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Decision to be “holy” beginning point!

Did you really ever decide to be holy?

Did you really and fully dedicate, and totally exchange "your" life for HIS LIFE"

Did you really and fully mean "THY will be done," and never go back and live life
as your "OWN?"

Decision is a Principal Factor

“If it seems evil unto you to serve the WORD, you choose this day whom
you will serve…but as for me and my house, we will serve the WORD.”
(Joshua 24:15 )

It may be somewhat impossible for everybody to reach the top of material

success, but GOD’s way to moral perfection is open to each and every soul.
(Mark 9: 23; Heb 10: 10 ) Complete deliverance is offered to all people, and not
just a few “chosen.” At the same time the eternal benefits are not forced upon
anyone, nor does the WORD begin HIS glorious WORK until the soul has really
truly DECIDED to be and stay holy! As defined in the Strongs and Thayers
[combined] as the GRACE is the DIVINE influence of the WORD upon the
[soul] and that manifested influence as a [new] life. “A NEW creation, all
things have become NEW and ALL THINGS are of GOD” (2 Cor. 5: 17-18a )

And until this decision becomes a 100% established fact, not anything less, for
100% RULE the SPIRIT of HOLINESS is stopped. True "trust" in the WORDS is
freed to work, ONLY upon a TRUE decision, to really mean your Oath of “Thy
will be done!” (Matt. 6: 10 )

Ask any of those who are truly sanctified wholly, and they will tell you they made
no progress until they had FULLY DECIDED THAT THEY WOULD HAVE the
pure MIND of CHRIST rule completely, full time! They admit that only when
they became totally determined, and refused to back down regardless of
accusations, and lies from the carnal mind, or anything else, or anyone else, did
they receive the "gift of sanctification."

When one has fully decided to become holy, by allowing the WORDS of
CREATION to bind the “carnal mind,” and replace HIS MIND by HIS ability, and
TRUTH, as HIS DOING for the action to bring it to pass. They renounce every
discouraging suggestion from without, and every evil imagination from within. By
"denying ALL ungodliness and worldly lust, in order to live soberly,
righteously and godly in this present world!" (Titus 2:12 ) They refuse to
allow anything, or anybody to keep them from becoming pure, and holy! ONLY by
HIS WORD doing the "Casting down, every thought and imagination that
does not agree with the MIND of Christ,” (the WORD of CREATION,) is truly
being “finished on earth as it is in heaven.” in them! (2Cor. 10: 5 ; Matt. 6: 9-
10 ; Jn. 1: 1; Gen. 2: 2 Original Text!)
As long as anyone continues to find excuses why they are not yet “made holy,” or
excuses why they may never get through, they have not determined to become
"sanctified." When the eternal decision is made to have that experience, that
is the first major step toward living HIS WORDS, "to be righteousness even as
HE is righteousness" of the Creator. (Rom. 3: 22, 25- 26; Phi. 3: 9; 1John 3: 4 )

As long as a soul, or person, goes into the WORDS of CREATION, and finds
miss-translated "excuses" to stay in sin, they will do just that, and never really
"gain" or enter the real kingdom of heaven!

Fact : Most people would not go and find all the verses to stay sick, if they really
wanted to be "healed," so why would a REAL "believer" rely on any verses, to
stay in sin, if they really wanted to be made holy?

DECIDE TO BE "made in HIS holy image!" OR "Seek ye FIRST the rule of

righteousness! . . . " (Gen. 1: 27; Mat 6: 33 )

The next step is relying upon His promises by believing the TRUTH, that it is
"GOD'S will even their sanctification" (1Thes. 4: 3 ) The WORD supplies
plenty of these promises. Every demand of the DIVINE MIND is backed with a
promise. Promise after promise, fairly leap out of the WORD, to meet and
encourage the “genuine seeker.” This puts the "seeker" into that same joy
filled expectancy that any child possesses whose Father promises to them for
any other glorious gift. (Luke 11: 13 & 1: 74-77 ) Expectation is the guarantee
of true faith!

Besides the WORD is not called the "almost holy bible," Nor is it called the
"someday later holy bible," Nor the "part time holy bible," but the HOLY Bible!

Next is the exercising of HIS Faith, or trust in HIM, by believing, which completes
the work of sanctification. One may or may not be conscious of this exercise.
Many saints testify that they were so absorbed in HIS WORDS about the
time they were purified, that they did not think of exercising faith, or doing the
deed! The living WORD finalized the purification at the point of their total
surrender to the WILL of HIS WORD! Again this experience is gaind through
HIS WORDS that are allowed to accomplish that which is HIS WILL, even your
holiness and purity! “Faith filled is HE that called you, will also accomplish
it.” (1Thes. 5: 24 ) The “created” do not have any abilities to gain the things of
heaven, only the CREATOR WORD, does the deed, all we do is “agree!”

When this stage is reached, where the "seeker" is in such straits, that they
become weak, or alarmed, or shocked in their wrestling against sin and satan,
and at this period they should accept the already provide way to
deliverance through purification, by HIS WORD of TRUTH, and they soon
receive all they are expecting, and find themselves clear through into
purification, of mind, body and soul. (Acts 15: 9; 1 Thes. 5: 23-25 )
There is no playing around getting rid of the ‘OLD MAN’ SIN. But WORDS of
TRUTH state a fact of TRUTH which is used to destroy the enemy, “self,” which
states: "Knowing this that our “old man” WAS CRUCIFIED with Christ, that
the body of sin may be destroyed, from than on, we should NOT serve sin.”
And! more WORDS of CREATION of HIS Faith are . . . “Now being set free
from sin, we become servants of the WORD, our fruit unto holiness and the
result everlasting life” (Rom. 6: 18, 22 ) Those who say that they have gotten
through easily, will very likely wake up some time to find that the “old man” is
still enthroned, instead of Christ being only RULER!

