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Brethren. this IS a Happy
New Year. It is not time to only listen
and hear the word of God. 11 is
also not time to teach and learn the
word of God Rather it is time to
practise the word of God. Jesus
Christ and all the Prophets preached
the word of God. For how long will
this preaching last?
This is the message I have
for you today. Though it is not a
lengthy one, we should start off with
vegetarianism and fruitarianism for
we are they that worship God in Spirit
and in Truth. VVe should no longer
waste our time in cultivating the
fields rather let uS be the practitioners
of tile word of God so that it might be
well with us.
Read James: 1 :19 -

It is popularly acknowledged
that action speaks louder than
I believe you have witnessed
what is happening now. In times
past, 1 used to preach for ten hours
but now I am no more into prolonged
preachment. Everyday I give
references and you are being
referred to various portions of the
Scripture. Who has practised any of
it? If I ask that the money accruing
from appreciation should be counted,
you will be surprised The hall is
ftlled with people but If you count the
money realised you would be forced
to give everybody a knock.
Whom are you deceiving?
We have left the ol.d world into the
new world which everyone anxiously
requested fOI. Man feared whether
he would survive Into the new world.
1 he stor-,' 01 ttle 1111('(' d:lye.; d<Hkness
inf used fear into tt)e r11ine1S of many,
t)ut wtlat ttave you none In
apprcCi311(Hl lor 1111n nw
.,) .....
Let everyone Irorn now
vegetarianism and
fruitananism. When you come here
and give unto one brother N10,000,
give N1,000 to another and N20,OOO
to another, what is the essence of
your action?
Now, a lot of people here
dupes; they only come here to
receive money, claiming to use it to
do the work of God, yet they divert
it into their private business. Is that
the work of God you clarm you want
to dO'1 Is the work. of God not done
free of charge so that people wltness
Hle glory of God mamfestmg? Are
yOu sure that you are serving God or
your personal interesl? You are in10
forms of contributions while you
abandon your primary assignment I
tla vC always told you lhal you have
an 011110n, you eilher do lhe \,,1ork of
God or forget it You are engrossed
wiill meet irlgs Wtla1 pu rposes clo
these meetings serve?
I directed Brother Okpalla
William that Brotherhood in Anambra
State is not quite up to par. That, he
should arrange for some children of
God to stay there to ensure the
growth and strength of Brotberhood .in
that area. In Mkpani, a certam
Brother a building to the
Father, I instructed Brother Odum .to
complete every renovation required
in trle place and establish a Bethel,
take the Children of God there to take
over the entire area and ensure
practical presence of B.C.S. Just as
activities are on in 26 Mbukpa, the
same should continue in ttlese
God has given us enQugh
resources for HIS services. We
stlould not allow 1hem to remain idle
God's work is purely philanthropic
and humenlt;:Hian, No profil IS
expected My JOY IS the JOY 01
service In tlelping others If rnost of
the feats done In favour of
Brotherhood members were done in
favour of the outside world, the world
would have long beheld the glory of
God, and wonderful works of
testimonies would follow. You might
assume power tomorrow and forget
to put the word of God into practice
and because of that you begin to
encounter problems Christ had
warned that man who gol cleansed
after being immersed In Bethsaida
River not 10 indulge in further sin so
that greater problem might not befall
him. Is that not exactly what you are
doing now? When you come here
and your problems are taken away,
you return to your old life. You
indulge in Ule sins you forsook. For
tllis reason severer' problems and
afflictions come your way You will
then begin to look for money to help
yourself. Tilat is why if anyone
comes here and seeks to be a real
Brotherhood and serve God, such a
one should understand that this calls
for self sacrifice in the interest of
You can take a cue from me
My work is to make humanity refrain
from sins as well as transform an evil
doer. This indeed is the greatest
task. How many people can
transform an eVil doer? There is no
one, not even the white can do it
I preach constantly that
people should refrain from stealing
but none of you has hearkened to it.
You insist that the Father should
continue with it for today is a great
, day.
How great is it? If you refuse
to practise it. then tell me what
makes it a great day? Look at all
these people. They come here,
every mornlflg. afternoon and
evening, and receive God's word but
refuse to practise them Did the
F ather not C()1'Tle to 1ra nst orm man?
SUite Ct1lldren of GO(j are ttlose
willing to work Wlttl me I will usc Ulelll
too. There in Blakpan, tlow many
children of God are there? They are
only 4 yet Since incept ion of
Brotherhood, the only thing the
members know is to go to Biakpan on
pilgrimage just to bath in the
'Bethsaida' stream Nothing was
known about Brotherhood in Biakpan
until 1995 when it pleased the Father
to take the 144,000 Vilgins \nere to
render services to people .. Have you
not seen how things are going on
there now? Some of them are now
children of God. The problem most
of you who claim to be healers have
is that you might Ilave twenty vanous
slcknesses and ;n;;ny other prot)lems
besetting you. yet you come out here
and profess you are a healer and
pretend to heal some 01her person's
illness. What about yours; wtlat 11ave
you done to heal yourself?
