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Professional Digilal Twovay Fadio Syslen

obile Fadio
D 3000 Series
Your radio is compatible with the accessories listed in this
chapter. Contact your dealer for details.
RAD4198_ 136-144 MHz, wave Through-hole mount
RAD4199_ 146-150.8 MHz, wave Through-hole mount
RAD4200_ 150.8-162 MHz, wave Through-hole mount
RAD4201_ 162-174 MHz, wave Through-hole mount
RAE4151_ 403-430 MHz, wave Through-hole mount
RAE4158_ 406-420 MHz, 3.5dB gain Through-hole mount
RAE4152_ 450-470 MHz, wave Through-hole mount
RAE4154_ 450-470 MHz, 3.5 dB gain Through-hole mount
Antennas GPS Models Only
RAD4219_ 136-144 MHz, Combo GPS/VHF
wave Through-hole mount
RAD4220_ 146-150.8 MHz, Combo GPS/VHF
wave Through-hole mount
RAD4221_ 150.8-162 MHz, Combo GPS/VHF
wave Through-hole mount
RAD4222_ 162-174 MHz, Combo GPS/VHF
wave Through-hole mount
PMAE4035_ Combo GPS/UHF 403-430 MHz,
wave Through-hole mount
PMAE4036_ Combo GPS/UHF 406-420 MHz,
3.5dB Gain Through-hole mount
PMAE4037_ Combo GPS/UHF 450 470 MHz,
wave Through-hole mount
PMAE4038_ Combo GPS/UHF 450 470 MHz,
5dB Gain Through-hole mount
PMAN4000_ GPS Through-hole mount Antenna
PMAN4002_ GPS Magnetic mount Antenna
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RMN5050_ Desktop Microphone
RMN5052_ Compact Microphone
RMN5053_ Heavy Duty Microphone with Enhanced Audio
RMN5054_ Visor Microphone with Enhanced Audio
RMN5065_ Keypad Microphone with Enhanced Audio
HMN4098_ Telephone Style Handset
RSN4002_ 13-Watt External Speaker
RSN4003_ 7.5-Watt External Speaker
RSN4004_ 5-Watt External Speaker
Desktop Accessories
RSN4005_ Desktop Tray with Speaker
GLN7318_ Desktop Tray without Speaker
HPN4007_ Power Supply 14V 10 Amp 117/240 VAC
(25 60W)
HPN4008_ Power Supply 14V 10 Amp 117/240 VAC
GPN6145_ Switchmode Power Supply (1-25W) (CE marked)
GKN6266_ Radio Power Cable for GPN6145
NTN7373_ US Line Cord
NTN7374_ Euro Line Cord
NTN7375_ UK Line Cord
PMLN5072_ Hardware Kit for Rear Accessory Connector
Mounting Kits
RLN5933_ DIN Mount
RLN6077_ Low Profile Trunnion Kit
RLN6078_ High Profile Trunnion Kit
RLN6079_ Key Lock Trunnion Kit
Miscellaneous Accessories
HKN4137_ Power Cable (to Battery), 10 ft. 15 amp
HKN4192_ Power Cable (to Battery), 20 ft. 20 amp
RLN6276_ Compact Mic Replacement Cable
RLN6277_ Heavy Duty/Keypad Mic Replacement Cable
HLN9414_ Microphone Universal Hang-up Clip
(No installation required)
HLN9073_ Microphone Universal Hang-up Clip (Non-EU)
RLN5926_ Push Button PTT
RLN5929_ Emergency Footswitch
RKN4136_ Ignition Sense Cable
Dealer Programming Cables
HKN6184_ Mobile Front Connector - Programming Cable
PMKN4010_ MAP Universal Programming Cable
PMKN4016_ Mobile & Repeater Rear Connector
Programming and Test Cable
PMKN4018_ Mobile & Repeater Rear Connector
Universal Cable
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