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Question #14.

If you were to recommend Wild Apricot to others,

how would you explain what Wild Apricot is / it's benefits?
(Wild Apricot is a web-based software for associations and non-profits. See
www.wildapricot.com )
Comment Text
1. It's a complet and powerful systems, offers everything an assoaciation would need. Mon, 1/12/09 6:19 AM
2. I would tell anyone that needs to manage a community of members to go for WA. Tue, 1/6/09 12:27 PM
Great job !
3. The ability to update content on your own website without a 3rd party and the ability Wed, 12/31/08 11:38 AM
to maintain an accurate membership database with automatic membership renewals
is absolutely a fantastic benefit.
4. long conversation. Need to understand their needs. I think the benefits will come from Wed, 12/31/08 9:26 AM
a long relationship. Learning curve is not too bad but it is there. I want to use the stuff
I have learned this year and see what I can improve on next year.
5. allows you to accept online payment, easy setup, great looking web page with very Tue, 12/30/08 11:43 AM
little work, and very little computer skills. also good is that a computer type can take
you site to another level, if you wish.
6. Contact management, event registration and communication software. Wed, 12/24/08 2:58 PM
7. I would explain all the features, but the biggest advantage is the cost! No setup fee, Sun, 12/21/08 9:24 PM
hosting fee, and scalable choice of options that really fit a smaller organizations
needs. The other guys are $3,000 a year for entry level!!! Don't change a thing there.
Love how you listen to users on surveys like this or on your forums and try to really
make improvements that matter. Did you say 5th update this year? Most software
makers do one per year. That is why I think you're great! I think you really try to give a
quality product. Thanks!
8. Ease of use, level of functionality, and ability to get it up and running quickly. The trial Sun, 12/21/08 8:37 PM
you offer is great. (Sorry, the pedant in me has to tell you that in this question there is
a mistake - you should have used "its benefits" rather than "it's benefits" which that
means "it is benefits").
9. I would tell them Wild Apricot is a great place to host there site. The built in templates Sat, 12/20/08 2:01 PM
are easy to use. The features are great to support and meet any organizations needs
and they are consider user suggestions for future upgrades.
10. Wild Apricot is data management software hosted on a dedicated server providing Fri, 12/19/08 5:26 PM
various precreated features applicatable to membership organizations.
11. Wild Apricot is a site that allows small organizations with limited funds to have a Thu, 12/18/08 10:27 PM
powerful presence online. Membership can be initiated, tracked and manipulated
online. Registration for classes/events is simple and convenient. Technical support is
exemplary and the knowledgebase information covers many common questions.
12. I'd say it's a very powerful membership database, web site CMS and events Thu, 12/18/08 7:09 PM
management system ideal for small and medium-sized organisations and
communities, with the key benefit that it doesn't require any technical knowledge to
13. It is a hosted website interface that is very easy to use. The most difficult part is Thu, 12/18/08 2:53 PM
learning all there is to offer.
14. Easy to use - great service - helps keep your group organized WITHOUT lots of Thu, 12/18/08 7:52 AM
paper. However, if we could address the class registration issue (see #10), that would
be the biggest benefit to our group.
15. Forms based Web building for clubs Tue, 12/16/08 1:41 PM
16. Have recommended; I compare to SharePoint and say how intuitive it is to use....love Mon, 12/15/08 10:53 PM
the email capabilities and member signon. Only thing that still confuses me are the
passwords; haven't tested that much or needed to yet.
17. WA is web-based software that can clean up a member-based organization's act on Mon, 12/15/08 3:13 PM
the web. It is easy to design and set up a good looking web site, that is easy to
18. total turnkey solution incorporating payments Mon, 12/15/08 4:55 AM
19. Lets a non-tech person create a highly functional web site and allows non-tech Sun, 12/14/08 11:11 PM
people to contribute to the management of the web site.
20. Good tool for small membership organizations where members are ONLY individuals Sat, 12/13/08 2:24 PM
and there is no need to have potential members in data base. Good for easy creation
of web site for membership and others.
21. member directory, log in, easy to use, Sat, 12/13/08 12:48 PM
22. Great online membership softtware which allows the organization to be totally Fri, 12/12/08 6:09 PM
23. The package deal for an incredibly low $25 per month including hosting!! What a Fri, 12/12/08 3:38 PM
24. Wild Apricot is great for non-profits who do not have money to spend to build a Web Fri, 12/12/08 2:53 PM
site from scratch, but are looking for high-end features and functionality.
