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SCIENTIST-F/DIRECTOR Officer Sh. H.R. Khan Sh. A.K. Dhussa Sh. V.K.

Jain Programme/Area National Hydrogen Energy Fuel Cell Centers (NHEFCC) U&I Waste To Energy, BM Support Programme - UNDP Biomass Projects SHP - Micro-hydel / Water Mills, coordinating officer for SHP Programme in Arunachal Pradesh, PM's Package and Sikkim RVE in States, Policy/Over all Coordination Biomass Energy for Rural Areas Solar Thermal Power Projects, Solar Thermal R&D BOVs Biomass Power / Bagass Cogeneration (Grid) Office Telephone Residence 26252710 24640088 26264197 26265396

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Sh. B.K. Bhatt Sh. Rajesh Dube Dr. D.K. Khare Dr. Ashvini Kumar Sh. Sohail Akhtar Sh. J.R. Meshram

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SPV-Decentralized / Off Grid DR. Ahmar Raza Systems/Lantern Dr. Rakesh Raman Akshay Urja Shops Solar Thermal - Flat Plate Collector Systems - Water / Air Heaters, Driers, Cooking Dr. Sant Ram Systems DR. R.N. Sawant Geothermal Small Hydro Power (SHP) Private sector, SHP Policy, Arunachal Pradesh, j&K, DR. Praveen Ladakh projects, PMO related, Saxena etc Concentrating Collector Systems - Disk Cookers, Steam Generation, Refrigeration Systems, etc. related, Solar Dr. A.K. Singhal Cities / R&D Solar Buildings/Solar Cities and GRIHA implementation, Akshay Urja Newsletter and I&PA National Clean Energy Fund, Climate Changerelated initiatives including CDM Biogas and R&D, NIRE All Parliamentary Matters, Solar Off-Grid, etc

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Dr. A.K. Tripathi Dr. P.C. Maithani Sh. G.R. Singh Sh. A.K. Varshney



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DR. Jugal Kishore Sh. G.L. Meena

NT Group - Fuel Cells, IREP Settlements Family Biogas Plants in states Aero Gens+Hybrids, GBI Sh. Dilip Nigam Schemes, Wind Power Policy Biogas and R&D Coordination, Special Projects on Cook Stoves NT Group - Hydrogen Energy SEC - SPV, R&D and BOS Dr . O.S. Sastry testing SEC - Solar Thermal, Refrigeration System, Monitoring/Developme Sh. S.K. Singh nt of projects in Bihar SEC - Biofuel, Solar Thermal Sh. J.P. Singh Testing Biogas and R&D Coordination Sh. M.L. Group - Family Biogas Palnts, Bamboriya NIRE NT Group - Fuel Cell, IREP Dr. Jugal Kishor Settlements NT Group - TIDAL Energy, Sh. B.L. Ram Seminar and Symposium SCIENTIST-E / DIRECTOR Sh. S. K. Jagwani Fuel Cell Solar Thermal Group - Green Dr. R.P. Buildings (including Goswami Geothermal, Heat Pumps) SHP private sector grid connected project, IREDA Sh. B.S. Negi matters Sh. G. Upadhyay C-WET and Wind R&D U&I Waste to Energy and NonSh. B.R. Mishra biogases power projects Dr. G. Girdhar C-WET Battery testing, HRD & Training Support to SNAs and Industries, Dr. P.C. Pant other innovative Programmes Dr. Pankaj Planning & Coordination, and Saxena Parliamentary matters SPV - Decentralized / Off Grid / Sh. G. Prasad Roof top systems Sh. I.P. Singh RVE Coordination SCIENTIST-D Sh. Anand Narvane ST Flat Plate Dr. B.S. Negi Dr. M.R. Nouni Dr. S.K. Sharma Micro. Fin of HLS/Lanterns Sh. Pratap Singh SPV Division

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Sh. Jeevan Kumar Jethani DIRECTORS Sh. Girish Kumar Sh. A.N. Srivastava

