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=begin CSCA Menu Organizer version: 1.0.3 (Released: July 18th, 2012) Created by: Casper667 from http://www.caspergaming.

com/ This CSCA CSCA CSCA CSCA version supports: Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary (all versions) Dungeon Tools (v1.3b +) Treasure Maps (all versions) Achievements (all versions)

COMPATIBILITY Note: If you are using a version of any CSCA script that adds itself to the menu , you'll need to turn that option off to be compatible with this script. Should be compatible with almost any script. Compatible only for VXAce. IMPORTANT: ALL CSCA Scripts should be compatible with each other unless otherwise noted. FFEATURES This script will allow you to easily add any CSCA Scripts to your main menu. It also allows you to change the default commands easily, as well as add an option to open the debug menu from the main menu during playtest mode. SETUP Setup options below. CREDIT & TERMS Free to use in any game, commercial or noncommercial, if credit is given to: casper667 from http://www.caspergaming.com/ =end module CSCA module MENU #Main Menu Options - changing these to true may increase compatibility with #custom menu scripts MAIN_COMMANDS = true # Add item, skill, equip, status to the menu? FORMATION_COMMAND = true # Add the formation command to the menu? ORIGINAL_COMMANDS = true # Add custom script commands to the menu? SAVE_COMMAND = true # Add the save command to the menu? END_COMMAND = true # Add the game end command to the menu? # Leaving these as true may increase compatibility with custom menu scripts. # These only have an effect if MAIN_COMMANDS above is set to true. ITEM_ENABLED = true # Add Item to the menu? SKILL_ENABLED = true # Add Skill to the menu? EQUIP_ENABLED = true # Add Equip to the menu? STATUS_ENABLED = true # Add Status to the menu? DEBUG = true # Add debug option to menu in playtest mode? #Setting this to 0 may increase compatibility with custom menu scripts. LINES = 0 #Amount of commands to show before scrolling to show. #If set to 0, the window will show all commands without scrolling . #CSCA Script Setup

#The following commands require CSCA Encyclopedia #http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/2775-csca-encyclopedia-w-bestiary-v20/ ENCYCLOPEDIA = "Encyclopedia" INCLUDE_ENC = true # Include the CSCA Encyclopedia in the menu? ENC_SWITCH = 0 # Switch that shows/hides Encyclopedia in menu. 0 = always sh ow #The following commands require CSCA Dungeon Tools #http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/2275-csca-dungeon-tools/ DUNGEON_TOOLS = "Dungeon Tools" INCLUDE_DUN = true # Include the CSCA Dungeon Tools in the menu? DT_SWITCH = 0 # Switch that shows/hides Dungeon Tools in menu. 0 = always sh ow #The following commands require CSCA Treasure Maps #http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/5388-csca-treasure-maps/ TREASURE_MAPS = "Treasure Maps" INCLUDE_MAP = true # Include the CSCA Treasure Maps in the menu? MAP_SWITCH = 0 # Switch that shows/hides Treasure Maps in menu. 0 = always s how #The following commands require CSCA Achievements #http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/5554-csca-achievements/ ACHIEVEMENTS = "Achievements" INCLUDE_ACH = true # Include the CSCA Achievements in the menu? ACH_SWITCH = 0 # Switch that shows/hides Achievements in menu. 0 = always sh ow # # # # # # # # # NOTE: This script will be updated consistently to include future CSCA scripts that can go in the menu, however support for all custom scripts is not planned. Yanfly already has a script for that, if that's what you want: http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/menu-scripts/ace-menu-engine/ This script is just meant for those who just want to easily add CSCA Scripts to the menu without all of the other features.

end end $imported = {} if $imported.nil? $imported["CSCA-MenuOrganizer"] = true class Scene_Menu < Scene_MenuBase #Alias method alias csca_create_command_window create_command_window def create_command_window csca_create_command_window @command_window.set_handler(:cscadebug, method(:csca_debug_select)) if $TEST && CSCA::MENU::DEBUG @command_window.set_handler(:encyclopedia, method(:csca_encyclopedia_select) ) if $imported["CSCA-Encyclopedia"] && CSCA::MENU::INCLUDE_ENC @command_window.set_handler(:dungeontools, method(:csca_dt_select)) if $impo rted["CSCA-DungeonTools"] && CSCA::MENU::INCLUDE_DUN @command_window.set_handler(:treasuremaps, method(:csca_tmap_select)) if $im ported["CSCA-TreasureMaps"] && CSCA::MENU::INCLUDE_MAP

