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Access for Architect Both contracts regulated to allow superintending representatives to have access to the works, workshops or other places where work is being prepared for the con tract at all reasonable times 10. Possession of Site and Commencement of Work 10.1. Time of Commencement Both contracts state that the contractor must commence the work on specific date on the written form. They also cover the condition if no coomencement date is stated on the written f orm. Concequences of the commencement work date when invalidity of the date occurs is regulated as well. 10.2. Possession of Site Both contracts organize the pocession of the site by contractor (different basic ally) 11. Quality of Materials and Workmanship 11.1. Quality of Work and Materials Both contracts set the quality of work based on the contractual description or s pecification 11.2. Investigation of Defects Archi may instruct to carry out tests If the investigation indicate defective works, cont. is responsible to comply archi direction with the same at his own expense and no extension of time In other cases, cont. shall be entitled to have compensation and extention of time resulting from the instruction. SO shall instruct to do such test required at places as may be specified in the contract, or any such places. Cont. shall provide everything necessary for the test. Cost of sample provided by the contractor at his own cost if the test shows that the works were not in accordance with the contract. If the test shows any breach of contract by the contractor, the cost of the test shall be borne by the contractor. If the test shows otherwise, SO may grant ext ention of time and may certify the cost of the test and/or any loss may have inc urred as a result of a test The cover up of the work shall get approval from the SO and the cont. also shall give notice to SO whenever any such works are ready for examination 11.3. Removal of Defective Work or Reduction of Price Archi may give direction for removal or demolition defective work which are not in accordance with the contrac and their reconstruction or replacement in exact accordance with the contract Archi may accept any unremedied defect work with the consequence of contract sum reduction or SO may instruct to demolish/reconstruct any defect work and/or remove any materi als or goods which are not in accordance with the contract So may instruct the specific time to comply the instruction If the SO was not justified either wholly or in part in giving instruction, then cont may grant extension of time and expense certified by the SO 11.4. Variations due to Defective Work Where the requirements of clause are satisfied, archi may, but shall not be obli

ged to, give directions for a variation of the work in lieu of their removal or demolition SO shall give instruction (alternative or repaired plant) to the cont. if the wo rks are found to be not in accordance with the contract 11.5. No Duty of Architect or Employer Archi shall not prejudice any subsequent claim by employer against the cont. whi ch is not in accordance with the contract, nor assist for the benefit of contrac tor 12. Variations and Valuation of Additional Payments 12.1. Power to Order and Subsequent Sanction 12.2. Definition of Variation 12.3. Measurement of Variations 12.4. Valuation of Variations 12.5. Payment of Variations 12.6. Loss of Profit in Valuation