You might be indebted 10
people. have a lot of dependents
yet you come to serve God. What
time do you have for his
services? I require no mor'e
preaching. All I want now are
practitioners of the gospel. Whether
they are three or four that are willing
to serve God, I am okay with that.
All those who come here for
greener pastures should try
somewhere else. There is no room
for them. Those that are willing to
serve and have surrendered
completely unto God should
continue. You practise the word of
God in an eptle,p1ic manner. This IS
not allowed 'here. What gains have
you made over the years with this
attitude? Those who serve God in
spirit and in truth must not mix with
those who serve themselves. That is
why I want those who serve God to
live separately so that they can have
fu II ration (3t)oul 1 heir mission
t1erc A.ell 81 a and llkwa are HI need
of U)l1\! Illtted wor ker s of C':;()(j 10 stlOw
1IH'1 ! I It H> P [ act i ( ; 1I cl e :) 1
le;il BrothertlOod and rn;'ike
glolY of tl11s KIf1QciorTl wll{;rever
betlold the glory ot God III uS
ct111dren at God will be posted to, It
3RD REF: MATTHEW 23:1-12
only ttlCy are willing to do so. Some
01 you corne tlere and plead that you
BE HUMBLE do not want to be jailed Everyone
All they that exalt themselves should define his mission then hold
have been abased and whosoever fast to that which he has chosen.
humbles himself shall be exalted. There are two things that takes 8 bird
The duty of Moses was to lead the to the stream, t hat is to bath and to
Israelites out of bondage In Egypt drink
When he accomplished his
assignment, he passed on. John ..::::.
came to make people forsake sin and I want to bless all of you that
recognise Jesus. When all had came with diverse problems, the
recognised Jesus and were baptised, Father has taken away them all. To
he then revealed Christ to the you Children of God 1 want to advise
Israelites. That was the end of His you to concentrate and stop thinking
assignment So, if the Father about your parents, or whatever.
stopped continuing His assignment After all, I alsa hAve parents and
what will happen? If you preach the village but for how many years now
word of God to people, yet they you seen me there? I do not
refuse to practise, what is the require such things here. If you want
essence of your preaching further? to be carnally minded, then, go back
Now, we are those who practise the to your house If you put hands in
word of God. Why is it that when I anythIng ungodly, you cannot do thiS
k you some thing, you behave as work. Even the children of God, if
dumbs?,do you want me to turn you they associate themselves with
all to dumbs? .
. .. anything ungodly, God's power will
. Recall when Christ vIsited his elude them and they will be unable to
house when He (Christ) W8:5 a do this work of God. Do you think as
chIld. On entering the house he h .
enquired about the children wllo were you are gat here, you are Just
locked in a room'? The parents to or Joke about? You are
replied, "they are piglets." Then stIll yet you claim you are
Christ ::;aid, i'Let it be as you nav. a child of God. You drink and inject,
said." tell me, what kind of Child of God are
When the door was opened you? Have you ever seen me playing
after Christ had left and tbe parents football or have I kicked a football
went into room, they found out before? You were called to come
the children had all turhed to and save -ouJs but you decide to play
pIglets. :;, ,
football what is the profit in those
Rea!ize now that I have things? We came to salvage the
changed my gear, so be mindful of world. You must .be prepared to be
yourself. Look at the children of the tIme of the work of
od, they run up and down playing God IS nigh If one refuses to be
football here and there. Did you nghteous, what then is the need for
come here to play footo.all? Is that tellinq one to forsake sin? Where
field a football field? This is caused tt1ere IS light, there is brrghtness, so
by Idleness You came here to HIt' 1Hne of the servH-:es of God is
. preach and conven people to fllqh
rigtlteous ways You all know that DON'T BE AFRAID
wh<-ltever I S;jy must come to Illarll We corne t]{:H: t() '-;ave and
Ie allon I ;HTl ((:ady 10 mcHllj('sl ttl(' ')(llll:, r", lot ()j wer(;
enveloped with fear, that they cannot places like Onitsha. Owerri
(10 a lot of things But are you not etc There are a lot of people there
aware of the fact that 419 men are but! he labourers are few If I would
afraid of Brotherhood? But the day I stand up I)OW and say I want to see
will put a stop to it, there shall be no everyone now. you would witness
more such act. I am taking things what has not happened before,
gradually, I do not want to be Ber:ause people will be running up
aggressive because you will alJ run and down to come here, since they
away. A certain Sister did some have it at the back of their minds that
ungodly things like that some times "Ete Obu" wants everyone. You are
and I warned her that what she is aware of the fact that poison no
dOing is /lot good. If someonegoe!: longer has power because every
prostituting now, it is a very grear sin power is tlere I had said that the
in the sight of God. This world is Itime of the work of God is at hand,.