25. I would say that Wild Apricot is a great way to provide a professional website to a Thu, 12/11/08 11:06 PM
member organization with added benefits of event registration, calendaring, member
profiles, etc. However, if you are not very familiar with web design, I would look at
some other options that have a more real time support system to help you get going.
26. On line registration is great. Thu, 12/11/08 4:20 PM
27. A membership organization online website, membership processing tool, completely Thu, 12/11/08 2:40 PM
integrated. fabulous.
28. A great tool for small nonprofits. Thu, 12/11/08 10:32 AM
29. it's great for basic clubs wanting basic information. I am wanting to use it as a full Wed, 12/10/08 10:07
intranet and it has a few limitations....thank goodness for it's ability to use widget PM
30. I would say the website integration and automation of member registration is the Wed, 12/10/08 9:12 PM
biggest benefit.
31. With Wild Apricot anybody can make a website! Customizable with expertise. Wed, 12/10/08 7:38 PM
32. Great website builder with little to low maintenance Wed, 12/10/08 3:44 PM
33. Web driven membership management solution with web site integration. Wed, 12/10/08 2:44 PM
34. I would explain that the benefits listed in question 11. I have recommended it to one Wed, 12/10/08 1:01 PM
of our members for his small business. The biggest things for us are files on
members, a way for them to join and or renew, a safe and easy way for them to
communicate and share internally, and a way for us to communicate with them with
ease. I should always be able to manage their information, like updating it, without
changing things that should be within their control. Our needs are pretty basic. I am
sure that you all offer wonderful tools that we aren't taking advantage of but what we
need is relatively simple at this point in time. Thanks a bunch for seeking our
35. Wild Apricot enbles you to start with a good framework and begin to enter data almost Wed, 12/10/08 12:49
immediately, rather than spending large amounts of time writing custom code. This PM
gets your web site on-line in much less time, saving cost and being able to deliver a
product sooner.
36. easy online database.. used for membership registration and maintenance...although Wed, 12/10/08 11:28 AM
it offers more this is my primary reason for using apricot
37. I tell them how easy it is to use, how fast and friendly the staff are and willing to help Wed, 12/10/08 9:07 AM
when needed. I would explain the different packages you have to offer and how good
they are to use for certain needs. The most important thing would be the pricing cost
compared to others that just don't compare to what wild apricot has to offer, then of
course I send them to the website to have a look around.
38. A registration and email software that can be used for emailing without any other Wed, 12/10/08 8:40 AM
tools and that makes professional looking, attractive documents for your audience.
39. Wild Apricot is an online member management system that allows members to Wed, 12/10/08 7:59 AM
maintain and share their information with other members.
40. A fantastic value for a reasonable price. It has an extremely easy to use admin Tue, 12/9/08 10:48 PM
interface that will result in a noticable decrease in accounting costs once it is up and
running. It provides a great tool for members to handle membership issues on their
own and brings event management in house at a minimal cost. Finally, you'll be
supported by a fantastic technical staff that will bend over backward to be responsive
to your needs and provide development solutions to meet your needs.
41. Can't explain it - would have to show them. Tue, 12/9/08 7:33 PM
42. Ease of use, especially to manage events. You don't have to be a techie to use it. Tue, 12/9/08 7:28 PM
Like the graphic interface - clean, attractive, logical. Wonderful product. I would highly
recommend it to others!
43. A platform that allows non-techies to create a professional-looking web presence for Tue, 12/9/08 4:59 PM
their organization, and to market and manage it's membership, events, and
contributions (although we ourselves don't use the donor function).
44. Reasonable price for a good program. Tue, 12/9/08 2:30 PM
45. It's an easy way to build membership websites, for fun or profit. And it doesn't cost Tue, 12/9/08 2:06 PM
that much either.
46. Easy to use. Tue, 12/9/08 1:04 PM
47. EASY!!!!!!! Tue, 12/9/08 1:02 PM
48. Ease of use, fantastic support, continuous enhancements, listens and acts upon Tue, 12/9/08 12:42 PM
suggestions from customers. Thank you.
49. My "elevator speech" for it would be "an easy to maintain website that allows Tue, 12/9/08 11:57 AM
collaboration for group membership and information distribution for members-only
type of needs."