@command_window.set_handler(:achievements, method(:csca_ach_select)) if $imp orted["CSCA-Achievements"] && CSCA::MENU::INCLUDE_ACH end #new method def csca_encyclopedia_select SceneManager.call(Scene_CSCA_Encyclopedia) end #new method def csca_dt_select SceneManager.call(CSCA_Scene_DungeonToolSelect) end #new method def csca_tmap_select SceneManager.call(Scene_CSCA_TreasureMaps) end #new method def csca_debug_select SceneManager.call(Scene_Debug) end #new method def csca_ach_select SceneManager.call(CSCA_Scene_Achievements) end end class Window_MenuCommand < Window_Command #Alias method alias csca_make_command_list make_command_list def make_command_list if CSCA::MENU::MAIN_COMMANDS && CSCA::MENU::FORMATION_COMMAND && CSCA::MENU::ORIGINAL_COMMANDS && CSCA::MENU::SAVE_COMMAND && CSCA::MENU::END_COMMAND csca_make_command_list else add_main_commands if CSCA::MENU::MAIN_COMMANDS add_formation_command if CSCA::MENU::FORMATION_COMMAND add_original_commands if CSCA::MENU::ORIGINAL_COMMANDS add_save_command if CSCA::MENU::SAVE_COMMAND add_game_end_command if CSCA::MENU::END_COMMAND end end #Alias method alias csca_main_commands add_main_commands def add_main_commands if CSCA::MENU::ITEM_ENABLED && CSCA::MENU::SKILL_ENABLED && CSCA::MENU::EQUI P_ENABLED && CSCA::MENU::STATUS_ENABLED csca_main_commands else add_command(Vocab::item, :item, main_commands_enabled) if CSCA::MENU:: ITEM_ENABLED add_command(Vocab::skill, :skill, main_commands_enabled) if CSCA::MENU::

SKILL_ENABLED add_command(Vocab::equip, :equip, main_commands_enabled) if CSCA::MENU:: EQUIP_ENABLED add_command(Vocab::status, :status, main_commands_enabled) if CSCA::MENU:: STATUS_ENABLED end end #Alias method alias csca_commands add_original_commands def add_original_commands add_command("Debug", :cscadebug) if $TEST && CSCA::MENU::DEBUG add_command(CSCA::MENU::ENCYCLOPEDIA, :encyclopedia) if $imported["CSCA-Ency clopedia"] && CSCA::MENU::INCLUDE_ENC && csca_check_switch(CSCA::MENU::ENC_SWITCH) add_command(CSCA::MENU::DUNGEON_TOOLS, :dungeontools, csca_dt_enabled) if $i mported["CSCA-DungeonTools"] && CSCA::MENU::INCLUDE_DUN && csca_check_switch(CSCA::MENU::DT_SWITCH) add_command(CSCA::MENU::TREASURE_MAPS, :treasuremaps) if $imported["CSCA-Tre asureMaps"] && CSCA::MENU::INCLUDE_MAP && csca_check_switch(CSCA::MENU::MAP_SWITCH) add_command(CSCA::MENU::ACHIEVEMENTS, :achievements) if $imported["CSCA-Achi evements"] && CSCA::MENU::INCLUDE_ACH && csca_check_switch(CSCA::MENU::ACH_SWITCH) csca_commands end #Alias method alias csca_line_number visible_line_number def visible_line_number if CSCA::MENU::LINES > 0 CSCA::MENU::LINES else csca_line_number end end #new method def csca_check_switch(switch_id) switch_id == 0 ? true : $game_switches[switch_id] end #new method def csca_dt_enabled $game_switches[CSCA_DUNGEON_TOOLS::ON_OFF] && csca_check_tools end #new method def csca_check_tools return $game_switches[CSCA_DUNGEON_TOOLS::ARROW] || $game_switches[CSCA_DUNGEON_TOOLS::BOMB] || $game_switches[CSCA_DUNGEON_TOOLS::HOOKSHOT] || $game_switches[CSCA_DUNGEON_TOOLS::BOOMERANG] || $game_switches[CSCA_DUNGEON_TOOLS::RESET] end end