filled with problems. People go into i and so if you go to any place) oeople
people's with guns, frighten will know that something .
people and go away with their happened and when you go and Just
belongings. You hand over say "let" all will be well. Have you not
everything to them because of fear. seen what the Crusaders team lead
The chiidren of God are still having by Brother Udo Umoren used to do?
fears of such things. Do you want to That is the work of .the Crusader. A
tell me you cannot make just a lot of people who cannot come here
pronouflcerncnt, ttlen see what will are not able to do this work because
happen to them? If you dO not make are still in the hands 'of the evil
them fear, do you think they wili fear one, but immediately they are at
God? Have you not observed that Ht;>ertyand the Holy Spirit gets into
immediately you calion Father them all will be well. All evil. must be
Olumba, wonderful things happen? If exorcised completely from this earth,
armed robbers refused to rob SO as to ensure full growth of the
Brotherhood members, d.o you work of God. The'refore. the weapon
consider it ordinary? They would not We are using is not that of the flesh.
try it. And if those that do not know Read 1st Corinthians 1 : 8 - 24.
attempt to, they would be told that the; They that are willing should
Father is their Father. support these labourers of the .Father
So let all Brotherhood fast in the Father's work. Let us fast and
and pray for, those are the things that pray. then d.issociate ourselves from
strengthen us. Brotherhood aU evil so that our light may shine.
. ,
members are the Father's soldiers. If This is the war of the spirit and this is
you like money. your. whole mind wii, be, the time. No one is bold enough to
in money, the same thing to food, clothes point accusing fingers at you, if they
and houses That IS why I do not like attempt. the fingers will be broken.
do not reqUire foods, Clothes. A brother came here and testified
shoes and requires no praises from any: about witches, I rebuked him and told:
one. Rather let all praises be him not to disgrace God .. After all
accorded the Father. Anyway you go . Brotherhood is termed "wonderful."
and feel you. do not exist, you wilJ So go and tell the world to forsake
surely not eXist, but' any where you and refrain from sin because this
go and make yourself an outstanding New World we are into is no.t for
person. you shall surely be jokes If you think evil about any
Qulstandl:1g Ibo land IS qUite large one, you are in for a very big trouble,
not . to talk of indulging in evil
tendencies. Let go all those things,
so that all might be at peace. I had
told a certain Sister to indulge no
more in fornication or else something
will happen to her, she ignored and
went back and fornicated. Truely
something happened, she died. Did
you not hear about it? People came
here and pleaded with me to
withdraw the statement, I ignored them
and warned them not to indulge in
. fornication Oh! so you enjoy to
'fornicate, thinking God cannot do
'anything or . God has no power.
, Annanias and his wife died because
of lies. Was that not the spirit of God
doing that? God requires not anythfng
evil and so if anyone brings evil near
you, such a person will have himself
to blame.
Now every one of you,
wherever things are difficult, wheQ
you just step into that place, things
. will change immediately. Reca" whqlt
happened at Ibandan. Ydu aU know
those you regard to be strong.
Let my peace and blessings
: abide with the entire wond; Now and
forever more. Amen.
Thank You Father.
Beware of .False Prophets!'
'Thq', 'Sole Spiri tual
:Head, 14aaer 0.' O. Obu
has instructed ttlat all be
theisor healing homel
'pPened iI); the name of
the 'Brotherhood of the
Crau and ,Star ,must be
{Ormally. registered in', the
> 4
' Giving' His farewell ad-
, ripe when He will not send '
dress at .the' end of the any T9ffl,Dick ..d Hil.J:ry
just concluded ,August' into the field for if some
Pentecostal assembly, He body is not qualified by
saidaay bethel ran con
let standard;,'
.tnu:y 'to this -i,nstructioo .you are a Christ's Student,
is ron bya false prophet . Christ's Servant., ,Christ's I
because, theperSoo has
, Pract{cal, Student, , Pastor, \
, :not been formally com
'Elder etc., it you are not i
missioned or delegated by
adequately examined'and' t
the Fatlrer;,
tried, you canfiQt be ,Ii
ficated;"to enter the It
The l.ea,der said,thlt
Lord's vineyard:
'fh(, lJCS is the ,
plined organisation \\here The Htif:, Father con-' cit
'everything has to be donetinuing, ,intbnatedllii ad-, ;UI
aceording to ,laid downhertm1s that BCSis' the' ,eo
, iules so "\\hatever you do ,llast hope of mankind
in this the which has arrived to' re. '
opening of a bethel or 'cue;ihe entire world and
:.aching, if the Father, no other kingdom mould',
It:Jel not approve of it, be, expected wamJng an to'
lauare trou,ble,
maker md false prophet."humble before tbeLord'
, " " " .' r "of is ddng His
He said that the time is.work on earth. '
," . " ,.. , 'c ,