50. Wild Apricot is very helpful to groups and organizations that want to have a website Tue, 12/9/08 11:53 AM
that has both public and private pages, the ability to e-mail their membership and to
send several reminders for calendar events. The event calendar is easy to maintain
and can include links to handouts and other documents. Wild Apricot also allows for
different levels of membership which can be labeled inactive until ready to activate.
An especially good feature for our organization is the ability to have several
"administrators" so that all the work for maintaining the site doesn't fall on just one
51. Not sure Tue, 12/9/08 9:50 AM
52. Cost, ease of use, straight forwardness...all are important to most users. Tue, 12/9/08 9:17 AM
53. I recommend to other chapters around the country since we are a non-for-profit. Tue, 12/9/08 8:51 AM
54. It is a good place to start but because of limitations and inflexibility at some point the Tue, 12/9/08 7:44 AM
organization needs to leave to develop their own site.
55. Enables us to accept payment via credit cards/PayPal for events. Tue, 12/9/08 7:38 AM
56. Great for any organisation with membership and/or event management demands; Tue, 12/9/08 7:16 AM
ability to create self-administered, professional looking website. (But lack of
LISTSERV or Administrator control over Discussion Forum is gap, for those
organisations who want/need to send email communication to its members/members
among themselves this way.)
57. Fantastic web-based club membership management tool Tue, 12/9/08 4:55 AM
58. We have a white label agreement with WA that we advertise as one of our flagship Tue, 12/9/08 3:33 AM
59. Easy to use, online, saves time. Tue, 12/9/08 2:07 AM
60. Association software made simple. Saves me time, rather than making me get a Tue, 12/9/08 1:48 AM
degree to use it (like Avectra). Gives me and my members what we need. Robust, but
not bloated. Intuitive. Has many benefits other association software does not (and
61. First, I would explain "its" benefits, not "it's" (it is) benefits - cripes, aren't you folks Tue, 12/9/08 1:25 AM
Canadians? (You even use the subjunctive in this question! "If you were...") Don't you
speak the Queen's English? It's one of the reasons I chose Wild Apricot! I tell them
that WA is a membership records management system that allows small clubs like
ours to tap into the wed-enabled routines that we could never afford to develop on our
own, such as event registration, online donations, membership renewals, etc. Love
ya, but...
62. SaaS membership capability. Easy to setup database of members. Difficult to send Tue, 12/9/08 1:02 AM
emails to members, add pictures, etc.
63. I'd explain the benefits of being able to integrate membership with conference Tue, 12/9/08 12:07 AM
64. Great for non-profit groups with minimal technical expertise needed. Mon, 12/8/08 10:40 PM
65. Easy to use membership management system. Mon, 12/8/08 10:12 PM
66. Easy to use, Track organization events, attendees, money, and people. Mon, 12/8/08 9:58 PM
67. Quote from an email: Re: your questions about WA - Yes, this has offered the Mon, 12/8/08 9:30 PM
database management, event registration and website development tools we were
seeking at a considerable cost savings to IPHA. Previously, we paid an external
contractor to develop, manage and post all of our web content. The site was largely
static because it cost us a minimum of $50 for ANY change and an hourly rate of
$50/hour beyond that. We now pay $50/month for level of WA subscription that we
chose and have a much more dynamic communication tool for our membership. I had
absolutely no experience with web site design or programming language, and I
created our web site using their tools. I found it very simple and intuitive. To my
knowledge WA does not offer a survey tool and I believe in one of the user
communications, it was stated that with so many other tools available online at little or
no cost, they did not have plans to duplicate this service. IPHA uses Survey Monkey
for free. When we have needed the more expanded version of Survey Monkey, we
have paid for it at $19.95/month and then converted back to the free version once
completed. I have been most impressed with the level of customer support and
frequency of updates. The online WA user information is very helpful. When looking
for an answer as to how to do something, I can usually quickly find it on their site.
Other users also dialogue and make requests online, so the user community is a
helpful resource as well. My e-mails to WA support have been quickly and personally
answered. I just completed an online user satisfaction survey. Within a few days, I
received a personal e-mail inquiring about items on which I had stated I was
experiencing issues asking for more details and an offer to assist. I am also very
pleased with the frequency and quality of updates to the service. WA seems very
responsive to user requests for service enhancement and is always communicating
re: pending updates and upgrades. As to sharing the subscription and access with
other organizations, I don't know specifically. I wouldn't see why you couldn't set up
different types (levels) of membership reflecting membership in the different
organizations and then create page content specific to each organization. This is
probably something about which you should speak directly to WA. I don't know what
else I can offer beyond this. If you have specific technical questions, you might need
to contact WA directly. However, I am happy to try to answer anything else.
