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On the road to a new reality After watching Paul Ryans speech at the Republican National Convention, I have un dergone

a strange transformation like Paul on the road to Damascus. Where once I saw through a glass darkly, now I see clearly. Those who oppose Mr. Ryan fail t o understand that he has developed a new philosophy of reality. Under Mr. Ryans vision of reality, it makes perfect sense that Barack Obama shoul d have saved the Janesville plant even though the decision to close it was made before Obama was inaugurated. I agree; in fact, why didnt Barack Obama also end t he war in Vietnam when he was in high school? He had plenty of time. Clearly, it is possible in this view of the world for Presidents to go back in time and cha nge the course of reality. I only wonder where the time machine is kept. Perhaps its hidden in the Rose Garden. Under Mr. Ryans complex metaphysical approach to reality (taken perhaps from Ayn Rand), whatever the I perceives to be true must be true because no one else can be trusted not even the I of ones past. Thus it makes perfect sense for Ryan criticiz ing the Presidents failure to accept the bipartisan debt commission proposals eve n though Ryan himself opposed their proposals. In other words the I of the presents view of the physical world is superior not only to everyone else, but also to o nes old self, or the I of the past. And no doubt this world view has a spiritual pe rspective as well and explains how Ryans conservative Catholicism is based on the writings of an atheist. This new perspective on reality will have some interesting side effects. There w ill be no more need for fact checkers since facts depend on the speaker, and there i s no way to confirm the validity of a statement independently. In fact, Im told t hat many fact checkers gave up after listening to Ryans speech. The new reality cha nged the perspective of Fox News who long ago gave up reporting the news objective ly. Confronted by this uber reality," Fox turned itself inside out and actually r eported what happened. They commented that Ryans speech was deceiving. Of course th ats true, but only if truth exists outside of the world view of the speaker. Clearly, Ryanism, for so this world view may be called, has a profound impact on those who accepts its premises. However, one must treat it with some caution, o r he may end up like Clint Eastwood speaking to an empty chair.