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We are very happy to come out with this report of our project FIRE FIGHTING ROBOT. We have divided the report into different sections so that the topics can be arranged & understood properly. We tried to arrange report in right sequence but if any drawback or omission arises Then please inform us. This report will help the reader to understand the concept & ideas behind the project. We are very thankful to our project guide Mr. Rajan Aole sir who motivated us in in our project. He also solved our difficulties by providing valuable guidance to us. We also thankful to all teaching & non-teaching staff for their tremendous support & encouragement that they have extended.

Fire Fighting Robot is a fire extinguisher which can extinguish fire around it. The robot uses wheels to move or we can say four wheeler robot. D.C.motor is used to run these wheels. It is controlled by remote, which is handled well trained person. As a fire extinguisher water is used in this demonstration model. The water is sprinkled using pump fitted in the tank itself. The pump, water tank & motor parts are mounted on the robot. The motor of pump is also controlled by the remote which reduces the unnecessary use of water. The connection between robot and remote is wire. That means it has connecting wires to carry instructions from the operator. It will be wireless by using electronic circuits & microcontrollers. Instead of this the robot consists of fire detector which can detect fire and indicator.

Siren is used as an indicator. Torch is also there for proper visibility in night.

The four wheeler robot is basic of all the robots and today everyone knows about the logic behind it. But using it as an application in anywhere in our day to day life we can do difficult task also. So we decided to modify it and use as a fire extinguisher. We use water as an extinguisher medium so,there should be pump to flow water from the tank. As our model is small so, we decided and made the D.C. pump. This pump is made to rotate using 9 volt D.C. motor. To make the pump, we gathered the information from the bookFUID POWER.

Fire is very familiar to us because it is used in houses, industries like thermal power stations, steel factories, and bakeries. There are plenty of applications of fire in our any day to day life. But instead of this another face which is very cruel. Fire is useful where it is wanted. But unwanted or unexpected fire is very dangerous. We heard about fire accident taking place in houses, industries, shops or in factories. There is huge destructor of property as well as life because of unwanted fire. Recently in our city, one shoe shop located at middle of the city was totally burned because of fire. Government available us the fire extinguisher. But the van takes some time to search the spot or affected area. Also they can extinguish fire from outside of the house or building, they can able to extinguish from inside. So, we were think about it and then we decided to make the FIRE FIGHTING ROBOT. This robot can enter in fire captured houses or buildings to extinguish of internally, the robot are fire proof. So, this robot can do the job of extinguisher perfectly.

But some other advancement in it can increase the efficiency of the robot.

The robot is fire resistance. It is controlled by remote control. It is simple and has less cost. It can enter every place to extinguish fire where a man cannot enter.

As it has wheels, so it can move only on flat surface. The robot contains a water tank which we have to refill when the tank is empty.

Fire fighting robot is used as a fire extinguisher. It is also used as a fire detector in home based application. It is also used in theaters and shopping malls etc. It can be used in industries for detecting and extinguish fire.

Future scope
It can be handled by human sitting in anywhere in range by using web cameras or using CCTV cameras on robot. It will be controlled by pc also.

We will use co2 gas cylinder in place of water tank. In further advancement the robot will be implemented in automatic mode of operation so it can handle its operation automatically.

1) From our observation we concluded that it can really use as an extinguisher and can get control on fire. reduces human efforts and save time, money and life also. 2) It

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