68. Easy to set up and maintain website functions. Amazing support. Anyone can do this, Mon, 12/8/08 9:29 PM
which we have proven. None of us are techies and a few of us don't even own/use
computers and they manage to update their portion of the site. We will stick with WA.
69. Membership management, web site management software based on the internet that Mon, 12/8/08 9:22 PM
allows you to send mass emails, register for membership and events, automate many
of the duties that were eating up volunteer hours.
70. I would describe WA as a terrific, easy to use, and highly reliable web based service Mon, 12/8/08 9:03 PM
for managing memberships, promoting events, and providing tools for member
communications and interaction. I've been really happy with the decision to purchase
your service. A big thanks.
71. an on line membership management system Mon, 12/8/08 8:55 PM
72. Wild Apricot has the advantage of offering a strong feature set that is easy to Mon, 12/8/08 8:43 PM
manage. The primary advantage is the strong technical support available. Many other
service are complex to manage or do not have a dedicated support staff.
73. one of the website can create by yourself with full automation for membership and Mon, 12/8/08 8:34 PM
event management. Now I had two potential referral to use Apricot, their concern, at
the moment, is chinese language interface.
74. Ease of use. Good features and cost effective Mon, 12/8/08 8:24 PM
75. Easy to maintain by non-technical people. Mon, 12/8/08 8:08 PM
76. membership maintenance tool Mon, 12/8/08 7:29 PM
77. Membership web site and membership management all in one. Mon, 12/8/08 7:28 PM
78. I would explain how easy the set-up is, almost instant gratification. The membership Mon, 12/8/08 7:27 PM
database is safer because it is always online and can be accessed from any
computer. After losing two hard drives full of information, it is nice to know that my
information is safe.
79. Membership database that allows one to track and access different information Mon, 12/8/08 7:20 PM
without having to maintain different spreadsheets. Great for virtual offices where
volunteers performing the administration work live in different parts of the country.
80. If you are a beginner or novice to website and content mangement, Wild Apricot will Mon, 12/8/08 7:19 PM
be very helpful in getting your site up in no time and managing on going content
changes. It is also affordable for small businesses.
81. I think the benefits are wonderful for the price. Mon, 12/8/08 6:54 PM
82. Man hour intensive is not a Wild Apricot demand. Cost savings is generated when Mon, 12/8/08 6:18 PM
less man hours are used and Wild Apricot can save you 2/3 of your man hour costs.
83. Since we only use the directory and RSVP (by the way your integration with Paypal Mon, 12/8/08 6:02 PM
has been flawless) I would describe it exactly as that with the option to develop an
integrated website if you wanted it.
84. event manament and full database member system. I do really love it but it does Mon, 12/8/08 5:56 PM
come back to Affiliate System, and duel login protection.
85. An easy way to create a highly functional website quickly and with no prior Mon, 12/8/08 5:52 PM
86. It's a really great online hosted membership management tool that has limited social Mon, 12/8/08 5:45 PM
networking features and is very easy to use, both on the front and back ends.
87. Controlled access to paid subscribers. Mon, 12/8/08 5:29 PM
88. Membership Database with an integrated website and automated management tools. Mon, 12/8/08 5:09 PM
89. It is a web-based template for associations to create a professional website and Mon, 12/8/08 4:58 PM
collect dues online. It's benefits include online renewals, surveys, forums, members
only section and more.
90. Great for a non-profit. Could still use some "tweeking." Mon, 12/8/08 4:52 PM
91. Wild Apricots services offers a secure website application that will manage your Mon, 12/8/08 4:52 PM
database, schedule & promote events, and allow you to communicate with your
community. It saves time and offers peace of mind. But I DO need that email. ;-)
92. I would tell them that WA provides online services that 1) streamline membership and Mon, 12/8/08 4:45 PM
event management by automating routine site management, communications, and
online transactions and 2) provide options to add value to memberships with
restricted-access forums, blogs, and other content. I would also let them know how
responsive WA is to feedback from its users.
93. yes Mon, 12/8/08 4:39 PM
94. Great tool to get started with very little upfront capital. You can add great features like Mon, 12/8/08 4:31 PM
forums, members only sections and downloadable documents. Event registration is
easy. The database is a great way to collect and organize membership information,
but it does lack some flexibility.
