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Cours Privs Mamadou Gassama Terminale S _ 2011/2012 2 hours Name: ..

Class: Alternative medicine Alternative medicine is, by definition, an alternative to something else: modern, Western medicine. But the term alternative can be misleading, even off-putting for some people. Few practitioners of homeopathy, acupuncture, herbalism and the like regard their therapies as complete substitutes for modern medicine. Rather, they c o n s i d e r their disciplines as supplementary to orthodox medicine. The problem is that many doctors refuse even to recognize natural or alternative medicine, to do so calls for a radically different view of health, illness and cure. But whatever doctors may think, the demand for alternative forms of medical therapy is stronger than ever before, as the limitations of modern medical science become more widely understood. Alternative therapies are often dismissed by orthodox medicine because they are sometimes administered by people with no formal medical training. But, in comparison with many traditional therapies, western medicine as we know it today is a very recent phenomenon. Until only 150 years ago, herbal medicine and simple inorganic compounds were the most effective treatments available. Despite the medical establishments intolerant attitude, alternative therapies are being accepted by more and more doctors, and the World Health Organization has agreed to promote the integration of proven, valuable, alternative knowledge and skills in western medicine. I. COMPREHENSION (8 pts) A. Answer the following questions according to the text. (2 pts) 1) Why is the term alternative not entirely appropriate when applied to medicine?

2) Why are alternative therapies often rejected by conventional doctors?


B. Are the following statements true (T) or false (F)? Justify from the text. (2 pts) 3) Nowadays, more and more people are asking for alternative medicine. T F .. 4) Herbal medicine has been the most effective treatment available for 50 years now. T F

C. Find words or phrases in the text which are similar in meaning to: (2 pts) 5) deceptive (Para 1) = 6) the use of herbs for medicinal purposes (Para 2) = 7) a group of people who have power and influence (Para 5) = 8) competences (Para 5) = D. Tick () a, b, or c, to complete each sentence below. Only one choice is correct (2 pts) 9. Few practitioners of alternative medicine... a) consider their therapies to be complete replacements for modern medicine. b) reject the term alternative. c) refuse to recognize alternative medicine. 10. Alternative therapies... a) are well regarded by the medical establishment. b) are integrated into western medicine nowadays. c) are becoming more and more popular with many doctors. 11. Western medicine. a) has existed for a comparatively short time. b) is based on many traditional therapies. c) is practised by people with no formal medical training.

12. The World Health Organization... a) has an intolerant attitude towards alternative therapies. b) agrees with all alternative medicine. e) will support effective traditional knowledge and skills. II. LINGUISTIC AND COMMUNICATIVE COMPETENCE (6 pts) E. Put the verbs between brackets in the right tense or form. (2 pts) People (practise) 13 traditional medicine for years now. However, its popularity (start) 14 . decreasing with the advent of modern medicine 150 years ago. Since modern medicine cannot (cure) 15 all illnesses, health organizations cannot require traditional practitioners to give up (use) 16 .. natural remedies for their patients. F. Rewrite the sentences below using the given clues. (2 pts) 17. Alternative therapies are being accepted by more and more doctors. More and more doctors ... 18. If traditional and modern practitioners dont cooperate, they wont eradicate certain diseases. Unless ... 19. Some people resort to traditional medicine because they are poor. If some people. 20. The doctor will save the girl, but she must pay the hospital bill first. If the girl .. G. Complete the interview below meaningfully with the right questions and tags. (2 pts) 21. Interviewer: Many people today are worried about AIDS, .? AIDS Officer: Yes, they are. 22. Interviewer: Tell me, ? AIDS Officer: Well, AIDS kills millions of people in Sub-Saharan Africa each year. 23. Interviewer: People rarely broach subjects like AIDS and sex at home, ..? AIDS Officer: Thats right. Many African cultures havent broken their taboos on sexuality yet. So, itll be very difficult to eradicate this pandemic in the near future. III.WRITING (100-150 words approximately). Choose one of the following topics. (6 pts) 1. What are some advantages and disadvantages of traditional medicine? In your opinion, which are more important the advantages or disadvantages? 2. A friend of yours has been ill for years now and hasnt yet recovered from his/her illness. Write him/her a letter to advise him/her to try traditional remedies.