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2 mark and 5 mark questions 1. Define the term International Business. 2. Define the term international marketing. 3.

Define the term foreign trade. 4. How does international trade different from domestic trade. 5. State the importance of international business. 6. What is the raison detre of international trade? 7. What is the economic basis of international trade? 8. What is balance of trade? 9. What is balance of payment? 10. What is devaluation? 11. State the objectives of devaluation. 12. What is quantitative restriction? 13. What are quotas? 14. What is exchange control? 15. How do the functions of International Monetary Fund different from that of World Bank? 16. How do Free Trade Zones help international trade? 17. Write a note on Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (ECGC). 18. Write a note on product packaging and presentation for export markets. 19. Differentiate cost oriented export pricing from market oriented export pricing. 20. Differentiate f.o.b., c. & f. and c.i.f. in price quotations used in export trade. 21. List the merits of direct exporting. 22. Why and how does advertising for foreign markets differ from that of domestic market? 23. What is international marketing research? 24. State the importance of marketing research for international business 25. What is letter of credit? 26. Differentiate revocable letter of credit from irrevocable letter of credit. 27. What are State Trading Corporations (STCs.)? 10 mark, 12 mark and 15 mark questions 28. Discuss the important determinants of international marketing policies? 29. State the impact of Political, Economical, Social and Technological factors affecting the international marketing. 30. Discuss the factors to be considered by an exporter before entering international market. 31. Describe the problems associated with international trade. 32. Describe the advantages that a firm derive while entering international business. 33. Why international trade takes place? What are the gains from international trade? 34. Discuss the recent trends prevailing in global trade. 35. Describe the impact of foreign trade on the economic development of a country. 36. The net effect of both export expansion or import substitution is the same. Do you agree? Which one would you recommend for your country? Elucidate. 37. Differentiate balance of trade from balance of payment. Also indicate how balance of payments analysis can be useful to the international marketer.

38. Which one do you prefer devaluation or quantitative restrictions as a corrective measure for balance of payment? Elucidate. 39. List and explain the objectives of quantitative restrictions. 40. Describe the measures which can be adopted for achieving exchange control. 41. Describe the functions of IMF. 42. Describe the functions of IBRD. 43. Describe the composition of Indias foreign trade. 44. Describe the direction of Indias foreign trade. 45. List the major items of Indias imports and exports. What have been the recent changes in this respect? 46. Describe the various functions of Export Promotion Councils. 47. Describe the important export promotion organizations established in India and also describe their major functions. 48. Discuss the salient features of Indias recent foreign trade policy. 49. Describe briefly the various measures taken by Government of India to help Indian exporters in increasing their exports. 50. Examine the direct export subsidies available for exporters in India. 51. Discuss the factors to be considered before selecting a particular market for export marketing. 52. Discuss the factors to be considered while designing a product for the international market. 53. Describe the basis for export pricing. 54. Discuss the functions performed by export houses in India. 55. Explain the factors to be considered by an exporter while selecting an agent for a foreign country. 56. Describe the factors to be considered by an exporter in designing channel of distribution for export trade. 57. Discuss the merits and demerits of indirect exporting. 58. What do you understand by international marketing logistics? What principal elements would you take into consideration for its management? 59. Discuss the role of international trade fairs in international marketing. 60. Describe the role of international marketing research in export trade. 61. How are Indias exporters financed? State the role of ECGC in export financing. 62. Discuss the different types of letters of credit. 63. Describe the documents that letters of credit need to accompany. 64. Discuss the different types of risks associated with foreign trade. 65. Critically evaluate the role of State Trading Corporations (STCs) in India. 66. Describe the various stages involved in processing an export trade. 67. Describe the procedure involved in export trade.