95. Possibly the best membership/small business software available with affordable Mon, 12/8/08 4:29 PM
96. I would say it is an easy way to manage a database, communicate with members and Mon, 12/8/08 4:28 PM
collect payments.
97. Great for non profits Mon, 12/8/08 4:25 PM
98. I would tell others that my Wild Apricot website is up nearly 100% of the time and that Mon, 12/8/08 4:17 PM
the integration with PayPal is great and that the event management system is
99. Web site and membership management system. Many benefits for organizations Mon, 12/8/08 4:15 PM
100. With WildApricot, one can update site from anywhere in the world as far as one has Mon, 12/8/08 4:10 PM
access to the Internet
101. Wild Apricot is a website management solution for an organization that is integrated Mon, 12/8/08 4:06 PM
with ecommerce event management and membership management software. The
total package provides a seamless experience to an organization's members that
together are more than the sum of its parts.
102. I honestly would find it hard to recommend Wild Apricot - but I would say that I have Mon, 12/8/08 4:05 PM
limited knowledge, and therefore couldn't comment.
103. A comprehensive web-based tool that can handle membership and event registration Mon, 12/8/08 4:02 PM
with payments all within the same database.
104. I recommend you all the time actually. I basically describe the service as a really easy Mon, 12/8/08 4:00 PM
to use tool for creating and maintaining a website and membership database.
105. a membership system for associations Mon, 12/8/08 4:00 PM
106. Ease of use, great customer service and support, super for small non-profit Mon, 12/8/08 3:45 PM
organizations, fun to play around with and learn all of its capabilities.
107. Value and ease of use. Keep up the good work! Mon, 12/8/08 3:45 PM
108. Professional or non-profit membership based website framework. Easy setup, very Mon, 12/8/08 3:44 PM
good support, and frequent addition of useful new features.
109. It is an easy system to use and the technical support is fabulous. Mon, 12/8/08 3:42 PM
110. If you have members, get it. Mon, 12/8/08 3:42 PM
111. I'd just tell them to go to the website and do the free trial. Mon, 12/8/08 3:38 PM
112. online database & website host Mon, 12/8/08 3:32 PM
113. Convenience of use, easy for others to learn so helpful in organization that needs Mon, 12/8/08 3:31 PM
many layers of access.
114. All of the aspects of the above mentioned - esepcially the ease of use of the software. Mon, 12/8/08 3:31 PM
Many of us do not have the knowledge or experience to deal with HTML-based
software and many website development programs have some elements of HTML
design. Very confusing for the beginner. This program is really well suited for those
who need a simple-to-follow format and familiar program functions such as Word or
Publisher. Wild Apricot is perfect for the beginner as well as the mid-range user.
115. Apricot is a membership self-service portal that allows member-based organizations Mon, 12/8/08 3:31 PM
to manage and distribute information to membership as well as to maintain an
organization calendar with event registration and online payment. From an
administrative aspect, the system is very easy to use, update, and support.
116. It's especially designed for non-profit organizations. It provides many features, Mon, 12/8/08 3:31 PM
including website design, online donation management, membership management,
email blasts, and event management. The website content management system
includes features especially for non-profits like members-only area of the website,
member directory, forum. It saves lots of time, and is constantly upgrading and
adding new features in response to customer requests.
117. A membership management tool that links a website front end to a basic CRM back- Mon, 12/8/08 3:31 PM
118. Easy management of memberships and ability to have relative novices setup and Mon, 12/8/08 3:29 PM
manage their own web pages.
119. single source for all association web and member processing needs (except limited Mon, 12/8/08 3:28 PM
credit card processing capability)
120. It is membership driven software which allows members to more fully participate in Mon, 12/8/08 3:26 PM
the group. They maintain their personal information, register for events and
participate in blogs and discussions. They can also renew their subscriptions on line.
121. Mostly, I think the membership section is very good. Mon, 12/8/08 3:23 PM
122. Membership management software with registration features. Mon, 12/8/08 3:23 PM
123. easy to use. Mon, 12/8/08 3:22 PM
124. See 11 Above. Mon, 12/8/08 3:22 PM
125. an easy-to-use integrated, member & registration system/website Mon, 12/8/08 3:20 PM
126. Hard to contact a person when you need help. System is very slow. Love the Mon, 12/8/08 3:15 PM
payment features and event management. Donation system is horrible and could be
127. pretty much just show what you show on your main site. Its pretty easy to Mon, 12/8/08 3:14 PM