It was stated by experience that, “Sanctification is possessing the mind of

Christ all of it.” Also, “Sanctification is an instantaneous deliverance from
[ALL] sin and not protracted [delayed] tedious process.” by John Wesley,
Finney, Edwards and many others. The only thing that seems like a “process” is
the actual "decision to be holy," and be-live the WORD of CREATION.

We are NOT to allow ourselves to turn from THE WAY, or to give in to worldly
reasoning, or relying on the "carnal human mind," but to rely completely on the
WORDS of CREATION! “Trust in the WORD with all your heart, and lean not
unto your own understanding. . . Be not wise in your own eyes: reverence
the WORD, to depart from evil.” ( Pro 3: 5, 7 )

The devil has plenty of suggestions at every stage of the journey to detour the
soul from “THE WAY of HOLINESS” of the Truth and the Light! But “you are
of the WORD, little children, and have overcome them, because greater HE
at is in you, than he that is in the world.” Do you REALLY believe those
WORDS of GOD? Than why all the so-called “processing,” lies? (1Jo 4: 4 )

GOD said "And an Highway shall be there, and a Way, and it shall be called
“The Way of Holiness,” the unclean shall not pass over it, but it shall be for
those, the wayfaring men, thought as fools, shall not err therein.” (Isaiah 35:
8 ) Did you SEE that those who live as the "unclean" in their minds, instead of
created in the “image of PURE WORD, shall not pass over the "Way of

When satan fights a soul to a stand-still, it is often because that the soul has not

Practically every lost and doomed soul is, or has been, headed by one or both
parents who never even tried to become interested in true holiness, or, if among
holiness folks, one or both never “SET THEIR FACE LIKE A FLINT” TO BECOME
SANCTIFIED WHOLLY!” (1Thes. 5: 23-24 ) Without Total determination, no one
has ever gained anything from “ON HIGH,” with a “half hearted” attitude, which
is a pretense at dedication, obedience, and real love of the WORD.

Everybody who will be wallowing forever in TORMENT, are going to be there

because they never really decided, one hundred percent, to go to Heaven!
Instead of being a slave to whims and imaginations of anything that is ungodly,
allow the WORDS of CREATION to RULE all thoughts into captivity! Yes, allow
EVERY thought to be brought into the RULE of the WORDS OF CREATION.
Allow the WORD to Exterminate carnality, hog-tie the “old man," and let the
"fallen human being" mind just be "crucified with CHRIST,” by OBEYING the
WORDS of CREATION, and not the lies of the "fallen mind!" “Submit
yourselves the WORDS of CREATION wholly, resist the devil and he will
FLEE from you,” ( James 4: 7 )

The WORD contains unlimited promises to the “WHO-SO-EVER” crowd, as

stated. “Who-so-ever is born (created) of the WORD does not [deliberately,
knowingly, and habitually] practices sin, for GOD’S OWN nature abides in
them! [HIS principle of TRUTH], and they cannot practice sinning because
they are created by these WORDS.” (1 John 3:9 Restored text. )

It all depends on is a decision to agree with the HOLINESS of the WORDS

of CREATION. We never say that “decision” will deliver us, but it opens the way
for the WORDs of CREATION to do for us what is otherwise impossible. It is
PURE WORD’S atonement that deliverers us from sin, after we decide to be
Totally Free! “Nothing is impossible to those who [really] believe.” Nor is
“Nothing impossible for the WORDS of CREATION.” ( Mark 10: 27; Luke 1:
27 )

The power of decision is WITHIN YOUR FREE MORAL AGENCY! In other

words “CHOICE!” The SPIRIT of HOLINESS will not interfere with your choice!
Again He stated, “You Choose this day who you will serve” If you are still
unsanctified it is only because you have not fixed a choice to be “His holiness
and righteousness.” by just believing HIS WORDS of TRUTH!

This decision must be eternal and unchangeable, and unwavering and the
WORDS of CREATION will meet your decision! The WORD has said, “for it HIS
good pleasure to give you HIS kingdom.” (Luke 12: 32. & 1: 74-77 )

This decision does not stop hell’s accusations against you, in the least, but it
does conclude WORD’S work of preparing you for eternity, because "without
holiness you will not see GOD." (Heb. 12: 14 )
”And by [His] will we HAVE BEEN sanctified through the offering of the
body of Jesus Christ once for all.” (Hebrews 10: 10 ) GOD said that, so just
be and live it!

The real reason for total sanctification is found in the WORDS. . . "because the
WORD has from the beginning chosen you to salvation through
sanctification by [HIS] Spirit and belief of the Truth." (2 Thes. 2: 13 ) The
ONLY way to get into heaven is "salvation through sanctification" and that is
what GOD claimed by HIS OWN WORDS, and NO other way in but by trust in
HIS Faith filled WORDS!
So why not just be a “sanctified saint,” instead of a sin stained sinner?
Why not go and have a REAL "Upper Room" experience, fully and for all time!

What from hell could be keeping you from that Eternal Decision and from HIS
holiness and purity?

Who really CREATED you, the “fallen” or the RISEN ONE?

Why not just be “made in HIS image,” FULLY?
Why would anyone postpone the experience of wholly consecration, for even one
moment? No one is “promised tomorrow!”

BE and LIVE this Promise . . .

Luke 1: 73-74 “The Oath that HE swore to our ancestor Abraham, which is
deliverance from all of our enemies, so that we could serve HIM without
fear, in holiness, true righteousness before HIM all of our days.” Be and live

NOW “I pray that these WORDS, WHO gives peace, and creates you
completely holy, that your entire spirit, soul, and body be kept faultless
until the WORD, the MESSIAH returns.” (1Thes. 5: 23 ) SO BE IT!