gold Card to this account. The only thing you have to do to access this account with an endless balance is 2 things. You have to identify an object of attention to which you will flow it. In other words, if you don't use it, it won't come to you. So you have to continually open avenues to which you will flow it by identifying, "I want this, I want this, I want this, I want this". And you have to FEEL GOOD when you identify the outlet. As you open that avenue, as you identify that object of attention and you FEEL the positive Energy flowing toward it - now the Energy is flowing. And we promise you, doors will open that will bring you that. Sometimes the door will be a monetary door, sometimes it will not be. But that does not matter. Once you've identified it and found the feeling place, it must come to you. It defies the Law of Attraction for it not to come. San Francisco, CA - 2/26/94 99 percent of all creation is completed vibrationally before you get the evidence of it. So it's like traveling from Phoenix to San Diego, and San Diego's where you _want_ to be, but for most of the distance of 400 miles you're _not_ where you want to be...in terms of this physical journey from place to place, you say, "Well, I understand _that_ journey, so I can make _that_. I can see my progress. I can see that with every mile I stay focused in that direction, that I'm getting farther from where I _don't_ want to be and closer to where I _do_ want to be." And we say, so you keep the faith because this evidence that shows you you're getting close, you're getting closer, you're getting closer...you don't say "San Diego is an impossible dream." You don't say,"San Diego's _incurable_ I've tried and tried and tried and tried, and I can't get there," because you know you can. When you make the connection that _the way you feel is your indicator of the direction that you're moving_, and you can honestly say to yourself,"I do _feel_ optimistic when I say 'All Is Well' I mean it, I really _feel it," then we say, then you can't _not_ get there. Money, And The Law Of Attraction p. 230 We want YOU to be the reason you go into your vortex. And we want the reason to be because: It feels good. And I can. ...Every good feeling you have is for one reason and one reason only: You lined up with You just now. ...So spinning there in this vibrational reality is a full version of everything you want, all the money, all the bodily conditions, all the feelings in relationships that you want, all the of the material objects, everything is queued up vibrationally -and don't scoff at that, because everything that IS manifested, including your earth spinning in its orbit, spun in a vibrational reality first. ...In the MOMENT that you stop the resistance, in the MOMENT you stop the resistance, the trail lights up.

~San Rafael, CA, 08.02.09 There is no greater source of negative influence in your environment today than your television. Money, and the Law of Attraction, p.130

Focus is effort because Law of Attraction will hold you to your dominant vibration... Thinking about having more money is not as easy as noticing you don't have enough money... It takes more effort to imagine beyond what is. It's easy to turn on the television and watch what they are offering. It's more difficult to think your own thought. It's easy to just hear what someone is saying to you. It's more difficult to guide the conversation in a more positive direction. It's easy to observe. It's more difficult to focus. And yet there is so much more reward [in focusing] than there is in just observing. San Rafael 8/2/09 When you focus upon the beauty of something, ONLY, and you activate the beauty of it within YOU so that it and you, are one vibration. It doesn't matter how much it costs. And it doesn't matter how much money you have. That's a non-issue, that's irrelevant. Because there's nothing in YOU that isn't a match to IT. Oooooo that was big. Abe ~ Asheville, NC 4-30-06

One of the most significant things that we are wanting you to realize is, that you are not here about the manifestations. You are here about the FEELING of Energy flowing through you. You are here to give birth to the desire. It is the DESIRE that is alive within you, that is everything. It is the desire that is alive within you, that we are all about. But the manifestations are fun too, aren't they? Abe Ashland, OR 5-16-00 Seemingly magical things will begin to occur as soon as you achieve that wonderful feeling of financial abundance: The money you are currently earning will seem to go further. Unexpected amounts of money in various increments will begin to show up in your experience. Ask and It Is Given Perpetual Flip Calendar

Look how well I'm doing! I figure it out as I go. The Universe adores me. The Universe is yielding to me. Good things are lined up for me. There's not a reason in the world for me to worry." When I worry, it's old patterns of thought that have nothing to do with my current reality or my current vibrational stance." You are doing extremely well! San Diego 11/12/08 When you croak, Oh, you'll be abundant. You say - Then I'll hardly need the money to pay the rent will I? (laughter). And we say it is energetic anyway, you see. Stop counting it as money in your bank account and start counting it as emotion in your belly. Start counting it as vibrational alignment. Start spending the real stuff of the universe. Spend the thought, spend the clarity, spend the vibration. Come in alignment with the energy that creates worlds. This is energy that creates worlds that we are talking about. It is much much bigger than what you call your economy.

Washington D.C. 10/11/08 Your frustration is not because you are not getting what you want. Your frustration is that you are not BEING who you are. - Abraham-Hicks, Money and the Law of Attraction DVD