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ESE 347

Professor Bernardo Camacho


David P. van Teeseling



Nature of Incident: Place of Accident: Date and Time of Accident: Casualties: Personnel Involved:

Construction Accident Masinag, Antipolo City, Rizal 09:05 AM; December 21, 2011 1 fatality, 5 injured Allan Plutado (Deceased) Crispin Bruan, 50 John Caparro, 19 Dexter Anthony Agullo, 24 Jeric Fabor, 17 Anthony Mark Guinocor, 19

Property Damage: Environmental Damage:

Part of Perimeter Wall None



The accident happened when workers started excavating an area near a perimeter wall in Antipolo City, according to Joey Marco, head of the Antipolo Citys Rescue Team. The excavations were necessary for the foundation of a Commercial Billboard. Although the report of GMA News and The Philippine Inquiry does not indicate the connection between the perimeter wall and the commercial billboard, it can be deduced that the footing of the Perimeter wall was incapacitated by the excavation required for the billboard. Other reports indicate that the perimeter wall itself was used as temporary foundation of the billboard. Steel ropes were connected to the top of the perimeter. As it turns out, the wall was unable to cope with the forces of the billboard and thus, collapsed as they were working on it. Five Workers, headed by Engr. Michael Raymond Pe Sison of Nexus Construction, were caught in the rubble. Fortunately, the accident happened close to SM Masinag where Security Guards noticed the accident and rushed to the scene. Unfortunately, the victims didnt wear appropriate protective gear, says Marco. Chances of Survival would have been much higher if the men wore protective equipment. The victims were brought to Antipolo Medical Hospital. One of the five workers, unfortunately, wasnt able to reach the hospital in time. Allan Plutado was the only one who died. As a result of the accident, the city government has ordered a suspension of construction work while the investigation is ongoing.



An accident doesnt happen by itself. It is a combination of failures that lead the general outcome of the accident. The errors in the Construction Accident in Antipolo City on December 21, 2011 can be divided. 1. The strength of the Perimeter Wall Workers were excavating near the wall. It might be possible that the wall wasnt built correctly and that it was already on the brink of collapse when it fell on the workers. This responsibility lies on the maker of the wall. 2. The necessity and manner of excavation It is uncertain whether there really needed to be an excavation near the wall. It may be possible that the Engineer in-charge made a mistake in the location or depth and width of the excavation. This responsibility lies on the engineer in-charge. 3. The unprofessionalism of the workers The workers werent in their proper gear, said Marco. This parallels into the fact that the workers werent so professional in following the guidelines set in the Occupational Health and Safety Standards. It may be possible that the workers themselves caused the accident. The workers could have accidentally hit the fundamental supportive structures of the wall which led to its collapse. The workers themselves then, would be the ones responsible for the accident.



If the final investigative report concludes that the environment wasnt safe, the employer is at risk. Following the guidelines of the Occupational Safety and Health Standards rule1965.01, it is the employers duty to (1) Establish in his workplace occupational health services to provide a healthful place of work. In line with this, it is the engineer-in-charge, Engr. Michael Raymond Pe Sison to provide his employees with a safe working environment.

The builder of the perimeter wall doesnt necessarily have to be responsible. Rule 1061 of OSHA dictates, (1) All buildings, permanent or temporary shall be structurally safe and sound to prevent their collapse. (3) Foundationsshall be of sufficient strength to sustain safely the loads for which they are designed and under no condition shall they be overloaded. The rule protects the maker of the perimeter wall since the task of being the foundation of a commercial billboard werent taken into consideration during the formers construction.

Despite all mistakes made, Nexus Corporation has incurred a violation. Rule 1084.01 of the Occupational Safety and Health Standards states that (1) Hard hats for the protection of workers from impact penetration from falling and flying objects, blows and from limited electric shock and burns shall be provided where there is reasonable probability to exposure to such hazards. Nexus Corporation therefore, violated this rule through the refusal to provide proper protective equipment for its employees. Nexus Corporations Safety Consultant is also partially responsible for the accident as he was unable to foresee, and eventually prevent, the misfortunate accident.

