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VOL.4 NO.3

July 2012









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In its near two decades of existence HGA has faced many obstacles, hurdles, court cases, adverse media etc. Thanks to the tenacity and iron will of the founders and the management we have today 9 holes of top class and well maintained golf course which is the envy of any golf lover. The Club House is one of a kind for its ambience.We must be thankful to the successive committees for achieving this. Having had a ring side seat as a founding member, I have had the opportunity to see first hand how things have taken shape at HGA. In any organization there are always people without any titles working behind the scenes, who contribute silently towards its success and growth. Amongst numerous others in this category, there are 3 of our members who deserve special mention for their specific and specialized contributions. Ghouse Moiuddin popularly known as Ghousebhai to all is a specialist in the earth moving field. He has over the last many years taken up work involving ground preparation which is the first requirement for any golf course. In the course of his work, on numerous occasions he and his team have faced hostile and sometimes physical abuse from vested interests whose sole objective was to stall progress at HGA. He has carried on regardless. The 9 holes are a living testimony to a truly brave and courageous golfer in the form of Ghousebhai Vijay Kumar Raju (BVK to his friends) has gone through reams and reams of documentation, hundreds of media reports and archived thousands of photos and videos to provide factual responses to false or exaggerated reports in the print and TV media. Because of this extensive research HGA is able to face its detractors head on and correct the wrong data being fed by some vested interested groups. I am sure HGA will have a state-of the-art archive and documentation Centre soon and BVK will be its prime mover. When the Club House was opened a few years back, HGA had its share of problems in the Food and Beverage area. The few catering contractors who were tried out could not sustain its economic viability. Ramachandra Raju was then given a free hand to find a solution which he did through a series of trial and error experiments over the last 3 years. He has physically spent long hours interacting with the Kitchen staff to find the winning formula. Thanks due to Ram's yeoman efforts, HGA in the last few years has built a reputation as a fine eatery for its consistent quality. Well done Ram. This issue is dedicated to the above 3 gentlemen golfers who have done HGA proud over the last many years.
Gorur V.S. Murthy



Picture of Survey No: 40 at Nay Qila in the year 2001

view of the fact that some of our members may not be aware of the background for the delay in developing the golf course inside the Naya Qila area, I am presenting the facts of the case in brief so as to update our members about the factual position as of now. In 2002, the Government of AP licensed land in and around Naya Qila to HGA to set up an international standard golf course. Three parcels of land namely, Jamalikunta, Shah Hatim Talab and Naya Qila were given to HGA. Initially a driving range and three holes were developed in Jamalikunta and subsequently three more holes were added. The area within Shah Hatim Talab was filled up with sewerage and unfit for a golf course. The Naya Qila area development has taken us many years owing to a number of external factors like PIL's, writ petitions, biased reporting by a section of the media and some self-promoting NGO teaming up with the local rowdy elements to stall the progress. Not withstanding these, your Committee with the help of a few dedicated members have made progress The first wave: Grassing at Naya Qila Against a PIL, the Hon'ble High Court passed interim order allowing the grassing of the golf course. An MOU was signed between the Government of A.P and ASI setting forth the conditions for the development of the golf course and an approval of the master plan of the golf course was approved by the ASI. In line with the orders of the Hon'ble High Court, work was started in the other part of Naya Qila in October 2011.


The second wave: Land under dispute The activists then filed a fresh Public Interest litigation in November 2011, wherein they challenged the area of 10 acres set aside for restoring the ancient Naya Qila bagh claiming that it is spread over a larger area. This case too was dismissed on February 13th 2012 by the Hon'ble High Court instructing ASI to identify the area. The third wave: The communal angle Just as this case was dismissed, the activists filed another PIL, this time bringing up a communal angle, falsely claiming that HGA has been desecrating graves around Mustafa Khan Mosque in Sy No: 40 of Naya Qila. The Hon'ble High Court appointed an advocate commissioner to verify the claims of the activists. Based on the report and existing records, the High Court dismissed the PIL on March 27th 2012 stating that it had no merit. Once this PIL was dismissed, work on 28 acres of land in Sy No: 40 of Naya Qila were re-started and I am happy to say that the grassing has been completed. Golfing activity has already started in this area with temporary three holes in play since April 2012. This area will have a total seven new holes (4 par-4's and 3 par-3s) and we expect to put it in play by August 2012 giving us a total of 16 holes.

Same picture of Survey No: 40 at Naya Qila after grassing in June 2012

Another view of Survey No. 40 Naya Qila after grassing in May 2012

It is pertinent to mention and commend the tireless efforts put in by Dayakar Reddy, Ghouse Mohiuddin and other members as also our legal team comprising of our Treasurer, B.V.K. Raju, Senior Counsel S. Ravi, our Lawyers Omar Pasha, & R. Raghunandan Rao, (all members of our club) who have been working hard towards the completion of the golf course. It will be a proud moment for all of us at HGA to see the golf course completed. We are hopeful that this will happen in the near future and we will host an international event. Capt. B.L.K Reddy Honorary Secretary

Our Hon. Jt. Secretary, Dayakar Reddy discussing with authorities and locals on June2nd 2012.