Transmission infrastructure, Solar Grid interactive power, Regulatory Cell Administration, Vigilance & Parliament work National Solar Mission coordination

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DEPUTY SECRETARY Sh. Mohan Lal IR IFD, RVE/Seminar & Sh. R.P. Batra Symposium, CVO, IREDA PAY & ACCOUNT OFFICER Shri A.K. Bhatnagar

26259565 26878929

Under Secretary/Scientist B
Programme/Area Biogas R&D and bio fuels SPV R&D Projects C-WET ST SPV Grid RVE ST Biomass Wind Energy


SCIENTIST-B Officer Sh. S.R. Meena Sh. Anil Kumar Sh. Hari Bhaskaran Sh. Hiren Chandra Borah Sh. Sanjay Kumar Karndhar Sh. Anindya S. Parira Sh. Chalapathi Rao Sh. Sanjay Prakash Sh. Shobhit Srivastava Telephone Office Residence (*) 24361932 (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*)

Sh. Tarun Singh SPV / NT Sh. Kshitij Tyagi ST UNDER SECRETARY Sh. Bhanu Surender I&PA and SHP Sh. A.K. Joshi IFD Sh. Prem Chand Sh. A.N. Narayanan Sh. B.K. Trikha Sh. Benode Routh Sh. Suresh Kumar Solar PV & Solar Thermal P&C Admin. II Biogas, R&D Coordination Admin. I & RVE (Part)

(*) 24363802 (*) 24363802 24362621 (*) 24362369 0124-2380955 23073956

Sh. Anil Mishra


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Smt. V.P. Madra National Solar Mission DEPUTY DIRECTOR OFFICIAL LANGUAGES Smt. Veena Bhatnagar

Group Heads
Group Heads


Renewable Energy Technology / Programme


Shri Tarun Kapoor Joint Secretary

Off National Solar Mission, RVE, Fax Solar Off-Grid, Solar Thermal & Res PV, Solar Grid, Solar Email demonstration projects, Green Buildings/Solar Cities, Solar Thermal including UNDP project, Ladhak Project and Arunachal Pradesh

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Wind Energy, IREDA, HRD & Training, UNDP-Biomass Project Energy Access; Preparation of Biomass Mission, Administration Vigilance & Parliament Work, IR, P&C (Parliament Work) relating to Standing Committees and Parliamentary Work., Formulation of 12thPlan Work and Proposals, Regulatory Cell, National Clean Energy Fund, Climate Change related to initiatives including CDM.Family biogas prog., Biogas based power projects of upto 250KW power/ equivalent biogs generation capacity, Biogas R&D / Technology demonstration projects (no overlap with WTE/ Biogas Energy Programmes) Special projects on Cook Stoves, MNRE R&D Coordination, Coordination with NIC, NIRE, Geothermal, Misc. NT proposals, Tidal Energy, IREP Settlements, BOVs and VESP

Shri Alok Srivastava

Joint Secretary

Off Fax Res Email

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Smt. Sunanda Sharma Economic Advisor

Off P&C, Budget, Evaluation of Schemes including cost Benefit Analysis, Monitoring Wing, Economic Analysis, OL, RTI, Web matters, Utilization Certificates, Library Fax Res Email

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Shri N. P. Singh SHP,U&I Waste to Energy, Biomass ScientistEnergy, I&PA, Akshay Urja, G/Advisor Seminars & Symposia and will be associated with Arunachal Pradesh Project and Policy Development of Tidal and Geothermal areas

Off Res

: :

Dr. B. Bandyopadyay ScientistG/Advisor

SHP,U&I Waste to Energy, Biomass Energy, I&PA, Akshay Urja, Seminars & Symposia and will be associated with Arunachal Pradesh Project and Policy Development of Tidal and Geothermal areas


Off Solar Energy Centre, Hydrogen Energy, Fuel Cell, NHEFCC, All activities related to Green Buildings / Solar Cities / Solar Thermal R&D Res Email

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