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MTA Industrial Chillers

Tae Evo WJ Series - for High Demand applications.

An important part of most waterjet systems is the oil cooling system for the waterjet pump.

The TAEevo WJ 015 is suited for use with 30HP waterjet pumps. Cooling capacity 4.4kw for temperatures up to 35 degrees C

TAEevo WJ 015

The function of the oil cooling system is to maintain the temperature of the oil in the waterjet pump and prevent it overheating. This is of paramount importance - Other wise the intensifier is likely to be damaged - especially in climates which experience high ambient temperature conditions. Unlike typical chillers, the TAEevo WJ series industrial chillers are designed specifically for waterjet operators who demand the best from their equipment. Key features of the Tae WJ series include a high efficiency scroll compressor, advanced microprocessor control, air cooled condensers and the innovative in-tank evaporator configuration which further increases operating efficiency. Manufactured in Europe, MTA WJ Series chillers are the first choice for waterjet operators who require dependable equipment which will provide many years of efficient, trouble free operation.

The TAEevo WJ 020 is suited for use with 50HP waterjet pumps. Cooling capacity 7.3kw for temperatures up to 35 degrees C

TAEevo WJ 020

High efficiency scroll compressor delivers maximum cooling efficiency and energy savings. Advanced microprocessor control provides continuous output monitoring Unique evaporator-in-tank configuration enables delivery of more stable output temperature. Closed Water circuit: eliminates cooling water wastage Low operating costs: due to the scroll compressor the TAEevo has minimal electricity consumption, acheiving a market leading energy efficiency level. Designed specifically for the waterjet industry, with over 25 years experience, TAEevo WJ range is a highly economical long-term proposition. Ideally suited for climates with high ambient temperature conditions. The WJ Series is generously sized to maintain a constant output even at temperatures up to 35 degrees celcius. Integral recirculation pump can be connected directly to the heat exchanger circuit on the intensifier. No external pump is required.

The TAEevo WJ 031 is suited for use with 75HP waterjet pumps. Cooling capacity 9.5kw for temperatures up to 35 degrees C

TAEevo WJ 031

The TAEevo WJ 051 is suited for use with 100HP waterjet pumps. Cooling capacity 13.8kw for temperatures up to 35 degrees C

TAEevo WJ 051

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