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MBA SS12- Management Tools Research Project RESEARCH WORK Answer question 1 and any other one Research

write up should not exceed 20 pages for each question and Presentation slides should be a maximum of 20 Slides for both QUESTIONS. Question 1 (a) Advise an ice cream manufacturer on the advantages and disadvantages of using a Boston Matrix before re-launching and developing their existing product range. (b) At the monthly marketing meeting for 'Toys R Us', the marketing director made the following statement: 'Yes we have had some dogs, but we look carefully at product plans and aim to get as many cash cows as possible. Although this takes time and money it means we seldom get it wrong. Kids like our toys and parents trust them. It's a long process, but the result is that we now have a stable of stars.' (1) Define the following terms: (i) Dog (ii) Star (iii) Cash cow (2) Explain how this toy manufacturer may have created its portfolio of 'star' products? (3) Analyse marketing approaches to maintain their cash cows' popularity. (4) Evaluate strategies for dealing with dog products

Question 2 What are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems? How are they introduced into business organisations? What are the implications of CRM system adoption? What are the differing perspectives of CRM systems? Discuss these in detail with reference to a named company in one of the following sectors: (a) Service (b) Telecom or (c) Financial Sector in Ghana.


MBA SS12- Management Tools Research Project

Question 3 Customer value management is a progressive approach to managing business markets. Illustrate your discussions with a typical business operation such as the Hotel or a Health delivery centre in Ghana. Question 4 You are a CEO of a business set up in either the financial or a manufacturing sector. There have been serious concerns with the overall performance from the Board of the company. Sales have dropped, profitability is low, customer base is dwindling and efficiency of business delivery cannot be compared with your peers in the industry. You are challenged to initiate steps to improve your business. You have two options: Either re-engineer the business process or adopt a new performance appraisal system, preferably the Balance Score Card (BSC) System to address the problems. Examine the situation and make a move to salvage the business from collapsing. Assessment Criteria: Your research paper will be assessed against the following specific criteria: Relevance (i.e. to answering the question) Description (of issue/problem) Argument (validity, logic) Analysis (criticism, and drawing conclusions) Expression (communication of ideas)

CAREFULLY PROOF READ BEFORE SUBMITTING 1. Presentation on campus is on 8th Sept 2012 at 10am 2. Uploading of PowerPoint file on the learning platform 8th Sept 2012 3. Uploading of research project file to the assignment submission portal section of the course on the learning platform on 9th Sept. 2012 Late submissions are unacceptable!