In order to prevent this accident from happening again, reducing the chances of letting it happen again, and increase survival rate in case it does happen the following is recommended. Workers, by OHSA rule 1084.01, are entitled to protective gear provided by the employer. If they would have had worn their protective gear such as hard hats, the chance of survival would have been much greater. Wearing of high-visibility jackets would have reduced the time needed for rescue as the SM Guards would have been able to spot them instantly. The Employer must follow all the applicable guidelines of the Occupational Safety and Health Standards to reduce the hazards faced by the employees. The corporation, Nexus Corporation, should employ competitive safety men that follow the guidelines. The Department of Labor and Employment should be more strict in enacting the preset laws. DoLE wasnt even aware that one of the employees was a minor (Jeric Fabor, 17). DoLE is now urging labor leaders to inspect construction sites in order to strengthen enforcement of safety rules in the workplace. The chairman of the Labor Union, Renato Magtubo, mentioned, Accidents are not acts

of divine providence that can be dismissed as unavoidable. Instead accidents are the result of unsafe acts and therefore preventable by strict enforcement of occupational safety and health and labor standards. If the guidelines set by the OSHA had been followed properly, the accident would not have taken place; or, at least, wouldnt have ended the life of Allan Plutado.


Elona, J., & Nia, C. (2011, December 21). 1 Killed in Antipolo Billboard Construction Accident. Retrieved March 17, 2012, from Inquirer.net: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/115047/1-killed-in-antipolo-billboard-construction-accident LBM. (2011, December 21). 1 Killed, 3 Hurt in Construction Accident in Antipolo. Retrieved March 3, 2012, from GMA News: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/242308/news/regions/1-killed-3-hurt-inconstruction-accident-in-antipolo

Original News Report:

1 Killed in Antipolo Billboard Construction Accident

By Jamie Elona, Nia Calleja
INQUIRER.net, Philippines Daily Inquirer
2:33 pm | Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

MANILA, PhilippinesA worker was killed and five others injured when the perimeter wall of a construction site in Masinag, Antipolo City, collapsed Wednesday morning. Joey Marco, head of the Antipolo rescue team, said the accident happened at 9:05 a.m. while the workers were digging the foundation for a commercial billboard to be erected in front of the SM Mall on Marcos Highway in Barangay (village) Masinag. Meanwhile, in a separate interview, Police Officer 2 Ricardo Asuncion clarified that the accident happened at 10:15 am along Marcos Highway just beside the SM Masinag mall. Ricardo said that an ongoing excavation in a nearby lot allegedly hit the foundation of SMs wall.

All the workers were pinned under the rubble but the last man to be rescued did not make it to the hospital, Marco said. The lone fatality was identified as Allan Plutado, Marco said. His co-workers identified as Crispin Bruan, 50; John Caparro, 19; Dexter Anthony Agullo, 24; Jeric Fabor; 17; and Anthony Mark Guinocor, 19 were rushed to the Antipolo Medical Center. Asuncion said that the victims were from the Nexus Construction headed by Engineer Michael Raymond Pe Sison. Work was stopped after the accident, Marco added. Meanwhile, in a separate statement, Annie Garcia, an executive of the SM malls management clarified that the accident did not happen in the SM Masinag property. It happened at a construction site of a property beside our mall. Just the same, we are helping out in the neighbors construction accident. Our SM guards, among others, assisted them and the people of civil defense were very grateful for the quick action of our personnel. Radyo Inquirer 990 AM First posted 12:45 pm | Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

From Philippines Daily Inquirer


Ensure safety in construction sites, DoLE told

By Abigail Kwok Inquirer.net First Posted 14:12:00 01/28/2011

MANILA, Philippines The fatal accident in the construction site in Makati City that resulted in the death of 10 workers should prompt the Department of Labor and Employment to enforce stricter occupational safety measures, a labor group and a lawmaker said Friday. It is certain that occupational health and safety standards and regulations were violated at the construction site. The Department of Labor and Employment and the Occupational Health and Safety Center (OHSC) must immediately step into the investigation and reprimand those who are at fault, Anakpawis partylist Representative Rafael Mariano said in a statement. The lawmaker said the accident could have been prevented if labor standards were strictly followed in the construction site. In a separate statement, the Partido ng Mangagawa called on the labor department to enforce stricter occupational safety rules following the accident at the 39-story Eton Residences construction site at the corner of Paseo de Roxas and Gallardo Street. The 10 workers were killed when an electric gondola carrying them broke and sent them plummeting from the 28th floor to the 7th floor. Accidents are not acts of divine providence that can be dismissed as unavoidable. Instead accidents are the result of unsafe acts and therefore preventable by strict enforcement of occupational safety and health and labor standards Renato Magtubo, chairman of the labor group, said.Magtubo also urged the DoLE to deputize labor leaders as inspectors in construction sites to strengthen enforcement of safety rules in the workplace.

Arielle Denise Forbes, INQUIRER.NET trainee

Taken from: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/metro/view/20110128-317138/Ensuresafety-in-construction-sites-DoLE-told