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Experiment #04 Delta- Wye Circuit

I. Objectives: 1. To verify experimentally the principle of deltaw y e a n d w y e - d e l t a transformation. 2. T o p r o v e t h a t t h e d e l t a n e t w o r k s c a n b e t r a n s f o r m e d into its equivalent Wye or delta network. 3. To learn to connect a circuit. Materials: a. 1pc circuit board b. 9V power supply c. Tester d. Resistors ( 20, 25. 50,50, 75) e. Connecting wires Procedures: 1. C o n n e c t t h e c i r c u i t ( u s e 2 0 , 2 5 , 5 0 , 5 0 , 7 5 o h m s for that circuit). 2. T u r n O N t h e p o w e r s u p p l y . 3. Measure the voltage drop across and the current 4. Record the measured quantity (use 20, 25, 50, 50, 75 ohms for that circuit). 5. T u r n O N t h e p o w e r s u p p l y . 6. Measure the voltage drop across and the current. 7. Record the measured quantity. Compare the data recorded. Experimental Set-Up:






R = 50(25) 50+20+25 = 1250 95 = 13.16

R = 50(20) 50+20+25 = 1000 95 = 10.53

R = 20(25) 50+20+25 = 500 95 = 5.26

Rs = R + R = 10.53+75v = 85.53

Rs = R + R = 5.26+50 = 55.26 Rp = R (R ) R + R = 85.53(55.26) 85.53+55.26 = 4726.39 140.79 = 33.57

Rt= R+ Rp = 13.16+33.57 = 46.73

It = Vt Rt = 9V 46.73 = 0.19 A


Data and Result:

E I Rt VoM Rt = E/I % Difference

Measured Computed

9.009V 9V

0.35A 0.19A

25.94 47.57

25.74 47.37

0.77% 0.42%


. Question and Answer: 1. What will happen in each of these systems to the phase voltages of the load, if one of the source phases fails open?

Answer: In the Y-Y system, with no neutral wire, one of the load phases will completely lose power, while the voltages of the other two load phases will be reduced to 86.7 % of normal. In the Delta-Y system, none of the phase voltages will be affected by the failure of the source phase winding. 2. In a Y-connected circuit, the magnitude of each line current is? Answer: equal to the corresponding phase current. 3. In a certain Y-Y system, the source phase currents each have a magnitude of 9 A. The magnitude of each load current for a balanced load condition is? Answer: 9A because In Y connection line current=line voltage. 4. In a Y-connected source feeding a -connected load,? Answer: each phase of the load has the full line voltage across it because Any how you will get line voltage output from the Y-connected source. The same line voltage connected to delta connected load, in delta line current=phase current. So delta connected each phase will get full line voltage. 5. In a delta connection, line voltage is: Answer: Greater than phase voltage.