On April 1st, we had the new practice green inaugurated by our first lady Jyothi Vikramdev Rao. To mark the occasion the club had arranged for a putting competition especially for the Ladies and Juniors.

Jyothi Vikramdev Rao putting after inaugurating the new practice green


HGA's Annual Summer Camp for juniors is a favourite with budding golfers. The camp th held from Aptil 15th thru May 14 had 27 boys and 16 girls in age groups ranging from 5 to 16 years taking advantage of the HGA coaching scheme under our Pro Sanjay Singh. The children learnt basic skills such as Gripping the club, Posture, Stance, Swing mechanics & swing plane, Ball striking and balance, Putting techniques, Chipping techniques, Dressing for Golf, Etiquette and Manners.

Some of the participants with their certificates


Gross Winner

C. Dayakar Reddy (31pts) Ashok Reddy Nimma (43pts) Mst. Hardik Chawda (40pts) Ramesh Kambam (4'9") Ghouse Mohiuddin (4'6")

C. Rohan Reddy (33pts) Mst. Hardik Chawda (38pts) V. Sreenath Rao (36pts) Azim Dhanani (8'1") Ch. Venkat Kona Rao (15'3")

C. Rohan Reddy (34pts) C. Dayakar Reddy (37 pts) Mst.Sunkeerth Reddy Nimma (36pts) Ch. Mohan Rao (8'4") C. Sri Rama Rao (4'10")

Net (H/C) Winner Net (H/C) Runnersup

Closest To Pin

Straightest Drive

Single Club Tournament 2012

Category Gross Net Seniors Closest to pin Winner B. Hanumanth Rao (11 pts) B. Chandrasekhar (19pts) Capt. B.L.K.Reddy (15pts) Prasad Boppanna (64) Ashok Reddy Nimma (15pts) N. Chinna Babu (13pts) Runners-Up


Winner; Avinash Gupta Runner-up: C.Rohan Reddy


1. Jayant Tagore was the winner in the Singles category and N.Chinna Babu in the Doubles at the Southern India Addicts Meet at Bangalore where over 300 golfers took part. At The Team-Am Golf Challenge 2012 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Team Par XLNC comprising of HGA members B.V.K.Raju, Dayakar Reddy, Sreenath Rao and Ghouse Mohiuddin won the Second Prize and Team Birdie Machines made of a myriad group of golfers with 2 of them Mir Ahmed Ali Khan & G V Ramana from HGA, Hyderabad, took the 3rd prize.



K. Prasad Rao is a keen and addicted golfer, who over the years has been involved in actively supporting HGA through sponsorship. He also conducts the above tournament in his company's name. Mythili and Prasad played perfect hosts for a wonderful evening of Cocktails, Prize Distribution and Dinner.

The Winner's list

Winner Open Ladies Net (0-9) Net ( 10-18) Longest Drive Closest to the pin Maximum Birdies C. Rohan Reddy (33 pts) Katherine Dhanani Ravinder Singh ( 35 pts ) Md. Ahmed ( 39 pts ) (0-9) A.Sridhar Reddy ( 327 yds) (10-18) C.Dayakar Reddy ( 275 yds) (0-9) B.Hanumanth Rao (59) (10-18) Rajiv Verma (16) Swaranjit Sen (3) Vasu Mergu(28 pts ) A.Bhaskar Reddy ( 38 pts ) Runners -Up C.V.Ramanna Reddy (32 pts)

Reitz Invitational Open Prize Winners

A champion in the making

Our Student Player Ms. Sneha Singh came Runner Up (Category - E) in the East Zone Junior tournament held at Royal Calcutta Golf Club from 22nd May to 24th May 2012. Good show Sneha. Your dad Sanjay and we are proud of you.

Attracting the right sort An old tramp had wandered leisurely up to the green of the eighteenth where he sat himself down among his many coats. He dug among the variety of old bags he was carrying and brought forth with great pomp a handful of dried twigs and two iron rods which he arranged to form into a holder. From this he hung a pot of water suspended over the twigs. M e m b e r s gathering at the clubhouse w i n d o w s watched as he g o t h i s campfire going. The tranquillity of the scene was shattered when a man dashed from the clubhouse and, leaving no room for doubt, ordered the tramp off the course. "Well, just who do you think you are," asked the tramp. "I'm the club secretary," shouted the man. "Well, listen sonny," the tramp retorted. "Let me give you some advice. That's hardly the way to get new members." Boys that swear The party games were a triumph and now the marble tournament was in full swing. Then six year-old Simon missed an easy shot and let fly with a potent expletive.

"Simon," his mother remonstrated in embarrassment from the sidelines, "what do little boys who swear when they are playing marbles turn into?" "Golfers," Simon replied. Lost and Found I say greenkeeper, I dropped my bottle of Scotch out of the bag somewhere on the seventh. Anything handed in at lost-andfound?" "Only the golfer who played after you, sir. Green Fees T h e t w o golfers were discussing a bill that Harry the hospital administrator had sent Bill, recent father for the first time. "I mean, 25 use of delivery room's just not on, old man, you know I didn't get the wife there in time and the baby was born on the front lawn. Harry leant over, took the bill and crossed out the offending entry and substituted a n o t h e r. "Greens Fee 25", it read.